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Carlin also made an interesting (yet obvious) mention about PRAYER.

We have all heard the clergy say that "God has a plan for each and every one of us."

Well if that is so; then what good is prayer?
If god has the outcome planned, then prayer is useless. It isn't going to change the plan god HAS for us.

-But if prayer can change anything; then god had no definate plan to begin with.

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It has been said that Jesus; the so-called "prince of peace" influenced the world like no other.

Yet how can one make such a claim, since for the last 2000 years the Christian World has been at war not only with others; but amoung itself.

It wasn't JESUS who influenced the world; but was rather Constantine, Charlemagne and others; along with the Popes; who manipulated the superstitious masses into an army of trained seals; steamrolling over and destroying all who didn't believe as they.

-And ever since: "History has been written by the winners."


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My Father, who was a WWII Veteran recently died at age 90.

At his wake, the room was filled with children, grandchildren, cousins, etc.

I peaked through the curtain and noticed that the ‘wake room’ next to us had NO one in it.

I thought to myself; Is THAT the wake of the soldier who DIDN’T ‘come back‘?
No children, no grandchildren; nobody; the absence of conception. A whole extended family of people who never existed because the shell landed in the OTHER sailor’s gun turret instead of my Father's.

If the shell had instead landed in my Father's gun turret, it would be the OTHER room filled with little girls and boys and relatives of all ages instead of ours; and none of US would exist.
-Or, if the Japanese had NOT found the Yorktown that day, there would be TWO wakes and two rooms filled with children.

The only sense life makes, is that it makes no sense at all.
It’s just chance and randomness; and in a few hundred years; it won’t matter who lived, who was born, who died, or who was aborted; for those that follow us will never know the alternatives; just like WE don't know the alternatives.

They, like us; will only know what they know.


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Your evidence for god is all philosophy and wishful thinking.

Your problem is: It doesn't PROOVE the existence of god. All the verbal gymnastics in the world has not qualified god as TRUTH.

Yet the clergy SPEAKS OF IT as truth.

You see: The Atheist doesn't say that there is no god. The Atheist says that OF THIS MOMENT there is no objective proof that god exists.

You see: Each religion is only valid within its own scripture. Once you step OUT of your specific religious box; your religion is rendered false by the (valid) scripture of the NEIGHBORING religion.

That's why; for the most part; Jews remain Jews and Christians remain Christians.

In my next post I will explain what Atheism is and isn't.


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Thanks for reading.
Want to learn more?

Every wonder why we know so much about HELL and almost NOTHING about Heaven?

Think about it. We don't even know if we can play golf or go fishing in heaven; yet we know all about the horrors of Hell leaving nothing to the imagination.

During the Middle Ages and before, Catholic clergy found that a great way to get people to the church COLLECTION BASKETS was to tell horror stories about HELL; -and it WORKED!

People would travel miles through blizzards and rain storms just to hear the sermons about the diabolical tortures happening to people in Hell; being eaten alive, immersed in sewage, screaming within a wall of flames.

These clergy were telling the first HORROR STORIES; the fore runners of "Halloween", "Nightmare on Elm Street" , and "Texas Chain Saw Massacre"; -and the audience loved them; just like they do today.

It is interesting how the so-called religion of love sold more seats on Sunday by showing “HELL” when they could by featuring “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Medieval writers and artists picked up on Hell's popularity and joined the bandwagon
The clergy loved it and so did the faithful.

That’s why your local preacher can tell you all about the“fire and brimstone“ of hell; yet he hits you with “generalities” if you ask if you will ever see your little “Yorkie” in heaven.

So if the Christian wishes to live in his little narcotic dream world of eternal salvation; so be it; but that’s exactly what it is; a dream world of self delusion.

As with heaven, there is no hell.


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Now let's take a look at the "kingdom of god"; the heaven, paradise or afterlife which the clergy SELLS to the vulnerable in order to make a living or maintain power over the faithful.

Heaven doesn't exist, and this is why:
Eternal salvation is the engine which drives Christianity; meaning that without this BRIBE; the clergy would have no control over their flock.

Say you make it to heaven. What about your best friend, or the man who saved your son's life in Viet nam, your sister, a brother, a beloved aunt, a parent, a loving spouse, the nice neighbor who always lent a helping hand.

How are you going to be happy in heaven; knowing that one of these is screaming over a slow fire in hell for all eternity?
After all. SOMEBODY'S mother is going to hell.

So you see: The whole concept of an afterlife is unworkable; because it is a SELFISH concept.
Unworkable unless those who make it to heaven are transformed into unfeeling, robots; unmoved by the sight of the neighborhood ice cream man screaming within a wall of flames.

The only people who would be psychologically fit for a heavenly existence would be the likes of Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler.
Mother Theresa would NOT be happy there.

The whole concept of an afterlife, the rapture; heaven; cannot possibly work.
So you see: Heaven doesn't exist. It can't; because the kind of people who are supposed to go there; wouldn't be happy.

Regardless; it's all messianic rubbish; and the only reason Christianity "got off the ground" in the first place was because it was sold with a CANDY JAR containing the mythical promise of eternal salvation.

