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Maybe I'm asking a silly question. Maybe I'm not catching something here. Can anyone/everyone else here help me out with this? Isn't this just about the beginning of rainy season? And according to the article this project will take most of rainy season to complete. And I want to get this right...This is for STORM DRAINAGE. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Sounds to me like changing the kitchen sink while someone else is washing the dishes.

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Or maybe the leaders of the STRP (members of city council 2005, Bill Morris, John Arceri) b***f****** single family residential homeowners?

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I think the Founders Park Memorial should be something that deals with something that really signifies the island. Maybe a statue of a resident handing over baskets of cash to a group of council people?

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3rd step i to stop your whining and trying to get something you don't deserve for free. Because you made a bad decision on an adjustable rate mortgage don't come looking to have the rest of the population pay your mortgage. And not paying what you can pay and expecting to have your mortgage adjusted after months of not paying is just as bad.

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U2cane, Klabautermann is the best! He is the reason to read the Marco News.

Written on One of the 'Elite Housewives of Naples' arrested on battery charges:

Not a bit of this story makes any sense. Thank you NDN for reporting in such a haphazard manner. I wish it would hurt the reporters as much to write as it does for us to read this stuff. Now I need to take some Motrin and lie down.

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:


1) HOORAY, No more Rony Joel

2) Mark my words, you heard it here first. John Arceri or some company of which he has vested interest will get the contract for managing this city utility.

Then again, this is only my opinion. And going with that opinion is the thought that it will not be getting better, it will indeed get worse.

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in response to marcoredeagle:

There is no "Arleen Perrotti" that pays real estate taxes on Marco Island. Is anyone surprised?

UM, without really checking, there is no 'marcoredeagle' that pays real estate taxes on Marco Island either. And before you waste your time, there is no Joe Fubietze that pays real estate taxes on the island either. There is this thing called a 'Pseudonym'. Look it up.

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WTF is "motherease"? NDN is now creating new languages? I hate having to Google something because this rag of a newspaper makes stuff up as it goes along. Being reasonably well intelligent and educated I check things out when I have the feeling that maybe I just don't know something. But once again I Google and find out that there is no real meaning to this (once again) 'NDN gibberish'. Please, hire editors. I think you can find people from the local high schools that can do a better job part time than whoever you currently have.

Oh, and before I get the scorn of the NDN employees under the guise of posters that are actual reader(s); I don't work for a newspaper and if I made some grammatical and/or spelling errors, too bad. I never said I was a professional writer. But you guys are supposed to be. And, unless I am wrong, I still write a F*** of alot better than any of the overpaid amateurs that grind out what you publish every day.

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“It seemed like people didn’t really know what they were against. Was it the money or was it Jackson Labs itself?”

Let me clear this up for you Donna; We are against spending large amounts of money without our vote, regardless of who the benefiting private company is. The issue regarding Jackson Labs is 'why them' and not another company.

And once again NDN has done their regular haphazard reporting. I see no-where in the article where it explains that Donna is actually a member of this Kiwanis organization that she gave this discussion to http://www.kiwanisclubofmarcoisland.o... . This should be of concern because it leads one to wonder how close the ties are with her and Barcic. It is so important to point out that Barcic is a Kiwanian in every article about her trip to Maine, etc...but not that Fiala is?

So, what we have here is an article about a totally staged presentation with nothing but shill questions and comments by the presenter's friends and acquaintances. Sounds like regular politics to me.

Any time that a politician uses such tactics to try to dupe the public into his/her/their hidden agenda(s) it needs to be scrutinized.

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Crocodiles? Really? By Marco Island? At the airport? "Some naturalists call such a group of crocs a nest.". Yeah. And others would call such a group 'alligators'.

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in response to RayPray:

I so overdosed on all this peppy "leadership" I had to be rushed to the hospital....

Perusing what's going on in the nation and locally, why not forget all this vacuous "leadership" and start some courses to teach Responsibility?

