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Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t attack Lely to promote new high school:

Lely is a great school. Marco Island is Fantasy Island; our family chose Lely so our children could get a taste of reality, some culture and see that people are people regardless of their income level and the way they look. I support alternatives but have always felt that the "Academy" (The name alone reeks of arrogance) was simply a way of keeping “privileged” kids on the Island. My children have grown up with an understanding of cultural diversity and appreciate all people, no prejudice, no preconceived notions of how someone may act because of the way they look. Someday, when your children leave Marco for college they may have some culture shock. Leave Lely out of the Academy's vocabulary; the Academy is simply an alternative to Lely; one we chose not to take.

Written on 'Building' support: Parks committee will campaign on need for Mackle center:

We have over 2500 school age children on Marco Island. (THIS IS NOT A RETIREMENT COMMUNITY) If you wanted a retirement community move to Sun City!! We need to do this for the kids.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Case in point: WMissow, 498 blog posts. Think this guy has a life. Just read his comments, he'll argue about anything with anyone and don't confuse him with facts or civility.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Same old BS from what's left of the cave dwellers. There's probably 5 or 6 of you left each with 10 anonymous blog names. Easy to attack deceased councilors and others when you use anonymous names. Problem is some of the majority keep feeding cave dwellers. When you argue with an idiot you just become one. Stop arguing with these foolish people, they have nothing better to do than to spout vile and offensive comments. Dont respond to their nasty and erroneous information and they end up arguing with each other.

Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

Larry Magel, I want my vote back. You have proven that you will give in to the vocal minority which doesn't make you a leader.

Written on Marco council blog: Resident gets police escort for speaking poorly of late councilman:

The bloggers supporting Robert Glaubs outburst obviously weren't at the meeting. He was way out of line. Popoff gave Glaub every opportunity to talk but asked him to take the high road but Glaub wouldn't stop. Popoff even said he didn't want to gavel him but he gave him no choice. Finally he asked Chief Carr to remove Glaub and Carr said "it will be my pleasure." Then Faye Biles was yapping about something and Carr told her to mind her own business. It was one more embarrassment for Marco. The same people booed Reverend Baumgadner and now some of you find it acceptable, and even heroic, to publicly assassinate a deceased man. I don’t know his wife or family but I feel terrible for them when they catch wind of this.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let the record speak:

I sure hope the campaign doesn't get dirty. Marco Island already has a poor reputation statewide. I don't know about most of you but I've had enough from the last campaign. If you look deep enough, no one is without skeletons.

Written on Popoff: It's official, I'm not running for council re-election:

smeg, since I am a Rob Popoff supporter and proud supporter of Marco Island in general I took the time to read your recent blogs dating back to July. What they tell me is you are a woman and most probably do not even live on Marco Island. You have two dogs, Sara and Megan, and love our Marco Island dog park but have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

You keep referring to "Byron" and where can I donate milk for the dogs. You are very confused; the Marco Island Parks and Recreation Director’s name is "Brian Milk." And Rob Popoff, who you so inappropriately and anonymously attack, was integral in getting us a dog park. Why in God's beautiful green earth would someone who isn't even a Marco resident feel so inclined to put themselves in a position they know nothing about and insult our city leaders in the process. Before anyone reads anymore of your nonsense I suggest they click on your name "smeg" (which is a combination of her two small dogs names), and read her gibberish. Not sure she is all there.

Written on Should City Council get a raise?:

For $6000 a year and all of the abuse they take pretty soon no one will run for office.

Written on POLL: Students’ emergency contact information no longer provided to police:

The schools are covering nothing up; they are protecting the privacy of their students and families!!

Written on Letter To The Editor: The future of our city:

She is also commonly known as Dr. Viles, at least that is what they call her in the county.

Simply put, MITA is a non-entity with less than 100 members whose goal is to spread misinformation and sensationalize everything the city does!

Written on Letters to the editor: Merry Election Day, 2010:

Another one from He must be the smartest man he knows and the Eagle must be desperate to continue to waste ink on him.

Written on Letter to the Editor:

Fossil, you are amazing!! You must be the smartest person on Marco...maybe even in the world; you know everything. I wish you would run for council (maybe even president) since you have an answer for everything.

Written on Letter to the Editor:

The police dept was decided by referendum and it will take a referendum to get rid of them.

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

Shadow, once again it's obvious you were not at the meeting nor did you watch it. Popoff was the councilor that was trying to get the lowest milage rate. He, Kiester and Fortch voted no to the higher rate twice! It amazes me how misinformation spreads...are you happy you are the source of the lies this time?

Written on Guest Commentary: The new budget:

Shadow, where do you get your information's obvious you just make it up as you go along. This council has cut a lot, including the bridges and Veterans park. Do you want the facts or do you just want to complain?? I think we all know the answer to that question!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Just the facts:

Shadow, I am a big fan of the last election; it got rid of Godfrey Davis and his vile clan of self serving obstructionists. I will never forget the last election because it was a very strong statement form the real silent majority that they have had enough of the vocal minority. Most of the naysayers realized this and have become productive Marco citizens while a few diehards, like you, are unwilling or incapable of grasping reality.