However: I DO understand WHY Christians believe. What I DON'T understand is HOW any rational and intelligent person CAN believe in heaven after thinking about it for a while; which of course they are afraid of letting themselves do; for fear of arriving at the reality that: Heaven is unworkable.


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Think about this:

It would be interesting to see a Rabbi, Christian Theologian and an Islamic Cleric all sitting at a panel on National TV; each trying to prove the validity of his own religion to the exclusion of the other two.

What a THREE-RING-CIRCUS that would be as each one tries to prove the validity of his OWN religion to the falsehood of the others.

How ridiculous each one would look condemning the other two as superstition; as all three cancel each other out to a net value of zero.

You see: You will never SEE such a panel because even the clergy KNOWS that their own faith is nothing but Medieval rubbish; and that religion is nothing but big and small business where the clergy makes a living keeping the gullible faithful snapping at the dangling carrot of the mythical kingdom of heaven.


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I hope the Marco News leaves this letter in the forfront for a while. There should be more discussion about clergy-types claiming absolutes.

Consider this quote from the letter: "god loves each and every one of us".

This god either caused or ALLOWED the Christian Philippines to be ravaged by a typhoon killing thousands. (as he was loving each and every one of these poor faithful peasants)

There is no doubt that religion is a mental disorder; wrapped neatly by the clergy in a package of power and/or money; and cloaked in a veil of morality; all of it to offset man’s fear of death and the thought of oblivion.

That’s why the survivors always follow the aftermath of any disaster with the words: “thank god”. Any suffering that god causes or allows is better then oblivion; so let’s not upset the “lord” by showing displeasure with his “ways”.

Only a mental disorder could prevent the faithful from realizing that of the hundreds of poets, philosophers, writers and historians who lived during the time of Jesus; along with the correspondence of average citizens throughout the Empire; there is little no mention of Jesus the “miracle worker“; or for that matter of Jesus at all.

Very odd for a man-god who supposedly strolled the countryside healing everything from leprosy to blindness.

It was all a hoax; and has been perpetuated by con-men since the middle of the first century.


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"Jesus is the son of god"

Let’s take an OBJECTIVE look at Christ as a god.

In December there is a Menorah and a Nativity scene side by side.

The Nativity Scene says that Jesus was the savior; and the Menorah says (or represents) NO; he WASN'T the savior. The divine Jesus was a hoax. The savior is yet to come.

These are both ABSOLUTES to Jews and Christians; meaning that the Jews KNOW they are right, and the Christians also know THEY are right; as EACH can provide proof of validity within their own scripture.

So within the framework of these two absolutes; Christianity is a absolute POSITIVE with respect to the messianic Jesus; and Judaism is an absolute NEGATIVE with respect to Jesus.

A positive and a negative cancel each other out to a net value of ZERO.
So you see:
Regardless of the rich history of both religions; the statues, paintings, all the theologians past and present, the magnificent cathedrals and temples; the monotonous words of thousands of clergy, the holy cities and the holy wall;

-we find that of this writing; the combined Messianic absolutes of Christianity and Judaism cancel each other out to a net value of ZERO.

It all adds up to NOTHING, at least nothing more then was known and practiced by the Iroquois Indians; thousands of years before Moses took his first breath.

The CHURCH LADY is feeding you exaggeration, hallucination, self-delusion,- and lies.


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No matter where one buys a home; it is a risk.

In N.Y. there is a beautiful wooded area known as Patrick Farm in Ramapo.

People who live in the surrounding area are upset that a developer managed to (somehow) find a way to cut it down so a religious group can build dormatories, bible schools and housing for hundreds of orthdox students.

Others who have beautiful homes overlooking the Hudson River are now subject to years of noisy construction of a new Tappan Zee Bridge; not to mention changes to the surrounding area.

The wisest people build their homes bordering a State or National Park.
ie. Cape Hatteras National Seashore; just don't expect to waterski in February.

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Using dogs to stimulate a child’s immune system is an attempt to solve a complex problem with a simple solution.

If you want your child to develop a complex immune system in the developed world; do the following:
Let the child teethe on the filthy handle of the shopping cart, let them crawl around on the floor, get their hands filthy from playing in the dirt; and then let them put their fingers in the mouth.

The child’s immune system will respond by building armies of disease fighting antibodies, many of which will last a lifetime.

Yes the child may become sick; but will be much stronger for it later on.

You are not doing your child a service by raising him in a sterile world; because sooner or later; and unknown to himself; he will leave that protective environment; and the microscopic world will still be there; -waiting for him.

In 1917 when the Spanish Flu hit the American Army, the first ones to die were the big strapping healthy- looking farm boys from the Mid West and the Bible Belt. These were the kids who grew up in an environment isolated from human disease microbes; compared to the immigrants who had wallowed in the filthy streets and alleys of New York City.


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in response to Lovetheisland:

All foster children with no homes and now they have permanent homes and family you nasty person. I known this family and they are amazing plus they want to help others... what have you done for yourself or anyone else lately? Happy Holidays

Genuine does raise an interesting point.

Although what the Morris' are doing is commendable; one might say that the "less desirable pets" are still in the orphanages.

This also leads us to the "adoption not abortion" crowd whose "poster children" do not show Black, Hispanic; or children with physical or emotional problems.

Still: The Morris' have done more good in this area then I ever have.

