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Written on Police files: Marco’s officers busier than you might suspect:

What Police officers drink coffee!!!!! oh yeah guess they would they are human....and it came from starbucks well at least they got good taste!
and wouldnt you be jumping to conclusions it could have been shift change a cup of joe to end the day together before heading home....
why dont you guys get a life????

Written on Marco Island to get bids for private management of city-owned utility :

Wow, I can not believe how Naive this thought of a contractor taking over Operations would in anyway lower costs.
minus the strp % involved looking at the numbers from BSU compared to MIU Not much difference in essence. Its not the cost of Operations that is sinking the ship right now so to speak. whats Costing money is all the upgrades and expansions underway as Needed in order to bring the plant up to capacity and operating expectation and the thought that an outside organisation controlling Operations is going to make that go away is just ludacris and should be an after thought!
Come on!!! what are you guys thinking the cost to operate or manage is not the issue! Now that the plant is close to capacity and operation completion your going to let an outside contractor come in take over management! They still will be taking on the upgrades which still cost money and then so close to the end of these said upgrades they sit and shine when its done! And when those cost go away and It gives a false appearance as if they did something great! its pure BS! come on marco for once finish what you start let the Hard working staff of this city do their Job! For once cant you see that all the stones being thrown around city hall are more damaging than good! think before you cut the limb you stand on!

Written on Marco Island to continue negotiations with EPA on alleged asbestos violations:

in response to kosherdeli:

Do we have a Written Guarantee Stating that the Asbestos at Veterans Park has been Cleaned Up Properly and In Full or are we Just Guessing? If we don’t have a Written Guarantee Stating All Clear of Asbestos then why isn’t the Entire Veterans Park Shut Down until we receive an All Clear Notice from the EPA? How the hell can the City can continue having Events there and to let the Farmers Market operate every week they Sell Food there, Children are play there? Let’s do a little bit more than just Negotiate the Daily Fines, Let’s Get A All Clear Of Asbestos Notice Posted There From The EPA!

Yes there is when the asbestos clean up took place under supervision of the EPA and and this issue was put to bed several years ago. But thanks to The witch Hunt in session asking for heads to roll for personal feelings rather than genuine concern. These same people that say they are so concerned about the environment are they not the same people that fought tooth and nail to try stop the central sewer system from being installed. Funny how it was OK for you all to leech human fecal matter/pharmaceuticals and what ever else you could fit in your toilet and drains into our water ways but now all of a sudden you guys have great environmental concerns about an area that is not even contaminated.
If you had asbestos flying all over open ground and in the air rather than a piece or two that possibly might be 4 ft under the ground this might be a little more believable...Head hunting Plan and simple! :p

Written on Marco Island City Hall shake up continues with removal of director:

What was that Klabautermann? ha sounds like you have a man crush on Dr.Jackal/Recker

*hint not what he seems* flip flop-flip flop

Written on Interim city manager waives benefits, Marco City Council to offer $150,000 salary :

Its not Operations you need to identify as flawed it starts with council there is your flaw a now new chairman Dr.Recker who wants to micro manage the world. give me a break this guy rode in to his seat with false intentions gained the Majority voter support then flip flopped great political move Recker actually pretty smart for a snake, but trust you showed your colors sir and when it comes time to vote the silent majority now knowing your politics will throw you out if they don't come out and demand it sooner!

Written on Marco Island City Hall shake up continues with removal of director:

in response to happy34145:

For the first time in my 5 years living here - I feel the our city government is not making decisions based on personal agendas. We finally have a majority in council a city manager that actually care about doing what is best for residents of this Island. Arceri now only has 3 puppets - Waldack, Trotter and Gibson.

I hope their are more big changes to come. I may actually decide to stay here.

Are you serious? No personal agendas was it not Recker who told Steve upon his hiring I'm gonna be your worst nightmare! all because his selection for Manager was not recognized.

Not to mention since his appointment of chairman and his lynch mob Mafia has been added to council, who oddly nods upon Reckers demand to terminate anyone he dislikes!

Congratulations MR.Recker you have successfully turned a troubled gov. into a full blown Nazi Regime and your its fuhrer! the only hope we have is if there is any truth in history repeats itself then we all know how it will end with your own down fall!

