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Written on Man killed in Marco crash; 22-year-old driver charged with fleeing scene:

Sad only 20 he did not even begin to live yet , most know he had his past issues but another youth taken to soon .... to comment on police saying vehicle rolled at least once look at the damage more like once plus 4 .... still its just sad!

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That Big Flag repersents all of you rather you like it to or not. I feel regardless of your meek and some just sick comments that deep inside you want it too as well. peoples blood Has and Will Spill over That Flag For you. and you can Respect it, Honor it, Or, Die Defending it . If Not GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!

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lol.... I must have hit the bone with my comment those that saw it and now seeing it gone we all know it must be true. I only stated what i heard from the horses mouth just like Marco to hide the truth. I guess i shall cease from stating facts or i could be the next one getting tuned as if......hahahaha!

Written on Arbiter's report reinstates Marco police officer fired last year for misconduct :

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Written on VIDEO: Man punched, pepper sprayed in Marco patrol car settles lawsuit for $50,000:

Just so there is no confusion: I Dont think Adrian deserved what he got. read my follow up. and yes it also makes me a little sick to watch it.
It was a shame the officer retaliated the way he did you know sticks and stones...blah blah.
an officer of the law is suppose to maintain composure. what this officer did was so wrong he should have been the one driven to jail, also in the video you see at least two other officers walking around the back of the car and such just hanging around. what where they doing while these guys where being victimized...and while we are on the topic why is there like 30 police officers working in this tiny town any way? the way i see it we could deal with about half that considering most towns this size have about 8 of them! and almost all of them double dippers from the east cost from Miami to Boston. I respect the law and have friends that are officers in another state even one who is a Federal Marshal. when I directed them to this sight and they watched they where appalled. One even said that this kind of action sets police back 40 years you are here to serve and protect not harass and collect!

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ok, I just watched the video it was a little extreme not a good way to handle the situation but i still cant side with criminal but after seeing the video now im sure i cant side with the officer. this was a deliberate before and after comment i never saw the video till now. just to show you cant comment properly unless you know the facts in this second comment i do what a shame.

Written on VIDEO: Man punched, pepper sprayed in Marco patrol car settles lawsuit for $50,000:

I agree it could have been handled better, But c,mon guys how can you side with a criminal an obvious gang member,who started a brawl at a bar in your community then this guy gets awarded 50k a year after he is convicted of a drug charge and a violation of probation. who else are you going to side with point being he is a criminal who thinks he is hard . He deserved what he got should have been more. the funny thing is he got what he ask for and then cried for gods help if this would have been a white guy he would have been laughed out of court.

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in response to WizeOlMarco:

New slogan for the Beautification Committee: Ask not what your city can do for you, ask what you can do for your city.

I think this is an example of what 'a' Committee is trying 'to do for your city'. The Committee and City have to communicate for any project success to result. I suggest to the Committee, select a couple of projects to focus on as 'pilots'; to the City, provide resources (i.g. access to street/utility maps, staff) and adjust the City work plan for the pilot project areas to include the Committee's suggestions. In other words, instead of managing landscape maintenance as currently done, do it in a way that supports the pilot project goal. From these experince a larger scoped project can result.

“We have limited resources. It’s more important to have them do their jobs than to meet with the committee,” Pinter told them.

Though not evident by his reported comment, working with the community is part of Mr. Pinter's and crew's job.

No what they are doing, what ever you want to call it. is coming up with ideas for beautification they also need to provide the labor for their ideas not say we did a service...aka ideas now you guys do the work...act on your own ideas not pass the buck. anyone can come up with ideas.

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in response to marcofriend:

As we have been told so many times, the swales are actually the City's property. People should quit watering their swales. If everyone's swale turns brown and dies, perhaps the City would sharpen up and allow shells to be used. Certainly when the STRP went through and we watch our water rates double and triple, and our reuse water being directed to the hotels and condos, why would we want to be charged for potable water just to water the City's swale. This whole irrigation issue has gotten out of hand along with the sewer rates.