Written on Family man: Marco Island attorney, father to nine, extends the blessings:

No doubt that Bill Morris and his wife Pegilee will leave the world a better place then when they found it; and not just by accident.

Written on Supreme Court to decide whether employees can sue over 401(k) losses:

Employees should not be able to sue.

Before a person buys a car or makes any other purchase; they do some sort of research or comparison shopping.

They search on-line or use "consumer reports".
Then, if one buys the wrong product; he has no one to blame but himself.

Do you take the auto salesman's word for everything his says? Or do you verify?

Then why would one invest his money without first consulting sources such as "Money Magazine", or the free and easily attainable on-line learning sites at brokerage houses such as Fidelity Investments or T.R. Price; or tune into a number of financial advice shows on the radio (Rick Edelman)?

The first thing they tell you is to DIVERSIFY.
If you lost your money in a single investment; by not taking the time to at least learn the A,B,C's of investing before signing on the dotted line; you have no one to blame but yourself.


Written on Tornado destroys 7 homes in central Florida:

Notice that the wrath of god; through earthquakes and other natural disasters most often strike the poor, the faithful, and the Bible Belt;
-while Reno and Vegas, the modern desert cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; remain unscathed.

Maybe god DOES have a sense of humor, afterall.

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No wonder nobody else bothers reading these blogs. The three/two of you have ruined it for everybody else.

Sorry to see Momface go.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

The real problem are the boring Letters to the Editor.

Boring stuff like town meetings and such.
How long do we have to see that letter about the Smokehouse Bridge.

How about some "war on christmas", "abortion" or "religion in government" letters.

The N.D. News always had good topics but they eliminated anyonomous comments and made readers subscribe.

Good luck to Momface.

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It is a proven medical fact that people who love their dogs live longer than those who don't.

The clock is ticking Ray.

Maybe he owns a cat. People who own cats live even longer then dog owners.

You see: Cats are 'low key' and lower the owners blood pressure rather then having a dog jumping up and down, back and forth, yipping, yapping and putting his filthy, muddy paws all over your clothes, on your rug and in your car.

Written on MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION (No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios):

Good letter. Well written and without all the usual blubbering nonsense about the blessings of god.

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>>> Since the Pope has quickly solved the problem of sodomite priests & corrupt & coverup high priests,

>>> this guy who's never worked a day in his life, from a Gold-encrusted Feudal thrown can preach to those who actual do stuff & create progress how to run a Free Enterprise society:

"Besides Snowden...."

>>> There was nobody besides our Nathan Hale, Snowden deserving this year

He DID work though. He was a bouncer in a bar and did some other stuff.

Written on Letter to the Editor: To the Marco Island Clergy Association:

God either caused or ALLOWED the Christian Philippines to be ravaged by a typhoon; and now the faithful sing:
“Come Ye Thankful People“ and “Now Thank We All Our God”.

I wonder if they sang the same songs in the Philippines as the bodies rotted n the fields.
You know? I’ll bet they did.

There is no doubt that religion is a mental disorder; wrapped neatly by the clergy in a package of power and/or money; and cloaked in a veil of morality; all of it to offset man’s fear of death and the thought of oblivion. That’s why the survivors always follow the aftermath of any disaster with the words: “thank god”. Any suffering that god causes or allows is better then oblivion; so let’s not upset the “lord” by showing displeasure with his “ways”.

Only a mental disorder could prevent the faithful from realizing that of the hundreds of poets, philosophers, writers and historians who lived during the time of Jesus; along with the correspondence of average citizens throughout the Empire; there is no mention of Jesus the “miracle worker“; or for that matter of Jesus at all.

Very odd for a man-god who supposedly strolled the countryside healing everything from leprosy to the blind.


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The faithful are an interesting lot.
They point to the Gospels as proof of the diviniy of Jesus.

Yet ignore the fact that of the hundreds of poets, philosophers, historians and private letters of correspondence written at the beginning of the first century; -none make any reference to Jesus.

Certainly if Jesus was curing the blind, healing the lepers and raising the dead; there certainly would have been some CONTEMPORARY mention of these things as a matter of common interest.

But if People can be fooled into believing that a talking snake sold an apple to a woman, that a ghost spoke to a nomadic dictator through a burning bush, and an angel spoke to an Arab; then why couldn't millions be fooled into believing that a flat-earth hippie; in the form of a religious dissident; could come back from the dead.


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How did Cruz become a runner-up?

All Cruz is really known for is shooting off his mouth in a filibuster.

Other then that; Cruz is nothing but a rank-and-file conservative; which is easy to be because all the work was already done for him;-in the PAST. All he has to do is copy it.

Anyway: Back to the Pope.

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in response to Momface:

Mr. Missow,

Thanks for the photos. Did you see the look on Michelle's face in the additional photos? If looks could kill.

PS. Momface: I wasn't calling YOU a "little person" in my last post. Sorry if it came off like that.


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The U.S. President taking selfies. No additional comments needed.

This comment amounts to nothing more then GOSSIP; along with the how much the President spends on his vacations, his golf, and how many Christmas trees are in the White House.

GOSSIP is for LITTLE PEOPLE; and gossip is not going to get a Republican in the White House in 2016.

