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This is what Marco is all about. The children on Marco are just amazing. Caera is a great representative of the island. Good Luck Caera

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All veterans are special, but our group on Marco seems to be exceptionally special. There is hardly an event that happens on Marco without at least on veteran helping out. This is also one of the first steps in developing Veterans’ Community Park into a place that all Marco residence will be proud of and enjoy.

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I cannot believe this guy (Tom Kirstein) thinks that the letters to the editor section of the paper somehow indicates the Eagle is against the high school. Maybe he and others who support the high school should take a little time and write a letter to the editor in support of the high school instead of whining. With this type of response to a few letters in the paper I hate to see how this guy is raising his kids. I bet he is one of those parents who does not believe they should keep score in sports. Hey Tom stop complaining and do something.

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So what happens if this idiot gets bit. They have to put the alligator to sleep. This is a problem. Watch the wildlife do not try to interfere with them. They are wild animals. I hope this guy does not have any kids, because we do not need his genes passed on.

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I hope the landloard was giving the rent to the bank since he was not paying the mortgage. If not the landlord should go to jail also.

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Fossil - I am not bristling. I know that there are still conversations going on about the newly named park. Therefore there is no need to continue to discuss the exact details until all things are worked out. I get very frustrated because both sides use these post as bully pulpits. Someone comes here to try to carry on a conversation and before too long one side is insulting the other. I always think I can come here and explain my position or try to understand the other side; however things are so hostile here that you cannot carry on a productive conversation. I have seen a number of your post, and you do present you position well at times. However, this rolomokat is just here to cause problems. I do not think I have seen one reasonable post by him. All I can say is get involved in what is going on. There are a number of city committees that need volunteers. This is your island help put your stamp on it.

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Rolomokat – you are the perfect example of a good democrat. You democrats believe that you are the only one who have the right to use public forums to promote your beliefs.

You also seem to be a little unstable and perhaps a little psychotic. It would probably be best to report you to the authorities so they can keep an eye on you to prevent you from hurting yourself or perhaps hurting someone else.

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Fossil – I came here hopping to open dialog and discuss island issues. However, I should have known better. All get is treated (put a gravestone with my name on it in the new park) etc. It will be much better for me to let you guys that post here just simmer in your hatred, and it will eventually eat away at you until it destroys you. I will continue to help make Marco a great place. You guys do not want anything nice on the island, because then you would not have anything to complain about.

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Thanks for proving my point Rolomokat. You are the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Island. I actually try to get out and make the island better. While you are wishing people were dead. I will keep your reply incase anything happens to me. I consider this a threat and fear for the safety of my family and friends.

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Rolomokat – sometimes green space really makes a nice impression when you come across the bridge onto the island. I guess you would be much happier with an old neglected house there with a gravel yard with weeds sprinkled in for that just right un-keep look.

I have been looking at your recent post and you are just hear to cause trouble. I have a little time on my hand is the only reason that I am even replying to your post. This island has a great deal of good things to offer. I choose to look at the good, and you choose to look at the bad. That is the difference between us.

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Yes it is true that the new Veterans Community Park is not developed yet. However, there has been extensive design work done. Also last night at the City Council meeting the Marco Island VFW Post presented the city with a check for 10,000. This money will be put towards the Veterans Memorial that will be constructed within the new park. I believe the Veterans Memorial will be one of the first phases of the new park. Our Veterans deserve a place big enough to accommodate a proper memorial. They also deserve a location that allows easy access to visit and remember friends and family members.

I realize it is hard to keep up with all the things that happen on the island, but this is a good thing. Veterans Community Park when completed will give Marco Island a much needed town center where all islanders can congregate. My hope is the park when completed will provide a much needed sense of community.

The old (Smaller Veterans Park) will be renamed Founders Park. The idea is to use this park to recognize members of the Marco Community that helped or will help to make Marco what it is and what it will become.

In the end we all need to get away from using the comment section to belittle each other (Heck I have said some things on here I wish I could take back). We have to move toward healing the island. We also have to listen to both sides before we sit down and hastily write a comment. I think if everyone took a little time they would learn that we all want the same thing.

Written on Live blog: Marco City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

If you read these comments you will think that majority of Marco agrees with this decision. However only the vocal minority will come here to pat each other on their backs and try to make themselves feel big. In the end the decision that was made tonight will hurt Marco in the long run. I think we will have a hard time finding anyone willing to take this job.

By the way the supporters of this decision should learn how to behave in a public meeting. The couple sitting behind me was very rude and obnoxious. They need to learn how to listen to both sides of the argument. It is bad when someone half your age has to set an example of how to behave in public. I would be extremely embarrassed if you were my parents.