Not going to work it is in the city ordinance that you don't own the property but ultimately are responsible for its care so all that would accomplish is s fine and one ugly swale in front of your house that you would have to pay to have refurbished.

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100% correct John_Galt... Germany for example for the most part has one rule Drive Right with that said at any moment a super car could pass you on the left at 200mph. no speed limits there except for a small area and what do you know they have 70% less traffic fatalities a year than we do. slowing traffic and crowding them in to clumps is what causes accidents.

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in response to whydothat:

Great advice from these officials about coexisting with coyotes, the most intelligent and adaptable animal out there! Coyotes normally fear humans. If we don't leave open trash or petfood outside and never feed them, coyotes pose little risk to humans. In return, they help the ecosystem by eating rodents, rabbits and the smaller mammals like opossums and skunks that prey on song birds. Coyotes also clean up carrion.
We should all learn to haze coyotes, if they venture too close. Shout, clap your hands, blow a whistle, bang pots together, spray a garden hose or open an umbrella to teach a coyote where it should NOT be.
A great source of SCIENTIFIC info about coyotes is

Diet and hunting

Coyote feeding on elk carcass in winter in Lamar Valley
Coyotes are opportunistic, versatile carnivores with a 90% mammalian diet, depending on the season. They primarily eat small mammals, such as voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontails, ground squirrels, and mice, though they will eat birds, snakes, lizards, deer, javelina, and livestock, as well as large insects and other large invertebrates. The coyote will also target any species of bird that nests on the ground. Though they will consume large amounts of carrion, they tend to prefer fresh meat. Fruits and vegetables are a significant part of the coyote's diet in the autumn and winter months. Part of the coyote's success as a species is its dietary adaptability. As such, coyotes have been known to eat human rubbish and domestic pets. They catch cats and dogs when they come too close to the pack. Urban populations of coyotes have been known to actively hunt cats, and to leap shorter fences to take small dogs. In particularly bold urban packs, coyotes have also been reported to shadow human joggers or larger dogs, and even to take small dogs while the dog is still on a leash. However, this behavior is often reported when normal urban prey, such as brown rats, black rats and rabbits, have become scarce. Yet, confirmed reports of coyotes killing a human have been documented.

Written on Flooding advisory for Marco Island:

in response to OldMarcoMan:

Don't text while ridding on the little bus, the tide had VERY little to do with interior island flooding, it's your bus mates and their total lack of sense that not only didn't stop a old flooding problem but made it worse.

Hey OldMarcoMan did I not see you on that bus licking the windows on your way by.
every news cast and city has chalked the flooding from here to tampa as a result of lots of rain at high tide.... quit city bashing. please and be realistic.

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in response to happy6:

i've been in many large cities and have never seen ,...or audible street crossing device. sorry but i just can't see where the city has the bucks to do this now.

not to mention the liability factor of this once you install it if it decides to act up and for some reason it does not function the law suit will far out way the cost of the upgrade.if a blind person is hit due to a malfunction traffic signals are not fault proof.

Written on No Faizon Love in Marco; comedian says he quit gig over racial slur:

Ok, I would like to comment on this with an opinion and a fact.
Number one: sorry to say it Capt.Brien But Love has been in the lime light for a while and is a star not a super star but no doubt a star.
Number two:The youth of today Not only have a different meaning for the N-word but spelling as well....(That sounds so lily white by the way...)lets be factual here the racist term would be spelled N.I.G.G.E.R Which should not be uttered as it holds a more sinister meaning.
what the youth of today across many races and cultures say and use for a multitude of situations would be spelled N.I.G.G.A to educate yourself on such ways of use follow the link below.

Written on DON HUNTER: Marco Island Police Chief Don Hunter answers readers' questions :

I need to look around and see how many police chiefs come out of retirement and receive a 100k a year. or police officers making 75k a year....I personally know officers who work crime ridden towns and cities... life on the line type beats and they would be happy to get at least 50k but around 42k is what they get... maybe we have a really disgruntle gang of seniors that strike such fear in trained officers that they wont work for any less due to the danger here on Marco....GEEZ Some one please help us.....

