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Written on PHOTOS: Popes meetings with US presidents:

MIOCENE: "From you mouth to God's ear." Some of your comments, while interesting, are wrong in so many ways in my opinion. Not only from a historical point but from several religious aspects as well. The details of differences of course depends on one's personal religious beliefs or affiliations. Fortunately, for all of us, we live in a wonderful country where freedom of speech is sacred and protects your right to make vitriolic and sardonic statements disparaging religion and judging others for their beliefs. It is a wonderful thing. May God Bless you.

Written on Gov. Christie faces political fallout over N.J. traffic jam:

"Christie is a 'big mouth' and a 'bully." MIOCENE; That is the impression I have gotten about you after reading some of you posts. I guess the old adage "it takes one to know one" still applies. What is the motive behind all the bitterness you espouse? Smile and try looking at the bright side of things.

Written on Family man: Marco Island attorney, father to nine, extends the blessings:

Bill and Peg are as good as they get. God Bless all of you.

Written on lt's The Law: Promise to make a will must be written:

Great article Bill! xx to Madame P.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A city has authority:

Dear Mr. Savage: Concerning your remarks above that MICA opposed beach front parking lots requested by Deltona I would like to draw your attention to your remarks that are recorded in the official records of Collier County. It was you and Jim Vensel that attended the County Commission meeting on September 15, 1981 representing Deltona that asked the County to consider the gift of Tiger Tail Beach from Deltona as a fulfillment of the requirements of County Ordinance 76-20 that required Deltona to provide beach access 100 ft. wide every 1/2 mile. MICA had no presence at the meeting what so ever. The records show "Mr. Savage asked that the Board excuse Marco Island from the requirements of 100 feet every 1/2 mile for beach access points." Please refer to Book 063 page 727 of the records of Collier County to verify your statement. My very best wishes.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A change for the better!:

Dear Mr. Savage: The Deltona Corporation appeared at the September 15, 1981 meeting of the Collier County Board Of Commissioners to inform the Commissioners Deltona felt they had fulfilled the requirements of Ordinance 76-20 that required that beach access be provided every 1/2 mile on the Gulf Coast of Collier County when they donated Tiger Tail Beach to Collier County on February 14, 1969 (Please see page 55 of the Commission Minutes and recorded in Book 063 page 723 at the Collier County Clerk of Courts.) You and Mr. Jim Vensel were present representing Deltona. On page 57 of the minutes it states; "Mr. Herb Savage asked that the Board excuse Marco Island from the requirement of 100 feet every 1/2 mile for beach access points." You can refer to Book 063 page 727 of the official records of Collier County to verify your statement. MICA was not present at that meeting and took no position on beach access as you mention above. Thank you for your many years of dedication to Marco Island.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The MICA monopoly:

Jim, if you are going to continue digging up old bones concerning beach access I suggest you get your facts straight. The agreement to deed the 33 acres at Tiger Tail Beach to Collier County was strictly between Deltona and the County. MICA did not attend the meeting or make any recommendations. Deltona approached Collier to accept the beach property to satisfy the County regulation mandating beach access at different intervals. The County happily accepted the offer and everyone agreed that the County got a very good deal. MICA was still in an infant state and was not involved in the transaction what so ever. Mr. Herb Savage represented Deltona at the County Board meeting. Herb has explained the true facts on two occasions, one being at a meeting of the Marco City Council.
I have read the letter addressed to you from the Florida Attorney General that made it very clear that he looked into your allegations and found them to be with out merit. They also referred you back to the Collier County Attorney who also made it very clear you were barking up the wrong tree.
Yes, MICA does charge a fee for membership. And the proceeds are used to maintain and improve the beach and maintain a disaster fun for hurricane damage. The issue of MICA charging a membership fee has been litigated twice and both times the courts have ruled MICA has the right and that it makes sense since upkeep costs are on going.
MICA also established a "Members Discount Program" that allows members to receive savings many time more then the cost of the membership. It is also a very successful program to encourage members to "Shop Marco First."
I was present in the MICA office a few years back when you came in to apply for a life guard position at Residents Beach. At that time, in front of others,you could not say enough kind and wonderful things about MICA. When you were informed that you did not make the cut you started this vendetta against MICA and MICA members.
The entire story, with all the true facts, has been printed in the local newspapers and in the "MICAWAVE." I suggest you, and any interested members, ask MICA to provide you with the article and learn how preposterous and false your claims are.

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