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Whatever else you may think of this article or this ranking or the running of the city (which I agree lacks competence and the confidence of most aware citizens), this will probably be good for property values.

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Someone should go over to Rose and test their soil for contamination. They have opened this can of worms. There are very few marinas in the US of this age who have not had significant soil pollution. Such a finding will bring in the EPA and that will drag this fiasco on for years not to mention the extreme cost this will be for Rose. Use all tools at our disposal.

This is a terrible decision for so many reasons.

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Bad, bad, bad decision. Maybe the EPA should look into Rose's environmental record on their current site. Do some testing, I bet there is something foul there that can gum up the works. All that oil and other chemicals leaking there since 1969. I bet there are all kinds of things there that will very expensive to clean up and to defend against.

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in response to marco826:

This decision is a disgrace. I like Rose Marina and they are an Iconic part of our Island but, this expansion is unreasonable and frankly ugly. Our politicians are serving our community. Only special interests....picture the traffic....

I completely agree. It is a nice marina and seems like a good business. However, by putting an industrial looking rack storage facility on that side of Bald Eagle will really diminish the property values of nearby residences.I sure wouldn't want to be a homeowner on the corner of Giralda and Bald eagle with this monstrosity going up.

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I cannot emphasize enough that the problem with the GOP is the Religious Right.

JON HUNTSMAN would have been a much better candidate to challenge Obama; but the Evangelists would have NONE of him.

Because: Huntsman said that "the GOP should not be seen as the anti-science party, and Evolution is fact".

Because of this view by Huntsman; the GOP dumped him and went with the CREATIONIST types; Mccain, Romney; ones who have faith in that nutty Creationist Museum in Kentucky.

As a result the elections of 08 and 12 were a shoe-in for the Liberals.

It is really too bad. We have a whole political party; the GOP; which because they focus on the NEXT world; have become blind to the realities of THIS world; and because of this; sees everyone else as "evil"; and therefore refuses to compromise.

It's a good thing that up until the time of Ronald Reagan religion never really got in the WAY of government.

If it did; we would probably have no "Pure Food and Drug Administration"; no Medicare and no Social Security; as the GOP would be waiting for Jesus Christ to come through the clouds and fix everything; just as it is doing today.

Get rid of the Palins, Bachmans, Aikens, Brouns and Mourdocks; stop trying to legislate from the Bible; and put SANE Republicans like Jon Huntsman back in control of the party.

I agree with you that one of the major problems with the Repubs is the Religious Right.

Normal, main stream Repubs are now a minority in their party. the Repub party has moves so far to the right - particularly on social issues that is would be unrecognizable to 1980's Repubs. Ronald Reagan himself could never get nominated today. Dems have also moved to the right so now most of the main stream Dems are more like 1980's Repubs.

Huntsman was a likable candidate but will never get the Repub nomination because he has too much of a rational, pragmatic mainstream approach. They will nominate someone completely unelectable like the empty suit of Ted Cruz or the empty brain of Rand Paul. Dems will end up nominating Hillary who may in fact win because she is actually a centrist - despite the liberal paint the Repubs will try to slather all over her. American's ultimately want a compassionate sounding centrist.

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Looking at the pictures, it should have been called "Rhapsody in Gray."

Written on Sharon Delander places one of many bids. "Rhapsody in Black," a gala benefitting the Marco Island Ce:

Looking at the pictures, it should have been called Rhapsody in Gray.

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If they have rack storage across the street from the water, there will be fork lifts constantly crossing Bald Eagle with boats on them. That will be great for traffic.

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Good. Rick Scott is the definition of an empty suit. Hopefully the lead will last this time.

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The guy moves 2,000 miles away to improve his kid's opportunities in HS football? Seriously??

There has got to be much more to this story.

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Good for the Hilton to recognize this hero in their midst. Credit also goes to his parents who obviously raided him right and his school who set him well on his way.

Great story.