Written on Interim city manager waives benefits, Marco City Council to offer $150,000 salary :

Im just curious which council member nominated Jim to the planning board to start with?

Written on Interim city manager waives benefits, Marco City Council to offer $150,000 salary :

All I can say is don't get to proud Dr.Riviera, the first unpopular decision you make you'll be the next one rode out of town on a stick by the minority you represent.

Written on Marco Island interim city manager eliminates community development director:

in response to OldMarcoMan:

Marconian writes:
Hey while we are at it how about we eliminate that 33% raise council gave themselves just before the lowest wage earners employed by the city where told for a third year straight a raise was not in the budget for them.

What are you talking about?
Council didn't get a raise, Council has never had a raise.

correction to my facts or lack of it was included in the voting process but due to it being added in the line with c.o.l.a which once again city employees did not get!
But council definitely wanted a raise but was denied by the people!
Cant help to wonder why?, cola was included with councils raise request it should have been two separate Items! Political motives I would assume.

Written on Marco Island interim city manager eliminates community development director:

Hey while we are at it how about we eliminate that 33% raise council gave themselves just before the lowest wage earners employed by the city where told for a third year straight a raise was not in the budget for them.
Second of all while we are all calling for cuts lets clarify and request that those hard working employees that make between 42 and 55 thousand dollars a year are not effected they are the ones that keep the city utilities functioning and others that keep our streets clean and the ones that keep are parks fit and enjoyable they are not the white collar political desk jockeys that sponge up the majority of the wage and benefit expenses.

It is important to support the blue collar workers they are the backbone of any community,city,state,e.t.c.
This is an area that needs to be addressed and pointed out when shouting to make cuts and save the city some money, because the ones that will be doing this are not the low wage earners and the first place they are going to focus there cost saving attack will not be there pocket or coworkers/friends. they will with out a doubt go after the low men and that's just wrong! they have already indicated about furloughs and wage cuts well that undeniably means hourly wage earners not the big salary/big bonus Bosses.

Written on Fighting fires will take more cash, firefighters, chief says:

Oh, I also agree with the posters calling for The City to take care of its current employees enhancing one service and sacrificing another is unacceptable!

Written on Fighting fires will take more cash, firefighters, chief says:

How many Canals does this island have? why cant that be considered a water source? I have been trained in interior and exterior industrial firefighting and know for a fact that you can simply pump water from a pond/lake...Canal? yes its salt water but its wet and that's all that counts so surround and drown (tah-dah) fire out!

Written on POLL: Arizona’s immigration law could migrate to Florida, local opponents fear:

I think this is something that is needed it has been an issue that has plagued the states for a long time and its time it was addressed.

you here people shouting about how its unconstitutional wouldn't you need to be a Citizen of America in order for you to have the right to be covered by the constitution?

Then you here people stating that the law in Arizona is unguided and they should be looking for real criminals! Is it not criminal to sneak into a country that you are not a citizen of seek cash paying jobs- not pay taxes-assume other peoples Identities-and worst of all take that earned cash send it to Mexico for it to never be returned to our monetary economic system!
this type of CRIMINAL act has cost our country more than 100 billion dollars in the last 20yrs and that money will never be put back into our system!

And to hear that this is a race issue is ludacris if you are Hispanic/Latino or whatever but you are a legal immigrant it would be in your best interest as well to stop the illegals from entering your country without the proper papers cause the damage they inflict upon your economy is a crime against you and I so set a moment and think before your quick to undermine such a needed law.

Written on Marco sells $58 million in bonds in one day:

An out right coercion of the E.P.A By two individuals with one openly admitting to having a insider in the E.P.A Trying to cost the city Millions.smells fishy to me. the fact is they just don't like Mr.Joel or Mr.Thomas.
Take your Blinders Off Marco island the F.D.A says Hot Dogs cause cancer over a period of time as well does this mean we run Publics and winn dixie out of town for the sale of cancer causing products. Just saying, come on, I guess we will continue the reputation of a community filled with a bunch of loonies we are slowly becoming the laughing stock of the state maybe they will rename us from Marco Island to Mental island...ah well just another day in paradise!

