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Written on Marco Island property owners avoid thousands in utility assessments, 6 percent rate hike:

This was pretty much a no-brainer. Utility rate hike battles were traditionally fought between single family homeowners and condo owners. With the formation of the M.I.Homeowners Association these two factions are now aligned against the City, time for a new scapegoat. The vacant lot owners, it's all their fault! The lot owners are making a lot of noise right now, but when the snowbirds come back in a few months, there will be plenty of public support to "steamroller" them.

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I can explain the math. The surcharges and assessments are the same. When the home is occupied, the usage goes up by 20%. If he does not irrigate, his bill will not go to zero, but will be greatly reduced. But that is not possible either.
So the conclusion: Enjoy life and stop complaining. Every City that is NOT rural in Florida is going to Sewers and replacing their Septic Tanks.
Ed Issler

Let's try this again, Ed. The surcharge is NOT the same when the home is occupied, it is levied on Base AND Usage. Again, his Total Bill goes up by 20%, he does not address actual metered usage variations in his letter (although i wish he had). Also, "Every City that is NOT rural in Florida is going to Sewers and replacing their Septic Tanks." Where do you get this crap? (pardon the pun) Can you cite a technical paper, magazine article, or some other documentation to substantiate this claim? I am a member in good standing of the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association, and read the Florida Water Resources Journal every month. I have never heard or read such a statement. I suspect you've been had by a current or former utility official who knows a good patsy when he's got one.

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When I first started reading this I should have realized it was from Dr. Uhler. I was saying "What____?" as I was trying to understand the LTE. It is really something that Dr. Uhler confirms that he has an oversized lot (as do I) and that his irrigation use is 80% of his water bill.
Nothing strange or unusual about that. The 80% statistic is a National average of the breakdown of residential water use.
So I am trying to figure out if there is anything important to note in this LTE. As usual, the answer is nothing.
Ed Issler

How did you conclude his water usage was 80% irrigation? I saw only bottom line numbers, no usage figures in his statistics. At my house, we take showers and run only full loads in a h.e. washing machine. My lawn only gets watered as Nature sees fit. My average M.I.U. bill is $75 monthly, approximately 88% of that is base charges and the STRP surcharge. Thanks to you and your ilk, we live paycheck-to-paycheck, and are barely keeping our heads above water. Too bad you weren't crossing Collier Blvd as Eddie D. was flooring it the other night.

Written on Marco police car involved in wreck that shut down Collier Blvd.:

Just what the new chief needed in his first week on the job. It looks like a "careless driving" or "failure to maintain control" citation is in order for somebody here. Given the personal injuries and damage to City property, were any "fitness for duty" tests conducted? Was either party pre-occupied by a cell phone or some other distraction? I will LMAO if it was "Officer JetSki".

Written on Immokalee man charged with selling drugs to undercover cop:

Four-and-a-half grams of crack for forty bucks, eight-and-a-half months ago. Who do you think you're kidding? CCSO needs to go back to busting wanna-be hookers in cheap local hotels if they want to regain their credibility with me. Lotsa luck on your re-election Kevin.

Written on 3 Marco Island homes face fines for not hooking up to sewer:

I hope everyone from here on out opts for the "defer for 20 years" plan. The City will run into a wall on their borrowing authority and be driven to insolvency. It's a shame, but I'm coming to believe this is the only way we can rid ourselves of these abusive tyrants.

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Marco Island's version of "If you build it, they will come." Not exactly working out the way the movie did, is it?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Water-sewer assessment:

Yep, it's the base charges, not usage that hit us so hard every month. That's money in the bank for the utility, no matter how much you try to conserve. And believe me, they're laughing all the way to the bank.

Written on 3 Marco Island homes face fines for not hooking up to sewer:

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The mistake was in Deltona not having Marco on Sewer when they developed the land.

With the exception of commercial properties and high-density residential devlopments, sewers are not really necessary here. Septic tanks and their leach beds discharging into the sand they're buried in never fouled a canal, and the City can't prove that they did. Sand is the most economical filter media going. The only reason the Keys were sewered is the coral they were built on is porous, and WILL leach pathogens into surrounding waters. People like you are just not smart enough to recognize the blessings bestowed upon them. I hope you wise-up.

