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Written on 25 dead pilot whales found south of Marco Island:

So sad. I guess I thought when they were seen off Marco on Monday that someone from the Florida Wildlife group, Coastguard or some other group would have kept track to see if they had moved further out to sea. I was surpised there was no mention of them since Monday. Just seemed to me like they would have been tracked more.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

I have also wondered if the Deltona Corporation made provisions in the Deltona Deed Restrictions should Marco become a city as it did in 1998. There was a putt-putt golf course on Marco before it became a city. I have worked on Marco for 25 years and lived on Marco for 15 years. I wonder if the residents who live nearby and opposed the miniature golf course prefer the sounds of the other businesses with delivery trucks, patrons and music/entertainment over the sound of folks enjoying themselves playing putt-putt. If you live right behind a business zone you should expect to hear some noise.

Written on Marco miniature golf course shut down, owners vow appeal:

Just curious if the Mackle brothers and Deltona Corp had envisioned Marco Island becoming a city and having a city council and city officials. I don't understand why MICA wasn't dissolved after Marco Island became a city. Did the Deltona Corp think a private beach with membership dues part of keeping the ambience of the island? There is so little available for entertainment of the young and old. We will be losing the revenue Capt Brien brought to the city once the Comedy Club leaves. If the City Council approved the miniature golf course and it is in an area among other businesses what is the issue with MICA? Judge Hayes made a poor decision. Open up the Marco Golf and Gardens again. It seems ironic the course had to close right before the July 4th holiday that brings droves of people to our Island, just sayin'.

Written on Connecticut man dies after being pulled from Marco Island lake:

I have to agree with the question of Dean being underwater for 35 minutes with the PD/FD/Ambulance less than 1/2 mile away. Something doesn't seem right. Don't know who called 911 but if they were told someone was drowning seems absurd it would take that long to respond.

Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

in response to RayNetherwood:

"Ignoring" the other side isn't a good idea. But, a stop work injunction should have been filed months and months ago. Construction has been ongoing a long time. I can see the future noise complaints .... mini golf courses for some unknown reason play background annoying music at a billion decibels .... that CAN NOT be tolerated at this location.

I don't know where you have played miniature golf in this area with music playing at "a billion decibels" but I have not heard it at Coral Cay on US 41 or when Marco Island had a miniature golf course years ago. Personally I hope they move ahead with it. We need more things to do on this Island. It is located in a business area. It was approved by City Council.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Vote Mitt Romney for president:

I would vote for Roseann Barr before I would vote for Willard Mitt Romney.

Written on Guest Commentary: Beach dos and don'ts :

My husband saw a first at Marco's south beach that wasn't covered here...a man had a canopy set up with a chair and a fan powered by a gas generator running. Legal or not?

Written on Marco Island Planning Board weighs regulations for beach parking :

If you don't live close enought to walk to the beach on Marco you don't need a MICA pass. To park at the public lot at South Beach or Tigertail just get a Collier County Park Beach permit. If the lot at South Beach is full then patrons should be directed to Tigertail. No swale parking period.

Written on Party planned to remember life of Stan Gober, creator of ‘Buzzard Lope’ :

R.I.P. Stan. God bless you and your family for all you have done for this community through the years. Thank you for making our Sundays special.

Written on Marco Island City Council opens with Marco Island Academy report; close with advisory committee selections:

Are all these students living on Marco Island? I didn't realize there were that many kids living on Marco in that age group. It was more of a retirement community when I moved here and that's what drew me here.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The need for less speed:

in response to 280sl:

The car, bike issue is not all about speed. Many bike riders disreguard safety and cross roads without slowing or even looking.

I agree with you. If I drove my car on the wrong side of the street I would be ticketed. I often see people in the bike lanes riding against traffic. I thought they were supposed to be riding in the same direction as other traffic on the street. I often see people walking in the street and not moving out of the way of vehicles. I think the drivers on this island obey traffic laws better than the bicyclists and pedestrians.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Time to abandon the fireworks?:

One of the nice things about the fireworks is if you can't make it to the beach you can still see the fireworks from various places on the Island. I don't see that happening with a laser light show.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Picket the beach:

in response to Ian_Curtis:

Mrst that is for home occupation employees and clients, not general parking. Statute allows swail parking in most instances. Unless the statute is changed they can not stop it.

Thanks for the clarification. Maybe the statute needs to be changed or have the city maintain the grass in the swales.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Picket the beach:

I believe this is addressed in the City of Marco Island Zoning Regulations under Home Occupation in item #7 (Pg 10). "Parking of vehicles in the public right-of-way (swale) is prohibited." Now if we could get that enforced it would be another matter.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island not a day trip destination:

Maybe if we would have gone with a toll bridge this would have eliminated some of the extra island congestion. Speaking of is bad enough at the South Beach access partially due to the poor design. At one time the "foot shower" was located off the boardwalk portion. Now when someone wants to wash all the sand off personal belongings, themselves and children it basically blocks the access. Another result of this poor design is the fact all the water runs down the ramp and puddles up at the bottom making it difficult for those who come to enjoy the view but are not planning on getting wet.

