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Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

I thought the same thing. But if you look closer he is quoting Bill from something he wrote.

Written on Florida researchers serious about tracking white sharks:

After a re-read, it looks like he was quoting Bill. Not his own thought.

Written on Florida researchers serious about tracking white sharks:

Hascle, K already outed himself as Bill Harris when he commented on the new city managers story by using the incorrect login name. He was signed in as K, but signed his name as Bill and there was no issues with his English.

Written on Putting out a contract: Marco Island police union, management work to negotiate new labor agreement:

No you are not graded. It just puts you in the company of another blogger on here when you have misspelled words.

As far as what you have said here, I actually disagree with very little. I voted against the city police and would do it again.

Written on Putting out a contract: Marco Island police union, management work to negotiate new labor agreement:

Typos are one thing, we all have them occasionally, but it is hard to take you seriously when you keep spelling a simple word incorrectly. The word is beach, not beech.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Improving City Council:

I said they were brought here, not moved here. They never stayed. So, i never got anything from them. I started with renting a condo and worked up to buying a home of my own after a few years. It is not an investment or retirement home, but the home i raised my family and will spend my life. Unlike many others, I have equity in my house because i did not get caught up in the real estate boom of the 2000's. i also am very proud of my modest home i worked for and the life i have here.
Good luck running for council when you arrive. Based on your past comments, you hate the locals, hate business owners here and hate the local workers. All those that actually vote here.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Improving City Council:

My grandparents were brought here in 1967 by a Deltona sales person and it was never once called a "retirement community". I guess that is why the schools sites were deeded by Deltona, for all the retired children.
It is people like you who make me sick because you chose to buy in Florida and not live here you think those that are here are stealing your money. You think you own the island and everyone should kiss your 833 because you pay for our meager mooching lives.
Again, please do not move here. We do not need you.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Improving City Council:

Breeze, from a 23 year resident of Marco who raised a family here, you are clueless about what Marco was, is and will be. Please do not move here, we have enough 833holes here already.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Just asking:

Looked at individually, no. Why would 1 master meter be cheaper to administer than 1 home meter? I would believe it costs the same to administer one master meter and 1 single family meter. It takes the same amount of time for them to read my meter as it would 1 master meter. It takes the same amount of time to create, send and process my 1 bill as it does 1 master meter bill. They should be the same. The city would get 200 units for each individual meter compared to 1 for the master to cover the costs, but each individual cost is the same.

Written on Guest Commentary: Paul Meyer – The tale of two cities :

Bum was not the word I used. It was changed by site.

Written on Guest Commentary: Paul Meyer – The tale of two cities :

Issler, you are a complete bum. You just proved his point.

Written on Calling all golfers: Christmas Island Style outing:

Eagle Staff:
A date would really help.

Written on Marco Councilor Waldack, injured in bike-car accident, recovering:

Look at a map dc. Collier is heading east west at Yellowbird. You must have never driven onto the Island an hour before sundown. Sun is directly in your eyes from Barfield to Esplanade.

Written on Marco Island City Council opens with Marco Island Academy report; close with advisory committee selections:

The variance for the church property is 100 students. How can they have 120 students there next year even if it just for a few months? Everyday they run over 100 students at the church they are against code and they are admitting this to the council?

Written on TripAdvisor touts free parking at south beach; Marco Island Planning Board says swale parking must stop:

I agree 100%. But it needs to be fair for all the island, not just the South Beach area. I also have swale parking issues but not near the beach.

Written on TripAdvisor touts free parking at south beach; Marco Island Planning Board says swale parking must stop:

Several people have said to ticket the cars parked in the swales. For what? It is currently legal to park in a swale on Marco at any time except between 2 am and 6 am with some specific exemptions. The people parking around South Beach that are not between a no parking sign are parked legally. There is nothing the police can do about it. The parking ordnance will need to be changed before the police can write tickets.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Trouble in Paradise:

Personally, I do not care about commercial parking except it is not allowed under code. If they are going to ticket for 1 code they need to ticket for all illegally parked vehicles or change the code. Just like swale parking, some commercial vehicles have been warned not to park at their home and others have been ignored. Again, all codes should be enforced or changed.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Trouble in Paradise:

They must be too busy with swale parking to see all the commercial vehicles parked at homes. How about the squeegee vehicles paked every night on Heathwood for at least the past 3years? Hard to miss red trucks with ladders on them and commercial signs on the side. 1/4mile from police station on major road.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Picket the beach:

Mrst that is for home occupation employees and clients, not general parking. Statute allows swail parking in most instances. Unless the statute is changed they can not stop it.