August must be a very slow month.

Besides "leadership" all there is to look forward to is those riveting "Mangy Bartender-of-the-Day" stories.

I so agree with you. This self-serving 'class' is really not newsworthy. Why don't they also have a week by week column on the local salsa or rumba class? This educational series really should be revamped exactly as you say. Start with teaching fiscal responsibility. Then add weeks that include 'Listening to your residents' and 'You don't really work for John Arceri' (the last one would have to be taught early and be reinforced each following week). The series of classes should be mandatory for all city employees (seems like it is only comprised of city employees and wannabes anyhow) starting with management and council. Actually the city council should be made to repeat the course indefinitely.

Written on BP stops paying tourism claims on lower Gulf Coast, angering hoteliers:

I wonder how many people are surprised by this. The Rube-Goldberg method that they tried as a 'temporary' measure works. So now they want to stop spending any money on the real fix. The spill story is not even on the media's radar anymore. Why would anyone think that BP would make good on any more promises once the general populace wasn't informed anymore?

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How about getting out of the left lanes except to pass you imbecile? By your own admission you were getting passed on the right. YOU are the problem, that is the real "broken the code" part of this. STAY RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS! People like you deserve every dirty look and middle finger they get.

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in response to blogsmog:

JoeF: Bing-Freakn-O!

Thank you, blogsmog. But now I will prob have laurelbi/Ed Issler calling the cops on me again. Formal charges of stating the obvious.....

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NDN Please change the article heading to "Marco Island holds meeting on water rates: Condo owners fear PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE". That would be more accurate and fitting.

"Oh, Boo-Hoo-Hoo, we listened to Arceri and now we still might have to pay the same amount per gallon as a real house owner, Boo-Hoo-Hoo. Look at me whine and make ME PAYING MY FAIR SHARE sound like I'm being taken advantage of. Oh, Boo-Hoo-Hoo, PLEASE house-owner, subsidize me more. Forget the fact that it was my s----- Lemming-like behavior in listening to John Arceri that put us in this predicament to begin with. BOO-HOO-HOO!"

Get a grip and stop acting like you deserve something for nothing. Especially being that your lack of knowledge in the facts and believing in a snake-oil-salesman has wreaked this havoc on the entire island.

Personally I think YOU should subsidize ME for your listening to that A S S Arceri. Watch what happens when the management (just the management, not the entity) of this piece of crap 'utility' gets privatized. I predict Arceri getting a real FAVOR-able position there.

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I can not believe that I am the first one to comment on this! This is the same guy that has been terminated from his position as manager of the auto repair department at Progressive Auto a few months ago. Makes you wonder what he was terminated for. I took my car for repairs there all the time. I was told the guy before him 'Avi' was supposedly terminated for making repairs and the monies not making it to the books. I stopped taking my car there when Brian gave me an estimate for work that I wasn't even asking to be done and the numbers just seemed inflated. That was over 1/2 a year ago and guess what, my car still works fine and other mechanics never point out this same 'problem' that Brian was trying to 'fix'. Makes me wonder if he was doing the same things Avi was.

This is a sad situation because Brian always seemed like a nice enough guy. I guess it shows what happens when the waves of our current economy finally hits our area.

Written on Letter to the Editor:House code disputes: Still hoping:

Okay, I want to beat everyone else to the best comments. This contributor is; 1) Current/future editor for NDN. 2) Future Marco Island councilperson. 3) Ed Issler has a new pseudonym.

Written on Letter to the Editor:House code disputes: Still hoping:

Holy FECES! (Anything close to the usual word gets changed) Take a freaking English class somewhere and learn to construct sentences! My eyes hurt just looking at this mess of a letter. Respectfully, if you talk like this no-one will listen. It could be why your issues are not being addressed. Now, where is my Motrin?

Written on Marco Island to get bids for private management of city-owned utility :

Oh, this whole issue is laughable on so many levels. It is like WTF is going on here?

