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Written on UFO in Isles of Capri? Some residents describe seeing mysterious light :

It's Ed Foster and Butch Neylon running their space ship with stolen asbestos from Marco Island.

Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

The vocal minority have not won a victory JWP. John, how many alias' do you have? Thompson was on his way out and everyone knew it. The question is why do you claim a victory? It's bad for the whole island and our already tarnished reputation. You have a point about good ole Wayne but you're very wrong about Popoff and Gibson, if either one ran again they would be elected.

John, stop mixing champagne with you meds; your behavior is already questionable!

Written on Guest Commentary: Embattled City Manager Steve Thompson says 'let’s get the answers right':

I believe when Thompson was talking about "normal Marco ugly politics" he was specifically talking about John Putnam!

Written on Islander wins CARES grant:

So this is what Ed Foster (founder of CARES) did with all of the money he collected from the anti-sewer, anti-city people. All this time I thought he just took the money and ran like a rat off of a sinking ship.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Open letter to City Council: Asbestos:

All of these blogs are alias' of JWP, he is defending himself from the mean spirited Sharmuta.

Really John, you're just a little to full of yourself. More speculation, more bad mouthing and more rhetoric.

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You are all sorry losers and wannabe's, problem is, none of you have the balls to run for office and if you did you wouldn't get elected anyway. So you sit in your underwear behind your computers and spew hatred and false information out all day long. What a bunch of worthless losers.

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Good one Bob Glaub, I'm laughing so hard I think I have to use the commode. I am so pleased to be able to flush into a central sewer system instead of pooping in my front yard. Where you come from I guess it's acceptable to speak ill of the dead and crap in your yard.

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Finally outed himself, Fossil is Dave Rush, what a two-faced imbecile. Dave, all you do is complain and cause trouble on the blogs. What have you done for Marco Island? You are a disgrace. Why don't you enjoy your lotto winnings and stop your constant complaining!

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Stop your complaining and run for office yourself if you don't like the candidates. At least they have the guts to run for office while most of you sit cowardly behind your computers and complain about them.

Written on GALLERY: New Chamber President emphasizes community communication; strong working relationship with city:

marcosandflea, you are indeed a pest and most likely Ed Foster. Talk about calling the kettle balck -- wow. You are truly the biggest loser I have ever met, maybe its that 177 IQ you claim to have. You and two or three of your friends are the laughing stock of Marco Island mainstream. Hey, maybe thats why you're so disgruntled; no one ever accepted you into the popular group so you had to make up your own group CARES for losers. You should be ashamed of all the money you took from all of the people who drank your koolaid and all of the money you cost the taxpayers defending frivolous law suits. You are a pitful loser and so is anyone that still follows your line of thinking. You need to get a life Ed. I'm not Ray but love Ray...I'll give you a hint, I'm from Marlboro, MA and have lived here 11 years.

Written on GALLERY: New Chamber President emphasizes community communication; strong working relationship with city:

Fossil, I really don't care who you are! Furthermore, I don't care about your opinions and rarely read the garbage you blog. You are a crusty old curmudgeon and belong sedated in a mental institution for narccists.

Written on GALLERY: New Chamber President emphasizes community communication; strong working relationship with city:

Liberator100, I think you nailed it, Fossil, that miserable, self-important know-it-all is Ed "Asbestos" Foster. What a miserable life this guy must have.

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

Fossil's brain has fossilized into a cavedweller. His blogs are absolutely absurd, detached and uninformed. Ignore him.

Written on Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman:

Fossil, congratulations, on yet another mindless comment. It wasn't courageous for Robert Glaub to attack the deceased E. Glenn Tucker but rather an act of social retardation and cowardess if I've ever seen it!

Written on Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman:

As stated many times on this blog, any rational person who watches this clip will see Glaub was unreasonable and most probably intoxicated or he was doing the best Foster Brookes imitation I’ve ever seen. I would pay to go see him at Capt. Briens Comedy Club.

Written on Letter to the editor: Attacks on Kiester:

Putnam is a liar but you defend him!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let the record speak:

Hey Putnam, I'll sign my name.

