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Written on Obama to return 5 percent of salary to Treasury:

Joining Obama are Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, and Erik Holder. I doubt if you'll be seeing any House or Senate Republicans on this list. Where are Boehner and McConnel? I guess $174k a year isn't enough to spare anything for the good of the country.

Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

Wow. I got censored, guess there's a first time for everything. Apparently Klab's alter ego is more thin-skinned than I thought. OBTW: Sorry I offended you, if that helps.

Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

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Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

Last year it was $20 Million for Veteran's Park, now it's another $6 Million for Mackle Park. Me thinks its time for Brian Milk to join Rony Joel in the unemployment line. Paging Dr. Riviere...

Written on Tackling stubborn grease: Permitting deadline change, possible fees on table for island restaurants:

In case they don't get it, this ia "a shot across the bow" of the offenders. Grease trap overflow tends to form a ring around the wetwell of the nearest lift station. Bart's guys have to scrape down and vaccuum out this waste, adding to utility operating costs. They can figure out who the bad guys are by inspecting the traps of everyone who dumps into that line. I don't see why the Planning Board needs to get involved when it appears to be a utility/code compliance issue.

Written on PHOTOS: SUV crashes into canal near Goodland bridge:

Maybe it was Klaberyapper's ride. This is about the only story he/she hasn't weighed-in on yet, and anyone who reads his/her postings can only suppose he/she's never far from that next drink.

Written on PHOTOS: SUV crashes into canal near Goodland bridge:

Not to jump to conclusions but, you don't suppose the beers in the back seat had anything to do with the reason why the driver abandoned the vehicle after leaving the road and ending up in the water do you? The cost of a DUI is probably more than the 1995 Nissan is worth. Easy call, even for a drunk.

Written on 57 restaurants open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in Naples:

Whoopee! Sorry, I can't afford it. Maybe the $250K+ crowd will see fit to "trickle down" some of their ongoing tax savings to those of us in the working class. Despite the best efforts of Moss(gone), Minozzi(dead), and Joel(on his way out) there are still a few "have some"s left on Marco. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Written on Arthrex asks court to block Jackson Lab bonds:

Fa-La-La or Fi-A-La, this latest scheme is only marginally better than trying to bring the Cubs spring training to Naples. Just say "NO" to corporate welfare.

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

I sure hope the City Manager isn't looking to contract-out utility operations. The only southwest Florida utility with rates higher than ours is Golden Gate City, owned by the Florida Governmental Utilities Authority, who contracts out to Severn-Trent Services. It would be a real shame to see us jump out of the frying pan into the fire after shutting down the Electric Municipalization (undergrounding) and Town Center CRA projects (2 of Rony "the construction industry's shill"'s most recent schemes).

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

Don't worry about Rony, the April 1st date gives Moss 4 months to find room in Naples for this latest Marco reject/refugee. He's probably owed a few favors by the local construction industry as well.

Written on Under heat from restaurants, Marco Island moves to consider impact fee moratorium:

Marco Island Utilities gets caught trying to rip-off people who aren't even their customers. Apparently, Mr. Joel has no shame. He may not have been directly responsible, but it happened on his watch. This is embarrassing and deserves a personal apology at the least.

Written on Foreign buyers see big opportunity in housing bust :

Kinda makes you long for the days when only U.S. corporations were foreign-owned. What a testament to the sellout of America brought upon us by the Republicans and the Bush-Cheney administration.

Written on UPDATE: POLLS Voters not likely to get a say whether Marco Island gets a charter high school:

What's not to like about an amendment opposed by bureaucrats and realtors? Tell me the Chamber of Commerce is also against it and I'll KNOW it's a winner.

Written on Price to launch boats in Collier County going up:

"In line with surrounding marinas and boat ramps". A Collier County taxpayer fares no better than a visitor from who knows where, despite the fact that we bankrolled the cost of these facilities. What's the point in sticking around if you can occasionally visit and get the same rate as a local?

Written on Connie Mack speaks of freedom with Marco police foundation:

Never voted for Cornelius McGillicuddy IV, probably never will until he can put more than "pedigreed carpetbagger" on his resume.

