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Written on Woman accused of battery after mom's car is repossessed :

The economy is worse than ever and so they don't have the money to pay for the car any longer and the car dealership wants $150.00 to get their personal belongings out of it? Sounds like the first mistake is buying a car from this place. Also sounds like the employee got off easy...step aside punk and let the lady have her stuff

Written on Do Marco residents want 24/7 health care? Question to be answered Aug. 14 :

Oh yes we should spend as much as needed to have a place most of us will never use. To help bring this faster lets offer the doctors city cars, cell phone allowances, bonus programs and ample paid time off from waiting for nobody to come in. Oh wait, city hall has this all wrapped up already...never mind.

Written on Vanderjagt confirmed as Academy football coach; Parents, students support Vanderjagt in getting Charter coaching job back :

Blah blah people missed the point of the problem. The kids messed with a dried up (Al Bundy)coach and he couldn't handle it. All this over the fact Mike didn't like being mocked..."laces out Dan." Go back to your bar and have a drink but let's keep our hands off the kids.

Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

There is more to this story than saving a few bucks. Maybe it has to do with the city failing to properly hire and monitor the inspectors and now they are all facing trouble and fines. And not all the inspectors live in Naples.
How is it the county is willing to add these people to their payroll?

Written on Letter to the Editor: The need for less speed:

25MPH? are you a nut job? You apparently are the problem on our roads, I agree with the posts above.

Written on Cape Coral group plans protest of Bill Maher's Fort Myers stand-up event:

in response to iflylow:

I say we go to your workplace Johnny and demand you get fired for speaking your opinion. Americans are sick and tired of fake outrage, whether its coming from Al Sharpton or Sarah Palin. Please leave this country if you do not believe in the principals it was founded on. A few too many of my ancestors have died for you to trample the rights they have provided. Respect America Johnny boy

I would argue with you but apparently your way too good at being a fool.

Written on Cape Coral group plans protest of Bill Maher's Fort Myers stand-up event:

Attn: Scott Saxon, you have lost not only customers but all respect for allowing this show to happen. We may not be able to stop the show but we can stop coming into your business! And that is exactly what is going to happen. Oh ya, Scott-it's your name people are using as the reason this disgussing person is coming into our city and your theater.

Poster idea: Fire Scott Saxon or we'll shut down the theater!

Written on Comedian Bill Maher brings his brand of funny to Fort Myers on Sunday, April 29:

Barbara B. Mann must be in big financial problems to book this scum. Boycott the show!

Written on St. Matt's looking to expand in East Naples? Commissioners consider the possibility :

Commissioner Fiala you have shown a side of you that is less than impressive. You lady have lost my vote and as I share this story about your heartless comments you will be losing more. The area you so "pridefully" represent has the needs that St. Matthews House is trying to provide. So while you flap your arrogance and line your pockets the area under you slips into more trouble.

Written on Marco Island City Council discovers natural gas on island:

Surprise surprise! Apparently no city Council members knew anything about the gas line being buried along side 951. At some points the traffic was backing up a couple miles to the bridge and they are now surpirsed. What is it that these people do all day? Stroke their ego, pat themself on the backs and line their pockets. One last thing...Pinter's name comes up a lot and each time it is not a good thing. Send this problem to Naples with the rest of them.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s now junk our ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ public governance policy:

in response to lauralbi1:

Dear Sayre: Another LTE that from the first sentence, no in fact, the Title, is undeniably the rantings of Sayre Uhler. How many times, how many times Sayre, are you going to abuse the term "We The People" ?? I am not even going to address the falsehoods in your LTE or the faulty conclusions. Rather I will again ask you to refrain from speaking for the proven, voting majority of registered voters on Marco Island.
There are over 13,000 registered voters on Marco Island and you want to make a fuss over 56 of them ?? 56 that City Council opended up to hearing what you had to say, no matter how pertinent or relevant it may have been.
It is obvious to all of us in the majority (as of the last election) and should be obvious to you that you do NOT speak for the Majority.
So again, in the future, please use the phrase, "WE THE MINORITY OF THE PEOPLE".
That way all of us know you are just blowing off your personal, minority, opinions.
Thank you in advance.
Ed Issler

Ed you said you had enough and were going to move away from this horrible place. What happened? Did you see something shiny and forget again. You alone make so many mistakes in understanding what the problems are here on Marco that prehaps you need to leave.

Thanks in advanced Eddie

Written on Letter to the Editor: When to call the police:

I have called several times over the years of having our own "city police" and would score them a 50% response that was quick enough to actually do something about the problem. Although there are a couple good cops most have a bad attitude about doing their jobs.

Bet DD gets good response times...