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

This was once a nice quiet little island. So sad to see all the anger. I have worked on Marco for 23 years. Those of you who have been here before it became a city (by a slim margin and numerous tries) know how divisive decisions have become here. I moved here because I liked the quaintness of Marco not to have it try to get a "big city feel". We have been lied to by those in city council who said the would be fiscally responsible and reign in the spending.We don't WANT a city council that listens to the people they represent, we NEED a city council that listens to those it represents and most important we DESERVE a city council that listens to the people they represent. I think there are a number of people on this island that really would be better off living in a BIG city. Where has paradise gone???

Written on NBC2 fires longtime TV news anchorman Craig Wolf:

So sorry to see him go. Hopefully he will remain in the area and turn up on another station soon.

Written on PHOTOS: Swimmer's leg severed by boat propeller at Vanderbilt Beach:

Thank God there were people willing to help. Prayers of healing for 'Sal'.

Written on Tract K out of play for Marco charter high:

Many people have commented over the years of crossing the Jolley bridge and entering paradise. I know that's how I felt 23 years ago when I first started working on Marco. I have watched the 'green space' disappear and the wildlife dwindle. Kind of ironic the wildlife gets pushed out to turn this paradise into a "zoo". Score one for the eagles.

Written on Marco Island crime numbers increase, police chief warns about prevention:

Look at the names of those arrested in "Police Beat" and see if you notice a pattern...

Written on Jolley Bridge lanes reopen, delays continue:

I think the police department and sheriff's office need ro work together at times like this. There should have been someone from law enforcement ticketing those jerks who were driving on the shoulder of the road between Mainsail and Isle of Capri to cut back into to traffic on Collier Blvd and blocking intersections on Marco. We ALL have 24 hours in a day. My time is just as imporatnt as your time.

Written on POLL: High school on Marco Island one step closer to reality:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

No, had that shoved at us too and had to pay for it.

Written on POLL: High school on Marco Island one step closer to reality:

Are all the proposed students Marco Island residents or is it ok for 'other' kids to make the drive or bus ride that is deemed too much for the Marco kids? Have they ever done a poll on Marco that isn't merely the results from MICA and polls ALL the Marco residents? I've never seen one. I'm not a MICA member but I am a Marco resident, homeowner, taxpayer.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Don’t block the high school:

"If you bought your house near the proposed charter high school site and it was not a residential lot before, shame on you for not looking at that before. Do not fight the future of these children."
If you bought a house on Marco Island and planned on having children attend a high school here, shame on you for not looking up the fact Marco Island did not have a high school. Anyone that has moved here must have noticed the island only had an elementary and middle school. It seems this is a big suprise to people with children.
Lets be fair about this and put it up for vote by the citizens on Marco.

Written on Marco Island approves 15 percent tax rate increase, limits oil spill reserves:

in response to sailingalong:

Gibson announced at the last council meeting that he has been foreclosed on and no longer owns property on Marco. Waldack hasn't paid any taxes for a least two years. They are having a great time playing big shot and spending other people's money. What a couple of idiots.

Do they live on Marco? And yes they are idiots along with the rest except Joe Batte.

Written on Guest Commentary: Are city leaders creating a conflict of interest?:

I think the high school dilemma should be put on the ballot in the upcoming election. I have worked on Marco for over 22 years, I have lived on Marco 12 years. I don't belong to MICA so apparently my opinion will only count at elections. What percentage of residents belong to MICA? Why aren't these surveys sent out to all households? Doesn't everyones opinion count?

Written on Be yourself: That’s really the ticket for Jon Lovitz:

Great show Thursday night! Don't miss out, get your tickets.

Written on PHOTOS: Thousands enjoy Marco Island's 22nd Easter Sunday Sunrise Service :

My first sunrise service was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped make this happen. I hope to attend this beautiful service every year.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A long and winding road (driveway):

Perhaps the EMTs need additional training. Emergencies don't always happen in ideal settings and we should be concerned if the personnel we rely on for help can only help us if we meet their criteria.

Written on No pants: Ave Maria University’s new employee dress code requires women to wear skirts, dresses:

I went to a Catholic school for 12 years and wore a uniform without any problem. I wish all schools would adopt a uniform policy to make it easier for staff to identify who should and should not be on campus. As for the women at Ave Maria, with the heat factor down here they should be glad they aren't forced to wear a suit and tie. Currently I work at a job that requires the employees to wear a Company uniform. I really don't understand the big hub-bub about this. Conform or find another job.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

What Marco NEEDS is to take a good look around this island. The homes for sale, the businesses closed, the insanity of spending that continues. We don't NEED a high school. Where are all of these high school students working? On the island? Not too many jobs on the island, they are going to have to cross the bridge sooner or later. Don't even get me started on the bridge...

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