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Written on Two days out of detox, Marco woman charged with DUI:

Thanks captain obvious, that wasn't the point I was making

Written on Two days out of detox, Marco woman charged with DUI:

Don't blame the pot. Someone gets a DUI do you blame the vodka

Written on Two days out of detox, Marco woman charged with DUI:

19 year old with a Mercedes (nice) we have our own Lindsey Lohan. Those 12:30 am texts are very important. I'm sure it must of been about a job interview or something.

Written on Marco officer fired, then reinstated, facing termination:

Little story, couple of us worked late one night and were hungry and knew that crazy flamingo serves till 1:00am so we went there, sat outside and enjoyed enjoyed our food. Around 1:45 said officer pulled up and faced his car at us and sat there watching. The staff said he does it all the time. At about 1:50 he announces over his speaker that we had to leave and could not stay there. Staff was scrambling to remove everything. He just watched. Needless to say we felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing. People were nervously joking about the Gestapo. At 2:00 am he drove by extremely slow just staring at us. Didn't feel like he was there to protect and serve. More like intimidate and harass.

Written on Old Marco's controversial trees will be removed:

They should just go ahead and pave it to match Mareks parking.
That will most likely be the end result anyways. Save some money on the meetings, consultant fees, put in parking meters, you know, like all big cities do. Paved paradise and put up another parking lot.

Written on Beach buddies: Immokalee children visit Hideaway Beach for Buddy Day:

Harsh response ol happy one, for not knowing who we are or what we do. As the article stated many of theses children have not seen the beach nor the gulf and I suspect many hideaway people have not seen Immokalee. My suggestion was that they take a real look, that's all. I applaud the work they do and contributions they make. I think that's wonderful.
You try and have a nice day.

Written on Beach buddies: Immokalee children visit Hideaway Beach for Buddy Day:

Just a thought, how about a reverse day? Load the buses with hideaway people and let them spend a day in immokalee.

Written on Guest column: Marco Island Chamber sets goals for 2014:

You'll see them once for your grand opening, they'll eat all your food & drink all your drinks, and then they're gone.

Written on Marco named No. 1 island in the US by TripAdvisor:

I'm sure people will be impressed when they research marco island and read the blogs from the locals. Personally I love it here, we're having a picture perfect day. Doesn't get better than this. Planes fly out of here just as often as they fly in. So you have that option. Thank you trip adviser.
I happen to agree.

Written on Marco Council approves zoning change for Rose Marina:

Of course they approved it. They always do.

Written on Neighbors unhappy with Rose Marina's plans for expansion:

Simply put, Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Written on Guest commentary: Grady Judd ... Medical marijuana is a sham:

Agree, I'd rather have people smoking a plant and receiving some relief. And no you can't compare pills to pot. Alcohol causes more problems / deaths / incarcerations. Not to mention the ripple effect caused by people drinking the night before can't show up for work, poor performance on the job etc.
Watching the commercials on tv for alcohol is a joke. The glorification of alcohol is what should be prohibited.
It's 420 somewhere.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who should yield? :

Please read the last comment as if it were the first, just to see how far off the topic certain people have eluded it too.
Don't feed the troll.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who should yield? :

Visit someone in a burn ward and tell them you had to actually walk around someone, tell someone in a wheelchair that you had to disrupt your day by walking around someone. Priorities are really screwed up these days.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who should yield? :

We've seem to have lost basic courtesy, it would literally take seconds out of your hectic cycling day to be respectful to others.
Be thankful your here and have the ability to walk / run or ride a bike. You could have a real problem.

Written on Local golf pro Dave Bierbrauer dies at 58:

Rest in peace Disco, gonna miss you.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

It will be the fight of the century, our grandchildren will tell their grandchildren of this monumental occasion of the ages. I heard jimmy has Don king in his corner with Gary Coleman in Popoffs. Surly to be entertaining, and it's for charity. So to all you naysayers, relax, come have a beer and a good laugh it will do you good. My prediction; tko about 5 hours after the fight at the brewery.

Written on No lagoon crossover at Tigertail: Marco Island Planning Board takes up beach access and parking:

In response to mayor mcCheese, your comment is dead on with the thinking of most people, you really haven't thought this through, just the logistics of putting a floating bridge in, and simply real it in each evening. Yeah, it's really that easy.

Written on Collier teachers protest bonuses at school administrators' retreat:

At the same time no one questions a $275.000.000 contract for a baseball player.

Written on Man kills 26, including 20 kids, at Conn. elementary school:

Could someone at the newspaper show some compassion and some level of dignity and remove the front page picture of that lady experiencing the worst nightmare imaginable.
Extremely sad beyond belief,

Written on Marco Island Christmas decorating contest finalists announced :

Please check out The shops of olde Marco, it's located in the courtyards behind the cafe De Marco. The shops and gallery owners have worked hard to decorate for the holidays, many shops there belong to the chamber, we've called the chamber to request being entered in the festivities and have turned our secret little piece of paradise into a visual delight. Please take time to walk around the courtyards and enjoy.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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