Written on Blinking Now? (Freedom Tea Party):

Great blog. I have friends that are very liberal. It amazes me the mean nasty stuff they are allowed to say about former presidents, female candidates etc. It is funny how they get all rilled up about Fox News. Probably over 90% of the news media is slanted in their favor. Fox I think does a nice job of presenting the news down the middle, OK I know it has a slight right lean too it. However, they do try to have a party for each side of the debate on. Heck on MSNBC it is like watching an infomercial on the Obama presidency.

We have to stop letting them paint us a racist dumb individuals. The fact of the matter is they are using our tax money to do this. This of all the community organizations that are being funded by the governments. This about where this money comes from. It sure does not come from people the community organizers are preaching too. It comes from the hard working people who actually pay their taxes. And on top of that we do not have time to go out and protest, ‘WE HAVE TO WORK’.

In the long run this government is working to destroy America by penalizing the ones who actually work and pay their taxes and giving it to the ones who do not.

The way I see it this whole redistribution thing will take the money away from some and give it to others. The ones who had the money taken away will work hard to rebuild their fortune. The ones given the money will waste it, and in 20 years we will be back exactly where we are now. However, there will be one big difference; the working people will not have any respect for our government.

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Boy Fossil you seem to have a great deal of pent up hostility. People are tired of our leaders not listening to us. This whole healthcare thing is going to blow up in the democrats face. It is my thought that all the facts of the healthcare bill will not come out until after the midterm elections. The public will be left to hold the bag as all the undocumented (Illegal Aliens) are allowed to use the system. We will also learn that the government cannot pay for the program without raising taxes. The Federal Government will probably have to institute a National Sales Tax. I am not against reforming the health system, it needs to be done, but this is not the correct way to do it. In the end members of the Republican Party and probably people who participate in the “Tea Party” movement will have to fix things. It would probably be expected that we would rub your nose in the mess your side has caused. However, we will roll up our sleaves and fix things. Then we will be able to have 20 years of prosperity until we forget and elect a majority of Democrats again.

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The liberals seem to get all worked up when someone else protest. The funny thing is that most of the people in the “Tea Party” served in the military, actually pay their taxes, and try to raise their children to have some sense of responsibility.

While the liberals live off the government, protest against the military, and teach their children that you do not have to work for anything the government will provide them with everything. As Al Sharpton said, “We voted for Socialism”.

The liberals refuse to debate the subject. They continue to paint anyone who disagrees with them as racist, uneducated, etc.

If you look at your friends you will find that the conservatives are more compatinet, do more for the community, and donate more to causes than the liberals.

The truth of the matter is the liberals control most of the media. They do not actually have to do anything to help people; all they have to do is say that they are doing something.

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lovelifeorelse - What exactly is the purpose of your post? As I see it, you do not have a dog in this fight. Does it make you feel better to try (Notice I say Try) to cut down the residence of Marco Island. I can tell you that no one on Marco is envious of Naples. We have a much better quality of life. I also do not see where you have any room to criticize the Marco Island government. Haven’t you ever heard people in Glass houses should not through stones. We fight amongst ourselves, but it is like family we have a vested interest in what goes on here. And by the way we were the first with a dog park. I think Naples is following our lead.

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Biff is the problem here. Because he has been coming here for 10 years he has the right to pass everyone and get to the front of the line, and to top it off he has his children with him. He is teaching them that they do not have to wait or be respectful to others. This is one of the biggest problems with our population today. In the past parents actually taught there kids to respect others. Now biff is bringing a inconsiderate children. Great we need another generation of people here on Marco who say “That is not the way we do it where I come from”. Great parenting biff. Instead of teaching your children a great lesson you have instilled road rage.

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I am so glad you called the sheriff’s office capricomments; it makes it easier for them to find the troublemakers. Now when they see a car doing something dangerous they can just call you and ask you to stop.

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I think most people are polite enough to let someone in. I think where people get a little upset is they get in line and watch car after care pass and go to the front of the line. I do not block the road; I do not think it would do anything but upset people more. I am just amazed at some of the attitudes that have posted here. They think it is their right to go to the front of the line without waiting their turn. I sincerely hope that none of these brain trust have any children, because we all will be paying for the stupidity they are instilling in them for years to come. Everyone knows it is season; a little courtesy on both sides would make things better.