Written on Bicyclist charged with DUI near Naples Pier MUGSHOT:

It's probably a good thing they arrested and jailed him before he mowed down an innocent pedestrian with his bicycle. On the other hand, we know there are only 2 kinds of people on the road at 2 AM, cops and drunks.

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NF57, Do you mean 100 million or 100 billion?

I guess I did err by a factor of a thousand. I don't usually deal with numbers of that magnitude. Sorry.

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The S&P downgrade of U.S. debt is expected to cost us about $100 Million annually, yet the TeaPublicans say no government revenue increases (higher debt payments are not another tax on us?) which could lead to additional down-grades. Gold and silver commodities are at near-record prices (adjusted for inflation). My advice? Sell your precious metals and invest in brass and lead.

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

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Which TeaPublicans are you thanking? The ones that voted for the recent debt ceiling or didn't. Or are they all the same?

Or maybe it comes down to the definition of TeaPublican? Nice ring, but how is one to answer the call?

The recent elected representatives were committed and changed the discussion, in spite of their minority status in Congress. In fact, it was their platform in running for the office. So now they are paid off by the Koch brothers? The TeaParty's simple message is very powerful regardless of donor list.

Remember, most prior increases in debt ceilings were perfunctory.

The radical left (includes Obama administration) uses terms that they would not use to describe an actual terrorist, but are free to describe the TeaParty as metaphorically "strapping on their bomb belt".

You don't think an elected official like Erik Cantor isn't treasonous because he is invested in Pro Shares? That fund makes its money by "shorting" government securities. He would have had a windfall in the event of a government debt defaualt. The only reason the GOP caucus got behind Boehner is they were terrified of Cantor, or worse yet, the Minnesota loony tune who would probably replace him in relatively short order.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

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Excellent. And it is more than explosion of office supplies. It is an over expansion of city facilities and services with resultant increase of city expenditures. Add to the mix the lack of prioritization.

Even in this article, "Director Tim Pinter urged council to reconsider, noting that it’s been nearly a decade since roadways have been resurfaced". Is it me or is it normal practice to resurface roads every ten years? Is it the potholes from freezing and snowplows?

I guess it may be too much to ask the city to get a handle because on this path the percentage of taxes paid to Marco Island vs Collier County will continue to rise.
God help us all.

Public Works wants us to pay for resurfacing the roads because they are being busted-up by the tandem-axle dump trucks being operated by Quality Enterprises, Mitchell & Stark, and others working on City Public Works projects. Why do you think the "old" Jolley Bridge deck is in such bad shape? It's time to quit over-engineering our island paradise. Maybe Tim can get the Lee County D.O.T. director job. He hasn't been caught-up in any asbestos-crushing or Hydrogen-Sulfide release scandals (that we know of yet).

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

"Bank of New York Mellon said it would start charging large investors to hold their cash because they are depositing so much." You know it's bad when the bankers start screwing the millionaires. Thank-you TeaPublicans, for bringing a long-festering problem to a head with your sell-out to corporate America in the debt ceiling deal the other day. The Koch brothers and their ilk are proud of you!

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

Have you looked at the 2011 Preliminary Tax Rolls on the Collier Appraiser's website yet? They're posted. DOWN, for the 4th year in a row. Note to Mssrs. Trotter, Waldack, and Magel: Turn out the lights when you leave, the rest of us will probably be long-gone by then.

Written on Marco Island City Council budget workshop: Millage rate increases unless more cuts can be agreed to:

in response to lauralbi1:

TO MARCO EAGLE: YOU HAVE THE FIGURES IN YOUR OWN ARTICLE, BUT FAILED ON YOUR MATH. You stated that last years Mileage Rate was 1.89 and this years was 2.0733. That is NOT $.75 higher, as you state in your article. Rather, it is $.1833 per $1,000 of assessed value higher. And, since many homes have been appraised at lower values, some citizens of Marco may, in fact, see a reduction in City and County taxes.

That has been what has caused such a major task to the Planners.

That is not to say that additional reductions should and could be achieved. Rather, please just get the facts correct.
Ed Issler

Ed, your property value has declined by 50% from 2007-2010.(I checked the Collier Appraiser's website.) It's going to decline again this year, and probably again next year unless the City can get a handle on controlling expenses. Why do you keep supporting the City government? I didn't know a good whiff of crushed asbestos could cause people to exhibit such bizarre behavior.

