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Written on Marco council approves land code change to allow Rose Marina to build boat storage:

If you buy Councilmen in volume go you get a discount, or are they just A la carte ?

Written on Marco approves plan to expand its water production, distribution:

I take my Dog to Naples to wash it, you think Id drink this stuff???

Written on We pee in the pool — and it's hurting our health, study says:

Two kinds of People in this world, those that don't Pee in the Pool and those who Lie about it.

Written on Two days out of detox, Marco woman charged with DUI:

Maybe if Mom and Dad spent time on her (Like taking her to Church as a Family) instead of just money at rehab she would make the kinda friends that wouldn't take her out cruising just out of recovery. Throwing her in jail just fills up the jails.

Written on Republican David Jolly wins Florida congressional race:

Any Kin to Judge Jolly the Bridge Guy?

Written on Guest column: MICA chimes in on Marriott expansion:

When do they (The Marriott ) build a walkover on Collier Blvd for the Hotel to the Marriott Convention Center and Marriott Parking Structure?

Parking for Registered Guests Only

Written on The mitigation season arrives 'like a lion' for Marco Island's Code Enforcement Board:

Blah, Blah, Blah Most of the people on this island dont even know who Bill Moss is. He was gone years before they moved here.
If we dont get a strong Mayor and some leadership on this rock we can expect to keep our recovery in the dumps for at least the ext 10 years.
Go one , keep it coming I love discount rental property

Written on U.S. economy: Employers add 113,000 jobs; unemployment rate dips to 6.6%:

I dont know what Im talking about either, can I be a Fact Checker for this Paper ????

Written on Poll: Florida voters favor raising minimum wage:

Whats next Gay Marriage and Legalized Pot ?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island utility outages:

LOL You can really tell the people who haven't lived here very long.

In another year or two you can write a LTTE about the county just taking our taxes and not servicing us, or that we need more than 5 Deputies patrolling here.

What we really need is to become a city, then we can solve our own problems, or 'back up north we did it cheaper, better, and faster'

Written on Editorial Cartoons: Jan. 20, 2014:

Guess he WAS serious when he said 'You can talk on the Cell till they start the previews, then you have to hang up.'

Written on Smoother waters ahead: New rescue boat arrives on Marco Island:

Lie Cheat Steal
I seem to recall a rule that if something was going to cost over $500,000 the people had to vote on it.
It was then brought up that the City could pretty much say they were paying any old price for things and just make it up in change orders.
Looks like the new Council is just as corrupt as all the rest.
Only difference is this group was supposed to be so open and honest. Looks like they lied from the start.

Written on Marco airport runway shutting down for three months in season:

Donna Its easier to close a Bridge in Jersey than to make rich old men land their Jets in Naples.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Refrain from fireworks, for bald eagles’ sake:

Like they would tell anyone if there was an Eagle harmed

Written on Marco Island’s Community Affairs Director Bryan Milk fired after two-day suspension:

Who can the Citizens send a letter firing Polanco to ?

Written on VP Biden arrives in Southwest Florida for Keewaydin visit for New Year:

I wonder if Joe came down to interview for Marco City Manager ?
He's dumb enough to do the Job.

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

What a LOAD.
I have known Bryan from his days as a Planner/City Manager and I think he is just getting caught up in this money sucking mess we call a City Government.

Whats the problem ? Are you upset he actually live here on the Island ? That he does his Job and about four other peoples jobs too?
Does he make you look bad because he has a clue?

Is there still some cry babies upset from when Milk was City Manager and you snibblers wanted to make him our full time manager but he saw how you treated managers and didn't want the job?

This was such a nice island at one time, and you have ruined it,

I hope your happy,

What was it that one Councilman used to say about Pigs in Party Dresses.? City Government is still the Pig.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Refrain from fireworks, for bald eagles’ sake:

Guess your out tonight with Pickets in front of the Marriott, Good for you !!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Refrain from fireworks, for bald eagles’ sake:

Burrowing Owl is tasty according to the Feral Cats and Iguanas.

Didn't one of Marcos original founding fathers say 'there are 10,000 Islands can the humans have just one?'


Written on Resolution and resolutions: Marco Island leaders share their plans and predictions for the year ahead:

Is THAT woman really that clueless? Closing the Airport for the three busiest months of the year?
I don't own an Airplane but I know two people who do and they commute a couple of times a month to Marco. Plus I know a couple of guys who work out there and I know the service of the Civil Air Patrol
Is it a big deal to drive to Marco from Naples? No not realy.
Is it a reason to not come to Marco , maybe.
First they mess up the Terminal now the runway, a what point does a pilot just say Ill just move to Naples.
Silly? Rich folks do silly stuff all the time, like spend millions on houses in Marco.