Okay, big bet for anyone out there...I bet that a certain ex-councilperson will be the first to bid on and get this contract. Hmmmm, I'll bet you are all wondering who I am thinking of. He used to work for big utility. He is THE person that pushed the hardest for the city's over-priced purchase of this utility. And unless I am mistaken he still has his own utility consulting, etc. business. Give you one more hint, his name starts with John and ends with Arceri.

Written on VIDEO: Emergency management: BP opens Naples claims office, Marco Island needs more boom:

I totally agree Klabautermann. It is why I say the things that I say. It is not avoidable. When this finally comes at us, there will be very little the boom material will be able to do. The thing that I hear the most is the increased possibility of oil headed our way due to a severe weather event. These are the same people that want to use boom material. Tell me how effective the boom material will be then.

Written on VIDEO: Emergency management: BP opens Naples claims office, Marco Island needs more boom:

in response to marco97:

Joe, How can you be sure the oil is not coming here? are you clairvoyant?
All we need is a hurricane in the gulf and that oil will be on our beaches.

I cannot recall making any claims where the oil would or would not go. I copied the quote of Zyvoloski that is the end of the article. Matter of fact, marco97, I am sure that you meant to say "All we need is a hurricane in the gulf and that oil COULD POSSIBLY be on our beaches". Because you cannot be sure either. However, I totally agree with what you are attempting to say. Actually, with the amount of oil that the newest reports calculate has already spewed into the gulf I am very surprised that we have not seen the oil yet. I doubt that we would even need a severe weather event for the oil to be on our beaches. I strongly recommend that everyone watch this which has been posted on CNN. There are 2 key issues that you need to look for on this series of maps. 1) Why doesn't the surface oil area ever increase proportionately in size? Some days its actually smaller. Because...2) Look at June 8th, 50 seconds into the clip. The surface oil suddenly has a second area due west of us. But just for the one day. The most likely reason is that the oil is mostly underwater most of the time.

Anyhow, my real problems are the ridiculous ideas, knee-jerk reactions and cover-ups. Ridiculous ideas would be using only 10 miles of boom to try to save the island. It is like leaving all your doors and windows open then locking your front door. Knee-jerk reactions are the common way of dealing with many issues on Marco Island. And Cover-ups would be telling us that there is a very low likelihood of oil reaching us while you have just established a local office to handle claims.

I believe that all involved realize that the threat to us is not just possible, it is probable.

Written on VIDEO: Emergency management: BP opens Naples claims office, Marco Island needs more boom:

“The bottom line is the oil threat to Southwest Florida is low, has been low and it’s still anticipated to be low,”

Yup, that is why BP is opening a claims office in Naples!

Hey, Roger Hall, you can stop your ridiculous crusade for boom material at your wacky, ever-changing prices now. We have at least double the amount you wanted coming our way at a much better cost...FREE.

Note to Ed Issler/laurelb1; Hey, I'm still waiting for my visit from the authorities.

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I want to comment, but it hurts too much just to read this editorial.

Written on VIDEO: 2 crashes close southbound I-75 near Alico Road:

That is pretty crappy.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s save our island:

YES, dc5799, "Thank God we have people in there now that know what they are doing." My point exactly. We have the right people in there NOW, so let them do their job.

And, with all due respect, I must disagree with you, 1) The city IS NOT in the shape it is now because people trusted the leaders. It IS in the shape it is now because the people believed the BS the leaders and others presented as fact. The big difference is that now the leaders are dealing in facts. 2) There are many other people besides Mr. Hall that are trying to resolve this disaster.

It is absolutely mind-boggling that the replies to my posts totally skirt the issue that I pose. The issue is that fiction is being written and accepted as fact.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s save our island:

sailingalong, I must respectfully disagree simply because he is arguing the 'management' of the situation with those in charge. Add the fact that the article from 2 weeks ago he claims facts for different things up to and including his wild claim that he would be able to get this same boom material (in the last article) for $2 a foot. Fifth Paragraph.

