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Please tell this like it is. This is a back door effort to open up Marco Academy West. This expansion will be for the school which will use the building for it own projects at the taxpayers expense. I remember clearly that we were told that the taxpayers would not pay a dime for MIA. Does this mean when the lease on the schools property on San Marco Rd ends that we will move the school here?
I question staffs estimates on usage. I have been there many times over 15 years and do not see all these crowds of people. Further it is the same staff that allowed this building to fall into should disrepair. It furthers hurts MIA cause seeing its leader speak out against the residences and for the Marriott's expansion.

Written on Donna Fiala Town Hall: Marco Island residents question county staff on environmental goals at Town Hall meeting:

My question is where are we going to get the water for all these new residents?

Written on Wild boar killed on Marco Island, will feed homeless at St. Matt's:

in response to tikihut2206:

no one has answered my question about MIPD, really I did work for a police Dept. in I know some of the rules...once again does MIPD have an internal affairs investigation bureau..if so the officer who killed the boar should be investigated..people on Marco Island have a right to file a complaint and have it investigated...know a lot of you think it is wrong as I go the police dept and file a complaint if I lived there full time..don't let the police intimidate you.....

They do have an IA officer, Dave Baer. Try calling him, the next thing you will find out is that the complaint you have just made is revealed to the officer in question plus your name and address. Good luck driving around the island.

Written on Marco Island Town Hall: More than 80 turn out for coffee and conversation with Councilor Sacher:

I must question the Mackle Park issue. You just had a department head request new vehicles for his department, only to discover that their was no maintenance plan in place. Now a new building because the old one is in disrepair. Can we please hold someone accountable.

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

in response to OldMarcoMan:

What a LOAD.
I have known Bryan from his days as a Planner/City Manager and I think he is just getting caught up in this money sucking mess we call a City Government.

Whats the problem ? Are you upset he actually live here on the Island ? That he does his Job and about four other peoples jobs too?
Does he make you look bad because he has a clue?

Is there still some cry babies upset from when Milk was City Manager and you snibblers wanted to make him our full time manager but he saw how you treated managers and didn't want the job?

This was such a nice island at one time, and you have ruined it,

I hope your happy,

What was it that one Councilman used to say about Pigs in Party Dresses.? City Government is still the Pig.

This was the worst kept secret on the island. His own staff, past and present did him in.

Written on Letter to the Editor: MIPD responds:

My question to Dave Baer is if the officers are sitting in their cars talking on their cell phones, how is this preventing crime? It is one thing to write a letter back to a concerned citizen, but why not view the situation first before shooting from the lip. One wonders if either Baer or Hunter has taken the time to view this situation.

Written on Friendly takeover: New police code enforcement unit reviewed by Marco Planning Board:

When the city attorney states to the planning board not to overstep,and they seem to not be listening, we have trouble brewing.

Written on Obama’s Administration vs Marco Island City Council:

Get ready to tee it up Bill. The putt putt is re-opening. It has always been about who you know.

Written on Marco Island code board looks to City Council to put bite into enforcement:

Four years ago the council wanted to end the code board and transfer code enforcement to the county. We continue to spend money on studies and employees while getting little in return. Give it to the county where it is handled by a judge preventing a code board from mudding up the process.

Written on Marco Island City Council passes first reading of budget, millage; discusses city manager search:

in response to LEHonig:

To ajm3s and naples_rocket, all my charts (unless I specify differently) are based on that particular city's published data in 2012 Certified Annual Financial Reports, and (for population, dwelling units and buildings) U.S. Census data 2010, updated by the Census Bureau to 2012. I've studied reports for well over 100 cities in Florida, so that I can try to bring some perspective as to whether various ideas, proposals and directions appear consistent with other cities' experience. I never compare cities with different types of service capabilities unless that's irrelevant to the point I'm making, And I never falsely skew my analysis by including, or excluding, our swelled season residents. For example, my Fire Rescue charts use our base population, even though if I used in-season population we'd look even worse.

As to the QRV, the Quick Response Vehicle replaces an existing vehicle which does not offer the capabilities of the QRV, and the Budget Subcommittee felt that the incremental asset cost of $58,000 was justified. Councilor Honecker was instrumental in reducing the original request by two-thirds. As for the one additional person per shift, this will make Marco Island one of the 10 highest departments in the state in terms of dwellings per firefighter, and in terms of population per rescue personnel, a step up from today's situation in which we're among the top five. We are nowhere near the levels of most of our sister cities. And of course the rationale is service. In the past 5 years, calls for service have increased significantly, as have wait times for response. The QRV will provide more patient care, comfort and safety while waiting for ambulance transport.

Finally, the boat, er, the Marine Rescue Vessel with Fire Suppression Capability. I supported this for its capability given our water-surrounded community and the number of incidents. But just on the financial side, I showed in a City Council meeting last December that the annual incremental cost of this vessel is around $5,000.

