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Note to Gibson about the fireboat. First and most important, how did the price for this start at 250K and then go to 400K, and now the fire chief states over 400K? Is this your leadership skill?

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Let us set the record straight. You are the same Joe Granda who stood in front of an open council meeting and questioned both Recker and Gibson of undermining you and the code board. Remember their is video of your childess rant.

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every 2 years russ columbo beats his gums on his picks. many of us wait for this and go the opposite way

And we spend more and more and go more in debit. Ask Recker why he won't talk about the Island Drug settlement. And why the past police chief who lead this mess is stocking selves in publics. Why 400K for a fire dept. boat that Naples paid 275k? Lawsuits and self insured Marco!

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Mr Magil tell the real story. First any member at the country club knows that you raise the rates for the water after assuring them that you would not. Remember your talk at Hidaway?
Next please tell the other candidates about your e mail on how you are are bullet voting in only Recker and Gibson . Yes Gibson the wheres Waldo candidate who most people at city hall question where he lives. I think that most condo owners have seen your game before, and this time around are far smarter.

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What I saw of Magel was a scared, angry old man. He clearly does not care about the residents. As for the utility bills, it was he and the current council who cause this problem.

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Mrs Enman: No surprise as to your LTE./ Just curious if you would list, in response, the "experience" you reference. Utility Boards and MITA are certainly not a part of the list as the Marco Island Property Owners Association would not be. So I am curious.
Not that existing Councilors have more or less other than the 4 years they have served.
Also, please let me know if you have read all the documentation available at City Hall regarding the Water Utility purchase, including the Engineer's Report, etc.
Just indicate when you want to meet at City Hall and I will join you and we can go over it together, line by line.
There should be no "hidden agenda" or mystery after you are done reading all the reports.
Look forward to meeting you in person at City Hall.
Just let me know the time, below, and will see you then. It probably will take 20-30 hours, in total, to review all the documents.
Ed Issler

No hidden agenda? Why will the council not talk about the pending settlement of a businesses lawsuit? Why will they not tell the public about the return of a fired employee who will be also getting back pay? Why are these issues being held til after the election?

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Dealing with the city is as clear as mud. Employees and boards do what they want and the public is left more confused than ever.

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Its hard to watch as an angry man just impodes in front you. This bully brought us Celebrate Marco and some of the most devisive years this island ever saw. Both you and Issler are begging for attention. It now has just become sad. I guess even Gibson and Waldack don't return your calls.

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Here comes another lawsuit. The city had no witnesses, allowed hearsay testamony, and the cities own attorney admitted HE violated city ordiances. You can not make this stuff up.

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Well, here we have blogs of 10 people who were voting for Mr Pettricia anyway, Carol. Please be assured that your comments and your vision for Marco is that shared by the vast majority over the last 3 elections.
We can only hope that people turn out and vote as the more voters there are the better the odds are that Mr Recker, Gibson, Honig and ? will be elected and maintain the progress and vision that their constituents voted them in for.
There are a solid 2,000 votes for Mr. Sacher, Perttrici and Hoenecker. That still leaves 11,000 votes (assumin 100% voting). If we get a 70-75% turnout, there should be no porblems with the outcome, based on what the voters have expressed in the last elections.
Please make sure to get everyone you know to vote!!!!!
Your Letter is right to point. This election is a matter of the vision for the future of Marco Island.
Ed Issler

Yes lets vote for Gibson. Does not pay city taxes, refuses to tell people IF he lives on Marco, voted to purchase a 450K fire boat that Naples brough for 275K.

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John, you and Issler always changed history to suit yourselves. The complaint going back to when you were a one term councilman were that you had no idea how to fund BOTH the purchase of the water system plus the cost of the STRP. Lets remind people how you and other council people stated that people come and go from Marco all the time and the STRP will be paid off in 7 years. When the economy crashed what became clear to most residents was that the city had taken on two major expenses with little idea how to pay for them. What has become clear is that we had the tax base for one project. Now the taxpayer will be paying twice for your mistake. We are paying for both projects via our water bills. No matter how you or Issler continue to put lipstick on this pig, its a pig. I guess you both will continue with these childess personal attacks, but I think most people see through this.

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So much crime on Marco that they have to bring up headlines from over a month ago I think the police dept has their priorities mixed up What i would like to know is how many recorded thefts to how many solved

Solved is one thing, but the eye opener is the conviction rate vs arrests. It is so low that Hunter will not talk about it.

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By Baer's own comments that the sheriff had 25 officers patroling Marco. Then lets go back to the sheriff and save a load of tax payer money.

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Having watched Gibson at the council meetings, he does not understand what an unfunded pension is. At two meeting this point had to be re-explained to him by city staff. Further who votes for a person who only has a post office box? Where do you live?

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I for one, do not remember any good old days in Vietnam. I lost many friends there.

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A few more dollars a year would be worth it.

Ok, you pick the current city employees to be laid off to cover the expense of this PRIVATE business. I doubt that anyone on the council will do that. At some point the spending has to stop.

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Note to Baer. Considering that the former chief is stocking selves in the pubics on Marco, consider yourself lucky to be a "charter member" of the Marco PD.