Written on 17-year-old pushed another driver into U.S. 41 intersection, deputies say:

Hmmm.... more to this story im sure, it sounds really one sided which leads me to think that the (victim)...left out some minor details.and tyler couldnt control his is true with most teenagers we treat them like children but expect them to act like adults...needless to say tyler was wrong no matter what the circumstance but lets hear the full story....

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

in response to NobodysFool57:

Public Works wants us to pay for resurfacing the roads because they are being busted-up by the tandem-axle dump trucks being operated by Quality Enterprises, Mitchell & Stark, and others working on City Public Works projects. Why do you think the "old" Jolley Bridge deck is in such bad shape? It's time to quit over-engineering our island paradise. Maybe Tim can get the Lee County D.O.T. director job. He hasn't been caught-up in any asbestos-crushing or Hydrogen-Sulfide release scandals (that we know of yet).

Dont forget the influx of thousand upon thousands of visitors and vacationers maybe we should shut the whole island down to motorized vehicles all together then we would never need to resurface to answer aims question actually most cities with as much roadway abuse as ours resurface every couple years to avoid structural or base damage.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

in response to seasonala:

If the current council members cannot cut the budget and act on behalf of all citizens we will VOTE THEM OUT.

Cut the budget around the police and fire depts? oh no why would you do that? when they can scrape the bone of your PW AND Utility depts and still get those 6 new police crusiers! in other words with want a be emergency response DR.Phoney advising council those two depts will hold priority for as long as you allow him to hold the wheel.

Written on Letter to the Editor: City slowly sliding:

C,mon Folks dont you realize when the job was handed to him it was like giving a boy keys to the candy far as the motor home goes unless it has bells, whistles ,big flashing lights and comes in bright shiny red paint he will have no interest.

Written on Marco Island City Council okays dollars to operate second fire station full-time:

Ok, I think this question and comment is warranted.

How much longer are the citizens of marco going to let the Phoney Phd. get away with running this city like his own personal toy.

It Has already been common knowledge that his credentials are fake,he has made severe cuts from the depts that actually need the money to operate properly in order to fund his personal fetish of a want a be fire fighter.

has openly stated and was quoted that your city employees are nothing more than grunts note he was refering to the employees that actually do you a service.

he also stated and was quoted that the citizens voice was just noise.

Steve Thomson who was more than likely the best man for the job that this island had seen in its life as a city was ran out on a rail for what the previous manager had created before his employment.
I know what your thinking now well he didnt come forward with it right away....duh... he was trying to figure out what he was looking at and how to approach it and he was deheaded before he had a chance.
so with that said how many more fire stations and mipd suvs fire trucks and upgrades to his personal vehicle will you pay for before you say enough is enough.
not looking for a fight just a simple answer!

Written on MUGSHOT: Teen accused of picking 'magic mushrooms' from cow pasture:

Legal status of psilocybin mushrooms
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The legal status of psilocybin mushrooms varies world-wide. Psilocybin and psilocin are listed as Schedule I drugs under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances.[1] Schedule I drugs are defined as drugs with a high potential for abuse that have no recognized medical uses. However, psilocybin mushrooms have had numerous medicinal and religious uses in dozens of cultures throughout history and have a drastically lower potential for abuse than other Schedule I drugs.
However, psilocybin mushrooms are not regulated by UN treaties. From a letter, dated Sept 13, 2001, from Herbert Schaepe, Secretary of the UN International Narcotics Control Board, to the Dutch Ministry of Health:[2]
As you are aware, mushrooms containing the above substances are collected and used for their hallucinogenic effects. As a matter of international law, no plants (natural material) containing psilocine and psilocybin are at present controlled under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971. Consequently, preparations made of these plants are not under international control and, therefore, not subject of the articles of the 1971 Convention. Criminal cases are decided with reference to domestic law, which may otherwise provide for controls over mushrooms containing psilocine and psilocybin. As the Board can only speak as to the contours of the international drug conventions, I am unable to provide an opinion on the litigation in question.
UN recommendations notwithstanding, many countries have some level of regulation or prohibition of psilocybin mushrooms (for example, the US Psychotropic Substances Act, the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and the Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act). The prohibition of psilocybin mushrooms has come under criticism because mushrooms are considered soft drugs with a low potential for abuse.
In many national, state, and provincial drug laws, there is a great deal of ambiguity about the legal status of psilocybin mushrooms, as well as a strong element of selective enforcement in some places. The legal status of Psilocybe spores is even more ambiguous, as the spores contain neither psilocybin nor psilocin, and hence are not illegal to sell or possess in many jurisdictions, though many jurisdictions will prosecute under broader laws prohibiting items that are used in drug manufacture. A few jurisdictions (such as the US states of Georgia and Idaho) have specifically prohibited the sale and possession of psilocybin mushroom spores. Cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is considered drug manufacture in most jurisdictions and is often severely penalized, though some countries and one US state have ruled that growing psilocybin mushrooms does not qualify as "manufacturing" a controlled substance.[citation needed]

