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Written on Letter to the Editor: Septic to cistern — Is it practical?:

in response to Marconian:

This cistern idea is terrible with the minimum storage capacity of a septic tank and the long waits between rains its just not practical versus the cost to install and maintain!
Also I get the vivid picture in my mind of the fool who puts one in standing there with his garden house filling the tank just to water the lawn! How are you saving anything by this? A smart person would reject this cistern idea.

Marconian...AGREE, AGREE, AGREE!!!!! I never understood their line of reasoning.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Wake up!:

Mr. Rush did you not win the lottery? Like you would have anything to worry about, or do you? I agree with Gaby D. You need to turn off Fix News. I believe Veteran's Health care, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are government plans. Congress seems to enjoy a great health care plan.

Written on Water/sewer rate increases have Marco looking to speed up sewer project:

I love the comments about Obama and Biden. The only people left in the Republican Party are angry old white people and religious nuts. Which are you?

Written on Hear Naples developer Jack Antaramian share his political views and why he calls himself a 'Reformed:

I totally agree with Mr. Antaramian. This was a positive interview. Thank you for his insight. It is shared by more people than most know. We need the intellectual outlook for the office of president as well as the vice-president.

Written on Marco council unanimously approves tax relief:

lauralbil...that was my point when I made my political view...postings before me made their political view...just keeping it equal. The idea that Liberals on this island are raising our taxes and spending money is absurd. If you were to take a poll of the island, city government, and council, the majority would be???? Not the Liberals that have been stated in the comments now and previously. Correct???Who is spending the money.

Written on Marco councilor rejects committee member’s allegations of impropriety:

The last election had us divided....I have yet to hear anyone say they wish we purchase the electric system. "Just some thoughts".

Written on Marco council unanimously approves tax relief:

I am neither from NY or a big spend liberal...that is why retirement came early and I get to live on Marco. Palin/McCain my derriere!!! That woman does not represent women...and it was an insult for "John" to allow himself to be pressured in choosing her. Most of the people who are raising your taxes on Marco are from the "other side". The greedy you know what.

Written on Marco councilor rejects committee member’s allegations of impropriety:

I was glad the emails came to light. Actually most of them made me sick to my stomach. The STRP became a division made by polictical few, but we all share the electric provided by LCEC. The mere idea that was suggested in an email, about how to condemn the system, should be enough to scare us all. "The Mayor" has it all planned out. Will they listen to us about not wanting to purchase the electrical system?!!! I seriously doubt that one. "Just some thoughts".

Written on Letter to the Editor: Attacked:

Janet, Mr. Waldack was wrong!!!to bring personal information like this to the forefront without your permission. I would do the same as you. Touche.

Written on New sidewalk signs help clear the way:

I agree "shared" could have been spray painted on the top along with "path" on the left hand side. The baby carriage was added to the new signs, but the rollerblade was deleted. Are they going to have to be redone once again? More wasteful spending.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Did you?:

Like I have written before...LCEC could raise our electric bill $30 a month and it would take 55 years to pay approximately $20,000.00 that the STRP it presently costing us.

Written on Combination of heavy rain, high tide caused extreme flooding on Marco on Wednesday:

Transformers...undergrounding...flooding...electricity...not a good scenario. This was not a major storm. Just accumulated rain. Storm water?
One thing that has been on my mind for a while is that even if LCEC would raise our electric bill $30 a month, it would take over 55 years for me to pay $20,000 like we are for the STRP. A few of you "gentlemen" would not be around.

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