Merry Christmas,


Written on Letter to the editor: Attacks on Kiester:

Chuck, with friends like John Putnam you don't need any enemies.

In fact, I am more concerned with your affiliation with Putnam than I ever was about the Sunshine violations. His writing this LTE is comical. He is an immature, despicable hypocrite to ask people to be civil. Absolutely hilarious, I think this proves he may have a sense of humor. Whether I vote for you or not is irrelevant Chuck but a piece of advice, stay away from people like Putnam; he certainly won't increase your chance of winning.

Written on Letter To The Editor: The future of our city:

Shamless Fay, trying to recruit new members through the Eagle so you can hit the 100 member mark? MITA has no clout on this Island, never did and never will.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The un-Nobel prize:

Ed, I think your fossil thesis is way off. McMullan may be a lot of things but he is definitely not a liberal. I think fossil is Byrone Erickson, an old cave dweller who no longer lives on Marco Island.

Written on Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco:

Sanchez is delusional. His group of "responsible citizens", (Sarcasm) is Foster and Neylon, both were in possession of asbestos and Davis, their chief propagandist. This is laughable and so is Sanchez...a paranoid Cuban American who hates all government. I say forget the legal route and seek psychiatric consultation immediately.

Written on Yacht clubs address rumors and economic waves:

Uwe Drescher is just a trouble maker and not even an American. He hates everything about Marco Island...perhaps he should just go back to Germany!

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

Putznam, if you don't like them don't vote for them. And yes, the last election has to come up because you still don't get're still too dense to accept the fact that your candidates got creamed at the polls. You are the last reminants of the vocal minority.

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

John, on the contrary, I think we're getting to you. You're all alone John - you are the last stubborn voice of the cave dwellers. We haven't forgotten that Chairwoman DisCuillo had a restraining order against you for threatening emails and yet you're still at it. Some people never learn!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Healthcare bill misleading:

Fossil, I think you finally got it...Putnam is a idiot!

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

Russ Columbo once said Guidry was "a fine American Patriot," well once again Russ should keep his opinions to himself. If it were any of Guidry's supporters children who was mistreated I guess they'd be taking a different stand now.

As for the past election, LOL...these people, with the exception of Batte (misguided and misled) supported the biggest group of losers ever assembled in the history of politics, led by the most self-centered individual around. Where's Godfrey Davies now?? ANyone that has the audacity to defend this guy is an idiot.

Oh Russ, you may want to keep your comments and endorsements to yourself...hahahahahaha

Written on Forensic audit response: Price tag a shocker, no fraud, no surprise:

Click on the link below and watch the council video from minutes 1:06 to 1:14 and see for yourself how inappropriate and unprofessional Mr. Kiester was to the Forensic Auditor. He should resign!

Written on Letter to the Editor: City leaders - Stop spending!:

Who the Heck is MaryAnn Maniace? Never heard of her...Not a surprise because all of the complainer, know-it-alls have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Marco Island.

Written on Island Views: As a Lely High grad and scholarship awardee, how do you feel about the school’s detractors?:


What do you know of Lely? It is a great school. Lely's detractors are a bunch of part-time trouble makers like Roger Hall and the recall signers. The same shameless group of naysayers that tried to bring our community down. Now, after having lost EVERY fruitless battle they created, they stooped to new lows...attacking a great school, it's students and a long legacy of PRIDE. SHAMELESS!!!!!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The citizens are not content :

Hey Larry, you seem to have ALL of the answers so why don't you lead the retreat you arrogant piece of septic solid.

Written on Marco City Council elects new Marco chairman, Rob Popoff:

Fossil, aka, Byrone Erickson, you are such a liar. Rob was pro-sewer his whole campaign and you just can't stand that he is so well liked in this community! People like you can't stand that he won and you lost...get a life. You don't even live on Marco so why do you care. You left with the rest of the Aholes and this community is happy you're gone.

Written on INTERACTIVE: Island high school movement forges on in face of state, school district opposition :

Marconian sounds a lot like the mentally unstable John Putnam! Be careful Sean_Jean, he might insult you again. He talks a big game but is a total coward who hides behind his computer and throws insults & then run like a little girl.