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Do not worry blogsmog is just part of the OBAMA wing nuts. This is what our country is coming too where citizens can call in another citizen. How do the police know who was at fault? This guy is just nuts. There are two roads that lead to the Island. However, common sense would suggest that if you see people lining up orderly to get on the line maybe you should do the same. It completely blows my mind that these guys think that it is their right to blow by everyone and get in front of them. Then they do the most amazing thing and slow down. These people really make me question the state of our country. Blogsmog and the rest of his group care about one thing themselves. Until we learn to respect others we are in for a very bad time. Blogsmog keep waiting until the last minute to merge, then slow down once you get on the bridge, call the police. It may take me longer to get across the bridge, but I can rest at night knowing that I am not you and I do not have your value system.

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Jim it is called common courtesy. As an island resident you should know that the lane merges. Things would work a lot better if people would merge as traffic allows it. I do not understand why you think it is your given right to fly past everyone else waiting in line and cut in at the last minute. I do not blame the guy in the SUV for being a little upset with you. He probably has to watch some self important person like you fly by every day, while he is trying to teach his children to be respectful to others. When you want to the last minute to merge is causes cars along the whole line to apply their brakes and delay everyone from crossing across the bridge. If you merge as traffic allows, the whole thing works better. A little courtesy goes a long way. You should learn how to play with others.

Written on Marco Art League executive director resigns:

Christine you will be missed. Good luck to you an Charlie.

Written on Disgruntled timeshare owner seeks out:

Am I missing something. I thought that a public access was part of them getting the permit?

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Leberator100 - I guess you can see my confussion since I do not belive that Ed is originally from North Carolina, what difference does it make that he lives there now? I see it as a backhanded inslult.

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

Boy leberator100 - You are a very angry person. I guess it is just your way to just insult people. That seems to be the way here on Marco. People are unable to discuss issues without throwing out personal insults. But if that makes you happy keep it up. It really makes you look like a big man.

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

Boy Liberator100 that is a great statement to paint all people from North Carolina as mindless, mumbling imbeciles. You call out someone for making an in appropriate statement, and then you go on an insult everyone with ties to North Carolina. I find your statement to be very prejudice.

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Fair enough marco97. However most dog owners seem to cleanup after themselves. If you see a dog owner behaving irresponsibe you should report them. The park should be for all to enjoy. Have a very happy new year

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It is better than being taken over by the likes of marco97. I do not understand why people have to complain about everything. The dog park is a nice addition the island. I do not have a dog. However on Christmas Eve day I took a walk around the park. It was packed with people. Every court and field was filled with people enjoying all that Mackle park has to offer. I did see a bunch of dogs, but they in no way interfered with my use of the park. I thought it was a great thing to see so many people utilizing our park. However, I guess if you go out to look for the bad things in life you will find them. Once again thanks for the negative comments marco97 the island needs less people like you and more people like the ones who enjoy the many facets that Mackle Park offers. marco97 I hope that you find some joy in 2010.

Written on Immigration reform bill would give undocumented legal status:

This is just great. What are we teaching our population?

- Come to this country illegally, do not worry we will make you a citizen. So we are rewarding people for breaking the law. What about all the people from Europe, Asia, Etc that go through the proper channels to become citizens. Our country is open for anyone to immigrate here. Heck most of us came from someplace else. It is just not right to make one group of people citizens with a wave of a wand.

- Do not pay your mortgage. The government will bail you out.

When will this end. What is the incentive for us law abiding citizens to pay our taxes, mortgage, etc.

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That storm on Tuesday night and this afternoon really missed the Island.

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This is a very hard story to avoid posting too. The city has done a great deal of planning on this design. There have been public meetings and the plans (In various forms) have been displayed throughout the Island for at least the last year. It never fails to amaize me at how negative people can be. This will be a great addition to our Island. It will finally give us a downtown (Central) are for the residence and visitors to meet and socialize. The city has also done a great deal to keep the cost down and to building this park in stages. My suggestion to the negative posters above is to actually get out an participate in the future of our city. It is really easy to sit back and criticize everything. However, you will find out that it is not all that hard to actually get involved in things. It also brings a great deal of pride. I love our little slice of paradise. I have traveled all around the world and I can honestly say my heart belongs here.

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Great Post playballonK. I hope things improve in your life.

Written on Big boats beware at 951 Boat Ramp:

It is posted on the Naples web page:

Just had to look.

Written on In The Kitchen: A conversation with Ray Fortune:

Wow!!!! You really have too much time on your hands.