Written on Forensic audit response: Price tag a shocker, no fraud, no surprise:

playball you're delusional if you think Kiester is the only councilor that cares for us taxpayers...are you crazy? Watch the meeting; it's obvious you weren't there. Chucks ranting was all about him, not the audit. He made a huge mistake comparing The Honorable Judge Mike Carr's GUILTY verdict to the auditing process. For a guy running for office he sure lost a lot of votes reminding us all of his stupidity. In case you forgot...

And Chuck, do you really believe we're s----- enough to believe you accidentally deleted emails? Really?

Judge Carr said. "you made a mockery of the Sunshine Law."

Written on Letter to the Editor: Shedding light on the matter:

playballonK and sailingalong have actually denounced the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, the Catholic Church and The Knights of Columbus...WOW, conspiracy theorists extroadinaire! You guys really have way too much time on your hands. Talk about SHAME!!!!!!!

Written on Marco’s electric studies grounded:

Thank Goodness that once and for all this LCEC nonsense has been put to bed.

Written on Marco to consider employer assisted housing partnership:

Thank you HMW...Case in point!!

Written on Marco to consider employer assisted housing partnership:

DrPhil, just read any blog; it's always te same people complaining before they have any facts. I rarely blog any longer because it's just a vehicle for "the same" unhappy people to be negative.

Written on INTERACTIVE: Island high school movement forges on in face of state, school district opposition :

Let's face it, the only people dogging Lely are those with no experience with Lely and probably no children of school age. This is the same group that opposes everything the city and county does! The whole pro-high school group are people with no vested interest, only a desire to be negative whenever possible!

Written on VIDEO UPDATE: Citizens’ movement for Marco high school picks up momentum:

Never heard so much misinformed jibber jabber in my life! Track-K is owned by the CCPSB and is zoned residential and the citizens of Marco have no say in what happens there. You can scream, name call and march to the CCPSB by the thousands and they still own the property. Not to mention the Eagle who will be on Track-K for years to come...get the crap out of your ears and listen to the facts for a change.

Written on City’s financial planning for 2010 begins early with new committee :

Seems like a list of very capable volunteers…at least the ones I am familiar with. Lazarus is a Yale law grad, Rivera is a sharp guy with a PhD and Neale is a U of Miami law grad. All have strong financial and budgeting background and have volunteered for either the county or other governmental agencies. Not sure about the other volunteers but what’s all the complaining about??

Written on Island family experiences loss of child:

Phoebe is in a better place...she is running, playing and enjoying Heaven. You are both great parents and did everything you could have done for her. May God Bless you, your family and Phoebes soul.

Written on UPDATE: Physician’s death shocks Island community :

Mitch was a great guy and this is a real tragedy. Everyone is struggling in these difficult financial times and many of us are in serious situations with our mortgages. He was young enough to start over...what a waste. My simcere condolenses to his family and friends.

Written on Help pick the top Island stories of 2008 :

playballonk, you are a complete idiot!!

Written on Sewage spill leaves mess on Marco:

Any sewage leak is dangerous and very unfortunate. The fact is that there are thousands of old and damaged septic tanks on the island that have leaked raw sewage into the canals for years. The anti-STRP people got a Christmas present to support their lost cause.

There are literally thousands of articles like the ones above detailing the facts about leaking septic systems. But then again, facts don't seem to matter to the very loud vocal minority on Marco Island. Blog, write letters to the editor, claim victory all you want but the fact remains that that sewers are better than the old septic tanks and Marco Island will be sewered for best interest of our island.

Written on Marco officer to face state panel after beating suspects on video:

What this article neglects to tell the reader is that these suspects were wild and out of control. One tries to kick an officer, who was being held down on the ground in the face. Thankfully a bystander jumped on the assailant. The fact is these punks came to Marco Island and started a fight they weren't men enough to finish and then they run to their moms, dads and attorneys. Total cowards and worthless punks! Marianni may have shown more restraint but that’s easy to say when you were not involved in the fight for your safety and that of others! Good for you Recker and Popoff! Protect our paradise and stand by our professional police force.

Written on Island business reaches agreement with school board over development of Tract K :

Does the Marco Island city council have any say on this matter. Why hasn't the CCSB superintendent approached the city council with this proposal yet?

Written on Marco City Manager review may segue to review of city charter :

Thompson is a good city manager and will not lose his job; I have faith in at least four of our city councilors to do the right thing. As for Recker, he is a big disappointment who just wants to make Dana Souza City manager at the expense of Thompson. The city council is getting to the bottom of this financial mess by ordering a forensic audit. You guys are a bunch of conspiracy theorists who will look for the next thing to complain about when this passes.