Written on Charter School may have first student lottery:

Because it is a public school running under a charter and it is illeagle to do it any other way. As the article says it is FL statutes.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Police have better things to do:

City code:Prohibited parking

Stand or park a vehicle on a swale, or in a swale area, whether the vehicle is occupied or not, except momentarily to pick up or discharge a passenger, or passengers, or property, under the following circumstances:

Between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.;

When prohibited by an official sign;

On any curbed swale;

At any time within 500 feet of the entrance to Resident's Beach;

At any time within 500 feet of the entrance to the South Beach pedestrian access;

At any time within 500 feet of the entrance to the Tigertail Beach;

If the vehicle is a trailer; parking is prohibited at any time except when attached to a vehicle and being used in conjunction with an ongoing maintenance or repair operation such as utility repairs, public works and landscape maintenance.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not interested in living next to mini-golf complex:

Actually, it was very popular and lucrative financially. It was removed because they put a large building in its place.

Written on Jan. 23 Town Hall will let residents ask for answers from City Council:

Biker: There is nothing the city can do. It is not private property. All swales are in the public right of way and with only some exceptions, it is perfectly legal to park in a swale from 6 a.m. - 2 a.m. Those areas where parking is not allowed are marked with no parking signs in that area. They can add more parking but there is nothing they can do to stop people from parking in the swale.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Budget and school traffic:

Due to State Statute, the district only busses students who are outside a 2 mile radius circle from the school. If you take a 2 mile radius circle with the school in the center, you cover a large part of the island. Therefore, most students at these Island schools do not receive bussing. I would certainly hope you would not want 5, 6, 7 year old children to walk up to 2 miles in our Florida weather?

Written on Charter high schools in Bonita Springs, Marco Island opening in August:

My child went to a science related camp at a respected northeast university recently. I asked about the academics of the other students at the camp. My child said they were all top students from all over the country from public and private schools. My child could not believe how far behind the other students were in math. My child was 1 to 2 years ahead of all of them in math and equal to if not above the other students in science. This was one of the top programs in the country with the top students and my child excelled.
Did I forget to mention that my child is a student at Lely?

Written on Lely High senior, others barred from prom when they arrived late - POLL:

I believe the $800 was what she spent for the night, not what the Prom ticket cost for dinner and the dance. I believe it was $60-80 per person for the prom ticket. Still ridiculous for the hotels to charge these kids that much for a chicken dinner and DJ.

Written on Marco police officer accused of abusing authority after felony traffic stop:

There is a posting on the district site for a wrestling coach position at Lely. I do not know, but it looks like he may not be their wrestling coach any longer.

Written on Former NFL kicker Mike Vanderjagt to be football coach at Marco school:

So much for this being an academic school that does not need football to be successful. They cannot get people to enroll so they add football with a big name to sell. Where are they going to play?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Traffic chaos:

So, I was coming down Heathwood a few minute ago and 2 police cars with Emergency lights on were on the side of the road. One was actually in the road blocking it that I had to go in the other lane to get by. What were they doing?
One was leaning against his car talking to the one blocking the road. There was no other car in sight. All I could do was laugh.

Written on MIA is ‘MIA’ no more – Marco Island Academy lays out plans for coming school year:

Athletic practice begins right after school at Lely. There is no way a student at the MIA can finish their day (they are starting later and finishing later than Lely according to their past information) and make it to Lely for practice. Please stay with reality and not pipe dreams. If you go to the MIA, you will not be able to play a sport at Lely. It is not time feasible.

Written on Local installation of fire hydrants is money-saving prospect:

Can someone tell me why we are all paying for the city to put in fire hydrants for a small portion of the Island? I was told I had to have a sewer connection because it was for the benefit of the entire Island, in particular, the health and safety of all. However, I had to pay for the installation including the pipes added in the road, not just to connect my house. Now I am being asked to pay to add the hydrants to areas of the island that do not affect me. I have 2 hydrants within 500 feet of my house and a 3rd within 1000 ft by GPS. I should not have to pay!!!
If they want to add these hydrants, they should charge the home owners that will receive the benefit just like the STRP.