People such as yourself, Hannity and Limbaugh keep hammering on the NEGATIVE.
You have to turn POSITIVE about someone or something or you are going to be left with some PREACHER, MINISTER or other religious DOGMAHEAD like Cain or Bachman thrown at you by the GOP; preaching fire and brimstone; before the next election.

JON HUNTSMAN is your only chance; and you had better get rid of the nutty evangelists and tea party lunatics or you will be looking at Hillary Clinton in 2016.


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in response to 1Paradiselost:


Thank you for bringing thoughtful conversation/comments to this blog!

thank you.

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Konfuzius Posted...

"Somebody blogged here even my friend Ronald Reagan, best of the best, will not win anymore. That tells you something. Republicans are responsible for Americas downfall"

Above it a true statement.. so kill the messenger?

If you think his head is stick in the sand.. I suggest you take your head out of your ***.

"Republicans are responsible for the downfall of America"

This is true; and this is why:

Over the last 30 years the GOP had its head buried in anti abortion, prayer, GOD, creationism, anti Planned Parenthood, anti stem-cell research, planting the 10 Commandments on public property, family values; and in general; Evangelizing America.

So while the GOP had its head buried in the ostrich hole of morality; -the Liberals stole the government.

It is the REPUBLICAN PARTY which is responsible for the fiscal and foreign problems they are complaining about; all because the GOP abandoned its traditional role of fiscal responsibility and foreign policy; and traded it in for social and religious conservatism.
SO don't blame the Liberals for what they are doing. They are only doing what Liberals DO.

The blame lies with the religious lunatics in the GOP who "let us down" and alienated millions of Gays and their families, millions of women, and others whom they drove away from the GOP;

-as the Republican Party is now seen as the party which wants to control what is in our medicine cabinets; what goes on in our bedrooms and physician’s offices and renew the shackles of Medieval Christianity.

ie: Instead of supporting JON HUNTSMAN; the only chance the GOP had in 08; Conservatives got behind POLITICAL GARBAGE like Perry, Palin, McCain, Bachman, Gingrich; and sported the likes of Akin, Broun, Mourdock and other RELIGIOUS NUTS who have their minds rooted in Medieval rubbish.

Millions of nutty evangelists stayed home and didn't vote for Romney because Romney was a Mormon; and now the Right wonders why the Socialists are running the government?

Conservatives; the "party of s-----" got EXACTLY what was coming to them.


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Good point when CHIT HAPPENED during the Korean War (1952)when our soldiers went unprepared for a Siberian Winter.

I guess our government was too busy making money on pineapples and sugar cane to concern themselves with the welfare of the troops.

With any amount of perspective; any conservative should see that what is going on now is within the norm.

Did I forget Watergate? Where a president had to resign over one rifled desk and a roller deck; world history changed because of a night watchman.

"the only thing new in the world is the history you don't know" Harry Truman.

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in response to August8:

Precisely no accuracy in your post, sorry. He's pumping $85 billion a month into the market, any questions and wait for the price tag and life style that will bring.
Gas, in an economy as weak as this demand is low
and there are no current interruptions in supply
Which can change by 5PM today? And since when do Crat's like $350 per gal, when it was bush you were crazy lier's.
Forign policy is a joke and we are being bullied, surely you know how that feels as we did to lib's all the time in school?
Finally, Obama Care, tell that to those that have lost their insureance. This will bring this creep down, wait and see.

Merry Christmas Lib

I understand where you are coming from; but this a new kind of world we live in.

In the days of Ronald Reagan (ie), our economy was more LINEAR; meaning that America was still the controlling world Capitalist power.
Today it is more complicated; where China and the emerging nations have made it more like an competition WEB.

There is a lot more global competition now from the billions of people who entered the free market since the fall of the Berlin Wall. These emerging markets want GAS; and their governments bid up the price.

There is also the social drag of increasing entitlements for the growing number of poor and working poor, resulting partially from the religious arm of the GOP's war on Planned Parenthood; discouraging birth control, and making harder for poor women to obtain abortion. Not to mention immigration of poor.

There is also the Catholic Church's discouraging of contraception in much of the impoverished Catholic Hispanic population; which immigrated here over the last twenty years which leads to millions of car washers and lawn cutters who can’t support their growing families on minimum wage.

This is leading to even MORE economic overhead; so don't expect a return to the old days of expansion and runaway American prosperity.
The SIMPLE economic factors which made America great in the past; -no longer apply.

Immigration and the defeat of world Communism has changed America; and the world; -forever.
Traditionalists like yourself are just going to have to get used to it; and learn to innovate; (PARADISELOST) as many are doing now by making products and selling world-wide from their own websites; working out of their garages and basements.

I don't believe Conservatives understand this; and any attempt to solve today’s problems with yesterday's solutions may make matters worse; a LOT worse.

The poor are having children, the middle class will be paying the bill; while the rich laugh all the way to the bank.

Welfare and Socialism are here forever; and the Middle Class has to adapt by making money in unorthodox, and hopefully legal ways.
The average Middle Class Joe can no longer just get out of high school, work on the assembly line; and make a good living in an expanding economy.

He (or she) has to now THINK and CREATE in order to survive in this new American environment; while paying the bills for the parasites and the hopeless; the population of which; thanks to the bible thumpers who control much of our government; is increasing with each year.