Written on Letter To The Editor: On Mr. Arceri:

Wayne, only stop writing when the regular complainers like McMullan, Columbo, Glaub and the other city haters stop writing.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Infamous Marco Island:

Yes Montel, there is a Tooth Fairy.

Robert Glaub, like Kiester, McMullan, Columbo, Paret and some of your other miserable friends, you are probably boarderline slanderous with your emotional, not factual letter to the editor regarding a positive and productive citizen on Marco.

What have you, or any of your friends done for Marco Island? NOTHING positive , that's for sure. Arceri is at least trying to assist the city, at the city's request I might add.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Expressing one’s opinion:

How's the polka-dot house look Ray? I never met such an ornery, ill-tempered individual in my life. It must be terrible to be such an unhappy old fart. How old are you now Ray, 114?

Written on Marco's Parks and Recreation Director Dana Souza resigns:

All the best Dana. Employees move on to greener pastures all the time. Now playballonk is blaming Arceri? Why does this community need a scapegoat? All employees are replaceable and so are village idiots like playballonk.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tax relief?:

Mr. McMullan, your arrogance and audacity never cease to amaze me.

Written on Guest commentary: Tax notices should be reviewed carefully, thoughtfully:

van, my taxes have gone down significantly. If the country is survive this crisis our taxes will eventually have to go up. Wayne's article is accurate. I do acknowledge that it seems every time Wayne opens his mouth or writes anything down he creates controversy. He's one of those guys who should sit in a corner and be quiet. But this time he is right on.

Written on Letter to the editor: Another outrage:

It is ironic that the people that step up to do so much for our community are so often attacked by the people that do so little. I am not a fan of Tucker but that shouldn't play into the equation; can he do the job, is it legal per the charter and can he save the taxpayers money? If it was based on personality alone he would have never gotten elected. Tucker is a nasty arrogant guy but Roger Hall makes Tucker look like Mother Theresa.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Not on Tract K:

Deborah, I have two dogs and am happy with a dog friendly island so please stop with the chronic militant plea for a leash free dog park. You got a lot and thank you for your efforts but now you're starting to sound like a spoiled brat.

Written on Alternative revenue sources may be answer to Marco's property tax shortfall:

Our city councilors have more guts than you any day of the week Beowulf. Just sitting at meetings and listening to people complain constantly makes them anything but cowards.

For your information, they were not elected to reduce taxes although they have consistently done so for the 10 years of incorporation. They were elected by the majority to keep Marco Islands level of service and balance a near impossible budget. I think given the circumstances they are doing a great job.

Written on Letter to the editor: Another outrage:

Kiester, my intentions were noble but you, like all of your friends think it is acceptabe to insult those you disagree with but it is apparently not ok to insult you or your vocal minority friends. Really sounds like a double standard to me. Also, what fight do you have in this? Sounds like you have a personal vendetta against Tucker. Put your emotions aside and do your job! Isn't it your job to save the city taxpayers money? If you really wanted to show us what a great guy you were then maybe you would embrace Tuckers proposal and consider it if it saves us all money. You have shown us your true colors too many times. i hope you run for office again just so you can be beat down and thown out with the rubbish!

Shame on you Mr. Kiester! As our representative you should be above all of this. Your involvment in these blogs may be a violation of the Sunshine Law which you have already shown us you have no consideration for the law! You are the only councilor on council that has broken the law with the exception of Walter Pierson. You should be recalled or resign.

Written on Marco residents say dewatering drying pond affecting habit:

34145, you have a very valid point!

Written on Letter to the editor: Another outrage:

I met Roger Hall one time at the library when he was campaigning and I was turned off almost immediately. I think we're all a litle shell shocked by what Hall and others tried to do to our community but the guy is entitled to his opinion and perception of the facts so let's cut the guy a break. I know I am guilty also but the posts above are pretty nasty.

Written on Marco residents say dewatering drying pond affecting habit:

Glad to see you're starting to come around gernblanstone.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Peace reigns:

Loved the letter Monte. The truth hurts the CAVE DWELLERS and the facts escape them!

Written on Letter to the Editor: LCEC presentation:

Ron, I'm sure you meant well but you couldn't be more misinformed if you tried. Frankly, I don't have the energy to correct all of the misinformation you printed.

Written on Happy LCEC customers in Marco speak out against city-owned electricity services:

“At some point if this thing gets legs, we’re going to have to hire some lawyers to work on condemnation, some accountants to figure out our valuation and probably a PR firm so we can fight this thing the best we can,” he said.

THe statement above made by LCEC CEO is a threat. Why are they so against the city doing a study? Could the city save money and how much? Maybe we have been fleeced by LCEC and they don't want us to find out.

Something to think about before we condemn the study any further.

Written on Former Marco Island City Councilman Glenn Tucker applies for city attorney job:

There you conspiracy therorist go again. Why not ask some questions first like how much can Tuckers firm save the city? If the council can save the taxpayers money why not at least look into it?