Written on New vote on water rates makes dollars and cents for homeowners:

If it were only a movie...unfortunately it's reality. Look at MIU's Capital Improvement Program for the next 5 years. It includes: $2.38M for Water Pipe Upgrades, $4.0M for Surface Water Treatment Capacity Increase at the North Plant, and $3.1M for other Water Projects. The WasteWater program is equally superfluous, but being paid for by single family homeowners who neither needed nor wanted the STRP. Utility service demand is not increasing like it was 5 years ago, nor is it likely to any time soon. Let's make Marco attractive again by making it affordable, you know, the way it used to be.

Written on New vote on water rates makes dollars and cents for homeowners:

I thought the UAB's purpose was to keep utility rates as low as possible. Instead, it has been hoodwinked into providing ever increasing revenues to a utility that refuses to live within its means. We should turn an eye toward conservation, which would reduce utility operating costs, since less water would have to be treated. Rain sensors for sprinkler systems are one way of doing this. (How often do you see a lawn being watered less than a day after it was rained on?) Many utilities give them away to customers to reduce demand on their plant and equipment. Not MIU though, make no mistake, they make money SELLING water, not SAVING it. They've got plenty of Capital Projects lined-up to increase production capacity, and it will be the UAB's responsibility to concoct a convoluted scheme to get you and I to pay for them.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Political parties create separation:

Right on! The "newness" of the TEA party fielding nut-job candidates like Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, Joe Miller, and Christine O'Donnel should make for an easy romp for the Dems in November. Don't forget Medicare fraud poster boy Rick Scott when you vote for governor!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Political parties create separation:

I happen to believe there is a way to vote for "none of the above". Go to the polls on election day and sign-in to vote. Make no selections from the ballot, or vote only for people or issues you care about. Push the button to register your vote, then leave. If enough people bother to show up, then leave without making a choice, the parties will surely sit up and take notice. You better believe voter turnout figures in to their campaigning. Please don't sit the next one out.

Written on Fire ax: Region’s fire departments eye staff cuts to balance budget:

Just got back from Winn-Dixie where I saw two Marco Island Fire/Rescue personnel grocery shopping. Nothing like seeing your tax dollars hardly at work. It must be nice to be able to afford to send 2 guys shopping on the clock,eh Chief?

Written on No change for utility rate structure, for now:

So... you think the condos are "getting over" with their master meters for potable water consumption and re-use water irrigation. Do single family homeowners pay for fire protection (hydrant) service? Condos do. The condo association where my investment property is located pays $424 per month for 2 8" lines whether used or not. If you really want to level the playing field, try charging single family residences a "hydrant fee". After all, you're already charging master-metered condos a per-unit base rate.

Written on No change for utility rate structure, for now:

9.5% rate hike last year, 10.5% this year. Where does it end? The City would have us believe the 5 years of COLA rate hikes before that weren't really rate hikes, BULL! If they can't get Ali Baba Joel and his 40+ thieves under control we should probably "consult" with Polar Water and Port-a-John for our water supply and sanitation needs. The way things are going, it won't be long before they're in the same ballpark!

Written on Mike Minozzi, former Marco Island council member, dies after cancer battle:

Marco Island Cemetery? Every time my taxes and utility bills increase I'll be sure to go there and "pay my respects".

Written on PHOTOS: Rubio blames Obama policies for slow job growth during Marco visit :

If Jeff Greene is a "billionaire" as stated in the article, why is he running as a Democrat, promising to extend unemployment benfits, tax obscene Wall St. bonuses, and support many other populist agenda items? I think NDN needs to actually research the candidates instead of simply buying into campaign propaganda.

Written on Marco bank hosts meeting on water costs:

Last I heard, Rony Joel is no longer Marco Island's Public Works Director, that job went to Tim Pinter. The PowerPoint presentation at "In The Round" however, was classic Rony Joel. Apparently he knows which side his bread is buttered on since John Arceri no longer controls the majority on City Council.

Written on Dry days ahead: Collier, Lee counties at 'extreme risk' for water shortage :

Sign-up for the Utility Advisory Board's "4,000 Plan". When the utility runs out of water you can get in line for a refund. Take your pick, it's conservation today or dehydration tomorrow.

Written on Marriott pursues expansion on Marco Island:

As long as we're whoring-out to the beachfront hotels, (Collier Blvd. rebuild and Smokehouse Bay designer bridge) maybe they'd be interested in naming rights. For a modest fee we could let them call this "Marriott Island".

