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Written on It's Your Business: Coconut Point announces five new retailers :

Why do I have to look at a gigantic picture of the author when I read this article?

Written on Hooters waitress gains national spotlight after firing as Estero cheerleading coach :

Here is some background reading on this woman:

The orthodoxy today articles are pretty amusing. It seems like she'd fit in well in a nearby community named Ave Maria. I doubt she'd have to deal with the "indecency" of a cheerleading coach moonlighting as a Hooters waitress out there. Maybe she should consider moving; especially after all this negative attention. Based on the comments here, I don't think anyone would miss her.

This story is a great example of unintended consequences. Maybe Susan thought that waging a smear campaign against a seemingly nice cheerleading coach was a good idea at the time, but I doubt that's still the case. She failed miserably and seems to have negatively impacted her daughter in the process.

Kudos to the girls who quit the team to make a point. It delivered an effective message which I'm sure was heard loud and clear by those involved in making this mistake. Maybe they won't make the same mistake over something so trivial again.

Written on Troopers: Man fired gun at pickup on I-75 :

Who's to say there was no intent to kill? Aren't cops supposed to charge the most serious crime? Prosecutors then determine if they should lower the charge.

Written on Woman who shot, killed boyfriend's dog gets 3 years in prison :

She should have gotten more...

Written on Buy a home in town of Ave Maria, get $5,000 for groceries :

You're going to have to pay me more than $5,000 to live amongst hyper-religious maniacs.

Written on Miami men accused of stealing stove from Estates home :

They stole a home from a home? That's impressive.

Written on Man accused of shooting in bar parking lot :

Well that's just wonderful...I didn't think we had to worry about that sort of stuff.

Written on Police: Man sexually attacks woman in hospital emergency room :

in response to Mayor_McCheese:

That's all? A charge of battery? How about sexual assault for starters.

Yeah really. This was clearly sexual assault based on what was reported in this article. What is the reason they didn't charge him accordingly?

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