In the fourth paragraph of the same article he even explains that the "facts" as he presents them "may not be accurate".

I would expect that readers do not want to be lied to or given false facts that are then used to become the basis for decisions, etc.

And again I must say that I have no problem with Mr. Hall or his concern for the issues. I am just asking for everyone to stick to facts. And if someone types something to be used as a basis for the general populace to make informed opinions and decisions that that person is responsible enough to only use facts. Or tell us it is only their opinion.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s save our island:

And now I wait for the other island VI Lauralbi/Ed Issler to post and say how I'm going to jail for typing! (btw, V stands for Village)

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s save our island:

They are not giving the answers you want because they already realize (as most of the island does) that you are a Kook. Capital 'K'-o-o-k. Totally and absolutely out of touch with reality. Where in the freaking world do you get these numbers? 2 weeks ago you were getting this material at $2/ft? Now the price is 1050% what you quoted.

It seems too convenient for you to throw around these goofy numbers; $30 here, 10% there, 6 miles here, 1 Million $ there, 10% here, $104k there. Sorry, your numbers NEVER add up. It is like you went to the Rony Joel school for the mathematically impaired.

I am as concerned as many other people are about this situation. It is terrible. And I don't know why we have the criminals investigating and cleaning up the scene of their crime.

HOWEVER, I do not remember ANYONE putting YOU in charge of the 'panic button' and/or asking you to do your rendition of 'Chicken Little'. I think you need to let our elected council leaders, the interim city manager and our city environmental specialist do their jobs. YOU need to do YOUR job...which at this point seems to be convincing the planet that you are insane...OH, so you are doing your job...Carry on. Sorry, My bad.

For the record, before everyone gets on the bandwagon and attempts to crucify me for pointing out the obvious...I DO care about the environment. I think the entire oil-slick-debacle is terrible and I think we need to do something IMMEDIATELY. MY problem is with the careless use of data and jargon purported to be fact WHEN IT IS A PILE OF RUBBISH. THIS is what got us into the problems that we are in now. And at a certain point WE ALL have to decide that we aren't going to listen to the BS anymore. We can be concerned without buying into every made-up piece of data that people like Mr. Hall attempt to feed us.

Sorry, Mr. Hall, I do not know you and have no issue with you personally. I just wish you would STOP attempting to over-sensationalize things with your fiction and dramatics. The issue is too real to use data that you make up for whatever hidden agenda(s) you might have.

Written on Marco Island terminates information coordinator:

in response to lauralbi1:

You know I constantly say this and it continues to be so true. These blogs are hilarious and so funny that any person reading them cannot help but shake their head.
Panic, fear, paranoia, falsehoods, unsubstantiated assumptions, mistated facts.
I too am so grateful to be living in this beautiful CITY and plan on doing so irrespective of the "Asbestos Scare" !!
I wish, I really wish, that those of you that are genuinely interested (don't think too many of you), would read about this issue, read the Clean Air Act as it applies to this issue, read studies on this issue and then make comments. But no, you would rather come to false conclusions, make false statements about the Park and this whole event. The most hilarious part of this is that the article is about the Firing of Lisa Douglass. Tell me you just don't laugh till you cry from these comments.
Enjoy paradise, I sure do !!!!!!!!!
Ed Issler

Hey, Ed Issler, I am still waiting for my visit from the District Attorney and Marco's Finest. You threatened to "see me in court and hopefully in jail" because I was soliciting "Murder for Hire".

Once again more "Panic, fear, paranoia, falsehoods, unsubstantiated assumptions, mistated (sic) facts.", just as you pointed out in this post. It is so moronic because all these terrible things are mostly coming from your little corner of cyber-space.

Like a few posters here I have been on the island for more than just a couple of years. Long enough to know about you and others just like you. During these years I have learned to become fluent in 'Imbecile' to decipher your senseless rantings.