Written on Police add 62 counts to Marco Island woman's forgery, grand theft charges:

in response to RayPray:

"The owner of the Kwik Stop reported he cashed the checks for her because he had known her for...coming in... and cashing checks."

>>> Who says Marco is an island asleep at the switch?

>>> Kwik Stop is better than a bank.

>>> I can stop in there any time and cash personal checks for hundred of thousands of $$$.

That is not true you could cash a personal check for a good amount or a paycheck that can be a little over thousand. But to say that you can cash HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS AT The Kwik stop makes me wonder what kind of frivolous comment are you trying to accuse of The owner?

Written on FCAT results: Lee students outpace Collier peers:

sorry not me for sure i learned grammer at lely so you better pick a lee county

Written on FCAT results: Lee students outpace Collier peers:

hmmm, lee county students must have to be citizens that can Read AND SPEAK ENGLISH

Written on Lely High senior, others barred from prom when they arrived late - POLL:

I heard this story was laughable and it is.....But I feel bad for the kids that was jacked out of their prom and money. funny principle wants to preach rules and punish 18 senior grads and not allow them to attend under the veil of those are the rules!

Last I checked since we are talking about rules lets talk about laws mr. principle nobody seems to want to answer this question but how many illegals attend your school and why were they not allowed to the prom due to a lack of citizenship....hmmmm wish someone would look in to that.

Written on Shop Talk: Stonewalls plans a big party ... You’re invited:

Start a Facebook page for your business lots of establishments do it. Its Free and millions of people can view it even if they are not from around here they will know the Name and what it is. word of mouth goes a long way.

Written on FLDOE supports Marco Island Academy:

How Much Longer Before the school that they all said would not happen breaks ground for building.

I feel this MI Academy will be a great asset to our community. why would you not want a High School of your own to be proud of? my neighbor has a brand new Camero and it is really nice but I dont brag about it to my friends....WHY? Cause its not mine lets take pride and welcome this school to our community and be proud of your own Cities Highschool not our Neighbors.

Written on Density transfer plan gains initial approval by Marco Island City Council:

in response to OldMarcoMan:

I love Daytona, when do the Strippers and Bikers come to town ?


HaHa! I would like to know that as well!

Written on Marco Island may need to pay out more than $31,000 to support police pensions:

Funny thing is no matter how much you belittle our MIPD if you where in trouble or injured or threatened who would be there to assist you????

Keep up the good work Guys.....

Written on Work begins on Marco Island storm drainage project:

Give it a break Joe if you lived in the area of yellowbird and 6th and had to deal with the duck ponds that form there you would not question the work in progress..... and as a side note they obviously cant do much work during season do to increased traffic.

Collier Phase three may run into season. more than likely thats why they are putting the flooding to rest on 6th st. they will have to divert traffic that way at times. who knows im just glad they are doing it.

Written on Marco Island finance director: Two surcharges on sewer program could end early:

in response to jwputnam:

“They’re not paying for anything,” Waldack said. “They’re going to be able to take advantage of it while everyone else is paying.”