Written on Marco Island City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Recommendations finalized to go before entire City Council:

Look at the Sub-Committee make-up. Bill Trotter can't run for re-election next year due to term limits. Wayne Waldack can only parrot what's whispered in his ear or plaigerize what he read. Larry Magel doesn't have to worry about re-election for 3 years. What did you expect?

Written on Marco Island City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Recommendations finalized to go before entire City Council:

Notice how islandeye "waldi" and KlabZili posted comments within 16 minutes of each other, at 3 o'clock in the morning! Apparently, the internet troll didn't take the time stamps into consideration. Yer busted!

Written on Marco Island Budget Sub-Committee digs into sewer and water revenues:

Suppose you're a visitor to our beautiful island and like what you see. You actually consider relocating, retiring, or just investing here. Would the prospect of seemingly endless property tax increases and utility rate hikes influence your thinking? Until the City can adopt bare bones budgets and get our financial house in order, I wouldn't count on a recovery. On the other hand, just trying to decipher KlabZili's postings on this website would probably be enough to scare away a lot of prospects.

Written on Drug prices to plummet as expiring patents allow generic competition:

Don't hold your breath waiting for a break anytime soon. A couple months ago we were told fuel prices would probably drop 50 cents/gallon or so this summer. Seen it yet? The Teapublicans owe their corporate financiers big-time for last November.(Where are the jobs they promised?) In just under 470 days we will have the opportunity to tell them we're not interested in "the best government money can buy". Vote YOUR future America, or it's BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again).

Written on Marco city worker who got $100,000 when dismissed loses Lee job on his first day:

Rony Joel didn't just muddle through a few years of a controversial project. He was a player in the airborne asbestos release during the Collier Blvd. rebuild, the attempted takeover of LCEC's Marco Island assets, and the failed Town Center CRA project. If you think our bonded debt is bad now, he would have driven us into insolvency and beyond. Good riddance.

Written on Back to the badge: Marco Island names former Collier Sheriff Don Hunter as new police chief:

Guess the handwriting's on the wall for Tige Thompson. As I recall, he had a less than stellar career with CCSO before coming here.

Written on Marco city worker who got $100,000 when dismissed loses Lee job on his first day:

Boo-hoo. He's probably got briefcases full of cash from Quality Enterprises and Mitchell & Stark that he hasn't even opened yet. Thank you Dr. Mario Sanchez, for your part in makig things right in the world.

Written on Don Hunter on being selected Marco Island’s new top cop:

BCC budget allocations were a joke when Hunter was sheriff. He always spent more than they authorized and threatened mayhem if he didn't get it. We can do better than this guy. Come to think of it, we should start looking for a new City Manager too,

Written on Marco Island Utility Advisory Board: Special assessment for some or rate hikes for all?:

"STRP and the water system purchase will force many more increases in utility rates'. This is from Mr. Petricca who serves on the UAB. It's time to throw up our hands and say "Please save us, Collier County, we put our good faith in nitwits and morons whose only motivation for "serving" was self gratification. If anybody on the UAB ever actually worked in the industry locally, they would know the "best practices", and how thy're not followed here. Don't expect any relief until the City totally and utterly collapses (which regrettably can't come soon enough for me).

Written on Marco Island Utility Advisory Board: Special assessment for some or rate hikes for all?:

First off, NWTP is the North Water Treatment Plant (where did you get Northwest Treatment?), the lime-softening plant on Elkcam Circle. Second, saying there were no rate increases for the first five years the City owned the utility is a lie. There were COLA increases (usually about three percent) every year before the twenty percent hike of the last two years and this year's anticipated six percent hike. Ken Honecker is a joke, he'll probably be assigned to the same circle of Hell as John Arceri and Rony Joel.

Written on Utilities Advisory Board on hold: The group needs City Council to approve a new member:

in response to islandeye1_235971:

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Go for it, dude. Convince City Council to get rid of the dysfunctional cops and the $4 or 5 million annual savings would go a long way in propping-up the dysfunctional utility.

Written on Utilities Advisory Board on hold: The group needs City Council to approve a new member:

There was also another candidate who owns a home and a condo on this island and has over 20 years public utility work experience. He is certified and licensed for Wastewater Collection and Water Treatment work in Florida. I have to agree, City Council appears to be looking for a lackey, not somebody who actually knows their posterior from a post-hole.

