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Ms. Ward, you are an asset to OUR community and also full of class. This can't be said about Ackerson and her Bald Eagle mafia.

I agree! Thank you Ms Ward!

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Maybe they were shot by you know who.

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jmar-So the MIPD shooting animals is all part of thier job, really, you sure about that? Bald eagles have been known to attack humans, should they be shot. There is no justification whatsoever, for killing this animal! Were there people near it about to be "gored by it's tusks" If that was the case, would the police fire a gun and take a chance on killing a human. How upsetting would that picture be? There are wild animals that wander into residential neighborhoods everyday that "frighten people" and the police are not out shooting them!! This is wrong on so many levels. What kind of message does this send to our youth or anyone for that matter.

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They should have took him alive. How about a tranquilizer gun? MIPD looking bad again.

Breeze, I agree 100%. There are many humane ways to capture the animal alive. Mr Baer, what is wrong with you, shooting animals, shame on you!! What the hell are you doing firing guns near people anyway. I would be far more fearful of getting shot than a wild boar running around. Not too long ago I saw a panther in the brush near tigertail beach. Better shoot it Mr Baer, before it instills fear in beachgoers. All citizens of MI, don't let your pets get loose they might get shot...MIPD is unable to capture them alive. MIPD=Marco Inhumane Police Dept.

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Well said, Ex!! Excellent job MIPD!!!
Heines=lowlife, scuzz bag, drug dealers. I hope u both rot in prison.

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Good to see we made it thru another New Year's celebration with no Eagles harmed.

Happy New Year!

Good to see we made it through another year without Jane harming them. Indeed it is a happy new year.

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shouldn't you be out on the streets with your holy jar begging for money. There are so many needy kids on the island that need more elbow room for their Ipads at the community center. It's so sad...

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Paradise, You're spot on with Copwatch. The holier than thou MomfaceMarcoDefenderRuger has been resurrected. Watch out for CougarBaby next.

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Kon,I see what you're saying and there is nothing wrong with having a vision. I just wouldn't call it state of the art at this point. Just my opinion.

RugerMarcoDesperateMomface, try to get educated. Calling a trailer park a trailer park is not name calling. It's a HS made of trailers in a park...hence trailer park HS. Get it? The time you called the Sanctuary advocates "crooked nuts" now that is name calling at its worst. Lastly, a person with lots and lots of money such as I is neither desperate nor defeated.

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Kon, what ever do you mean by "state of the art." I don't think a "D" rated trailer park HS is "state of the art", and neither is a basketball team that makes it to districts. Please explain.

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Bye Momface... Your like a bad cold.. You'll be back, Under a different name! Now you have time to pet the cat.

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"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person."

Andy Rooney

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Ya know Momface/MarcoDef and all your other alter egos, I agree with Paradise that most taxpayers would support some sort of committe/fund including me, up until now that is. I just can't get past your arrogance, sarcasm, and belittling of those that don't agree with you. For those reasons I wouldn't donate a dime to any fund you are affiliated with. It's too bad, because I have lots and lots of money, literally. Don't bite the proverbial hand that feeds you...a little niceness and humility goes a long way when you're asking for a hand out. I'm done here.

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Momface-are you related to MarcoDef? You have the same patronizing, condescending, mean-spirited attitude as she does. I am glad that you haven't resorted to name calling as she has in the past, however.

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MarcoDesperate, I don't think mini golf is a good idea. I heard it's quite expensive and I don't think any taxpayer will foot your bill. Instead, take the skateboards with you to the golf center and skate for free in the the empty parking lot they have. Better yet, take the family to see the eagles at our big, beautiful sanctuary we have know, the one over on Tigertail. It's free also.

Paradise has a great idea. Use YOUR money to start a building fund. Maybe Momface, Hascle and Genuine can help you out with that.

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in response to MarcoDefender:

Referendum? Sure, but each citizen votes, including school aged kids, who are the one of the biggest customers of the park. To lock out their citizen rights because of age would be unfair, dare I say...discriminatory, even.

We have a representative government (elected by vote) to address this. REFERENDUM is the waste of money and is outside the accepted process. If you don't believe it, visit Mackle twice in any one week period, day or night, and it will be busier than you could have imagined. An improved is completely warranted and already overdue.

You want to see some real patronage, visit Mackle during one of the holiday festivals, or on any Saturday during soccer season. A bigger, more outfitted part facility will keep the kids where they should be, in an area designed to maximize their health, outdoor time, skills in sports and teamwork. Otherwise, they will be hanging out with skateboards at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and other places. Is that really what you want?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...too funny MarcoDesperate! You've really hit rock bottom. There's just no redeeming yourself on this one.
Why should tax paying citizens of MI pay millions and millions of dollars for a new community center so that your kids have a place to "hang out"! I and many residents I bet, have no problem with them "hanging out" at Dunkin, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds, skate away kids...

Marcoislander, you're right, MarcoDef thinks she's getting a free high school out of it. Not fooling anyone.