Interesting comment from a man who is in bankruptcy and foreclosure, don't you think?

Is there Not a substancial difference between not being able to pay ones bills A.K.A (financial problems) and choosing to dodge payment when you can afford it?

Written on SHOP TALK: Some ‘dreamers’ are taxing our patience:

All of your concerns are only noise whether your for something or against something the only voices that matter are of the 8 your council and city manager so just stop the noise your slowing there thinking of more ways to waste money and I will quote again you,I,We are just a bunch of noise makers...not my words just the good doctors words....what a sad Man.

Written on Meteorologists predict active 2011 hurricane season with more impact on U.S.:

same thing they said last year the year before that and e.t.c they dont know its all just a guessing game.

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

in response to Is_It_True_Partially_True_Or_Not_True:

Those signs ugly but are gettin us redy for the 250 off island students for the Academy. Wait end see!

I too think those signs are overkill but that is not the islands choice to make that is the d.o.t rules and state and federal law... (unfortunately...)

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

in response to MarcoIslandWoman:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Im not talking about the fat cats pushing paper at city hall. Im talking about the workers the people out in the heat and sun getting dirt on their hands they are the ones who suffer when you cry for cuts. All Im saying is as citizens we need to realize the difference between the general staff and city hall officials. when they make cuts its not the big money makers in the glass palace that they Harvest from. It is the low wage earners the hourly help that they kick it to not the big salary City Staff, do you think they are really going to take from themselves.Sure they cut some jobs from the city hall clothe but look what jobs and who? Either the position was not needed or the person was not to popular no savings there cause they spent that money before it was available and was minimal at best. anyway I just want you to know who takes these hits.
Employee of the month at any work place is a joke. I dont believe in being rewarded for doing your job Period. Thats what you get paid for.
I would Just like to see one person ask why do you continue to spend Money on we want Items and claim you cant give your Manual Laborers a raise.
and if a starting wage of 33 thousand a year on an island where the average rent is $16,800.00 a year for a single family home along with 150 dollar water bills and 200 dollar electric bills just where will all these hungry workers come from Immokalee/Fort Myers... not likely the gas would take all their personal need money just trust me when I say they sacrifice the workers not the big wage earners.

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

in response to RayPray:

Since being a Marco City employee is almost like being retired, all who are not happy with the already generous salaries and benefits should quit.

Believe me, they will be replaced by worthwile people in one afternoon.

There were many good people working for Robb & Stookey and Evans Oil ready to take over your job....

I do believe you mean Robb & (Stucky) interior design services. Not to point out your lack of spelling correctness. By viewing most of your comments no excuse is needed.It is quite apparent you may have been very well dropped on your head as a child. That is the only way I can conceive your comment. Not that a response is necessary to point out your asininity.

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

What I dont understand is why does the city continue to tell its employees that it does not have money to give raises (going on four years now)but the city has spent 100s of millions in the same breath on nice to have items. when the pay freeze began to city employees, when the council decided to stop giving raises (due to lack of funds)in that same meeting they gave $300,000 to the empty museum fund and continued to separate money ever since to fund millions of dollars of we want items and continue to ignore the fact that their employees are left behind to struggle as gas food rent and utiluties continue to rise when will council start to realize the common workers need raises.

Written on Guest Commentary: Mackle Park Community Center’s proposed $7 million project: Should we have a voice in the decision?:

in response to MarcoIslandWoman:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I really Dont know how to take your comment, if it was in English or Actual Grammar I may see the humor in it. but I dont, their are real people and Families suffering from this and I cant make light of that.

Written on Guest Commentary: Mackle Park Community Center’s proposed $7 million project: Should we have a voice in the decision?:

What I dont understand is why does the city continue to tell its employees that it does not have money to give raises (going on four years now)but the city has spent 100s of millions in the same breath on nice to have items. when the pay freeze began to city employees, when the council decided to stop giving raises (due to lack of funds)in that same meeting they gave $300,000 to the empty museum fund and continued to separate money ever since to fund millions of dollars of we want items and continue to ignore the fact that their employees are left behind to struggle as gas food rent and utiluties continue to rise when will council start to realize the common workers need raises.

