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Written on Hunt for city manager begins on Marco Island:

My name is George Percel. I am sick and tired of the unidentifiable commentators who are so destructive and inflammatory. These incendiary comments are an indication of our community sliding into chaos. Please make your venomous attacks with your names attached. If you dare. The freedom to speak your mind carries obligations with it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: It’s our money, treat it that way:

Here are perfect examples of why we are where we are. A bunch of know-it-alls talking about other people’s short comings but never stepping into the limelight to provide their own leadership skills. If you have a better solution – run for office! Stop criticizing everything from the safety of anonymity.

Written on ‘Retired’ finance director’s return to City Hall raises residents’ concern :

What hypocracy. I think everyone is missing the underlying irony: the chair of the Audit Committee was on the Council during the period that is being audited.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

If you are concerned about having to pay sewer fees for the water you put on your lawn, ask the Water department to separate your system with independent meters.

Written on Single family home record sale price again eclipsed on Marco Island:

This blog is made up of mostly spiteful, wicked people. I wish they would get a life and contribute something positive not only their venomous hatred towards any achievement.

Written on Letter: Simply put: too much spending:

Dear Strike 3, et al:
Please get the facts before you start your biased pens going. Look at your tax bill. On mine only about 10% of it went to the City. Nearly 50% of it went to the School system, and about 33% went to the County. If you are so upset about how our taxes are spent talk to the School Board and the County Commissioners - they have most of my tax money, and yours. I am very content paying a very small percentage of my property taxes to improve the Island. Get a life folks - we are getting great value from the City for our money.

Written on Judgle rules against Marco recall:

It is over. I hope. The Triumvirate of Discontent again failed in the courts. The composition of the City Council was determined through a fair election. The majority of the electors of Marco Island made their decision and empowered a Council to represent them and make decisions on their behalf. For a minority (2,000 according to commonly quoted figures) to attempt to invalidate the will of the majority is against all the precepts of our democratic principles. I attended the hearing in Judge Brouseau’s Chamber and I was amazed by the many supporters of the recall who held in their laps signs demanding the right to vote. It only demonstrated that the recall was a political action disguised as a legal challenge. The Judge obviously saw through this sham.
Everyone will have the right to vote in the next election. In the meantime please stop the futile, expensive challenges and accept the will of the majority. Give harmony a chance to be present once again on Marco. Happy Holidays!

Written on Letter: Not so disgruntled women of the recall:

Once again one of the unexplained mantras of the Triumvirate of Discontent reared its irrational head. Ms. Kent says that “the high density developers are already salivating over the idea or (of) zoning changes . . .” that the STPR is going create on the Island. Fact: the STPR is for single family homes and single family home sites. Fact: 70% of the Island’s residences are already on sewer. Fact: assembling the necessary single family vacant or built lots to develop “high density” is a very daunting, if not an impossible task. Would someone please explain to me in clear uncertain terms how extension of the sewer service to the remaining single family home sites is going to create this tremendous windfall?

Innuendo only adds fuel to the fires that are destroying this community. It is not only irresponsible, but reprehensible for people who purport to care about our Island to so wantonly use unexplained facts to attempt to sway the unwary.

Written on Letter: 'Civility' resolution could backfire:

I apologize
I want to apologize to Mr. Byron Erickson and all who share the belief that Celebrate Marco “was established to ensure that the voice of real estate, chamber of commerce and corporate interests be heard”.
I want to apologize on behalf of the Realtor who sold Mr. Erickson his house, and all of the other service providers who helped Mr. Erickson complete the transaction.
I want to apologize on behalf of the nurses, doctors, firefighters and police officers who are here to serve and protect Mr. Erickson.
I want to apologize on behalf of the restaurant owners and service people, bankers, landscapers, pool maintenance workers, electricians and plumbers.
I want to apologize on behalf of the dentists, lawyers and accountants.
I want to apologize on behalf of everyone who works and lives on Marco Island for being so presumptuous to believe that we have the same rights as Mr. Erickson and his legion.
Mr. Erickson we also have the right to form our grassroots organizations, however Celebrate Marco is not that organization. Our organization does not file law suits against our neighbors. Our organization does not promote ludicrous ballot initiatives to embarrass the City Manager. Our organization does not file recall petitions. I would suggest Mr. Erickson that you speak for the crabgrass roots.
I apologize to all rational residents for your narrow minded view that only the select few self anointed knights in shining armor have the right to voice their opinion. We are also entitled, and we will continue to serve you so that you and your friends may enjoy your life to its fullest on Marco Island. I am proud to be a member of the working class of residents and voters, and I respect your right to form an opinion no matter how elitist it maybe.

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