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Why 2 people running a mom and pop business? Both collecting big pay checks for doing the same job. Can we ever get a manager who runs the city like a really business?

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I too must agree. Have attempted to meet with the chief only to find he is not in. Seems to either be at meetings or seminars. He does later return calls but I also wish he lived here not in Norh Naples.

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Just wait til the first car accident involving this joke. Then watch the finger pointing. I always thought that the planning board was a circus. Now we have proof.

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I do not understand all the complaining about the city manager. If you believe that the city council did not direct this than I think you have never worked in city government. The Jessen matter has been in front of the council numerous times and I have watched as the council sit very uneasy in their chairs. Add to it the states inquiry into the building inspectors, then you can next connect the dots. The city manager is doing what he is directed and I believe that their is more cuts coming.

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My advice to you Mr Uhler, move to a gated community and get a golf cart to ride around in. Some of us are not over 80 and can still operate a car.

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Mr Waldack this is where you and the council just do not get it. On an island where many condo units are larger than some homes, a single family owner pays more in basic water costs. Where some councilmen voted on a bill with a clear conflict of interest, we have a problem. Spending over $100,000 on a study, where is the common sense. We do not have to look at Washington for how government is losing touch with its people. It is happening in our own backyard.

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How can anyone believe you Larry, remember your bullet voting? Just vote for me and not for the other candidates. Your actions just to get elected showed me the kind of person you are. Do as I say, not as I do.

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Steve: You know I respect you and appreciate ALL that you do for our City as an individual. I think you should run for Council !!! And I will tell you personally what I have written herein when I see you around Veteran's Park later today.
It is just that I have a hard time accepting the premises in your LTE (I actually agree with them), when you are the main organizer of an event this weekend that will bring over 60,000 off Island visitors to Veterans Park. All the inconveniences and blocked access to homes and negative effect to quality of life will occur this weekend to all Islanders due to the Seafoof Festival. Especially to our residential area.
You can't have it both ways, Steve.
I suggest giving up on the Seafood Festival as it will have a positive impact on the swale parking issue in your area over the long run.
The less "Day Visitors" we encourage to come here, the better off we all are.
Ed Issler

Run for council? After reading this letter, maybe dog catcher!

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Why are the rates so high, well John you bullied your way into the strp with no idea how to pay for it. When the residents ask for a vote on the project you missed the meeting. You lead the charge into buying the water company, and we see how that has worked out. And then you next tried to pressure the council to buy the cities electric co-op. Maybe you you should keep your great ideas to yourself.

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"Pinter said the decision to change out shell or rock swales was based on Southwest Florida Water Management District studies. The essence of the problem is percolation versus filtration"

Wow! Any data available to the public with references to confirm? I thought originally it was a hazard to public safety, an eyesore, a maintenance nightmare because rocks were clogging drainage culverts.

Remember folks, this is the same city that wants to mow the grasses in Tract K around the eagles' nest because they have an ordinance that says grass cannot exceed so many inches. The city of Marco Island is always quick to point to the esisting ordinances to trump nature and beauty? And now embarks on creating new laws to remove shell in a swale in an attempt to "govern" natural properties of soil absorption under a false pretense of city management.

So I will ask again, show me the study which concludes the removal of shell in swale, because if you go to Southwest Florida Water Management District website, for stormwater management, you find:

the use of terms like "mulch, gravel or other porous surfaces for walkways, patios and driveways."

So again, I will ask Mr. Pinter, where is the finding or conclusion to remove shell, because even in Florida Friendly landscaping put out by University of Florida, in collaboration with the SWFMD

we read and see a picture of a rain garden with inorganic rocks.

So why ban shell in a swale but its OK in a cul-de-sac?

Unless, I am the dumbest person on this island and I just cannot comprehend this stuff?

Because Pinter invents law and facts to suit his own ideas. This fool trips over his lips ever time he speaks. Some day he will get himself in front of a lawyer, then watch the fun begin!

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What is not said says it all. Their is a 500 lb. elephant in the room called the strp. Million of dollars of debt and the city has no way to pay. The council forced this program on the residents and now wants to make them pay for this huge mistake.

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I can tell you one reason. Have watched numerous people on bikes sailing through red lights in front of cars driving with a green lights. Every day event at Elcan and Bald Eagle.

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I question Mr Magel about his comments. Seeing that he is a member of Hideaway Beach and has a very large voice in their association matters, is this not a conflict of interest?

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Answer to Mr. Recker: you had been advise by MITA, MICA, and the Homeowners Assoc. that this was coming. You as well as most of the council denied their was a problem. Lets hope that the interest rate stays low or we will have a HUGE problem down the road.

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monte lazarus, jack patterson and dick special interests being served here.....yikes

I see at least 2 conflicts of interest in the room.

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Note to Chief Hunter. The last time the city attempted to dismiss a police officer the city got a new chief and new city attorney. Now the player at the top changed but the staff in the pd who did the investigation and paper work are the same. I wish the chief well in this attempt.