Written on Letter to the Editor: Trouble in Paradise:

Guests are not the issue but renters are the reason the parking rules are in place. Vacation renters have been a problem in the past and continue to...oh ya we aren't suppose to talk about that since the city won't enforce Florida laws.

Written on Marco Island Bike Path Ad-hoc Volunteer Committee: Cyclists tangle with motor vehicles more now than ever:

The same bad bike riders are the same bad drivers. I would like to know out of all the stats how many of the vehicle drivers involved are bike riders. I ride my bike all over and have more problems with cars driven by non-resident seniors who think they are doing us a favor being here. It is safer to ride slow on the at least you can hear them coming at you through the grass.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Anyone but Obama:

We could put a large rock in his office and get more forward motion and progress than Barry will ever get going. But hey go ahead a re-elect Barry because the government run media says BO is doing great; no oil in the gulf but then again no oil in the cars either.

Written on Officer fired after hauling mattresses on squad car:

in response to rolomokat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

give him didn't understand the question

Written on Letter to the Editor: Personal attack:

16000 gallons? What average house uses that much water? I have a family of 4 on an average size lot 100 x 100 and use about 7000 if someone washes a car or two. Lets use real stats and try something really crazy...bring back common sense and reality. You can afford to live in the "big time" you can afford to pay your share of the water cheap "O"

Written on Officer fired after hauling mattresses on squad car:

Fired and retired! The next Marco Chief of police!

Written on Residents tell Marco Island City Council that South Beach swale parking is causing problems:

in response to ed34145:

How do you expect anything to be accomplished when you don't have a real city manager and he chooses to do nothing about everything?

We have a city manager? Oh ya, its that guy that fired only half of the people that should have been fired when he started and now does nothing. Your right

Written on Marco Island Planning Board: Draft handbook outlines elimination of inorganic materials in swales:

Where exactly does the city sweep the street? I walk and ride my bike all over the island and have missed the street sweeping for years now. The same garbage has been on the sides of the roads since the last big rain back in the summer.

Also, lets just cut to the chase. The city wants the swales to be grass so people will use more water and waste more money on the failing water system we "had" to buy.

What has happened to the city manager that was going to fix everything?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Wanted now; a financial crisis action memo:

When it becomes clear that Mr. Waldack is the best choice for appointment of Chair, the people of the City of Marco are screwed. We need to be over-taking the council in a state of emergency.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a new City Council and I’m volunteering!:

Larry, you have my vote and I don't even know you...yet. I have considered your article and the people currently involved in the Council, please take the time and find replacements for all those involved and lets get our city back on track.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not interested in living next to mini-golf complex:

Mini golf on the Island, yes, that would be fun, but lets not stop there, we should add some go-cart racing and a food court. Early Bird specials of course. LOL

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

Carr surely made a mistake by not following through on this correctly. But, this cop will again be fired and this time hopefully the old man can get it right.

Written on Marco police join anti-child porn task force :

HEY NDN do not change the words I use in my post. These people are not "lovely human beings," and that is not what I wrote. They are the lowest life forms available.

Written on Marco police join anti-child porn task force :

Good! We can use all the help we can get to shut down these lovely human beings.

Written on Patty Webb Special to the Eagle Optimist Eagles cheerleaders perform during a timeout of the Eagles :

Your efforts were good but you'll never beat the Baptist boys. Re-think the some of the prime positions and leave their father's views on the side lines. You have a good group of boys but there are few Dads getting in the way.

Written on Marcophiles: How to pay for the big flag – One knowledgeable man’s view:

Marco had money left over from last year's budget and still raised our taxes-they can afford the flag and pole. The only other real option is to put the cost on Jerry's bar tab-he probably wouldn't even know the difference.

Written on No Faizon Love in Marco; comedian says he quit gig over racial slur:

Keep in mind that this club, which was allowed to open before the parking was aprroved, is operated by Bill Moss' son in law. I'm sure this place of business is a wonderful place that would not allow any racist or negative thing to happen. You remember Billy Moss don't you.

Written on Marco council silent on blind man’s plea for audible street crossing signal:

in response to rolomokat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It probably would be cheaper. You know what would be even cheaper? You could meet this person and escort him to all the places he needs to go everyday in order to survive blind.

Written on Marco council silent on blind man’s plea for audible street crossing signal:

Attention Marco Councilors

Do it! This city wastes so much money on things nobody wants or servers no purpose and now you have a chance to something right...Do it. If you had not wasted so much money to put in a "special" system for the lights this request could be done already. Some of you are coming up for election and now is the time to stand up and act like you serve the people of Marco and not just you rich buddies.