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in response to Momface:


I beg your pardon. Making excuses and saying things that involved people being killed, losing their health insurance or betraying our friends oversea does not fall into the category of "Chit Happens" or an "experiment to help the poor". If falls into a category of complete arrogance, incompetence, and total disregard for the safety and welfare people who have served our country and who have worked hard all of their lives and then to lose their means of health care which they selected and paid into for decades. Some older people will not live long enough to be able to adjust to this administration's misrepresentations and broken promises.

Maybe it is time for the folks who still wish to save face by not seeing this should take their heads out of the sand and wake up!

Thanks for responding.
Let me give you some historical examples of "C" happens in the not-so-distent past:
(not in a timeline)

The U-2 incident (1962) It screwed up relations between the US and the Soviets for years to come.

Gulf of Tonkin resolution (1964) 50,000 dead
Americans over an incident which never happened. (Vietnam)

1960's: Assasination of JFK, his brother, and M.L.King Jr. along with the poor people burning down the ghettos in N.Y, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The bloody riot at the Democratic National Convention in 1968.

The Battle of the Bulge (1944). The Allies thought the war almost over, so no need to be vigilent. Thousands of boys dead.
Disaster at Tarawa (WWII) Someone forgot to look at the tide charts
The Lusitania.
Friendly fire.

911. Whose falt was that?
2008 Economic collapse; and nobody saw it coming?

The Beirut 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks.
Almost 280 dead Marines because we weren't watching.

Admiral Halsey steering the fleet into a typhoon 1945.
-and many, many more including why do bad things happen to good people.

So you see: What is going on now is not unusual. Given the number of variables in the mix; no matter who is president; "Chit"; in one form or another; -is inevitable;
and even if ROMNEY were in office; he would be having his share of it too; -and I would be making this same post.


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in response to August8:

Obama, feel free to add appropriate adjectives:

Keep in mind that in 2009 the Right Wing talkshow hosts criticised Obama for high unemployment, high gas prices, a plunging stock market and a lousy economy.

Since then the market has recovered, the economy is growing slowly, gas prices have come down, and as PARADISELOST said; people have reinvented themselves to adjust to the "new normal" of internet opportunities.

Other then that: Under every administration; CHIT HAPPENS (ie. benghazi, irs)

With that aside; the only thing left is Obamacare; which is really nothing more than an experiment to help the poor.

Americans will adjust to it no matter how it turns out; just as we adjusted to everything else.

All-in-all; considering N. Korea, the Russians, dealing with the Chinese, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Alkida, the Economy, Israel, and American social issues;

-Obama is not really doing such a bad job.

Written on Insurance agents feeling left out of "Obamacare":

"Progress moves forward! Times change. People today need to learn how to "reinvent themselves"

PARADISELOST: Excellent point. Actually it is the UNDERGROUND economy which is keeping the trucks rolling and the mall parking lots full.

People ARE reinventing themselves by creating websites and selling products out of their homes and cellers. There is a lot of unrecorded money moving around.

That's why what you SEE doesn't match up with the miserable numbers; ie. High unemployment, yet there are waiting lines at restaurants with people eager to spend.


Written on U.S. unemployment rate falls to five-year low of 7 percent:

in response to 1Paradiselost:

If Obama was Jesus Christ him himself, some racist, fool would have a problem with him.

Under President Obama's leadership, the economy has added private sector jobs for 45 straight months. During this span, 7.8 million private sector jobs have been created.

You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

Question... What bills has John Boehners congress passed that have helped the American people?

And please, no spin!

It usually works like this with the Right Wing:
When they love someone, he can do no wrong.
When they hate someone, he can do no right.

Written on Church Lady: The story behind St. Mark's Advent windows:

If Christ had cured a leper, blind man and made the lame walk, etc; thousands of disease-ridden peasants from all over the Empire would have showed up to ask Christ to heal every ailment from an abscessed tooth to smallpox.

Reports would have circulated to all corners of The Empire and beyond, bringing in tens of thousands more; including the Jewish High Priests and the Roman Ruling Class.

Every Jew would have accepted Christ as their savior after impacted rotted teeth; in need of a present-day root canal; were miraculously cured by the touch of Christ.

The same with the RESURRECTION. It never happened. Occurrences of this too are only valid within its own dogma; meaning that there was no outside clarification from over three dozen recorders and historians at the time.

Ancient contemporary mentions by SECULAR and Jewish historians would have been FILLED with such occurrences along with those in foreign lands.

You see: All the evidence of Christ as a miracle worker comes from internal scripture alone; SUBJECTIVE evidence. Like taking the “word“ of the used car salesman without outside clarification.

The miracles never happened. All these stories were made-up in the century AFTER the death of Christ by religious zealots who exaggerated and lied about the life of Christ in order to get in on the “GROUND FLOOR” of what they saw and hoped would be a new religious movement; to become part of the new “IN CROWD” in order to have power and control over the peasants; a process which the modern clergy continues to this day.

The PICTURE of Christianity was not formed 2000 years ago during the life of Christ as the clergy would have you believe.

It was put together like a jig-saw puzzle piece by piece over the centuries; each piece being a product of hallucination, exaggeration, self delusion, and lies.