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We had a referendum and the people of Marco voted to have our own police services. Perhaps you newbies or oldies with poor memories don't remember what it was like under the sheriff....45 minutes to answer a burglary in progress call, just for one. I certainly don't want to go back to that. For what little each of us pays to support our local police services, I am happy to pay for that security.

Note to you, the man you are complaining about, the past sheriff and his poor response times, is our chief of police. And our cost for security is 15 million to the county and 4.5 million to the city. So if you are a new or old time resident, do the math.

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Well Don here is an idea. Roll up your selves and stop going off the island to forums and luncheons. You have 4 staff officers who could be doing the work you stated, but are doing little or no police work. Your own words state that their is little to no crime here but you just hired 4 new officers, WHY? Walk into the police HQ and see the TV blarring and officers getting paid to watch the tube. If they have nothing to do, get them to do the stats. One hopes that you can manage this mom and pop operation!

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Sounds like its time for them to rewrite some of those union contracts and actually balance their budgets.

Checkout who is making the money. Not the workers but a large group of Chiefs who don't respond to the calls. Each district is top heavy with leaders and few workers.

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YMCA is far from free

Neither is this. I do not see any where in the story how the city plans to pay for the buildings up-keep or it utilities. As per usual their is no plan, aka the sewers.

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I remember years back when Moss was in charge he purchased a 4 wheel vehicle, created a position and had an employee drive around the city sidewalks and spray paint any crack's or inperfection's with red paint.
The city was supposed to repair the sidewalks. Pinter want's us to repair them? Anyone remember this project that fell through the crack's? Also what happened to the 4 wheel vehicle?

If you remember the city realized that it was cheaper to put the cost on the homeowners. They then passed a law assigning owership of the walks to the residences. That way the residents were liable for any injuries occurring on their walkways. Thank Glenn Tucker.

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Mr Pinter is not correct. New sidewalks must conform to the Amercians with Disabilities Act. Not existing. Again a Marco official re-invents the laws.

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Can Joe Granda just go away. Last year he was Jose Granda, telling the Eagle that the citizens of Marco do not pay enough in taxes. Then at the Code Board he is Joe Granda patting himself on the back for the code violations he and fellow board members levied, only to find out that the fines go to Collier County. Remember this guy when he runs for council. It was his idea to separate the police and fire from the city budget and give them a special accessment.

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in response to Commander:

This guy did more than 90% of the work in the dept. You can't make everyone happy when your taking people's freedom away. With that said, I'm sure you people want this Officer to respond to your house when someone is breaking into your home, don't you. ...........

NO! And how many of his arrests were dropped for poor police work!

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in response to happy6:

this is a joke....we hire officers that have not had training...come on...what do they do at the police academy? this is a prime example of UNION POWER.

Unless you are new here, this problem has occurred over and over. It is the Marco Island Police's job to train the officers on the policies and proceedures for this agency. The acadamy just gives the basics. Please remember the incident at Capt. Briens. Again there the judge pointed out to the city that the police dept. had no policy for the transportation of prisoners. This depts. middle management just collects their checks and is totally clueless.

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Let ever resident take notice. This clown was know by citizens as well as his fellow officers for his " tuning up " of the public. But Capt. Baer charged him with not turning on his recorder. Both Baer and Carr knew of this jerks action but would never admit it was occurring. We just gave this fool a 6 month paid vacation. Now Capt. Baer MUST go. We see now why he was passed over for the chief's position. The upper management of this dept. has not a clue.

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in response to 26yearsonmarco:

After submitting my comments above, I checked the salaries of Mr. Milk, over $90K before his current promotion & Ms. Carr over $50K, plus other benefits which I assume brings their total salaries somewhere near $200K per year.

Does anyone, other than me, find this a little disturbing in light of the economic situation in this Country???

The percentage of my total County tax bill for the City is sixteen percent (16%). For what??, so people can run around inspecting signs?? Can't our huge police force be cross trained to do this?? Wake up Folks.

Well stated!

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These are great projects that will continue to make Marco Island a remarkable place with so many places to enjoy visiting. Appreciating the plants that are best adapted to the area, especially native plants, and efforts to decrease reliance on irrigation and pesticides, it particularly commendable. Kudos to all involved.

You love it and want it, then YOU pay for it ! Another project that a group wants taxpayers money for so that they can have a hobby.

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She wants this for one reason, so her supporters will get money for both construction and landscaping from the taxpayers for building this waste. She still will not admit to the 11 million spent for landscaping the area around the Jolley Bridge.

Written on Marco Island considers city ambulance service, talks to Naples leaders :

Note to Mr Gibson, if the county spent 10% of what they spent on the new landscaping along 951 heading towards the new bridge, we the residents would now have a state of the art 911 system in place. But as usual for Collier Co. as well as Marco Island, monies are spent on flowers, trees and bushes instead of necessary services.

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Wait till this fool has to debate his rival. He always refused to do this while in the house. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Have to admit, MIPD is the best police that money and powerful people can buy. Maybe next week the Capt will be washing Grandas' car.

Written on Marco man dies after ambulance delay - 911 call:

I bet if the patient was a city employee or their family, EMS would have arrived and transported them.