Written on Marco police officer accused of abusing authority after felony traffic stop:

This cop knew who was in the car if he had been watching it like the story tells. I have been pulled over once in the last 18 years and low and behold it was this same cop. I got a warning and that very week he receives an award for the most tickets written, hmm? imagine that. A Marco cop abuse their power? Say its not true. Maybe if Joey sold donuts he would be better off. Good luck Joey!

Written on A place to park your toys: Duane Thomas has a lot for you:

The lot is empty because most of the people of Marco already know not to do business with DT. If Marco PD is going to put out an effort in enforcement... it should be into the activities DT is involved in.

Written on Schilling having a sale, not going bankrupt:

I don't believe this story. The county records show that every piece of property owned by Schilling is currently in foreclosure. If they were so financially qualified why wouldn't they at least pay their home mortgage? The building, business and home are all being taken by the bank. Tables have turned huh?

Written on Hanukkah not part of Marco Island holiday banners:

in response to Ocram:

This is one where I have to ask a question, because I just do not get it.

When is all this "my perception of God is more important than your perception of God" going to stop?

We all are citizens of this great country. A country founded on the premise that all men are created equal.... Where is it written that one group did more for this country than any other group. Consider wars, medicine, education etc. and you will find people from all walks of life contributing for us all to have the fortune of having the lives we have.

Stop this nonsense of which banner gets put up!

Does anyone think that God cares which banner is flown? He has a great deal more to worry about than that and so do we.

Millions of lives have been destroyed over the centuries because of these, what should be, personal, beliefs. It gets me sick to the stomach just thinking of this.

The Holdidays are here for all of us. Live,accept and enjoy. Hold your family close to you and share your heartfelt beliefs with them. Share your joys with your friends before it is too late.

Life is too short not to.

Your comments are pretty well written. But God does not worry. What God is doing is watching how people treat each other and how they hold selfish intent against one another. This is the Christmas season and should be celebrated with openness to Christian beliefs. It is also a big holiday for our Jewish community and as Christians we should have no problem with Jewish people celebrating Hanukah. Judge and you will be judged.

Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep the Marco police:

Generally the police do OK but they could trim a lot of fat out of the department. Make the officers qualify through a physical course yearly and we will be down to only a few in a couple of years. And Arlene Perrotti is a renter who has not paid any taxes or sewer assessments and hopefully won't.

Written on CHURCH LADY: First Baptist of Marco Island buys radio station and 43-acre Naples property:

in response to freedomofspeech1:

Sounds like a perfect place for the Marco Charter High School!

Reading 101. The article clearly tells you this property is in Naples. The Marco High School is going to be on Marco (as the school name, again, clearly states).

Written on Locals to headline first music festival Nov. 20 at Marco Marriot:

Interesting...who are the local and regional charitable organizations that will receive the money? Maybe if the names of these organizations were included people would be more willing to help out. A good cause will always bring people to help.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Our taxes earn us a high school:

in response to lauralbi1:

Dear Johnnymarco49: I am so glad that you show true colors when you blog such hateful, personal comments. I love Marco and I love what the future holds for Marco. And, if by some chance, a Charter High School comes about, then so be it.
Where do you get off making your blog(s) personal, rather than on subject.
Believe me, your blog does not affect me or impact me whatsoever. I have always said that these blogs are very humorous and it is so interesating how emothional some people get over the most miniscule issues and statements.
I look forward to the next election and I look forward to a bright future for our Island, irrespective of people that exhibit ignorance, as you have above.
And, as far as the Charter School is concerned, we all have a right to our opinions. The fact that mine happens to be the same as the vast majority of Islanders does not make it any better or worse than yours.
Ed Issler

I blog to your comments because your remarks are the most negative there are. If my comment to you are not getting under your skin you wouldn't have them removed. Truth hurts huh? Again I see you wrote another blog as soon as you finished this one so I know my comments get under your skin. Ha ha. I also read other people's response to you and have only found a few blogs that agree with you. Most people mock you for you ignorance of the truth and you disregard to everyone else. Oh by the way you have met me and I mocked you then too but you could do nothing but hide. Your just to wrapped up in how important you "think" you are to face the fact your kind is not wanted here on Marco.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Our taxes earn us a high school:

in response to lauralbi1:

Oh, Mrs. Watt, I forgot to mention one thing, probably the most important. Our taxes have earned us Lely High School and it's fantastic programs, Scholastic, the Arts and Sports. Our taxes go to the Collier School District. None of our taxes have "earned" us or "entitled" us to a Charter School that 70% of your fellow residents do not want on Marco Island.
And if anyone wants to argue the 70% figure, let's get together and pay for a Special Election.
Ed Issler

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Updated: Marco doctor who ran for city council charged with assault on wife, teen:

in response to captnjimbo:

Testosterone, booze and a child bride...bad chemistry.