You are just angry that you backed the wrong people at the wrong time about the wrong issues. You were wrong. Get over it. Your refusal to let go of your misguided beliefs is what is going to keep you from being truly happy on this Island Paradise of ours.

Written on PHOTOS: Marco Island prepares for oil possibly spilling onto shore:

They only have 500 feet of boom;

“We tried to buy another 1,000 feet, but no one will guarantee delivery or price,” Semmer said.

I think the solution is to call that wind-bag Roger Hall, he can get unlimited amounts at less than $2 a foot.

Fifth paragraph is where he makes that claim.

An aside to laurelbi1/Ed Issler; Quick call the cops and the DA, I just posted again! Or at least make some insane idle threat to contact them.

Written on Marco Island terminates information coordinator:

in response to lauralbi1:

Joe: As Mr. Arceri is not employed by the City, we can only assume that you are soliciting Murder for Hire and I will refer your blog to both the Marco Police and the District attorney.
You s----- idiot !!! Why don't you get a grip on reality. See you in Court and hopefully in jail !!!!Ed issler

Oh, Ed, I am so frightened! Although I do not post anywhere nearly as often as you do, I do read most (if not all) of your posts.

I wish (as I'm sure that many others do) that you would please start making good on any one of your idle threats. I beg you to start with this one. I'm sure that the District Attorney is just waiting to 'entertain your craziness', oops, I mean 'deal with your all-important case'. You have such overwhelming evidence I'm thinking of driving over to city hall and turning myself in right now.

It would be the absolute best if you could copy and paste the messages that you sent to the police department and the district attorney. We all need the laugh. I thank you for your continued efforts in providing the comedy that is you to these blogs.

Written on Marco Island terminates information coordinator:

I have one more question that I wish could be answered...How do we terminate John Arceri?

Written on Marco Island terminates information coordinator:

How do we start a pool on WHEN Rony Joel is given notice? He is the hands on favorite to get the boot next. And if the city could find a way to legalize the gambling process on this one and run the pool the 'take' for the 'house' would solve the rest of our financial woes!

QUICK, RONY! Time to make another 'Rube Goldberg' contraption! Can you modify the 'Make-the-stink-go-away-machine' that you used for the Hydrogen Sulfide to turn it into a 'Make-the-termination-go-away' machine?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Solution to oily situation:

Klabautermann, I am not fuzzy. And I totally agree that the situation is very serious, not funny at all. If you would re-read my post it says that Mr. Hall's 'Letter to the Editor' is very funny.

Please, take the time to read Mr. Hall's letter. Then ask yourself these questions.

1) Where is the substantiating facts for any of the claims made by him? He even states, "The exact facts as stated above are based on second hand information and may not be accurate." He actually writes that he is aware that he stated facts that ARE NOT FACTS.

2) Um...ISLAND? Water on all sides, not just to the west. I'll update you, the Marco River has 2 points connecting it to the gulf. One that Mr. Hall wants to close off, and the other leave open. The river is tidal, it moves in both directions based on the tide. Watch the river at any change of tide and you will see this. Closing off one end might or might not help. Matter of fact it is possible that it might keep pollutants in our waterways if they enter through these other channels. Oh, Keewaydin is an island too. Also Tidal.

3) If something costs $3 we can get it for $2? Or LESS? This must be that 'new' math. Or Mr. Hall is one heck of a shopper.

4) What is his exact field of expertise to back up anything that he says?

I regards to your posts, I think the NDN should hire you to write a daily column. Your content is that good.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Solution to oily situation:

What I want to know is this....Why the HECK hasn't the NDN offered Klabautermann a column yet? His posts here are absolute GOLD!

The only thing funnier is Roger Hall's original letter.

Hey Roger, I have another idea, lets all get buckets and meet on the beach, if enough of us bail the water out of the gulf we might be able to bring the high tide mark a few hundred feet off-shore. Then after the oil slick passes we can put the buckets of water back....The oil slick will never get near us that way!