I have 1 question then for you. Why is it that the highest paid members of the Fire Dept. do not respond to emergency calls? This information comes from the rank and file members of this dept. I think that the residents should expect more bang for the buck.

Written on Bringing down the house: Milk asks Marco Island Code Enforcement Board for authority to raze derelict home:

in response to ajm3s:

"In a related issue, Carr said that those who do clear their property, generating yard waste, are obstructing city rights of way, putting the trash out on the swale before the appropriate time for scheduled pickup."

So when is the damaged flagpole lying in a swale in Plummer Park going to be picked as city waste and "obstructing city rights of way"?

Time for fairness. Is it time to issue a violation to the city? Question: Will it be submitted to Mr. Milk or Mr. Pinter?

What Carr really said is do what we say, not as WE do.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Needs attention:

Hey its Marco Island, and it depends who you are.

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in response to August8:

Hopefully it is minor although it required hospitalization?However, he's the Chief of Police and a fine one so his health and welfare should be important to all citizens.

I have neighbors and friends battling cancer and strokes. They are FAR more important to me. Either you are a fool or the chiefs PR person. What's more, if I were the chief, this injury is not news worthy.

Written on Marco Island Police Chief Don Hunter in hospital:

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Considering that Marco Island is as close to Gods waiting room as one may get, a sore shoulder is some what minor.

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But what if the builder does win in his appeal. Maybe MICA should be careful for what its wishing for. Their are many OTHER roads to go down other this one.

Written on A day in the life: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board hears reality of compliance staff:

Little conflict of interest here? Code board chairman also MICA board member.

Written on Contractor files lawsuit, seeks more than $1 million from Marco Island :

Would love to be the city's attorney. With all the mis-steps of the police and city staff, one would make a heathy living.

Written on Letter to the Editor: MICA has so much to learn:

in response to LadueVGilleo:

All the owners of the miniature golf course had to do was present their plans to MICA. MICA made requests to the owners and to the builders to have them provide the plans to MICA, and they did not comply. The owners have no one to blame but themselves. It should be obvious to everyone that MICA still has some teeth. We live in a nation of laws; these owners fought the law and the law won.

Well maybe or maybe not. The coarse is still open and the owner got a court ordered injunction. lets wait and see.

Written on Gov. Scott set to sign bill banning texting while driving in Florida:

Can we just get the people who drive 20 miles under the speed limit out of the left lane?

Written on Putting out a contract: Marco Island police union, management work to negotiate new labor agreement:

in response to August8:

Who's the old guard, name um?

You know them. You sat in a meeting with a few the other day.

Written on Marco Island Code Compliance: Seller's failure to connect to sewer becomes buyer's problem:

Just my 2 cents, from what I read and saw , Liz Carr did the marco island two step. It was the city who screwed this up. After she talked to the city attorney she deflected her mistake. Watch for another court case.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board reviews live-aboard vessels, delays moving ahead with midtown public forums:

Remember when the city tried to manage this issue before. It cost us money and court cost for that past stupidty.

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I do not know where you get your info. This department has 3 pending civil law suites, has terminated 2 superior officers for their job performance, and numerous car accidents, one of which sent a resident to the ICU. It seems to me that maybe this agency is a low bid unit!

Written on Resolution supporting Second Amendment narrowly approved by Marco Council:

Considering all the problems here on Marco, I see this as a silly waste of time.

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in response to MarianB:

The problem was there was very little publicity put out about this. Nobody I know knew anything about it until today. If you want people to show up go see the papers, radio and tv and ask them to do a story,,come on Steff this ain't brain surgery

The real problem was that the same group of Marco windbags have run these events into the ground. Every week they run an event but they always put themselves out front instead of the cause.

Written on LIVE BLOG: Collier commission to take another look at red-light cameras :

Shame on you Donna. You knew that the cameras were placed in high traffic locations and not in high accident intersections. Further you lead the change for the summons to include right turn on red violations when their were too few red light tickets. And finally when a citizen proved that the county was changing the timing on the light so to generate more summons, you said nothing. Just another hidden tax!

Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

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Good point, and many of us have said it for years!

Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

Just my take, this could be a real battle. Drove by today and twice as many workers are there than last week.

Written on Marco Island City Council names committee volunteers, questions response to public record requests :

Note to Mr Honig. The city staff is being over used. I had to go to the city for a permit. At that meeting were 5 city employees plus 2 city board members. Talk about being over used. And 2 other city employees refused to be at the meeting. This for a silly one day event. Heaven help us if it was something serious!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Quotes of note:

First Wayne, who wrote this for you? You sat as a councilman for 4 years and never had a clue. Remember unfunded pensions. That was explained to you and Gibson at least 3 times by city staff. Thank goodness the council meeting are on TV. The whole city got to see YOU in action. Or lack of!