Written on Marco City Council to weigh in on cul-de-sac maintenance:

In the scope of trimming costs, instead of purchasing aka... (spending tax payers money)and seeking to cut yet more employees money making the idea of city employment less desirable.why do you NOT buy more sure enough has been purchased from als landscaping already for him to claim a banner year. lets focus on keeping our talented employees interested in retaining employment with the city rather than cut from them spend the money cut some more from them spend that money. what are you guys thinking? oH WAIT answer would be lets form a board to investigate what you are thinking so then you will also know! sheesh!!!

Written on Palmetto Ridge High student stabbed to death after getting off school bus - PHOTOS/VIDEO:

my prayers do go out to the Nuno Family but cant help to feel that there is more to this story.
could this have been retaliation of bullying?

by Michele Borba, Ed.D.
Bullying among our youth is a significant problem--and it is steadily increasing. Many experts fear bullying has become so widespread and common, adults are blinded to its extensive harm. Here are the facts:

It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Source: National Education Association.

A survey conducted by the American Association of University Women reported that 85% of girls and 76% of boys have been sexually harassed in some form and only 18% of those incidents were perpetrated by an adults.
Young bullies carry a one-in-four chance of having a criminal record by age 30. Study by Leonard Eron and Rowell Huesman.

American schools harbor approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million of their victims. Dan Olweus, National School Safety Center.

One in seven students is either a bully or victim.

56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school.

15% of all school absenteeism is directly related to fears of being bullied at school.

71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.

One out of 20 students has seen a student with a gun at school.

Mean behavior among kids is a universal problem. In a poll of 232 kids in kindergarten through 8th grade at a Connecticut elementary school, every child claimed to have been the victim of at least one schoolmate’s or sibling’s meanness in the previous month.

Written on City Hall renovations, updated website aim to improve customer service:

Sorry to burst your bubble but i am a product of a life long family business its a sad day when people think you are a employee of who or where you try to put a positive spin.
just goes to show the lack of voice from the silent majority and the over the top harshness of the minority....i dont agree with your thoughts.

Written on City Hall renovations, updated website aim to improve customer service:

in response to tnjessen:

The wording used in the article "to improve customer service". Customer service comes from the employees. A website can also serve to improve customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important in any business. The service provided from the city is terrible. Phone calls are not returned, emails are not answered, communication is horrendous starting with the top guy all the way down. As for the website it looks different but the information if anything has less now than it did just a few months ago. As a big proponent of the interenet and websites I am truly disappointed of the information that is now gone. Looks do not matter if the service and information you are seeking is not there or never answered. What steps are being taken to improve the person to person basic skills that most of us have?
Another disappointed newcomer to the island!

Your statement is only of the the complete negative maybe you should return to where you came from. The men and women in the trenches or the ones you call (all the way down) get there direction from the top so if your call is not transfered to them to address your concern you cant blame them our islands general employees are some of the best and most talented in the state that is why they are here but if you notice morale and attitudes starting to dwindle from our islands general employees it may be in part of gaining more and more work load all the while not being offered raises or cost of living for about 3-4 years now. and as another above blogger posted the city continues to purchase nice to have items spending millions in total all the while telling the ones who make this island function we have no money & we are broke. so you might want to spend a little time to truly see the facts before you go blowing off at the mouth about what disappoints you. sorry if that sounds rough or crude but the truth usually is.
so in whole its not the hard working folks you see out at midnight fixing that broken pipe so you can have water or on the roadsides working or in the ditches making repairs that cause your problems that would be the political fiasco we call City council/manager that are to busy filling their days with over thinking and coming up with over the top decisions only to satisfy there own wants.

Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t attack Lely to promote new high school:

in response to Joe_Btfsplk:

Go Alex! Let the students weigh in on this issue. Well done!