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It will be interesting to see what this first graduating class will do after HS. How many are there? Howe many will go to college and where? what will the others do. This would be an interesting story for the Eagle in a few months.

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Next year, they will have a true homecoming when alumni come back to visit.

Congratulations in making this school a reality. It will be interesting to see where this first senior class goes to college.

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Good for her. Her parents have obviously raised her well. They deserve to be very proud of her - and she should be very proud of herself.

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Instead of all the money spent on consultants and the like, why not just install a floating bridge so people can go to the beach on the other side of the lagoon. they could reel it in each evening and connect it each morning. This would have little to no impact on the environment and would enable more people to use the facility which is the whole point - thus alleviating the crowds at the other beaches.

There, I just saved all of us $200K. You're welcome.

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The bike path committee chairman doesn't ride a bike? It seems that riding a bike might be a requirement of a member of this committee, or at least its chairman.

I'm not suggesting that a non bike rider can't offer helpful opinions and guidance, but someone who actually rides a bike would have real life experience that a non rider could not have and which could be very valuable to the deliberations of this committee.

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I don't get it.

Once expert says it is probably from the 1990s Value Jet crash because this type of jewelery was not popular in the 1970s but the other expert says it is from the late 1700s.

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Why bother growing it inside? In GG Estates, they probably had plenty of room in the yard. It's Florida for goodness sake, not Alaska. They would have saved on their electric bill, not had to buy the equipment and would never have tipped off the police. Their likely HUGE electric bill probably gave them away.

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in response to ajm3s:

There is a wildly held belief as presented by Chief Justice Roberts at last years Centennial celebration at RICE. In a Q and A segment after his short presentation regarding RICE's founding, there is now a famous quote Justice Roberts made in response to students considering law school.

“I think there are a lot of people who go to law school because they’re not good at math, and can’t think of anything else to do, it’s always a difficult profession, particularly these days. You have to have a reason.”

And most recently, was it NOT surprising when lawyer and IRS director of Exempt Organizations official, Lois Lerner stated,“I’m not good at math,” at a damage-control news conference following revelations the IRS had targeted tea party groups. And this week she invokes the 5th Amendment AFTER providing testimony. Thank God there are attorney's with a clue as exemplified by Trey Gowdy, 4th district representative of South Carolina, when he clearly alerted the house committee to a faux pas by Ms. Lerner. I believe Ms. Lerner may have not taken advice from her counsel and opted to include her testimony as an exhibit of self defiance which may lead to her self demise.

And some still believe in big government to protect us.

God help us all!

I agree with Justice Roberts. That's one reason I went to law school.

Law school admissions ebb and flow with the times. When I went to law school, the TV show "L.A. Law" was popular and that resulted in a huge number of people applying to law schools during those years. When the Movie Wall Street cam out, people started going to MBA programs in huge numbers instead of law school. Both of these and other events all have added up to the overgrowth of mediocre graduate programs nationwide.

Evey piddling college wants to have a business school and a law school. They raise the money, build the building, hire faculty, recruit students who then use guaranteed student loans, and then they crank out graduates that cant find jobs in their chosen profession.

It comes down to the greed of the colleges and their administrators who have as a result of all of this activity seen their compensation go through the roof over the past 20 years.

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I get why the old guy went to Ave Maria since it seems like law for him is a long term interest and perhaps a bit of a hobby, but for the young woman, I'm afraid she likely wasted her time and money.

Ave Maria is among the worst law schools in the US and isn't likely to climb in the ranking anytime soon. US News has it squarely in the 4th tier (its lowest) and doesn't even rank it numerically. It is well known that there are far more law graduates than the market can absorb so most of the Ave Maria graduates will either become sole practitioners in small towns or will end up working in non-legal fields. These graduates are unlikely to be selected for prestigious judicial clerkships or top firm summer associate position. It is hard enough for graduates of top law schools to find good jobs. For these graduates, it will be near impossible.

The worst part is that many if not most of these graduates will have great difficulty paying back the loans they took out to attend.