Written on Update: Missing woman found dead in car pulled from Marco canal:

Age as well as Weather more than likely was the factor hear it was raining very heavy that night. but what I don't get is how you can travel over 200 ft thru 2 vacant lots and run into a canal without realizing your not on the road! did she fall asleep at the wheel or possibly have a stroke I guess we wont know since this sight only follows up on political chaos....

Written on Poll/Video/Photos: Not all buying city’s plan to redevelop Marco’s business district:

LOL, The (Statement) would only be silly to those that it applies too!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

A High School on Marco would be a welcome addition and an improvement to our city and you are right the negative comments above are Lely Teachers and Immature students who value there elders opinions kids usually repeat what they are made to believe thats why they are called students and most students are usally not interested in commenting on a news blog unless they are told to so all in all Ive said it before and will say it again there will be a High school on marco soon!

Written on Poll/Video/Photos: Not all buying city’s plan to redevelop Marco’s business district:

Have you ever noticed How the main opposers to virtually everything that doesn't involve them getting something for free happens to be the same dozen or so people that weigh in on every topic over and over again like a broken record and these are the people that influence council the most! A very small loud mouthed minority that doesnt want anything done to the island. and don't use economy as a crutch when things was booming they still whined and cried about the strp...infrastructure repair and improvements...Plant expansions road work and repair...bridge repair you name it they opposed it I truly think its a case of being retired with nothing better to do but be a pain in the butt and gripe about everything! while the truth always comes to pass when a Island wide vote is done they still claim they are the majority even in defeat and its a conspiracy of the good ol boy network blah blah blah...But even with all that in mind through out the year on routine decision making this and all councils are coerced buy this very small group of nah Sayers and put our city leaders and staff under fire for basically doing the best they can do and be for this City!
Its sicking to observe and witness such a great group of people that service us and make this Island such a wonderful Place to live and Visit get the short end of stick so many times over the same handful of people that wouldn't be happy regardless of what they are handed, and with all that in Check its the Majority that gets screwed here you like how city operates you enjoy the improvements that the city leaders and staff provide for you your grateful for the impeccable service provided by staff so when a group of councilman ride that train into office and win your vote then once in place follow the advice of the negative opposing Dozen or so complainers its a travesty and appalling to witness! councils job is to support the Majorities Views not some small group of habitual pragmatic complainers what a joke not just in this above topic but in everything they do so will the Majority that supports its city and staff plz com forward and show these councilman that the dozen or so repeat cry babies don't represent the whole island!!!

Written on Do you think Marco needs a city center?:

Its no surprise that the most votes are leading to a false majority of no due to the true majority doesn't even bother with these unscientific polls

Written on Video/Photos: Driveways approved despite bumpy ride:

Uneven surfaces prevent advanced life saving techniques...hahahahahahahaaha cant transport patience safety on shell drives.. lmao..!!!

well if that is the case about 2-million or more Americans better move off of the farms and other rural areas of America that don't have 30 thousand dollar driveways!

They say they want to save money but yet they debate nonsense like this and waste money!

council has there head in there butts whats next cut an already tiny general staff and sacrifice quality of service....That's the rumor I hear that or possibly cut there already low end pay of course this would be for the hourly employees the ones making the big bucks at the big glass building need a reality check!

Written on Video/Poll/Audio: LCEC Web site causing problems for some making late payments:

Speaking of deposits When you pay a deposit to LCEC for your initial Power connection (as a new customer)It states that



It has been 4 years since they excepted my initial Deposit and I have not received anything Other than an electric bill......

Has anyone else had this experience?

Written on POLL: Septic-to-cistern conversion banks rainwater for irrigation:

I agree sharkfloss, and lets also rule in the fact that this dry season had an unusual amount of moisture not seen in decades.In a normal dry season there wouldnt be any savings.

Written on Collier County commission agrees to more Marco museum funds:

in response to RayPray:

At least the parking lot for this silly museum to nowhere will be a great boon for all those merry oldsters lumping across to the library for some free internet time.

LOL,Now I will admit that is funny and Ironically its true! good one RayPray!

Written on Water service interruption anticipated Monday on Marco:

Sounds as if most of you dont have technical experience in water distrabution! its not logical to have 40+ year old watermain parts just laying around. Of course it needed to be special ordered. Always so fast to judge and opinionate... get your facts straight!