Written on PHOTOS/EAGLE i: Islanders attend Naples' tax day Tea Party :

It is funny to me. Thing are all good as long as you keep paying the ever increasing taxes. However, once you start questioning how your money is being spent and where is going you are labeled right wing extremists. It is funny how the freedom of speech changes when you do not agree with the left. It is OK if you protest as long as you agree with them. I is kind of ironic don’t you think.

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JohnnyR and JohninMarco - Are you guys serious. The event was awesome. It is just the first of many great events that will take place in Veterans Park.

JohnnyR - I am just curious. Are you on any committees that put events together. Or are you just another person on Marco who does nothing to improve the Island and complains about everything.

JohninMarco - I believe the flyer said to bring your own lounge chairs. And if you did not bring your own chair all you had to do was walk to the big tent and grab a fold up chair.

You guys really need to look for the good in things and not always the negative.

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This was a great event that brought past athletic stars together with future stars. It was a pleasure to meet some of the past stars. Some of who I watched in college and followed their carriers to the pros. However, I have to tell you I was extremely impressed with some of the younger athletes. You should do some research and check out Victoria Howard. Victoria not only excelled on the sports field, she also excelled in the class room. It was a pleasure to meet the rest of the young athletes: Mercedes Farhat, Nick Alajajian, Jenn Bate, Annie Castellano, and Lauren Embree. This was a group of young people that everyone should be proud of.

But you just keep making your negative post. While you posting on the internet these young people are going to be passing you by.

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Van – You are really a sad person. You use this web page which is provided by the Eagle to spout your vile. However, you are the first person to cut them down. I hope that people that read this site can see past your childish post and know that most of the population of Marco are positive individuals.

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Yep too many to drink last night. I can sober up. However, you are who you are.

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Thanks for proving a point hourigan82247. I guess this is the reason we are seeing the youth movement in politics. You retired people are busy on the computer calling people names. Well I am a young guy. I am going to make the country better. I will continue to continue paying takes. You just keep calling names knowing the younger generation will pick up your slack

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I know you do not have a life!!!

Written on Last of Marco’s loggerhead sea turtles make their way to sea:

Hourigan82247 – What is up with you? You make the same comment over and over about articles on this web site. I am sure many readers found this article interesting. I am assuming by how much time you spend on this web site that you are retired. I always hear about the Greatest Generation. I am starting to think that it is just some wives tale. Why don’t you do something to better things on this Island instead of complaining so much? If you did something productive for the community perhaps the paper would write an article about you. Just something to think about.

Written on Marco Community Bank makes list of Florida’s most troubled banks:

Rachael – It is nice to see you take a free service that the Eagle offers and trash them. You seem to be a very negative person. There are some many people that only post negative things on this web site. It is like you get up in the morning and say “I am going to go try to find something to complain about”. Would it hurt you to try to give the Eagle credit for the good things they do.

Written on Marco Community Bank makes list of Florida’s most troubled banks:

gerblanstone - You are a typical CNN viewer. You only want the news reported to suit your view point on issues. You can not handle a fair and balanced new report or article. I suggest you broaden your view somewhat. This is news. There is a report that gives the Bank a certain grade. Are you suggesting the Eagle not report news? Are you suggesting that we set up some type of citizens or government group that censors our news? Grow up - Gather your news from a variety of sources and form your own opinion. There is more to life than sitting around watching CNN all day.

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Van – I have a question for you. For the longest time the people of Hideaway Beach were apposed to people using their beach. I was personally out there this weekend. Most of the boats were actually beached on an outcropping from Hideaway Beach. I heard stories of Hideaway Beach security coming out and disciplining boaters. I would be interested in knowing just how far their authority goes. Does it just go to the high water mark? If they have the authority to discipline people all over the beach including the outcropping I say let Hideaway Beach pay for the improvements.

Written on Forty players no match for chess grandmaster at Marco event:

Joe – I agree with you. However the guys that were against the city always try to sneak jabs in when they can. Then someone calls them out on it and they whine about it. You can not have it both ways. You can not disrespect people and not expect retaliation.

Written on Forty players no match for chess grandmaster at Marco event:

Ed – You are a piece of work. We have been asking for over a year what you cave dwellers have done for the Marco Island community. Well you have finally found something positive that one of your members has done. Now you want us to fall all over ourselves praising Mario Sanchez. I have to tell you all I can remember is the hard feeling and the misinformation you people spewed. You would have served yourself better if you would have just given Mario Sanchez credit for doing something good instead of reminding us of all the bad things from the past year. Ed we have spoken. The good guys one. If you keep your mouth shut our Island will continue to improve. You are nothing but a cancer to this island.

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How much do you want for your house Ben?