This is a competent and efficient physician with 20 years left to serve but this bad PR every year can't help. Perhaps he needs a specialist.

There is nothing about this guys that says competent. Control freak with a Rx pad is the thing this guys knows. Dr. G is about to examine his dead career.

Written on 2 men accused of attacking pregnant woman:

Death would be too good for these two. Hey collier judges wake up don't blow this case...put these two in jail.

Written on Updated: Marco doctor who ran for city council charged with assault on wife, teen:

This guys is nothing but trouble. 2 associates dead, beats his wife, sexually harasses clients, hurting a teen and foreclosures. Sounds like the judge needs to send this loser a message and send him away for a while. Lets see him try his crap in jail.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Christians, vote for change on Nov. 2:

in response to Naples3:

Yeah, I'm "a sad little person" and you back that up by CALLING NAMES (this is what small children do) and by using another imaginary character (Satan) to back up the original one (god). Do you see how unscientific it is to try to use something that's not proven to back up something else?

That would be like using your own bible to back up the existence of your god. Can't be done. That's not proof. If I were to invent a Giant Invisible Purple Monster, and write a book of quotes from the Giant Invisible Purple Monster, I CANNOT USE THAT BOOK to prove the existence of the Purple Monster. Get that? That's not proof.

"Well the Giant Invisible Purple Monster must exist. It says so right in this book."

See how s----- that explanation is?

Seriously, do you really believe there are magical invisible spooks flying around the sky?

My comment didn't even have anything to do with Atheism. My comment had to do with the Constitution of the United States, which does not allow any government to endorse or establish any kind of religious cult. YOU should be glad because this protects YOUR christian cult from government laws and protects you from attending schools and government functions where Islamic religious rituals are held.

As mentioned in the original post, you are one of the people who'd be screaming bloody murder if even a short little prayer to Allah was said to begin a public school day or a government meeting.

NO religious cult figure is to be endorsed in publicly taxed venues. This is not a theocracy.

Wow. You have got to be the dumbest person I have ever come across. I hope you and you green eyed monster enjoy your hateful world you live in. And by the way if you shut you trap and read the document that setup each original state and this country you will find that it was created by 98% Chistian. Your money states "In God we trust", the plege to the flag includes God. But go ahead and remain ignorant of what it really out there. Again you may need to read this several times because I may have use a big word you are unable to comprehend.. (means understand) Now go take the your medicene...

Written on Letter to the Editor: Christians, vote for change on Nov. 2:

in response to Naples3:

You really should take an immediate remedial civics course at the nearest high school if you think this is a christian country.

Doesn't matter if 99% of the population is christian, this is a SECULAR country. It never was and never will be a theocracy. Want to see what a theocracy looks like? Visit Iran. Maybe move there if you like having everyone forced into one particular religion.

If schools and government business began the day with a Muslim prayer, you'd be the first to scream bloody murder. "Get that Muslim BS out of our schools!" you'd yell.

Same with your christian prayers, and the prayers of any and every cult. They are not welcome, and are not appropriate in a setting that is run by the government, and paid for by ALL the people.

I have never heard any other group except christians insist that THEIR brand of belief must be inflicted upon the population at large. No other cult seems to have this level of arrogance.

Pray 10 times a day if you want. Visit your church every hour on the hour. But don't think you're going to inflict any amount of your cult into the lives of anybody else. Got it?

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion..."

This means the government WILL NOT ENDORSE OR BE A PARTY TO any religion.

What a sad little person you must be. Even Satan believes in God you fool. But remember this one important thing...there are no non-believers in hell.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Vote out council members who support tax increases, unnecessary spending:

How funny...Why did you think these people were going to be any different than the ones we just rid of. Let them raise taxes, buy all the empty lots, all foreclosed houses and anything else with a price tag on it and I bet they still won't be happy. Vote them out? Shouldn't have voted them in.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Animosity started with the opposition:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What your really mean is there is no excuse for you and your confused and don't think. We all have read enough of your post to know that much about you.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Animosity started with the opposition:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I was going to call you all kinds of names but I'm not sure you would understand anything bigger than a four letter word. You are a clueless drunk, apparently anyways, who needs to stop hanging out at the bars. Next time you want to comment on something you have no idea about...don't.

Written on Connie Mack speaks of freedom with Marco police foundation:

More cops? 34 cops for this little island and I barely ever see one in my area. This explains the shortage of fresh donuts on the island too.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Some views and questions on the Charter School proposal:

in response to Ocram:

In your case assuming seems to make you an a-- and not me.

Your about as smart as the mayor EI. Since Marco97 avoided saying your a selfish old fart I do selfish, self-serving useless old ragged fart. Opps, I guess I added most people's opinion of you in too.