Written on Letter to the Editor: The spending continues:

"Why does the City continuously hire consultants for hundreds of thousands of dollars?" Because they can (or at least used to be able to). I for one believe the the tide has turned, and gaining momentum in the other direction. I'm willing to wait a little while before passing judgement. Please consider the abuses we suffered under Moss, Minozzi, Tucker, et al for 10 years before we got where where we are now.

Written on Utility breaks away from Public Works:

The Eagle tried to put a nice spin on it, but look at the facts: In most circles, a move from Manager to Director is a promotion, and the opposite is generally considered a demotion. 86 people to operate 2 water treatment and 2 wastewater plants is major over-staffing by most any utility's standard, especially in light of all the money we've poured into these plants for upgrades and automation in recent years.

Written on Marco Island pharmacy files harassment lawsuit against city and police chief:

The number of full-time officers at MIPD should be cut (presumably by attrition), then supplemented by part-timers who could work full-time in season or as needed. This would save money and give us flexibility to match manpower with changing needs. I must be dreaming again, their union would never go for it. On the other hand, a work slowdown or stoppage could get us back to the County deputies who never did a shabby job here in the first place.

Written on Marco, company agree to pay more than $81,000 to settle asbestos mess:

Sit back and watch how many lucrative contracts (low bid plus change orders) Rony Joel awards to QE to help them out of this mess.

Written on Marco Island to get bids for private management of city-owned utility :

Marconian: FYI Bonita Springs Utilities is in the process of elinating septic tanks and hooking everyone up to sewer, they just aren't charging $18-20,000 each plus a billing surcharge to do it. That stench in the air ian't the wastewater plant, it's the Public Works Director's office.

Written on Marco Island to get bids for private management of city-owned utility :

in response to bigdog1970:

I disagree. Do you honestly think the citizens of Marco receive the lowest rates possible or the highest efficiencies possble from LCEC?

Do you honestly think the citizens of Marco would recieve the lowest electric rates from Rony Joel & Co. (as they tried to hoodwink us into a year-and-a-half ago)? Let's compare MIU water & sewer rates to BSU. MIU water base= $27.90, water usage= $3.48/1000 gal. MIU sewer base= $22.75, sewer usage= $4.50/1000 gal. Then they tack on the 14% STRP surcharge. BSU water base= $11.88, water usage= $3.57/1000 gal. BSU sewer base= 27.81, sewer usage= $3.61. No STRP surcharge. I honestly think the citizens of Marco Island can do better. Jim

Written on Marco Island to get bids for private management of city-owned utility :

I've said it before and believe its worth repeating. Marco Island Utilities should be reorganized into a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative along the lines of Bonita Springs Utilities and LCEC. Current management operating under the authority of an elected Board of Trustees would assure us the lowest rates and highest efficiencies possible while avoiding the current politicization and potential problems of private management. Lots of luck getting such a proposal past those who would stand to lose power and influence. Jim Wilson

Written on Letter to the Editor: The whole truth must be uncovered:

Does anyone remember when Collier County owned the Marco Island Water Treatment Plant? Thinking back about 20 years I recall Florida Water Services and Southern States Utilities, but not Collier County. Perhaps I'm mistaken, or Edgar's off his meds again. By the way, it was under Florida Water Services, a subsidiary of investor-owned Minnesota Power that expenditures were deferred, allowing the plant to deteriate to the point where the only sensible course of action was to unload it on an easy mark like the City Council and their "utility expert", the man who put the "con" in Con Edison.

Written on Fighting fires will take more cash, firefighters, chief says:

We're only in the first year of a 6 year massive utility rate hike and Rony Joel is teaming up with Chief Murphy in his quest for never-ending construction spending. Hey Rony, the City of Naples is currently advertising for a Deputy Utilities Director. Give Moss a call, maybe he can "Reinke" you out of here before you get "Thompsoned".

Written on PHOTOS: Big crowd pays last respects to Marco philanthropist and ex-Marine Bill Rose:

Bill's contributions to our community bring to mind the good work of another son of Scotland who gave back to the people of the town he cared so much for. The next time you're in Pittsburgh, visit the Carnegie Museum, or any of the 18 branches of the Carnegie Library. We'll never know if Bill had Andrew Carnegie in mind when he made his endowments, but I for one will always be grateful.