Written on Marco Island Budget Sub-committee: All departments looked to for cuts in expenditures to keep from raising taxes:

in response to ed34145:

We have fought that battle...we had a referendum to maintain a local police presence. We do NOT want to go back to the days when it took 45 minutes to respond to a burglary in progress call. Yes, it really did happen when we had to rely on the county.

I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again today (in plain English). Snowbirds were promised extra security at no additional cost. This is anything but true. Tige Thompson's demotion and the Chief's resignation, along with all the other recent scandals clearly demonstrate how dysfunctional MIPD is. It's time to rid ourselves of this insane clown posse (my apologies to the band with the same name). I'd have no issues with letting CCSO occupy the real estate where MIPD is currently located. Strike while the iron is hot! Oh, by the way, screw their union, Florida is a "Right To Work (for less) State" anyway.

Written on End of an era: Marco Police Chief Thom Carr resigns, says lawsuits not part of decision:

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Hey August8...the city already decided. We had a referendum vote....Are you new or is your memory poor?

I remember the referendum well. It was carried by part-time residents (absentee voters) who were told they would be getting extra protection at no additional cost. The vote count showed that among "locals" (myself included) who actually went to the polls that day, it lost. Think about the lawsuits this reckless bunch of "Miami Vice wannabe"s is costing us. The $4 or 5 million per year disbanding MIPD would save us would go a long way in stabilizing the financial albatross Marco Island Utilities has become. Besides, it would a great way to show our appreciation to the police for bringing in a union once they were accepted.

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: New Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge open for use:

Why hasn't this so-called newspaper published anything on the Lee County/Rony Joel thing yet?(See the latest on Fox 4 News) Are they afraid of losing precious Marco Island City government advertising revenue? Get over it, he'll be working somewhere other than Cleveland,Pittsburgh, or Marco before you know it.

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: New Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge open for use:

Now that Tim Pinhead is running Public Works and the dirt,noise,and detours of seemingly endless construction have returned it's only a matter of time before the tandem-axle dump trucks bust-up the new bridge. Have Marco Island's finest relegate these pavement pounders to single-lane one way at a time use of the "old bridge" (which they put in the condition its currently in).

Written on Marco Island City Council okays dollars to operate second fire station full-time:

Living anywhere near a fire station is not a treat. Anytime the trucks leave the main station I have to listen to their sirens. I suppose they do this to remind us of what a valuable service they provide. Frankly, if my place burned, I would have it demo'd and move somwhere that the local government isn't quite so hostile to the locals.

Written on Sewer connections raise a stink at Marco Island City Council meeting:

Tim Pinhead needs to go the way of his mentor Rony Joel. The fact that QE is doing this job without dewatering or Hydrogen Sulfide gas stripping equipment is a throwback to the " bad old days" when the City could care less who was choking as a result of their construction projects. I guess it'll take another federal case with the EPA before these idiots wise-up (if then).

Written on City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Marco Island ‘facing another difficult year,’ says Magel:

in response to blogsmog:

I was just wondering..if we could magically go back 5 years(and knowing the fiscal condition we are in now), would all those who supported the STRP have a change of mind?

Please, don't even THINK about going back 5 years. Thank your lucky stars Mike Minozzi, Glenn Tucker, John Arceri, Bill Moss, and Rony Joel have all moved on in one way or another.

Written on Fish kill in island canals appears over:

in response to Ruger:

I believe they were spraying for mosquitoes last week, at least on my side of the island (east).

You must be fairly new around here. The limited, targeted mosquito control they conduct from the helicopters these days is a far cry from the "bombing runs" they used to do in DC-3s years ago. The number of vacant lots versus manicured lawns was also a lot different too. I stand by my fertilizer runoff conclusion as well as the need to scrap the City bureaucracy.