Written on Red light camera fake out? :

Well its nice that you announced such a thing to the masses is there any other inside scoops you would like to give to habitual offenders of any other laws that they can break without being Just saying!!!

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

I dont agree with everything council decides. but, what is the big deal about naming a room or a building after an individual? im not to familiar with Mr.Tucker but in politics sometimes you have to be somewhat pragmatic in order to not get walked on by your advasaries.
Besides its not like the city hall will have a neon flashing sign stating welcome to E.Glenn Tucker Central! It will more than likely be a small plauqe at the entrance saying E.Gleen tucker building with a date of the inductment, I would assume.

pS. As far as The mr.Glaub situation goes R.Popoff more than likely saved him from himself by not allowing his verbal attack on a deceased former councilman and City contributer as well as a currently active Collier county judge!

Written on POLL: Council raises, smaller, but back on the table :

U2cane, I agree city politics is not a wage earning position they should be happy with what they already get! The money they receive for their volunteer service (By way Of Election) is an incentive for that service not an income. A close friend of mine is on council in another city and state and only receives half of what our councilor's get and their travel time and expenses are far greater.But vote or not if they don't get it Ill be surprised! What about the rest of the city employees the ones that actually work for a living I guess they'll be left to struggle again with out a raise.Has anyone ever asked a general employee if they ever received a cost of living increase! Just curious, every year its approval is announced but never actually hear of anyone receiving it!

Written on Continued city budget cuts don’t please all :

“Beating up the city has become a blood sport for a small percentage of our people.”“It’s a rush to do something politically correct rather than what meets the need of the people,” Thompson said that as directed by Council, he also made it a priority to cut education and training expenses for personnel.

“This is counter-productive to maintaining life and safety,” Overall though, he said, the look for cuts is like “some sort of financial witch hunt” to “placate the few people who will never be happy with their city.”

Thompson said specific projects may also be eliminated.

“We’ll go from a really great city to a mediocre city,”

This is the real yolk of this article councils lack of thought into whats best for the city! They really are in reality falling under the pressures of the overbearing minority that have plagued this city since its incorporation. cutting areas that are more damaging than good to the service provided by city staff, its not the answer! throwing salt on a wound to please the blood hounds,lets compare it to cutting off your nose to spite your face!
Council, Sometimes the best solution isn't always the most popular one.
quick fixes to please the naysayers doesn't only hurt the staffs ability to perform but it also causes morale and faith in there leaders to decline.
Cuts that put staff and departments in chaos and uncertainty of there future is not a positive spin on a already bad situation!
Think about your decisions wisely and with all in mind... residents/employees/voters and some are all three of these.
Just don't sacrifice a great city and staff to the pressures of those who are habitually unhappy!

Written on Utility addresses low water pressure issues:

ED, I can see the point your trying to make but in fact it really isn't just that easy. See cause you have to think that you have natural and unnatural breaks that occur some of these breaks even on a smaller line can cause loss of thousands of gallons of water in just a few minutes so I truly don't think that is how you would determine your loss of water ratio but I'm sure they have ways to estimate but come on those are just ball park figures and still wouldn't be accurate.

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

in response to Smeg:

Relax, you won't feel a thing.

Seek records at the Collier Cty Clerk of Courts website to investgate the flim flam council and parks directors(plus others). Apparently we should not expect city finances to make sense with these monkeys rolling the dough.

Ohhh --- It's believable!

Don't begin to think you might be anonymous on any NDN blog. Those that want to know, know.

Smeg this may be a dumb question but I don't claim to be computer savvy but what does ndn stand for. just it naples daily news...and if so are you indicating someone in the paper is filling someone in on who is who to someone in the city? and if that would be the assumtion isnt that a privacy violation... just curious...

Written on PHOTOS/Marco Council blog: Vice Chair "ballistic over" charter change:

Thats what I Commented before who in the heck has a $100.00 electric bill? we pay some of the highest bills in the country on this island.
next they will be talking about our imaginary $60.00 water bills this is off the topic but think about how they push crap threw council to the public with the promise of decreases in bills etc and turns out to be a increase followed shortly by more increases. In 5yrs the only people that will be able to afford to live on marco will have the last name KARDASHIAN OR TRUMP!