Written on Guest column: $29 million of real estate closed on Marco in November:

Well at least, with few exceptions, none of the Cities employees live here.

Written on Going it alone: Marco Island City Council will continue city manager search without a headhunter:

Guess our reputation for being hard to work for is catching up to us.
Its obvious to almost anyone that Marco needs a full time Mayor elected by the people not appointed by the council.
A little town like Marco doesn't need a professional City Manager it needs a government thats responsive to the people.

Written on Making hard choices: Marco Island City Council narrows city manager search from 13 to six:

When Sacher said he wanted to know the occupational status of the candidates wives and if any of them had a child with a disability was pretty s----- and illegal. Why didn't the City's Lawyer jump him? And why did the Paper edit that out over night?

Written on Congressman Trey Radel.:

How long are we going to harp n this? BORING TESTERDAY.

Written on Local golf pro Dave Bierbrauer dies at 58:

Dave was a great guy, Play Through Disco

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Im excited to see ANYONE Caveman Popoff

Written on Guest column: Over a half billion of real estate closes in Island's first 9 months of 2013:


Written on Guest Commentary: MIPD Chief Don Hunter – A response to concerns regarding our department:

I hadn't thought about the Police Dept. one way or the other, but NOW I'm kinda upset.
4 Officers, 1 Supervisor, 2 Kinda Cops at the School. a Couple of Detectives, 1 Asst. Chief, a Chief, some support Support Staff........
Ill give you ONE WORD for the MIPD,,,,, Bloated

Written on Dozens of Florida laws take effect Tuesday, including right to speak at meetings:

Tucker and Minozzi were amateurs when you look at Collier County School Board or County Commission

Written on New interim city manager: Marco Island City Council chooses finance director Polanco for temp job:

WMissow, 26yearsonmarco and Ray I think you have hit it on the head.

Written on New interim city manager: Marco Island City Council chooses finance director Polanco for temp job:

Good 'Ol Boy to Good 'Ol Boy,
If the City hadn't ruined Property Values on Marco this would be a good time to shimmy out of here.

Written on MIPD called to bridge for potential jump:

Is that why they took down the Video ?

Written on Marco Island traffic alert: Detour for North Collier Boulevard and Yellowbird:

I thought Council voted never to do business with QI ?
Guess money talks.

Written on New face on the dais: Bob Brown selected to fill Magel's City Council seat:

What Minds? Did they bring in outside consultants ?

Written on New face on the dais: Bob Brown selected to fill Magel's City Council seat:

Good Luck Bob, don]'t know you personally but I've seen you at Council Meetings and I think you have a level head.
You will do a good job, just remember its not your money, and you work for the people.

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

Condoseller the same could be said for Wayne W.

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

Guess I should have Voted for Forcht

Written on Marco Island City Council undoes rejection of Smokehouse Bay Bridge bids:

What a Joke,
I wonder what kinda mess these idiots would have made of a REAL fight like the sewers. Love Um or Hate Um at least the Old Councilmen stood their ground.

Written on POLL: Would you eat burger made in lab from cow cells?:

After what the City Feeds us a $30,000.99 Dollar fake Burger would be a treat.

Written on Public gets first look at Marco Island Marriott expansion plans:

I wonder if they will have Mini Golf , for Off Season Hotel Guests? I suppose we will find out when MICA has their Public Hearing.

Oh has the Concert Schedule been printed for the Esplanade Band Shell yet ?

Written on Marco mini-golf course gets reprieve as judge lifts portion of order:

I wonder if this could anything to do with a certain Hotel Chain and its desire to do some 'remodeling and expansion' of its property ?

Written on Marco Island Police Chief Don Hunter in hospital:

Im sorry Hunter is in the Hospital, and I don't mean this in a bad way, but maybe he needs a job closer to home, that daily commute is bound to be hard on him.

Written on 'The model of a public servant': Marco Island's Bill Trotter reflects on years of public and private sector experience:

Write what ever you want on the Blogs, good Ol Bill has never made it a secret he doesn't read them. Call him, but then again he doesn't have a listed number. Write him a note, but not to his home, he will pick it up at City Hall.

I think you can count this as the opening day of Bill run for County Commissioner.
Best of luck to you Billy, in the years we have followed you, you have never disappointed or surprised us.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

Didn't Deltona have a Putt Putt at the Voyager ?

Written on Pathway to safety: Marco Island Bike Path Committee moves forward on bike lanes:

Police Chief doesn't live on Marco why should the Chair of the Bike Committee ride a Bike ?