Large firms, even in Florida are very unlikely to hire one of these graduates in the near future. After it becomes a bit more established, that may change, but it will take decades for that to happen.

Really, the world didn't need another law school.

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A real loss for Marco. Now there is going to be even less to do at night.

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I too am from Connecticut, but a different part of the state than I assume you are from.

Connecticut is really like two completely different states In the part I am from (Fairfield Country), most people could care less about UCONN or its sports teams. We have two professional teams in each sport from New York - which is a lot closer to us than Hartford or Storrs (a place no one I know has ever visited). Our focus is toward New York City and that is where many of us make our living.

I am glad you are a happy follower of UCONN sports. I am not. In my - and many of my neighbor's opinions,- Our tax dollars (the greatest percentage of which come from our end of the state) are being spent to support what are essentially professional athletics at our state university. We would all be much happier if UCONN spent our many improving the academic quality of the school rather than continuing to pour money into sports. The reason most of the people in my end of the state don't care about UCONN is because most of us wouldn't send our kids there if we could afford to send them to a better college. UCONN's academic ranking is very low compared to so many others (it ranks 63rd among national universities).

So, go enjoy rooting for our state college team. I will go back to work now so I can pay more taxes to pay for the scholarships of the great UCONN athletes.

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I think the sign is a bit silly and also in bad taste.

The real question I have is why on Earth would a college student on Spring Break even want to come to Marco Island? There are no night clubs, few hotels, and most importantly, few other college students. The sort of college student who would come to Marco for Spring Break is a completely different sort than the type one would find in Daytona for example. I think its great if some college students want to spend a week here. Give them a bit of credit. If you read this paper often, you will read about plenty of "local" people misbehaving also.

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What a s----- idea.

That's just what the country needs. Another witch hunt to impeach the president for absolutely nothing the way they did for Bill Clinton. What a waste of time and reputation that was for those "House Managers" involved. Asa Hutchenson, one of the leaders of that pack is such a has been today that the NRA rolled him out to spear head their ill conceived plan to investigate placing "good guy with a gun" in all of our schools.

the fastest and most sure fire way for the Republican's to seal their irrelevancy would be to pull a stunt like this. If they did that, they would be out of office for eight more years - guaranteed.

Written on November 6, 2012. A new day of infamy. (Council for Constitutional Principles):

I agree with Willburgolf. Get out. Go back to where you came from. Obviously you have no idea what being a real American means. You have no idea what the Constitution really says or in what spirit it was written.

You also know very little of early American history. The vast majority of the founding fathers were secularists. Christmas was not even a holiday for the first 80 years of the republic. You are a no-nothing loudmouth. Fortunately for you, we do have freedom of speech which allows you to pollute the Internet with your ignorant, closed minded drivel.

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Provide public access to the beach and the money would flow - and should. Otherwise, take care of it yourselves.

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Complete nonsense.

There is no such public walkway. The fact is that all beaches in Florida are public from the high water mark to the water's edge.

In order for Hideaway Beach to be truly a public beach, there would have to be public access from the land - not just for boats to approach.

Since there is no public access from the land, it is constructively a private beach and should not rely on public tax dollars to pay for its upkeep. Either the residents of the private community pay for the restoration or let nature take its course.

Since our public money is now paying for the restoration, I would like to know how I can walk over to Hidewway beach so I can spend the day at the new "PUBLIC" beach.

Perhaps this former Marine can use his orienteering skills to let us in on the long lost walkway.

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in response to 26yearsonmarco:

Obama needs to read this story and ban all knives as well because once he bans all guns, the knike will become the weapon of choice:

It's hard to kill 27 people with a knife.

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Why do you see conspiracies everywhere you look? You are like Chicken Little. The Sky is falling, The Sky is falling.

Well, it is not falling. Get used to it.

Why do you make such a stink about what you perceive as lies by the administration in order to deflect criticism about a terrorist attack?