"I am a resident and taxpayer living on Marco Island and would like to express my opinion OPPOSING a charter high school on Marco Island for the following reasons:

• Very little support for this project by the people who live on the island
Marco Island is a retirement community
• No need for a high school on the island - this increases overall cost
A local private high school exists already and is underutilized
A fine school only 20 minutes away – Lely
• No place to put a high school - there is just no way to fit a school on the island
Tract K is too small and has active nesting eagles
"Force fitting" a high school on the island would be inefficient and disruptive to the community
• Decrease in safety by bussing additional children to Marco from the Naples area
• An underutilized asset when many children elect to stay at Lely
Marco children who stay at Lely
Naples children who do not elect to commute to Marco

A charter school is intended to help disadvantaged communities - not upscale white communities. A better idea would be to provide added resources to establish Lely as a charter high school. Please DO NOT provide support to establishing a charter high school on Marco Island"

Marco island is a retirement community.......wrong...even though their are many retired people here as well as most Florida cities the fact that our beach front is covered in vacation rentals and RESORTS makes your comment look ignorant....Marco is in fact a Vacation destination and needs new young families to insure its growth and prosperity. yes, young families that will have children who will turn into high school age children who may or not choose to attend school here on the island or in naples that is what school of choice is about.
A charter school will fill that roll of choice for the future of the island.
also a private school is fine if you are rich a charter school is not private it is public so it would seem ignorant comments are made by the opposing group as well.

Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t attack Lely to promote new high school:

in response to Brisla:

AR, you have a choice which school you would go to when the Marco Island Academy opens. Keep going to Lely if you like. I've put 2 kids through Lely (they both hated it, but did well academically), have 2 there now (they both hate it, but are doing well) and have another scheduled to go there in a few years. I would like something better for my kids. A school on the island would be great. I would choose to send my kids there, but you can choose to continue going to Lely if you like.

I am in full agreement, both my kids went through Lely and did well but they hated it for many reasons and before anyone plays the race card we have interacial family so lets blow that out right now.
for my daughter it had more to do with the school being not all that clean with a combination of over packed classrooms that made it difficult to focus sometimes and kids that spoke no English allowed to skate by just wonder how many illegals are allowed to attend lely anyhow and before anyone badmouths that comment let the proper authorities look and find out thats all i have to say....

Written on Committee pushing latest idea for Marco Island Tract K, an eagle sanctuary POLL:

Lets face it maybe 2% of the people who are opposed to a school at track k really give two shakes about the eagles.
most of them thought it was fine to let septic waste run off into our canals.
this boils down to a bunch of old grumps that dont want to be disturbed by a bunch of high school kids in there neighborhood music at the esplande etc. etc. get real!

Written on How has the shakeup at Marco Island City Hall worked out?:

hmmm spend a few 100 dollars on online degrees and you could be a city manager just like Jim. have a silver lined retirement package and 100s of thousands of dollars a year in moneys just for being a hack. we all could do this i guess??? well no wait other cities would investigate a possible leaders credentials before hiring him. so much for that one are city is ran by a fraud hooray!!!

Written on Whatever happened to? The shakeup at Marco Island City Hall POLL:

Everyone rejected by council and terminated by the Good Dr....LOL... (to be determined)...has seemed to have moved on and living refreshing and happy lives this must mean there is life outside of marco and all the backwoods politics.
For now anyhow we will sit and view the fiasco, and the only shame is the laughing stock of the state which is marco politics will continue to operate like a unknowing child and continue to step backwards instead of forward.
The doctor should be made aware that you can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.(cityhall renovation)your run as city manager is becoming just as controversial as any but with out a do it wont be long before we see your swift exit rest assure that is the way here in thanks for the laughs!

Written on Utility breaks away from Public Works:

in response to marcoredeagle:

86 people are employed in the water department? What do they do besides getting paid?

well Marcoredeagle why don't you being since your so interested ask if you can work with these none working water dept. employees for a month oh with one stipulation you freeze your current assets and spending money during this period take on their low end pay and find out just what they do and what money they get for it! I believe your attitude will change and so will your opinion!