Written on Fish kill in island canals appears over:

In the last 2 years, both the 1700 and 1800 blocks of North Bahama were sewered by the STRP. (I live on the 1800 block). You can no longer blame failing septic tanks for the damage fertilizer runoff has been doing to our canals all along. You don't the suppose the recent rains have had anything to do with exacerbating the problem, do you? That foul stench in the air is called "a failed charade in municipal government". Both Marco Island Utilities and Marco Island P.D. have foisted more liability on us than our small community can be reasonably expected to bear. It's high time to pull the plug on the City of Marco Island and let everyone in Collier County from E-City to Golden Gate Estates feel our pain. And the $300 Million in bonded debt? A drop in the bucket compared to the banking and auto industry bailouts. Just tell the "investors" they should've done better due dilligence.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Liberals just don’t get it:

Yo Manny, As I recall the price of gas didn't skyrocket until the current GOP/Tea Party majority was elected and seated in the House of Representatives this past January. The oil industry well knows they have nothing to fear in the way of regulation or taxation from that crowd. What say you now?

Written on Work begins on Marco Island storm drainage project:

With Rony Joel out and Tim Pinter as the new face of Public Works, it looks like Quality Enterprises is back on the gravy train. Too bad for Mitchell & Stark.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Is that a promise? Have a nice journey. Ta-ta, don't let the door hit you on the way out, Klab!

Written on Marcophiles: Speaker Boehner spotted in Naples, is a fan of Marco Movies:

At least he's doing more for jobs around here than OUR Congressman, Sack Mack in 2012!

Written on Police Beat: Aug. 10, 2010:

I suppose the Marco Island junkie(s) will be patronizing the CVS on Bald Eagle until Marco's finest stake that one out. Nice thing about retirement communities, there's no shortage of DRUG stores (or work for Miami Vice "wanna-be"s).

Written on Water line break causes boil water notice on Marco Island:

The South water plant is what, maybe 15 years old and lines are "giving out" already? Maybe if they didn't over-pressure them at night to sell as much water as possible during irrigation times they might last a little longer. I had to replace a relief valve on my solar water heating system just last week because of this practice. (I found it to be leaking every morning until daytime demand caused pressure to drop below its setpoint.) PVC piping can only take so much of these cyclical preesure transients before it fails. (Aside to Mr. K, they hired the long-armed Mr. R.J. so he could get to the bottom of your deep pockets.)

Written on Year-round media campaigns will help minimize tourism losses, says Jack Wert:

Jack Wert (I previously thought his name was Dick Wart) ought to consider a career change along with Vip Grover. Using public funds to prop-up failed businesses in the current economic climate is something we can no longer afford.

Written on Federal grant may encourage Marco Island to spend more on new bridge:

I'm positively thrilled at the prospect of saving some $8 million of our money on this project. However, I have little doubt Rony Joel is busy cooking up an $8 million "emergency" for when the money is available.

Written on Utility rate hike proposals as high as 50 percent continue for Marco Island customers:

Many of the projects behind these rate increases are to expand and increase capacity at the water and wastewater treatment plants, even in the face of decreasing demand. Larry Magel knows this from serving on the ad-hoc Utilities Committee. It's time to get rid of Rony Joel, (formerly of Camp, Dresser, & McKee, a utility construction contractor) before his loyalties to former associates drive us into insolvency.

Written on Could Cape Coral's decision to bury power lines shed light on how Marco can do the same?:

Another multi-million dollar project. When will we get around to unloading the construction industry refugees that have infested City Hall? Our city is already $260 million in debt, not counting the $10 million for the new Smokehouse Bay (designer) Bridge and $20 million to develop Veterans' Park. If these people continue to run our obligations up to unserviceable levels, what would happen in the event of a major catastrophe and we don't have enough credit to borrow our way out?

Written on Letter to the Editor: We are all part of the county:

So...Ed Issler thinks John Arceri could run again and be elected to council by a landslide. Mr. Arceri was elected in 2002 when councillors were elected by district. By 2006 the system changed to the at-large system we still have today, hence his decision to stay in the background trying to influence issues such as the failed attempt to sieze LCEC's Marco Island assets and the never-ending construction spending and utility rate increases. Oh, and isn't Rolomokat the same one who opined last month that the passing of philanthropist Bill Rose meant we lost the notorious Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds? What a hoot!

Written on Interim city manager waives benefits, Marco City Council to offer $150,000 salary :

Bill, Jerry, and Wayne have looked like deer caught in the headlights lately. What's the matter, is John out of town? Speaking of whom, he should've backed Stef instead of Larry in the election (good lackeys are hard to find). You won't hear me complaining though.