Regardless of what you think in your conspiracy-laden mind, but Obama would have been re-elected regardless of whether most people believed Lybia was terrorists or whether it was caused by protests gone too far. It doesn't matter. That's not why most Americans voted for him. Most Americans voted for him because they agree with his perspectives on several issues.

Anyway, why don't you save the same zeal for Condi Rice and the entire Bush Administration for their statements about WMDs? That bit of untruth actually caused us to go to war for several years killing and maiming thousands of Americans and driving us into a huge amount of debt for absolutely no reason. Why no outrage there?

You are very transparent.

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Beucler retired to a civilian role, Goetz retired to a civilian role. They are training on sexual harassment. . .

You have got to be kidding. In what organization in the world other than the MPD would these people not get fired?? Why so many second chances? Why even one?

Are there so few people available to be a MPD officer that we have to allow these people to stay on? On top of that, the presence of these people working for the city greatly increases the chance that the city will be sued for their future conduct. Is anyone accountable at all?

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Everyone reading this should walk over or take their boat over to Hideaway and start hanging out there since our county tax dollars are now going to support this nice beach. I might even do some surf casting.

Written on Hideaway Beach renourishment approved – for now :


If they want their beach saved, they should pay for it out of their own common charges or they should have a special assessment to cover the cost. I think most people who live on Marco - and in Collier County since this is County money - would not want their tax dollars paying for this since the beach is essentially non-public. Why should everyone else bail them out with this sort of welfare?

Those Hideaway residents who vote for Romney because they think Obama is all about welfare and redistribution are hypocrites if they accept any public money for their private beach. This is a taxpayer funded bailout of a private beach community. That smells like welfare to me.

Take care of your own problem. If you want us to fix it, make it a public access beach. Public money should be spent for the public good.

Written on THE CHOICE HAS NEVER BEEN CLEARER (The Residents' Corner by Dave Trecker):

I'm not sure why you believe that Romney = lower taxes. He might say that, but if you look at the issue critically at all, you will see that that is simply impossible. It is not a partisan thing, but an mathematical thing. Vote for whomever you want, but if you seriously believe that Romney will lead to lower taxes, you only have to look at the last two Republican administrations for your answer.

Written on Collier OKs spending $1 million to fight beach erosion on Marco Island :

Why is this being paid for with public funds if Hideaway Beach is essentially private - unless you walk to it or swim to it.

Since we are now paying for it, the City ought to run a shuttle bus to the Hideaway gate from a parking lot off the island so more people can enjoy Hideaway Beach.

Written on It's Your Business: Green Bay flights begin today from Fort Myers :

Wow! These new flights from Wisconsin will be great for the local bowling alley business.

Written on Hideaway Tax District Board strategizes on how to get beach built up :

in response to ajm3s:

Is Hideaway Beach a county beach?????

All Florida beaches are public. This has to do with access. The public can use it if they can get there - either by boat of by walking all the was from Tigertale.

Written on Black bear killed, hit by vehicle, on Alligator Alley :

How does any wildlife get on to the highway on Alligator Alley? I've driven it many times and it seems completely fenced in from the Everglades.

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in response to MrBreeze:

The problem is we are all trying to find another Ronald Regan. Romney is not that guy. As hard as he might try he comes across as phoney.

The country is divided between the "haves" and the "havenots" and a new group the "haveless" which is the middle class. This recession has made many well off people broke. Many have been forced onto goverment programs and do not want to take the chance with Romney to risk total loss. So they will vote Obama in hope things will get better in the next 4 years.

Wealth has been divided in this country. People with true wealth have survived but people who thought they were wealthy found out they were not.

I agree with most of what you said, although I would rather replace your Reagan and Romney with Clinton and Obama, but I agree with the general tone of your comment.

You are spot on when you say that there are many people who are a lot less affluent than they thought there were and this will take many years to rectify. If they are still working, then they may be able to make up some of it over time, but if they are already retired or near retirement, then the fear of eliminating or substantially curtailing SS or Medicaid is very real. Particularly after the turmoil of the last four years since the economy tanked, the certainty of SS and Medicare is viscerally important to most Americans over the age of 40.