Written on Guest Commentary: Councilor lays out the ‘facts’:

My error, it's certainly not my first or my last. dc, I have to admit that even I am getting tired of Waynes letters.

Written on Guest Commentary: Councilor lays out the ‘facts’:

Mr. Trotter, the only ones complaining are a handful of cave dwewllers, some who don't even live here anymore. They need to be ignored and not given any credibility. You can give them all the facts in the world but they refuse to listen to the facts...unless it suits their agenda.

Written on Letter to the Editor: December 31:

McMullan is full of doo doo...

Written on City’s financial planning for 2010 begins early with new committee :

Byron Erickson a.k.a. Fossil, go away!!!! You and Foster don't live here; you don't own property here so why do you care? Mind your own business; it was a good day when you and Foster left Marco Island! Thing is you still don't get it; you are the minority on Marco. Your thoughts and skewed ideas are in the minority and more and more of you shallow, angry miscreants are moving away which is great for our island.

Written on Marco's defeated anti-sewer candidates moving on with lives:

Note to Roger Hall, the only thing worse than a LOSER is a SORE LOSER.

Written on Marco officer to face state panel after beating suspects on video:

I commend the councilors and the police chief for standing behind the officer. These guys came to Marco to start trouble and when it got out of control they cried like babies. They deserved what they got and like Popoff said, I wish I was there when it happened. PUNKS!!!!!!!

Written on POLL: Marco Island to keep City Manager Steve Thompson:

The only people who find what they are looking for in life are the fault finders. ~Foster's Law

Written on POLL: Marco Island to keep City Manager Steve Thompson:

The problem with you playballonk is that you, like Foster and some of the other cavedwellers on this island is that you guys believe the garbage McMullan feeds you. You guys get 50% of the facts and make up the rest. Keep in mind the people you associate yourself with...Foster is not a resident yet he acts like he knows what's going on. McMullan...well just click here: he is a shameless man. Hey Bill, where's the check? I have no tolerance for your feeble arguments, lies and propaganda from wannabe politicians and conmen!

Written on Letter To The Editor: Infamous Marco Island:

Seems to me the mentally challenged one is Glaub; we now have a positive ID on the anonymous moniker of dc5799.

Written on Editor's Notes: Nastiness is a small price to pay:

Wake up Karen, you and your husband are two that complain and act like children at council meetings and you also support the other trouble makers, just watch the meetings.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Attacked:

Let's get this right Ms. O'Connell, it was alright for you to insult our city councilors but not alright for Mr. Waldack to set the record straight? If you are without sin (you are a good Catholic girl, right?) and are going to throw stones at our entire council you should be willing to take the heat. I guess you can dish it out but you can't take it!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tax relief?:

Now it's confirmed Fossil is McMullan!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tax relief?:

Fossil, want to talk about cons and conmen? If you have the capacity to be objective then check out the newspaper articles on the site below.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tax relief?:

Fossil and marcoobserver must be alias' for McMullan. How can anyone be so dense to believe what this guy says!!

Written on Marco officials, past and present, respond to allegations of fraud:

gerblanstone, what a laugh!! McMullan has a few supporters. You thought he and Davies had supporters during the election. You were wrong then and you're wrong now.

Written on Marco councilor rejects committee member’s allegations of impropriety:

The posts above have to be alias' of Bill McMullan because no one could actually be dense enough to trust his judgment or credibility. The irony is that somehow he claims to be the watchdog for Marco politics. DUH, what a joke…call the city of Kissimmee and ask them if he can be trusted.

Remember, the cave dwellers lost the election by a lot of votes. There is a silent majority on Marco Island and we know the truth about McMullan. He is a laughing stock on Marco. What's so pitiful is that he is so arrogant he doesn't even get it. People at church know about him, the places he eats and the places he shop...we all know about Bill McMullan and his background and he has no credibility with the majority. Keep drinking McMullans kool-aid; the space ship is about to land in southwest Florida.