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Only one picture of Jane?? What's up with that...
Mayor, we won't hear about the graduating class going nowhere. Just like it wasn't posted in the Eagle about MIA slipping from a "C" to a "D" rated school.
Ray, you forgot short order cook...

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HJ, Please do not stop any medication used to control your BP. Your medical doctor, not your pharmacist prescribed a diuretic to control your blood pressure. Suzy here failed to mention that there are different types of diuretics that are beneficial in many ways. For example, thiazide diuretics reduce calcium excretion and have beneficial effects in preventing bone loss and fractures. Potassium-sparing diuretics may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by up to 70%, a study suggests.

BP control is of the utmost importance! High blood pressure damages the cells of your arteries' inner lining. That launches a cascade of events that make artery walls thick and stiff, a disease called arteriosclerosis.

Complications from poorly controlled BP include Coronary artery disease, heart attacks, enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, brain damage such as strokes and dementia,aneurysms and kidney failure. Might I add that the number one cause of kidney failure is in fact high blood pressure. I don't know about you but I would certainly rather take medication for osteoporosis than suffer a debilitating stroke or be on kidney dialysis.
HJ, always consult your physician first before taking advice from people like "Suzy the pharmacist"

Suzy please stop, just stop!

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Anybody know how their boat overturned?

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I agree Hascle, leave it alone! Let nature be for once. Also, if anyone is too fat and lazy to walk a little to get there then stay on your couch! Lets stop perpetuating a sedentary lifestyle in this obese nation.

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This is the second dead person found in their car on Marco...what the hell is going on.

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in response to WMissow:


Too funny WMissow! He did say that yesterday though...

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MarcoDefender (AKA Name-Caller),
Here's my answer. "the question you think it's appropriate & beneficial to Marco Island, to have the mini-golf business close, and restore the lot to it's original condition (an empty grass field)" my answer is YES, YES, YES...let me slow it down for you, condescending one. YEEESSS, YEEESSS, YEEESSS!!!

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MICA is the law and the law should be upheld! GO MICA!

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in response to marco97:

Northerner anyone who lives on Marco is guilty of killing gopher tortoises, the Mackle brothers bulldozed the whole Island killing more then just the gopher tortoises. I have been here for over 20 years and I can point out many houses where tortoises once lived and were most likely buried so the house could be built.
Had the Collier county school board let the charter high school use tract K as it was intended by the Mackle brothers you would not have your tortoise complaint.
The eagle sanctuary is BS and only serves to keeps tract K from the charter school.

WMissow, I couldn't have said it better! I am in comPlete and utter shock that Marco97 thinks it's ok to kill something because it was done in the past.

Marco97, your mindset is beyond disturbing. Please do society and yourself a favor and get educated. You need to understand why perpetuating atrocities of the past is detrimental to everything and everyone on this earth! I'm really not surprised you're one MarcoDefender's groupies...ya know, the one that calls people "CROOKED" and "NUTS."

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MarcoOffender, Did you conveniently forget to mention the gopher tortoises you and Jane slaughtered to make way for your trailer park? Is that what you mean by "ensuring equality?"

...and is this what you meant by "descriptive words that are adjectives that aid in framing and sharing the facts" when you wrote, "Those nuts they call eagle conservationists were selfish and crooked." Such abusive and belittling words from someone who claims to have their humility in check.

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I like those old Deltona homes. They are great part of Marco's history. August, didn't you ever look at old photos of places like where you grew up for example and wish that it was still that way? What is the point of tearing them all down...what! MrBreeze, thanks. I would be proud to be your neighbor too. And thanks for preserving history. You keep that "old deltona job" going...

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Wow MarcoOffender, name calling...a sure sign of defeat and desperation. I didn't think it was possible but you've sunk to a new low. Is name calling and arrogance the "favored behavior" we should all follow or is killing endangered animals to satify ones selfish needs the "favored behavior." It is quite disturbing that you think killing animals and their habitat for a trailer park is a balance with nature...scary, really! If you want a big concrete city, move to Manhattan and take your self centered twin Jane with you! Do yourself a favor and humble yourself. Volunteer your time at a nursing home, childrens cancer unit, homeless shelter or even the humane society. Do something to bring yourself down off your high horse.

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Moon, get over it... your septic system is gone and it's for the better. Systems eventually fail and even if they don't fail it's impossible to prevent fecal coliform and a host of other harmful bacteria and toxins from leaching into the water especially during the rainy season. You claim MI's water was rated A, but for how long? Should you wait until it's a C or D or until you or your family gets sick from eating contaminated fish. It is what it is...people all over this country including me, are being forced to connect to public sewer. I'm paying almost double what you did 6 years ago, so quit your whining. Think of it as good investment in your town’s future. Oh and by, YOU need to get a clue... because "bohemeth" houses were built long before the STRP...where have you been

Written on Marco Island miniature golf course closed; judge orders its removal:

Moon, you know all too well the reason for the STRP is to prevent toxic substances from seeping into the waterways. I'm not sure how it allows for massive building as you claim...grasping at straws on that one.