Find Rony Joel, he can help you with any other crazy ideas you have, Roger. Drawbridge on Collier Blvd by Winn-Dixie, that goofy "make-the-stink-go-away" machine for the hydrogen sulfide, I'm sure he can help you....

Written on Guest Commentary: Parting thoughts from community development director:

ajm3s, well said. I'm sure there are going to be numerous posts agreeing with you.

What I would like to know is why is this article even here. In all my years of corporate management I have never seen where a rightfully terminated employee has been allowed to have a public exit interview. The city should really be proactive and institute a policy that makes an employee's severance package contingent upon a full non-disclosure agreement. I know it would be extremely tough for our council-people to adhere to. The elected egomaniac/megalomaniac/rumor & gossip driven individuals would not be able to keep any details to themselves.

The city has been lucky (so far) to have escaped any serious harm for allowing these ex-employees to take center stage. It almost seems to me that our city government would rather spend their precious resources (time) to publicly debate a decision already made than to spend that time moving forward and doing what needs to be done.



Written on Chief of police: Nepotism considered in Marco Island's police, code enforcement merger:

JohninMarco, you should take back what you said. Thom and Liz Carr are two of the best employees that this city has. They both have always remained true professionals through all our city's issues. There would never be a need for nepotism policies if all related coworkers were able to work as independently of each other as these two do.

JohninMarco, an apology really should be in order.

Written on Marco Island City Hall shake up continues with removal of director:

To answer other posters' ongoing question of "Why is Kelly Farrell interviewing Stefanides".

"Because John Arceri wasn't available".

Hope that helps everyone.

Written on Marco Island City Hall shake up continues with removal of director:

Hey, newsflash for NDN editors and Kelly Farrell; You already wrote an article about this today. Just thought you want to know. Unless (maybe) its your way of cleansing the comments from the first article where the general populace shows how disgusted they are with the current Marco Island City Staff?

Written on VIDEO: To catch a thief: Marco police need your help:

Wow, 10 FREAKING days ago! MAYBE if this was made public, say....TEN DAYS AGO you might have better luck finding this guy.

Oh, lets see, what is next? Probably there are some other old crimes you guys need help with. Maybe there was a little old lady that had her purse snatched two or three years ago? Maybe a person jaywalking across Collier Boulevard a decade ago that you still need help finding? Just send us all some sketches of the suspects....STICK FIGURES will be fine....

Written on Hunt for city manager begins on Marco Island:

What I want to know is how the heck does Arceri figure into this? Does he call the newspaper or does the newspaper call him? Why does the news consider his viewpoint as if it is some form of authority?

Written on The Movie Dude: When a prank call turns terrifying:

This proves that the NDN has absolutely nothing to write about. Reviewing a movie that is OVER THIRTY FREAKING YEARS OLD! WTF? Get ready for more gripping articles. What is next? Interviews with the Mackle brothers?

This is like the newspaper has suddenly developed alzheimer's, as if a 'thing' such as the NDN could develop a human disease. But then again, maybe I shouldn't be surprised, the way that the writers write and the editors edit it could be argued that 'the newspaper' has had Tourettes for some time now.

Written on Marco police warn residents of a bail money telephone scam:

How funny is this? The day before the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) bail out at CJ's

Written on Live blog/poll: Marco considers changing code enforcement approach with foreclosures:

Hey, here is a thought. As the owner of real estate, treat it as the asset that it is.

Written on Letter to the Editor: I have a right to my point:

in response to lauralbi1:

Ms or Mrs O'Connell: I do not seed any research that you have done. FYI, the City of Venice is 16 square miles, not 20 like Marco island. Or, you could look at thew 20 square mile City of Naples, or even Palm City that has a 10% spending cap. The population of Venice is very much comparable on and off season to Marco Island.
If I rememeber correctly, your original LTE was about the excessive amount odf employess that work for the City of Marco Island.
Actually, I do want to apologize for the way I expressed myself to you. Instead of saying what I said, I should have said lease refrain from making statements or conclusions like you did without facts and comparisons.
Again, if you read my history of blogs, compared to the others that have blogged above, you will find a definite intellectual difference.
I encourage you to do this and I encourage you to continue to express yourself with opinions based on facts.
Ed Issler

Mr. Issler, do you realize that you have insulted everyone else on this blog that posted before you? Unless of course you meant that your intelligence is different because it is LESS than the rest. Do you have a listing of the IQ's of all these people? How about your own IQ? Give us all a number.

