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Written on Girl assaulted in boys’ bathroom at Marco Charter Middle School :

I think that you have all gotten a little off track. The point is that a little girl was assaulted in a way that should NEVER happen -- let alone happen in a place that should be a safe haven for her.

We can all fight semantics all day long, but the reality of the situation is that as elite as Marco Island may be -- it is not immune to disgusting behavior such as this.

Written on UPDATE: Physician’s death shocks Island community :

I am shocked to hear about Dr. Shaw. He has been my doctor for many years and was always very pleasant. My thoughts, prayers and sincere condolences go out to his wife and unborn child. They will undoubtedly suffer excruciating heartbreak for sometime to come.

Written on Marco resident pleads guilty in N.J. housing bribe scheme:


You are either being sarcastic or I have to assume that you work for the government... Can't tell which... Most public works figures are as you describe them -- moral, honest and dedicated employees.

That being said, Naples and Marco Island are not immune to hiring selfish and devious crooks. I know of at least one Marco Island official who has received kickbacks from Quality (and possibly other contractors).

There isn't much that I agree with Ed Foster on, however, most of what he says (on this issue) is spot on.

Written on Dancing With the Starz raises $500K for charities:

Leave it to the members of this blog community to find a negative spin on a wonderful evening.


Whether you agree with the charities chosen or Judy's remarks, that is a staggering figure for little-old Marco Island.

For the record, if you think you can do better, the article said a successor has still yet to volunteer. Throw your name in the hat.

Written on On the Town: Five Brothers Pizza losing its space at Marco Walk:

Marco Walk's loss. Hopefully 5 Brothers finds a place close to their current location because my trips to the beach wouldn't be complete without a walk to 5 Brothers afterward.

Written on Construction arm of Marco-based real estate firm files Chapter 11:

MERCEDES -- I am not related, married or "on the take" (whatever that means) with the Dufaults -- and I have nothing to be ashamed about.

I’m not really sure who you are and what qualifies to speak about them as if YOU know them well enough to be related to them… but my suggestion is that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

You and several of the other bloggers have posted untrue and malicious comments about people that you don’t even know. As I said before…. I find that people that use online websites under “anonymous” names to DEGRADE, EMBARRESS and HUMILIATE others are pathetic and pusillanimous.

And for the record, I am practicing what I preach and am NOT using this forum to degrade or embarrass anyone. So, how is that hypocritical?

Written on Did Marco Island council members' violate sunshine laws?:

This is ridiculous. Two council members go to check out what is going on with an odor and suddenly we have an all out war on our hands. I would hate to see what would happen in DiSciullo and Tucker ran into one another at the seafood counter at Publix….

Written on None:

The fact that the Marco Eagle is using an online poll to determine why WE think that the Dufaults are filing bankruptcy is absurd. Is this a credible news source or a gossip column?

Written on Construction arm of Marco-based real estate firm files Chapter 11:

Most of the above comments are from people that do not know (and never have known) the Dufaults. I know the Dufault family personally and “Fraud”, “Arrogant” and “Hypocrite” are not words that I would use to describe ANY of them.

It is unfortunate that they are in the financial predicament that they are in. Having to resort to filing bankruptcy is an embarrassing and ego-deflating process. To insinuate that anyone – especially the Dufaults – would resort to such a drastic step unless it was absolutely necessary is ridiculous.

I find that people that use online websites under “anonymous” names to degrade, embarrass and humiliate others are pathetic and pusillanimous. The irony in the postings is that many of you are attacking the Dufaults’ Christian beliefs – but if you were practicing what you preach, you would realize that the only being charged with the ability to judge someone’s genuine Christianity is God himself. Last time I checked, none of you are Him.

Written on Reinke rejected for Austin, Texas, job:

As most of you know, Chief Reinke’s wife is a school teacher here on Marco Island. My daughter was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Reinke as her teacher. She is a wonderful lady with 2 college-age children. The boys were co-valedictorians of their high school class. His family is wonderful and exemplary.

So… to JoeyWalnuts (and whomever else this message may apply)...

Why would you choose to post that Chief Reinke is having an affair on his wife? Even if it is true (which I doubt) it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Maybe what you don’t realize is that you are hurting his family far more than you could ever hurt him. I highly doubt Chief Reinke (or his supposed “secretary”) have directly told you that they are having an alleged inappropriate relationship. So, any information you post is nothing more than rumors and water cooler gossip. I suggest KNOWING before attempting to destroy a man and his family. Anything less is irresponsible and ridiculous.

Written on 9 arrested after 'senior prank' at Lely High:

This is really very sad. It seems like these are very bright kids with a successful future in front of them. I hope that the police and state's attorney office considers this before attempting to charge them all with felonies.