Christ died like all trouble-makers of his time; a slow death, with no sword piercing his side to end his misery; with the crows pecking at his eyes, dogs snapping at his feet, and flies laying eggs in his wounds.

If millions of people can be fooled into believing that an angel Gabriel spoke to Mohammed; then millions could have also been fooled into believing that a religious dissident rose from the dead; as millions have also been misled that Yisroel ben Eliezer received revelations from the ancient god of Israel while walking in the forest; and thousands more believe that a dead Jesus is going to make his second coming in the State of Missouri.

It’s all messianic rubbish. All of it; and the only reason anyone believes it is because it was pumped into the heads of the innocent since the age of two.


Written on Church Lady: The story behind St. Mark's Advent windows:

"For Christians the foretelling of Christ’s coming can be seen throughout the Old Testament."

"Among them is the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island’s burning bush glass sculpture, in the lobby."

Just take a moment to compare these two quotes.
The first religion claims absolute proof that Jesus was the saviour.
The SECOND religion claims (without mincing words); that Jesus was a messianic hoax and the Old Testament doesn't support Jesus as divine.

So if the first religion is true; then the second one is false. If the JEWS are correct, then Christians have been fooled from the beginning.

So why don't you (for a change); cut out all the GOD talk, glory of god talk, god's work and spirituality talk;

-and assemble the brightest Christian theologian and the most learned Rabbi; -and have a nose-to-nose debate on the validity of the messianic origin of Jesus.

Until then: The "burning bush" and the stain glass windows are no more spiritual or sacred; then images of Zeus, Apollo and Ares.


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The cost of all goods and services will go up if the minimum wage is raised, not just the price of hamburgers. All other wage earners not in that minimum wage bracket will then have a reduction of their dollar value unless they get raises of 3 dollars an hour also. And the fed would rake in more income tax money that they will use to grow government, not lower your tax bill. How about demanding further education for the handouts the trough lappers receive on our dime. The current minimum wage is a good incentive to want to better someone's skill set and earn a higher wage.

Yes; maybe so. -But I think big government is the wave of the future.

If you read my earlier post (way up at the top); you will see that the "poor" population is increasing each year; meaning that babies are being born to poor people who cannot afford to support their large families without government assistance.

This makes big government and socialism inevitable.

I am not saying that I LIKE it; it's just that
with the powerful Jesus Cult controlling much of Congress and fighting abortion and contraception; expect the number of trough lappers to increase as millions are born to penniless mothers.

A low birth rate is not good for an expanding ecomomy; but we have to face the problem of overpopulation.

The old rules which made America great in the past; no longer apply.

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With this issue, forget about politics, Does anyone really think $7.25 an hour is a living wage?

"What are poverty thresholds and poverty guidelines"

If we increase the minimum wage we will get 68% or 2/3rds of the working poor off Food Stamps (SNAP), and Welfare!

I would rather pay 25 cents more for a hamburger than pay 3% more in federal taxes to support someone who works for Walmart or McDonalds. The way the system works now WE the taxpayers are subsidizing corporations.

Corporations today are now reporting record profits. One just needs to look at the stock market.

This is not a left or right issue. Have an open mind and do the math folks.

Good points; expecially the one about getting people off Food Stamps by increasing the M.W.
Would it work?

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Actually, RAYPRAY is not far off the mark. Let me explain it this way:

Over the last 25 years; while penniless immigrants were crossing the border; Congressional Conservatives were obsessed with anti abortion, prayer, god, the ten commandments, the definition of marriage, creationism and crippling Planned Parenthood.

So don't blame Obama. HE didn't create this mess. It was the conservatives who should have been looking out for us when the illegal immigration was in high gear fifteen years ago.

Instead they were too absorbed in trying to evangelize America.

Now the bill has to be paid for allowing millions of poor to come here and have large numbers of children born to families ALREADY on Medicaid.

We let them come here to “do the jobs Americans didn’t want to do“; clean our toilets, wash our cars and cut our grass.

Now you find that they can’t survive on the Coolie Wages we paid them; and we are stuck with the bill for food stamps, medical, housing and education.

Even if Obama and the Liberals were out tomorrow; we would still be STUCK WITH THE BILL; current and future.

The poor have a Revolving Charge Account with the American Middle Class.

The poor will continue to have children, the middle class will continue to pay the bill;
-while the rich laugh all the way to the bank.

Add to this the problem with the American Catholic Bishops discouraging contraception in the impoverished Hispanic Communities; leading to more dependent children.

All because the once-great Republican Party traded in it's traditional role of fiscal responsibility and prudent foreign policy; for social and religious conservatism.

So there you have it. The hopeless poor are still coming to America; and as their population expands, the Middle Class sinks lower and lower as the gulf between the rich and the poor grows wider.

You know what's interesting? The Middle Class people who complain most about being overtaxed; are the same ones who refuse to pay for universal contraception; contraception which would go toward reducing the number of babies being born to penniless mothers.


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“Its and opportunity to give back to our Lord Jesus through the church.”

If Jesus is LORD; then how do you explain the existence of JEWS?

The Jews are not known to be a s----- people. They have studied the same bible as you; and have come to believe that Jesus was a messianic hoax; and no "lord".