Written on Marco Island Academy makes Raymond first AD:

Then there are those that want a charter school because they can no longer lie about where they live to get their younger child into Barron Collier like they did for their older child.

Written on Marco Island charter school supporters threaten lawsuit over delays:

I stand corrected. I only remembered 1 year. However, I still believe they have made improvement gains in the last 3 years.

Written on Marco Island charter school supporters threaten lawsuit over delays:

Yes, Lely was a D school 1 year and has been a C school all other years. However, Lely has improved its score for the past 3 years. This year, it was a C school even though it had the points required to be a B school. It was dropped because 50% of the 25% lowest performing students need to make certain gains. If only 49% make gains you lose a letter grade. The difference between a C or B grade can be under 10 students not making enough gains. My child went to TBE and had 5’s for math and reading all years. At MICMS he stayed flat in FCAT math and went down in reading while getting all A’s. After his first year at Lely he went up in both Math and Reading again. To say Lely is one of the “worst performing schools in the US” is not only ignorant but degrading not only to the teachers and parents of the school, but more importantly the students who attend Lely, many of which are Marco Island youth. The proponents claim it had nothing to do with Lely. They wanted a closer school on Marco. Now the truth comes out and they show their true colors.

Written on Marco Island charter school supporters threaten lawsuit over delays:

At the council meeting Mrs. Watt said that there will not be any driving age students next year at the charter school if it opens. That is incorrect. Sophomores in high school are 15. This is the legal age to have a driving permit in Florida. During the sophomore year most, if not all, turn 16. Therefore, there will be many students with driving permits and some with an actual driving license. As a parent, I would feel more comfortable allowing my child to drive to a school on the island before allowing them to drive 951 in their first year of driving. Hence, more students driving to this school than the off island schools. I assume that her statements were made from a lack of knowledge and not a purposeful lie?

Written on VIDEO: Marco homes built too far from fire hydrants:

I was assessed for the STRP at my house so I think they should assess those 300 homeowners for the new hydrants. They chose to build too far from a hydrant, they should pay for it.

Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

School taxes in a simplified form. Collier County collects property taxes. The State sets a mileage rate for all countries to put toward the operating fund for all schools in Florida called the required local effort. Collier County collects the money and is sent to the State. The State then redistributes this money to the school districts based on a FTE (Full Time equivalent) student numbers. This is for the daily operating expenses of the school. I assume this is what they refer to as funding following a student. If a school has 100 students they get FTE funding from the state for 100 students. Again by statute, this is for operating expenses only. Charter schools are eligible for up to 98% of the FTE based on the charter with the local school board. The rest of the local taxes collected for CC are kept in Collier County for Capital expenses. A charter school has no ability to get these funds based on statute. They are only eligible for the FTE Operating funds that come from the State, not local Capital funds. If the 98% of FTE is not enough, or they need funds for Capital Projects, they would have to come up with those funds themselves.

Written on Guest Commentary: Applying reason to the high school initiative:

The reality is most of the taxes paid to CC for schools do not stay in CC. A large portion of taxes for schools go to the state and is redistributed throughout the state. Places like Collier and Sarasota Counties fund lower property valued counties. There is some capital funding that comes from local taxes; however, if the new academy is a charter school, they do not get any of those funds. They will only get operating FTE from the state. When Marco residents complain about the amount of taxes going to CCSB, they are actually complaining about the wrong entity. That is state law and will not change no matter how many schools are built on Marco.
Will there be tuition for the choice? Only if the academy does not receive a charter and they decide to run as a private school. That will be up to the CCSB, the academy and the state DOE if they receive the charter. If they receive their charter as requested then no, there will be no “tuition”. Whichever school you choose, it will be a public school and will not have tuition. It would be similar to school choice that all schools have. However, since the charter school would only receive FTE funding, which is not enough to actually run a school, as found by the MICMS, than they will have to require some type of volunteer/payout formula like the MICMS. Hope that answers some of your questions.

Written on Guest Commentary: It’s time to help the mangroves:

Wasn't she or her company in trouble for destroying vegetation on Key Marco?

Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

Charter school students are allowed to join sports teams at their home school if the charter school does not have a sports program of their own. As soon as the charter school has a sports program, they will not be able to join home school teams. FHSAA Bylaw 11.1.

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