Written on Marco electric users won’t get their $1 million refund :

They consistently make lame brain decisions like this and think they need a raise!....UNBELIEVABLE!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The un-Nobel prize:

I'm in agreement with all who oppose his receiving a noble prize. what has he done?
The question is what is he going to do? personally I feel most of the answers to this question will be found in Corinthians and Revelations, ruin the country PSHT he is going to end the world!

Written on Utility employee writes on Marco's "proactive sewer" project:

who cares what project was done first? new strp or repair of old! All of you would still be complaining...and that's the hard truth!

Written on Marco’s million dollar question morphs into more :

I haven't seen a $100.00 electric bill on this island ever! I don't know what condo owners pay for i live in a single family home, but if anyone has a average bill of $100.00 whats your secret cause the electric bills around here are highway robbery my electric bill when I lived up north was on an average around $60.00 a month and I lived in a large home! here they run close to 300/350 a month now tell me why they feel the need to charge so much for usage? If you ask me I think the rates for lcec customers need to be dramatically cut I don't know about all of you but I don't like getting ripped off electric is electric I don't care where you live but companies such as lcec seem to want to take advantage of people let them answer the question of why their rates are some of the highest in the country............

Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

Lets nip this in the butt Right now,(Pardon the pun) but as we blog, the fence work for the canine area is being erected at mackle park.
to avoid future incidents could a separate entrance and dog run area be created for the canines and owners. just a thought and secondly it doesn't sound like the dog bite was much more than a nip, calling the cops when the boy said he was fine was probably the will of a parent who was and is against the dog park anyhow. But to avoid this type of situation animals should have there own entrance away from the civilian areas....

Written on Can you guess which citation will be dismissed?:

what was the difference between those two stops? absolutely nothing was different other than the time of day! what a crock this should be illegal to much room for air or favoritism!

Written on POLL/VIDEO: Some find success at hearing to contest red-light camera citations:

I'm not to hip on these cams either. Some of the lights on 41 in east Naples turn from green thru yellow to red so quickly you barely have time to react if your close on the intersection and if its raining forget it your not stopping and I would rather go thru than slide to a stop in the middle!

Written on City Charter review: Raises for City Council, spending cap up for discussion :

Don't know what to really say about this topic other than its strange that the council decides to not give the blue collar folks that work for the city a raise,which is usually a piddly 1%-3% when and if they get them! But the suits and ties get multiple raises and bonuses regularly and now the counsel wants to give there self a 33% raise this group of counselors is slowly loosing my respect.if anyone deserves the raises its the people that work in the trenches not the ones that already have six figure incomes...secondly as far as counsel is concerned what you do is a service to public with a small pay base as a insinuative for that SERVICE not a INCOME so your answer should be (NO RAISE FOR COUNCEL!!!)

Written on POLL: Parking tickets at home tick off some Island residents :

Great idea!
Do you propose the lot owners be billed for the sidewalk installations...or raise resident taxes to accomplish your "movement?"
Does it really matter does a lot without a walkway not result in a pedestrian having to enter the roadway which is being deemed as unsafe now this is your and others opinion on this! entering the roadway by whatever reason car in a drive or a lot full of sand spurs and stickers the only solution on how to never enter the road due to sidewalk obstruction or no sidewalk at all is to install sidewalks where none exist.personally though if im walking on a sidewalk and a vehicle is obstructing the walkway I simply walk the extra 6 feet around the vehicle via driveway apron I don't walk down the street but I am forced to walk the street when there isn't any sidewalk at all!

Written on POLL: Parking tickets at home tick off some Island residents :

Well we obviously have a variety of opinions on this topic and that's great!
know since it was brought to everyone's attention. why is there so many vacant lots with out a sidewalk?
It is city property and if someone was to walk of the end and fall and break something wouldn't the city be liable?
I make a movement in the name of safety for the city to install sidewalks in every area where they stop and start vacant lots...etc...