Although I agree that they used bad judgement and committed an illegal act, I think a felony charge is a little harsh. It is not as if they busted out windows and spray painted walls. It was a silly, harmless prank.

Written on Attorney sends warnings to pair who sought to discredit Marco police chief:

Maybe Cheif Reinke isn't perfect, sure. But does that give two vindictive busy-bodies the right to try to squash any chance he may have at a career? I don't think so.

I try to avoid the rumor mill, so I'm not exactly sure what they are accusing him of, either. My guess would be that their accusations are based more on rumors and assumptions than facts and reality.

One more question... If these two really don't like Reinke and think that he is so horrible, wouldn't it be a better effort to allow him to be hired by another PD and move? Just a thought.

Written on City will sue CARES for legal fees:

strike3 won't come back to the site if the councilmembers aren't voted out... let's take a vote now... who wants strike3 to stop posting idiotic ramblings... vote yes!

Written on Mood somber at Lely High after fatal traffic accident:

My heart goes out to the families affected by this tragedy.

Written on Dry cleaner store owner cited by state DEP:

I am sorry to hear this about Mustafa. I have known him for years and he is a very good man. Hopefully he is able to work with the DEP and clear this unfortunate situation up. Good luck!

Written on FBI, CCSO investigating asbestos on Marco:

I think that we all can agree that there is asbestos on site A and site C. Given the way that QE handled the asbestos on those sites, one might question if all of our roads were filled with crushed asbestos pipes as well... maybe the FBI can look into that.

One think is not clear: if the City Manager, City Council, MIPD, or any other City employee was aware of this. Perhaps I am naive (or optimistic), but I would say no. Although we may not all agree on the way they have voted on a particular issue or the way they handled certain things, that does not make them criminals. I think that for the most part the elected and employed officials in our City are good people who are making decisions that they think are right.

Say what you want, but I have a hard time believing that an elected official or employee would risk public humiliation, losing their job and possible jail time to cover up for a botched construction project. The REAL criminals here are those people within Quality Enterprises who made the decision to dispose of the asbestos in the manner that they did. We can debate all day about Tucker, Moss and DiSchullo, but I can say with strong conviction that they were not the ones crushing asbestos pipes (nor were they the ones ordering that it be illegally disposed of).

The only fault I see with the City in this scenario is that they continue to allow QE to finish City contracts.

Written on Council to vote on more sewer assessments:

What I am getting out of this article is... either it passes and the owners in that area pay about $2,700 more to hook up OR everyone's water rate raises again...

Obviously we are in the midst of a sewer project and despite the efforts of CARES, the City will most likely finish this project.

Since I am already on sewer, I haven't paid 100% attention to all of the CARES v. City of Marco hoopla... but it seems to me that CARES is fighting a loosing battle and costing ALL of us more money in the process. I am not suggesting that they be complacent, but sometimes you have to realize when the odds are against you and fold your cards.

It seems to me that the City should be focused on completing this project without continuing to raise the costs of hook up, taxes, water bill, etc. It should be like any other project, there is a budget -- stick to it!

Written on Convicted child molester at Marco beach gets 20 years:

What a sad and unfortunate thing to happen to such a young girl. I hope that her family is able to help get her the proper psychological treatment that she will obviously need after this.

THANK GOD we are starting to get a little tougher on these perverts. If I see another sex offender getting 6 months probation I will scream!

Written on Egg-straganza in the park:

What a wonderful event for the kids! They enjoyed it so much. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped put this event on! Great job!

Written on Reinke awaits word on Tallahassee police chief position:

Does it count as a "40-percent reduction in crime" if the police force is covering up the crimes?!?!

The MIPD is a glorified traffic control department AT BEST! Let Reinke's experience speak for itself is right... he can't get a hold on the asbestos situation in Marco Island -- what the heck makes him think he is ready for a big city like Tallahassee?

Written on Protest, accident, sprinklers cause stir:

JNTBST: I am not misinformed -- and I am not speaking of the liens filed by the subs (although, those appear also). I am talking about the liens that Enterprise filed on the properties of the homeowners. Do your homework before you accuse others of being misinformed.

Written on Protest, accident, sprinklers cause stir:

Check the outstanding liens in Collier County for each one of these homeowners. This is not a case where Enterprise took money and ran -- it is more of a case where homeowners banded together and took off without paying!

Trying to divert attention by holding up signs outside of someone's business does not change the facts. If I were the Dufaults and the people who owed me money had the audacity to stand on my lawn I would hose them down to!! Congrats to them.

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