How do you explain this?

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May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukah and spend some time realizing what a beautiful place we have chosen to spend our lives.

THANKS, Momface. :-)

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Pretty good! Good - not God!
Not so many Americans can understand me.
GOP has no future in America. The myth is over! Thanks "W"!
But I am not sure about the treaty with Iran! YOU?

There is no way to really know what is going on with Iran and the treaty.
Too much international intrigue.

It took 50 years for us to finally know that the U.S. deposed the elected leader of Iran in the 1950's and installed the Shah; which eventually led to the hostage crises in the 70's.

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60 million were killed during the 2nd world war. Today we trade with those countries like nothing happened!

I'm tired of war! Time to rebuild America!

On Iran, Only time will tell.... We Will See.

Yes and look also at Vietnam. We lost over 50,000 there fighting Communism; and now 40 years later Vietnam has evolved a STOCK EXCHANGE.

50 thousand; dead for nothing. Eventually Viet nam; like Russia and China would have also evolved toward Capitalism anyway.

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George Carlin on Religion and God... Again, He hits it out of the park

Funny. -and interesting where Carlin mentions that if god has a divine plan for all of us; then why pray?

Prayer is therefore useless since god already HAS a plan, and knows what is going to happen ANYWAY.

Here is an interesting take on the "power of prayer":

The HIGH PRIEST former Archbishop Cardinal O Connor of New York held A Prayer Session begging god to preserve the definition of marriage. (before the vote on Gay Marriage was taken in N.Y).

Now, since Gay Marriage PASSED; then god either IGNORED the prayers of the High Priest; in which case god AGREES that Gays should get married;
Prayer is nothing more then mumbo jumbo heard by nothing.
Choose one.

Certainly, if Gay Marriage DIDN'T pass, the first thing the Cardinal would have said was: “The Lord Heard Our Prayers”
Yet one will not hear the Archbishop now state that god APPROVES of gay marriage.

So here the Archbishop plays by the rule: heads I win; tails I lose nothing
-and the faithful keep taking the bait; filling the pews, and writing the checks.

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Can't understand one word you said.

I guess you over did the schnapps thing.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Konfuzius means that underneath all this small government fiscal stuff that now dominates the tea party platform; lies Christian fanaticism.

-and the Evangelists; who presently control the GOP were actually the ones responsible for the election of Obama; AND the GOP's failure to produce a presidential candidate who was more concerned with THIS life; and not the AFTERFLIFE.

It's not too LITTLE god which is destroying America. It's to MUCH god.


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You seem to profess to be the expert on all Religions, so perhaps you can explain to us immoral souls what religion THE GREAT OBAMA is, or should I ask his mentor Rev Wright???

Thanks for responding, 26.

No. I am an expert on what religion is NOT. What it is NOT is a belief based upon any UNIVERSAL divine truth; since each religion is only valid within it's own scripture.

OUTSIDE of it's own scripture, each religion rapidly disintegrates into rubbish.
ie. The Gospels prove the divinity of Christ; yet an Hasidic Jew can prove; according to HIS interpretation of scripture that Jesus was a divine hoax. (and vice versa)

Now WITHIN Christianity there is the quandry of where Christ will make his second coming; in the Middle East (Evangelism); or in the State of Missouri (Mormonism).

Now put ISLAM in the mix and we have a "three ring circus" of divinity.

It would be interesting to see a Rabbi , Christian theologian and a Muslim Cleric all sitting on the same panel on national tv; each trying to prove the messianic validity of his OWN GOD to the exclusion of the other two.
When faced with religious adversaries; absolute truths would rapidly disintegrate into blind unsubstantiated superstition; and in the end; nobody would be able to prove anything.

Because you see: The arguments that each cleric would use to discredit his opponent's religion would in turn discredit his own.

Obama? Actually, I don't feel that he believes in ghosts, spirits, demons and devils; but maybe he does; I don't know.

Regardless; what Obama believes or doesn't believe won't change anything.
He will be gone in a few short years anyway.

Republicans had better start concentrating on a winning GOP candidate like Jon Huntsman.


Written on Bookworm: The Trip of a Lifetime and the history of Hanukkah:

"the roots of the original Hanukkah story, its mythology and its truths"

The myth part is the so-called miracle of the oil. It never happened.

No ghost kept the lamp lit, no ghost spoke to the dictator Moses, no angel Gabriel spoke to an Arab, no religious dissident rose from the dead, and no savior is going to be born of an Hasidic Jew.

Let me put it this way: To all readers of all faiths: Which religion is the TRUE religion? The answer: YOURS! See what I mean?

So you see; the messianic and divine contradictions all add up to a net value of zero.

As of this writing; there is nothing.

All the religious history, the temples, the grand cathedrals, the holy books, the holy wall and the holy cities, the works of all the great theologians and authors past and present;
all of it; all built upon a foundation of hallucination, exaggeration, self-delusion, -and lies.

Yet it does provide the faithful with good psychology and peace-of-mind; so long as you don't wind up on the wrong end of the next persecution.


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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Confucius said: "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig TWO graves."

So here again we find that there is nothing new in the bible; and that cultures all over the world were living in concert with the last 6 of the 10 commandments; without ever hearing about the bible; and without the need of a vengeful and threatening biblical god.