Written on NRA says Congress will not pass weapons ban - POLL:

I as well as many other Marco residents carried an assault weapon in Vietnam. They do not belong here. I understand hunting as well as target shooting. But I find it hard to understand owning an M16. Just my take.

Written on Chamber marks 35th year with installation dinner and Leadership Marco graduation :

Always remember, the Chamber attempted to join the city in a law suite against the citizens over the STRP.

Written on Former Marco police lieutenant receives final warning after sending inappropriate photos :

in response to August8:

Don't know what a looker is???? What, are you 90?

If anyone wonder why nothing productive happens at MIPD, your statements have said it all.

Written on Former Marco police lieutenant receives final warning after sending inappropriate photos :

in response to dc5799:

What about running into other female officers?

How about running into female residents! I guess that thought never happened.

Written on Letter to the editor: Thank you to the citizens of Marco Island :

in response to lauralbi1:

Mr Breeze: You really need to look at the plans that Deltona had for this Island. For if you did, you would see much more development, MORE schools, more businesses that what are here already and certainly nothing that resembles a retirement community.
I do, however, agree that there is room for all of us to get what we want out of this Island Paradise. I certainly hope that the new Council members always remember that they represent all of us. If not, we can only hope that as a 7 member Council that the majority votes in a manner that represents a vision that moves our Island forward.
Ed Issler

Ed, when I see you breaking bread with Magil at the country club, then I will believe your rant.

Written on Letter to the editor: Thank you to the citizens of Marco Island :

Now look into the 400k fire boat that does NOT have fire fighting ability. Its clearly a rescue boat, and the past council should have known it.

Written on New city council seated, city manager receives three 'no confidence' votes :

Considering that Kiester and Magil gave the city manager a new 2 year contract prior to the election, I guess the smart thing to do was keep him not pay him to do nothing like THEY did before with Thompson.

Written on Code Compliance: Replacing more than three boards on a dock requires a permit :

Consider all the work done inside the firehouse next to the water dept. and not one permit being pulled. Well maybe the next step will be counting the nails used.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Just asking:

Wayne this has been your problem since you were elected. Your ideas are all over the place. A consultant will say what ever you pay him to say and you know this!

Written on Election 2012: Eight duke it out for four Marco Island City Council seats :

Now I see why Magil wants Gibson, No education, no experience and without someone pulling his strings, no answers.

Written on Marco officer involved in crash to retire, receive $10,000 :

By retiring, does he now collect a pension too?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Time and place:

Come on Monte. You live in a condo, get lower water, sewage rates, and re-cycled water for irrigation. You have been put on numerous boards by the current council to make sure that the Marriott convensation center goes through. You vote for the strp so we can now have a new hotel come in. While all the time your wife was on the chamber of commerce. Finally because two friends have problem with sea wall construction you cracked down on them. But people who live on Landmark Rd. will see more construction from the new Marriott parking garage than they will ever imagine.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Honig:

Trust Magel? Why will he not tell of a settlement with a terminated employee, to be revealed after the election. How about back pay and his job reinstated!

Written on Man of many secrets shares a few at Marco Island Police Foundation Luncheon :

Here you see your tax dollars in action. The highest paid members of the city feeding their faces on your dime, holding hands with the senior citizens and telling stories from the old days.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Are you a cry-baby?:

Joe we all thought that you were a fool, but now you prove it to the whole Island. I am sure that Magel, Gibson, and Recker must be proud.

Written on Marco Council approves seeking bids for $8 million bridges project; moves ahead on fire boat :

At least Gibson can finally lead the Christmas boat parade in this baby!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Stop the real insanity:

Ed you have a dog or business in this fight. You left out how your candidates want to all but double the size of the Marriott. This convention center would add to local traffic, use of city services and congestion. But, would help your business inside the hotel. Maybe thats why the strp was planned on such a grand scale.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The choices for City Council are clear:

Laurie, one question, where does Gibson live? If people in city hall don't know I doubt you do.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Smoke and mirrors:

I can not believe the spinning in this letter. You lead the charge at Island Drug which now we find is in Federal court with a law suit against the city. Gangs coming to Marco? Your own staff, a Supervisor at the police openly laugh at this. You have changed your position so many times that one gets dizzy listening to you speak. You lead the oster of the public works head, giving him a golden parachute, only to see him appointed to the code board. You supported the fees for re-usable water while knowing that the largest user is the country club where a fellow councilman is the president.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Positive outlook for all citizens:

Considering that Recker and Gibson have voted to purchase a fire boat with no idea of the final cost worries me. They may say that the cost is set. But the chief now states over 400K. Further your two friends have led Marco into more lawsuits over the last 2 years than since our existance.