Since the trend of the US economy is positive - although anemically so - and stock markets are up and housing prices are beginning to rise, there is legitimate reason for many people to feel that things will continue to improve over the next four years.

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in response to 1Paradiselost:


Told you so! Instead of being angry at Me your anger should be pointed at your party.

If you could have supported John Huntsman the election would have been over. Keep supporting the far right and you will keep loosing every major election.

Let me quoit one of your comments from September 22, 2012
1:38 p.m...... You said...

"Insanity.... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome."

Your right, next time pick better leaders!

I think you are generally correct in your analysis.

Most people are moderate - regardless of party affiliation. The problem, as it has been for a long time, is that in order to secure the nomination each candidate has to pander to the most radical elements of their respective party. In the general election, their job is to then claw their way back to the strategic center. That is what you normally see happening.

What is interesting to me from a political science perspective is the fact that Romney does not seem to be trying to get to the center by election day. Instead, he continues to seem to be concerned with placating the Far Right, even though they have no choice but to vote for Romney.

I find this surprising and a bit troubling because although I don't support him, I always sort of felt that in his heart he was more moderate than he pretended to be during the Republican debates - particularly since he had been governor of Massachusetts. I fully expected him to shake his Etch-a-Sketch and reinvent himself as a moderate Republican after the convention. I always believed that that would be the most difficult problem for Obama. I am just amazed that it didn't happen. This is the primary reason he will loose in November.

Written on Romney releases 2011 tax returns; paid $1.9 million, 14.1% rate:

in response to Our_world_according_to_zookeeper:

Paradise, I can not get over how smart you are regarding what Romney may do in the future. Usually when people are so sure what some else will do they themselves have done it themselves.

Since you know so much about the future why are you not so stinking rich that you do not have to worry about your 91 year old mother who is on welfare and take care of her yourself?

You must also be an accountant who seems to "know" all of the tricks on avoiding taxes under the law.

You ademently requested Romney's returns in other posts. Look at his returns again. He gave 30% to charity which he can not get back, not like our V.P. who gave less than 1%.

Where are the OBAMA's college transcripts, their writings, who they associated themselves with at that time. I am more worried about that then what someone else may do in the future. That is far more important to America than what Romney may do with his tax returns later on.

We know Obama is a Socialist, has been a Socialist and MAY, notice I say MAY, be a Socialist for the rest of his life.

First, its not a "trick" to ammend your tax return. Any accountant will tell you exactly what Paradise said and no one would consider it a tax trick or loop hole of some sort.

Second, it is absolutely irrelevant how much charity someone gives when they are running for President. It is great that Romney gives so much to charity, but it has nothing to do with his fitness to be President or his ethics when it comes to his taxes.

Third, your attack on Paradise regarding his 91 year old mother are way out of bounds. She is an American and has EARNED her social security and medicare. She is not a victim or a moocher. I'm sure that Romney and Mrs. Romneys elderly parents are also receiving Social Security and Medicare.

Fourth, why would anyone care about Obama's college transcripts. I'm not sure why you are so concerned about what classes he took or grades he received 25 years ago but your are not concerned about what the other guy did with his taxes (as an adult) three years ago which is far more relevant. The PResident has been in his office for over three years. He has been fully vetted several times by both the liberal and conservative media. With all of the Obama haters out there desparately trying to delegitimize our President by claiming he is somehow unqualified to legally serve or that if we analyze his writings as a 19 year old that will somehow tell us what kind of President he will be is beyond s----- and actually quite unpatriotic. You might care about it, but it is clear from ALL of the polling that America does not care at all.

Fifth, Obama is not a Socialist. You obviously have no idea what a socialist is if you are calling Obama one. The silly "redistribution" scare is so mindless as to be humerous. In America, we have always redistributed wealth to some degree. That is why we have taxes. If you don't like the concept of redistribution, then don't pay taxes. Regan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 all redistributed, as did Clinton, Nixon, Ford, Eisenhower and evey other President we have had since the federal income tax was instituted.