This post of yours shows what your real issues are. You are just very mean-spirited and rude. You have made a comment without any basis in fact. The exact thing that you are beating up another person for. I can say that based on these FACTS I can call you PATHETIC.

When you go to get your lungs checked see if they can check your head too.

I believe you only open your mouth to change feet.

Written on Letter to the Editor: I have a right to my point:

Janet O’Connell I agree with everything you say and so should anyone else that believes in this great country of ours.

However, It should be noted that our country is a republic and not a democracy. You write of benefits that make our form of governance better. Like the freedom of speech and the right to have one's own opinion. These things you can not have in a democracy.

Maybe part of what is wrong (locally and nationwide) is that too many people lose sight of why we are a republic. They attempt to take control by way of democratic vote. All the time forgetting why we became a republic in the first place. I think that is what happened on our little island and why there is so much discord.

Outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."

And Janet O'Connell I must apologize if anyone becomes unfocused from your issues because of my notes. But if there is any hope for both our island and this country people need to realize what our nation is supposed to be about.

Written on EPA: Marco Island, company violated Clean Air Act by improperly handling asbestos :

in response to sailingby:

These apparently are the accusations, none of which even suggest that there is currently any contamination...(why on earth would those posting here claim that? Don't they know it only further depresses home values? And for what?)
■ Improper inspection of the area containing asbestos

■ Failure to provide notification

■ Failure to remove asbestos before disturbing or breaking up the material

■ Failure to wet the material as required

■ Failure to have a person on staff trained in asbestos regulations

■ Failure to dispose of the asbestos "as soon as practical."

Oh, Sailingby you are so right, they are only allegations. And I'm sure that all possible problems were solved by Rony Joel's 'Make-the-stink-go-away' machine. Or one of his other marvelous Rube Goldberg contraptions.

(The last paragraph was obviously meant to be sarcastic and is intended to be read in a lilting tone to give the proper 'you haven't a clue' response)

Written on EPA: Marco Island, company violated Clean Air Act by improperly handling asbestos :

Please tell me that the EPA is going to do the right thing and go for formal criminal penalties against Moss, Arceri and the rest of that asinine crowd.

They all deserve to spend the rest of their lives thinking about their crimes on the very people that they swore to serve and protect.

Please, EPA, make a lesson of these fools so that this never happens again.

And where are the headlines that help the public see that all those well intentioned citizens that fought against what was going on were right? There will never be enough done to rectify how badly these people that tried to warn us were treated. By the municipal government, the people they hired and the press (that includes YOU NDN!).

Written on Marco council takes next step on (community-coined) ‘CRAP’:

Who the heck is 'Black'? All I know is that this person, WHOEVER THE FREAK IT IS, has something to do with some type of 'executive summary' of the area. It really irritates me when a reporter just drops in a random freaking last name without any prior reference somewhere else in the darn article! I wind up having to backtrack through the article to find out who the heck it is. All the time wondering why the heck did I miss it. When reading on a computer you are fortunate enough to have a 'find' option. This helped me in only proving that the article never mentions the full name or any explanation of who this person is.

NDN thanks for screwing up my reading experience this morning.

Oh, and before I start getting bashed by all the grammar and spelling Nazis out there...Yeah, but I don't get paid to write. I'm not a reporter, writer or editor. JUST A READER. And I think I did that part right. But I do know that you don't just slam random names into an article half-way through. NDN, hire an editor please!