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Thank you, I take that as a compliment. I wish I could go back to yesteryear and stop the actions of the selfish man (like yourself), that are hastening the demise of nature/mankind!

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Why don't all you anti-MICA folks just build a giant circus tent over the island and get it over with already! Don't you want to preserve what's left of MI's natural beauty. Convention centers, destroying wildlife to put up unsightly trailers they call a high school, mega community center, horse drawn carriage, mini golf, parking garages...give mother nature a break! Thank god for those that fought for the Eagle Sanctuary. MI and the world for that matter needs more people like that!

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Suzy...really? Vitamins, diet and exercise to prevent breast cancer from a gene mutation??!!While that may be benificial for a healthy person it's not going the lower the risk for someone with BRCA 1 and 2. Chemo agents such as tamoxifen MIGHT reduce breast cancer risk in women with BRCA2 gene mutations, the same may not be true for those with BRCA1. mutations. It's interesting how you talk about "detoxifying poisons" but failed to mention the cancer surveillance protocol for those who choose not to have preventative mastectomy, such as mammagrams at least 3 time a year. What about all that radiation Suzy? In addition to mammagrams, frequent clinical exams, MRIs, and ultrasounds are necessary. They do not lower ones risk of getting cancer from gene mutations they are tools for early detection. As far as breast implants go, a person who has a mastectomy with implants afterwards, in most cases does not need mammograms because there is no breast tissue. You are referring to someone who has cosmetic implants. Suzy you have done the public a great disservice with your ill informed medical advice and so has this paper for printing it!

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Thanks Paradise...advice well taken. I think I will head over the bridge to buy.

Written on Utilities, again – Marco Island City Council workshop delves into water and sewer issues :

I'm a MI part timer but have been looking to buy a home and eventually retire there. Now that prices have come down to our price point we can finally afford to buy one but have been afraid to pull the trigger because of the expensive utilities we've been hearing about.Water is $40/ that right? Can anybody give me a monthly guesstimate on the other utilities.

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I think I know where this elusive "walkway" is. Correct if I'm wrong, but here are the directions to walk to HB. First and foremost, you need to be in good physical condition. This "walkway" is not for the faint of heart. Ok, so park your car at the Tigertail lot. Grab your beach bag, chairs, umbrella,cooler etc..oh and make sure you have a good pair of water proof walking shoes and a porta potty. Cross over the board walk and make a right. Do not walk thru the water to Tigertail beach. Keep walking for a good mile and a half. The terrain is a bit swamp like and there is thick vegetation at times. It's going to take about an hour so it's a good idea to head out early and at low tide. When you reach the multimillion dollar homes perced on the beach, you're there. Set your stuff up and have a good time. I don't think the homeowners will mind...after all, it is a public beach. Lastly, watch the time. It's imperitive to head back before the sun starts setting, otherwise you will not be able to see and will get eaten alive.

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"There were turtles killed, no doubt. If you keep chipping away at the little bit of land they have left, soon they'll all be gone," he said.

Still wondering how Jane Watt was able to get away with killing the tortoises for her trailer park HS. Did I say kill?...I meant "relocate"...

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They need boat parking.

Written on Prep football: Marco Island Academy falls in preseason game:

Did I read that right...Bradenton?? That's about 200 miles round trip. Let me get this straight...a HS was sooo necessary on MI so the kids would not have to make the grueling bus ride to Lely because it takes away from study time. What a freakin joke...just like MIA.

Written on Manta Rays upstream swim Marco Academy begins first football season :

Why is it that the only news we hear about the MIA is related to new sports programs. I never see anything in the news about developing innovations or improving the rigor of science and math curriculums at MIA?? BTW, how is the trailer HS campus coming along...there wasn't even a bulldozer there in June.

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I bet keeping the handcuffs on him was a bit of a challenge...OK that was bad.

Written on Marco Island drugstore closes after 43 years in business :

Perhaps the reason customers went elsewhere is because they knew they were being watched. Why would anyone drive all the way from naples to MI to get their narcotic prescriptions filled when there is a phamacy on every corner. I think Carr did the right thing.

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in response to ratsnake:

Think of the poor people who live across the canal from it. Coming into the marina past the CCSO station really, really stinks.

I think about how bad it would be to live across the canal from it every time we pass it in our boat and yet a guzillion dollar home was just built on the east side of Rose Ct. Now I know why that little fixer has been on the market for almost 2 yrs.

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Can anybody tell me why the sewage treatment plant smells sooo bad. Never noticed it until lately. That seems more of a health risk than septic tanks. Is it all the time? May have to move my boat to another marina.

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Couldn't agree more Francis...may as well call it carnival island.

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How bout this. First students, and then a program and then a building.

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"Last report was near 1500 child residents here. That's substantial considering full time residents are around 13,000." let's say that half of those kids, or even a third or fourth of them are high school age. That means only 68 out of 500 or 375 attend the world class MIA. Jane better order extra trailers.

Written on Vanishing beachfront: County’s Coastal Advisory Committee denies emergency funds for Hideaway Beach:

"Support our global interests. Paradise!" Right on Slackdaddy!!!!!!