Doesn't it ever make you wonder about the people of Moses? If the North American Iroquois "savages" could live orderly lives without the chaos of theft, rape, and adultery, and without the need of an almighty vengeful and threatening god; then why couldn't the Jews do the same?

Why did our ancestral Jews need a spiritual dictator to keep them in line?
Why were they so amoral that they couldn't tell right from wrong?

Doesn't it kind of make you wonder who the real "savages" were when that ship landed at Plymouth Rock?


Written on Church Lady: Thanksgivukkah, a feast of religious freedom:

“The Marco Island community is blessed to have the opportunity to not only give thanks to God for his great BLESSINGS."

"BLESSED" means with "divine favor".

So the CHURCH LADY believes that god looked upon her community and "BLESSED IT"; while turning his back on the people of Haiti; who after their Slave Revolt in 1791; were left to live the next century and a half in poverty, squalor and ignorance.

Then, in 2011 god showed his NON-blessing of Haiti by rolling a mountain down upon the Haitian People.

If you want to turn your child's mind into MUSH; take the short-cut as millions do, and give your baby to the clergy, and to those like the Church Lady whose lives have had indoctrination substituted for education.

How can anyone actually believe that this so-called loving god looked down upon the people of Marco and "FAVORED" them over the peoples of Rwanda, Haiti, Ethiopia and North Korea .

Now given that Christians believe that ALL men are made in the "image of god"; doesn't it seem a bit odd that god would "bless" SOME children, while denying "divine favour" to OTHERS? That god would allow some of his children to be blessed in an American land of plenty; while others live short miserable lives with hookworms sucking on their guts?

With the utmost arrogance; people such as the Church Lady have the nerve to apply such self-importance to themselves, by claiming they; or their country was "BLESSED".

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If we take an Orphaned Child and put him in a seminary; he emerges as a devout Catholic. Take the same child and instead raise him as a Muslim; and he will later spout the Koran. Put the same child in a Christian Missionary School, and he will go out into the world with that silly look of joy on his face to evangelize everyone to Christianity.

So what do ANY of these people actually know about the truth?
They know NOTHING; only the religious software which was programmed into their heads as a child; and today plays round and round in the mind in a never ending loop like a computer virus.

So-called religious “truth” is simply an accident of birth; and if Mel Gibson was switched at birth with Osama bin laden; Gibson would today be spouting the Koran; -as absolute truth.

There IS no absolute religious truth.

One billion Muslims believe Mohammed gave them the true word of god. One billion Muslims can’t be wrong.
One billion Catholics believe that Christ gave THEM the true word of god. One billion CATHOLICS can’t be wrong.

It’s all messianic rubbish folks; all rooted in self delusion, exaggeration, hallucination and lies.

Indoctrination of young children into a particular faith who grow into adults who “parrot” scripture; doesn’t change the fact that the “truths” of the so-called three great religions all cancel out to a net value of zero.

Each religion is only valid within its own scripture. Outside of it's own subjective
scripture, each religion reduces quickly to mythical rubbish.
As of this writing; no Christ rose from the dead. No ghost spoke to Moses; and no angel appeared to a desert Arab.

Helping the helpless is a noble thing; but in no way did this concept originate from the gods; and the biggest con game ever devised is where religion claims as its own any good which happens in the world.

Ie. Case in point: The Iroquois Indians of New York practiced what we call the last six of the 10 commandments thousands of years before Moses took his first breath.
They didn’t need a vengeful god to know how to do the right thing.

Religion is nothing more then a "pyramid scheme; as it has been from the beginning; with the guys at the top keeping the frightened indoctrinated masses below offering up their tithes; while snapping at the mythical carrot of eternal salvation.


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Something always puzzled me.

Provincial gladhanders often join more than one civic booster organization, such as Moose, Elks, Masons, to promote their business.

So why do so few, if any, pious God-fearers overlook the spiritual benefits accruing from affiliation with multiple religions?

Conveniently, such religions have chosen non-overlapping weekly holy days to prevent spiritual confusion,

So, you could worship Mohamed on Friday, transform into a Jew for Saturday, and still have time to attend a Christian Church for Sunday.

(Even better, if you cleave both to Gregorian Christianity & Julian Orthodoxy, you get two weeks off in a row from school or work for Xmas!)

Shouldn't the above scheme at least triple your odds for squeezing into Heaven?

Non overlapping holy days is how the clergy maintains it's POWER over the faithful; and keeps THE MONEY flowing into each of the individual churches.

You see: Without POWER, MONEY or a combination of both; the religious clergy and spokespeople; -are nothing.

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"after the Greeks had imposed polytheism on the Jews"

The Greeks were right. The universe IS polytheistic.

Because there are (amoung others) three so-called great religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism; and each can prove the validity of its own scripture.

ie. Christians can prove that Christ was the messiah and Jews can prove that the messiah is yet to come. Therefore there must be at least two messiahs.

So you see; there must be at least two gods, unless one scripture or the other is rubbish.

So before the Church Lady can claim any "divine" origin for our good fortune; she mush first address the issue of which religion is rubbish; Christianity, Judaism or neither; and if neither; then the Greeks were right afterall; -and the universe IS polytheistic.