Written on EPA: Marco Island, company violated Clean Air Act by improperly handling asbestos :

The wheels of justice turn slowly, almost imperceptively slow at times. God help anyone who gets in their way, because justice will be done.

Written on Water pressure debate continues on Marco:

Pinhole leaks are not and never have been a problem in the City of Naples where the majority of homes are older (copper plumbed) than here on Marco. Their water treatment plant adds phosphate at 1 part per million which forms a protective film in the piping and makes for a very effective corrosion control method. This is common industry practice. Also, Shadow is correct. The utility is a huge cash cow. They now chip-in for the City Attorney, Finance Department, Public Works (STRP repaving), and the Fire Department (hydrant repair/replacement). Rony Joel has worn out his welcome and needs to go. Maybe Bill Moss can take him in, there's an open Public Works Director's job in Naples last I heard.

Written on Under pressure: Is Marco's utility increasing water pressure to increase income?:

John Arceri? Do you mean Larry the council candidate Magel's mentor? The same John Arceri Larry served with on the Utility committee to give us the 9.5 percent rate hike we got stuck with? That John Arceri? Okay, just checking.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Seeking the facts:

Follow the money trail if you want to know what to expect from Larry Magel. In the campaign finance reports filed with the City last month, Larry out-raised and out-spent the other three candidates combined. This is fiscal conservatism? It looks more like "the best government money can buy" to me.

Written on Letter To The Editor: The choice is clear:

How nice of Jack to put his "two cents worth" in for Larry, assuming he actually wrote the letter. Who can we expect to hear from next, Lazarus, Elliott, or some other member of John's syndicate? If Larry's campaign spending is any indication of his fiscal conservatism, I'll pass. Yesterday, each registered voter in my household recieved the same mailing from him.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Who can you trust:

Mr. Issler: If you think a simple majority of elected City councilors can do the job of a utility regulatory board or commission, you're mistaken. That's why they created the Ad-Hoc Utilities Committee. Unfortunately, their good intentions were hijacked by City staff and a consulting firm hired by the City to preserve the utility's revenue generating ability. Look around, we have the highest utility rates in Southwest Florida. Perhaps our investment is not being managed in our best interest. If "some users will have to move...there will be others to take their place." I doubt it. John Arceri himself says: "There has been a significant decline in customer growth and average water use per customer these past two years." I don't suppose you'd be interested in a Utility Rate Hike Cap to go along with our City Spending Cap, would you?

Written on Letter to the editor: Reviewing council candidates:

Just what is "our neighborhood", Ed? I've always felt, and I'm sure many Islanders will agree it's pretty much anything this side of the Judge Jolley bridge. How about you?

Written on Letter to the editor: Magel supporter:

The only 3 I've seen running as a team are Arceri, Issler, and Granda. If their annointed one, Larry Magel falls short, it could be a very long next 2 years for Trotter, Gibson, & Waldack.

Written on Letter to the editor: Attacks on Kiester:

RE: Facts. From Ugly Ed's last 2 blog submissions we get " the coming days." and "Facts, I repeat facts,". We all know who composes "facts" for publication in the media, Dishonest John, the puppeteer. Watch for Ed and Pepe to start spouting the same old Arse-Eerie crap again.

Written on Letters to the Editor: Did we make the right choices?:

What's the matter, Ed? Trying to blow off a little steam after you and Joe Granda got caught using the same word-for-word talking point ("At a time when citizens...etc") on yesterday's editorial page? Maybe you and he are long lost twins, separated at birth. Christmas is a magical season you know.

Written on Letters to the Editor: Did we make the right choices?:

Please allow me to give credit where credit is due. John Arceri was the founder and a board member of the now discredited Celebrate Marco Inc. Members of the Ad Hoc Utility Committee who approved the whopper rate increase include John Arceri, Joe Granda, and candidate Larry Magel among others. Sorry Larry, if you lie down with dogs, you're bound to get fleas.

Written on POLL: Marco city council campaign finances revealed:

Hey Ed, as I recall, you were in favor of the City takeover of the electric system and undergrounding of power cables. Talk about out of touch with the majority, you're only batting .500 pal. The latest utility rate increase hurt everybody, including the coveted condo dwellers. The maintenance fee on my investment property condo went up chiefly for that reason. Try not to act too surprised when hte syndicate gets caught up in their own lies and deceit.