Following you logic, if Obama was really such a socialist he would have tried to institute all sorts of radical programs since as you believe his days are numbered. If he were as scary as you seem to think, he would use his last days as President to get all of the things done that all good socialists want. But, alas, that has not happened. You must be very disappointed.

Stop looking at the world through FOX colored glasses.

Written on NCH $2,000 fine for mishandled call a 'hand slap,' victim's family member says :

At $2,000 that will just look at this as a cost of doing business. Why should they change anything if the worst that will happen to them if this happens again is a $2,000 fine.

Hopefully, Mr. Anderson's family will sue them for wrongful death and will get a large recover. If the regulating agency won't properly police the regulated entities, then the court system will have to take care of it. If they get a million dollar recovery, then I suspect that NCH's insurance company will require them to run a more professional service - or drop them.

Written on Has U.S. economy bottomed out? Census suggests yes:

Romney is an empty suit who believes in NOTHING. He will do or say whatever he thinks is necessary to win. He wants to be president just so that he can say that he did that too (Well, I was governor of Mass, ran the Olympics and a PE firm, I guess I will try to be president now. . .).

That is why he changes his opinions depending on whose support he believes he needs. When he needed liberal Massachusetts voters, he was pro choice, pro RomneyCare and pro gay rights. When he needed the conservatives to get him nominated, he completely disavowed everything he used to say he believed in. When he needed to raise money, he told the uber-wealthy contributors what he thought they wanted to hear. Just shake the Etch-a-sketch again.

Now ironically, he would do best in this election if he reverted once again to his former opinions from when he was Massachusetts governor - but unfortunately for Romney, he is too afraid of his big money donors to do that.

He believes in nothing.
He stands for nothing.
He will do nothing.

Written on Who are Mitt Romney's 47 percent? A breakdown:

Also in the "Non-Federal Income Taxpayer" category are US soldiers who are in combat. Under federal Law and most state laws, US soldiers in combat are exempt from paying tax on the income they earned while in combat.

I wonder how many of our combat soldiers are pleased that they are portrayed by Romney as moochers and victims.

"Inelegant" is one word for it. "s-----" is another.

Written on Romney: Nearly half 'believe they are victims' :

I wonder how the US troops in combat zones who are therefore exempt from paying income taxes feel about Romney's statement? If I were in combat and a guy running for president basically said he does not care about me, I might think hard about voting for him.

Written on Frustration (Council for Constitutional Principles):

Its not a faux pas if it is what you really mean - which it is.

You might be interested to know that a fair amount of the 47 percent who don't pay federal income taxes may in fact be Romney supporters. There are a lot of seniors as well as US military personnel who are in active combat zones who don't pay federal income tax.

Further, if he really cared about any of those people, he would say what a true conservative would have said which is that they should care about the tax structure since according to Romney, it is the change in that structure that will improve the economy for all.

Once again, you make no sense. What a joke.

Written on African American Speaks Up (Council for Constitutional Principles):

"I have a saying, that "the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide."

Like tax returns??

What a hypocrite you are. Keep writing your childish screeds and republishing your copy & paste nonsense. To paraphrase Louis Brandeis, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Written on Guest Commentary: Larry Magel on city prep for Isaac; 'we should be proud':

in response to marcofriend:

The mayor is Magel, not you.....

No, it is I.

Written on Marcophiles: Marco Movies has its own digital drama :

Now if they could only find a way to improve their food.

Written on Guest Commentary: Larry Magel on city prep for Isaac; 'we should be proud':

It's a good thing we also didn't have the 24 hour doctors office to protect. If that boondoggle had passed, we would have been taxed another 5% to cover the costs of the generator and sandbags to protect it.

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in response to RayPray:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

While the other half -- the greedy 1% ???

Check you math.