Written on POLL: Parking tickets at home tick off some Island residents :

Just curious to the statement of riding bicycles on the sidewalk. unless its a designated bike path such as the 8 ft wide sidewalks on collier or the new bike paths on the shoulder of several of our streets aren't you by law to ride your bikes on the street with the flow of traffic as we where taught to do in like the 1st grade at bicycle safety class. Or does putting pedestrians walking on the sidewalk (NOT RIDE) in harms way of being hit by a bicyclist sound a little more dangerous! If they cant see a 4,000 lb vehicle in a driveway how will they see a human being!
Sounds like BULL to me and I can see why people are upset!!! give tickets to the parents that let there children ride a bike to school in the early hours without reflective clothing on or lights and reflectors on there bike.
And wasn't this parking issue brought about due to lack of parking at businesses why are you targeting residential neighborhoods?
Isn't it suppose to be Serve and protect. Sounds like Harass and Collect!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: City employees ... thanks:


You say you wish no ill will toward government workers. But basically your saying they deserve to be jobless as unfortunately you are! That is wishing ill will! Secondly Most city governments Have made cut backs due to there over whelming amount of employees. Our City of Marco Island before and after the economic breakdown has worked short handed and has no need to just randomly lay off employees! Every currently employed government worker for our city has sacrificed cost of living increases and pay raises for a couple of years now and have suffered the same economy you/We all live in! So to Blurt the solution is to put a Mother or Father out of a job and to satisfy the fact that your employer no longer could afford or needed your service is a wishing of Ill will intended or not.

Written on Guest Commentary: Facts not fiction - The buying of the water system:

Cash cow come on nobodysfool the money generated from the water utility barely pays for the maintenance of the plants and the necessary expansions being made for sewage treatment or the generation of water for us to drink if it was a cash cow bonds would not be needed to do these projects and to all those thinking it can be fixed by getting rid of city employees this is also another fantasy land thought our city already operates under staffed as it is and comparing it to cities that have made staff cuts that where operating with thousands of employees is dumb... Cash cow I don't think so!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Septic to cistern — Is it practical?:

This cistern idea is terrible with the minimum storage capacity of a septic tank and the long waits between rains its just not practical versus the cost to install and maintain!
Also I get the vivid picture in my mind of the fool who puts one in standing there with his garden house filling the tank just to water the lawn! How are you saving anything by this? A smart person would reject this cistern idea.

Written on Economy stomps Marco Wine Seller out of business :

Sailing along that's just s-----! Are you sure that you didn't visit the wine store before typing this foolishness?

Written on Guest Commentary: Kiester requests comments, concerns:

Which in turn should be extended in the last statements made by chuck to the public is that the old sewer pipes are a clay pipe that has a very weak integrity to the constant rising and dropping of tides and also are penetrated by roots looking for water and minerals and also due to the salt content in our ground water corrosion of these pipes has weaken them even further!
Unlike the new PVC type piping being used in today's STRP projects with resistance to such things as brackish type water and roots along with water tight seals at the joints rejecting infiltration or ex filtration unlike the latter type pipe. So the facts still remain that it is necessary to complete our STRP and repair our existing infrastructure or would you rather stop whats necessary and build another park or ball field! I think the answer is obvious...

Written on Water/sewer rate increases have Marco looking to speed up sewer project:

PlayballonK ,You hit it out of the park with that comment! That is exactly what the eagle did they took cape corals story minced it in to a marco issue that has been dormant for some time except for a few strp references thrown about time to time by Mr.Keister at meetings and just like throwing bread to the ducks we came running with our opinions, quack! quack! quack!

Written on Water/sewer rate increases have Marco looking to speed up sewer project:

The anti sewer points are mute cape coral just proved what happens when the minority gets there way the rest of the city suffers! their strp stoppage came along with a 92 percent rate increase for all residents with existing city utilities. As I see it we need to get this strp finished and put to bed so all you nay Sayers can find something else to gripe about!

Written on Utility rate increases, financial quandaries may halt Marco sewer project :

Happy, your reference to drug usage was uncalled for and quite childish. I'm not going to argue the fact that the strp are burdensome to the neighbor hoods and some people may have to sharpen there pencil to pay for it.
But my point was just revealed by Cape corals disastrous decision to halt there strp/utilities projects and the majority of the whole city just got screwed with a 92 percent rate increase! Point simple stop now and lose big!