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Written on Letter to the Editor: The making of a good candidate - Part II:

Whenever I see an article written by John A., I smile because I know I am going to be entertained. need to come to grips with the fact that people just don't care about what you have to say anymore.

Written on Loan an option for Marco to replace ‘totally obsolete’ Smokehouse bridge:

The new Jolley Bridge is 2 lanes with a sidewalk/bike path. And, don't forget it is 50 feet above the water not 10-12 feet like Smokehouse. So...when comparing costs dont figure on two spans for Smokehouse, use one. Then the cost is $110,000 per lineal foot. A bit much. I sure hope they can change the design back to a simple concrete bridge like the rest of the bridges on the Island.

Written on Loan an option for Marco to replace ‘totally obsolete’ Smokehouse bridge:

Have you seen the design of the bridge the city council approved to use? With its big arches extending outwards it looks totally out of place and is unlike any other bridge on the island. Interestingly, out of the 5 designs presented, this was the 4th choice of Marco Islanders in the bridge design poll. But, our city council, ignoring public opinion again, voted for it. Hope you guys like it, 'cause you're gonna be looking at it for a long time!

Written on Marco Island property owners avoid thousands in utility assessments, 6 percent rate hike:

Seems like the council members who were initially in support of this "backed off" as a result of pressure from the lot owners. With vacant lots being only 20% of Marco's property owners I don't know why this didnt get more support.
Many of the lot owners are sitting on the sidelines and letting the home and condo owners pay for the infrastructure upgrades, street paving, etc. In the end, that will make their properties that much more valuable, and it didn't cost them a penny. Then, when it's all paid for, they can come back and build or sell their appreciated property. Not a bad deal for them. For a City Council that is always complaining about not having enough money, they really missed the boat on this one.

Written on PHOTOS: Marco goes all out to show contest judges a good time:

Would have been nice if the judges were able to see the beauty of Marco Island without all the construction that takes away from it. It starts with the almost-finished bridge that they would have come across as they first saw the island. Maybe it would have been better if they came next year. year Collier Blvd will be torn up as the Smokehouse Bay bridge is replaced. Maybe the year after that.

Written on Federal grant may encourage Marco Island to spend more on new bridge:

Is it guaranteed that the City will get the grant if they get the price of the project over $10 million? What happens if they decide to go ahead with the increase in spending and then don't get the grant? I guess the taxpayers are left holding the bag again and we end up paying for something else we don't need. How much longer will these games keep being played by our "leaders"?

Written on Federal grant may encourage Marco Island to spend more on new bridge:

If we can get "free" money to build the bridge, why not build the one selected by Marco Islanders in the bridge poll. As I recall the Ty Lin design was the fourth choice among five, but Rony and his boys still got it through. Why does the city bother to conduct polls if the results of the poll don't matter. Less than 20% of the people voted for the Ty Lin arch design that looks like a bad ad for McDonald's. Give the people what they want...they sure don't want this ugly bridge.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Sadly laughable:

I am not the enemy. I am on your side and care about what happens here. I stay involved and do what I can to make the right things happen. Unfortunately, there is a majority in the City Council that is currently controlling this city and we have at least two more years of it before things can change. Hold on till then.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Sadly laughable:

in response to MrBreeze:

The whole thing is about "registered voters" vs. "taxpaying property owners"

Many of the taxpayers of Marco Island are not full time residents. I being one of them purchasd my home over 10 years ago in the hope to retire to the island. So Mr. Issler stance of the election results are true by the numbers the do not represent the "attitude" of the island.

Once the registered votors like myself transfer our vote to the island the I think you will see the full truth in the election process. It is a shame that people like Mr. Issler regard the non-resident vote as nothing in the whole picture.

I would like to see how the island would be supported if the non-voting non-resident would not be there to fund the island through all the property tax and utility costs we support. I wonder if Mr. Issler and all his supporters would step up to pay the shortfall in revenue. I think Mr. Issler and his pals are in for a "wake-up" call when people like myself are fully retired and can seek office and kick his type out of office. Enjoy while you can "time changes a lot of things" Mostly people and opinions.

If you don't like what you see going on around the Island, don't use the excuse that you are not a full-time owner here. As a homeowner (full-time or not) you have a right to vote to change the way things are run here. This is the reason we have some of the problems we do here. Too many people don't vote or don't care, and then complain when things don't go their way. The only way things will change is if everyone who feels the way you do does something about it.

Written on Water pressure debate continues on Marco:

I wonder if Rony Joel gets a bonus based on water company profits and/or billing? If so, looks like more investigation is needed.

Written on UPDATED: Magel continues to lead in Marco campaign contributions :

How much clearer does it have to be to the Marco Island voters? Magel has shown us all how he will act if he is elected to the council position... by spending a lot and even spending more than he received in campaign contributions. Looks like he was trained well by his buddies who are helping him try to "buy" this seat. Let's hope the voters are smart enough to see what is really going on. We don't need more of the same. We need a change.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Serious breaches in procedure at council meeting:

The City Council, better known as The Untouchables, have their own agenda and feel that they can do whatever they want. As long as Marco Islanders keep voting people into this position to carry on the tradition of Tucker, Arceri, etc. we will continue to see this type of behavior and out of control spending. Unfortunately, even after this election they will still have the majority vote on the Council, so we will have to put up with at least two more years of this behavior until we get a chance to vote out some of the offenders.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Who can you trust:

I found it very amusing that Mr. Arceri would write an article on "The season of misinformation" since he has been the source of a lot of the misinformation regarding the utilities/rates here on Marco Island.

Written on COMMENTARY: The season of misinformation:

It is very ironic, Mr Arceri, that you would write an article on the "season of misinformation," as it seems that you are the source of a lot of misinformation on Marco Island.

Either Mr. Neylon knows a lot more about utilities and water rates than you profess, or perhaps you decided not to tell the voters the whole truth during the last election so that your "people" would get elected. What is the answer, or are both chioces correct?

It is a real shame when a so-called "expert" uses his or her "status" to influence the public under false pretences.

If it were up to me, Mr Neylon would be the utilities expert on this island. So far, most of what he predicted has come true.

Written on Unveiling of Marco's new Jolley Bridge span slated :

What amazes me is that the new Jolley Bridge will cost about $25 million and in the lead story in yesterday's Eagle, the Public Works Department was proud of the fact that they were only going to spend about $11 million on the new Smokehouse Bridge. Is it just me or does $11 million seem like a lot for a bridge that is a fraction of the size of the Jolley Bridge? What am I missing?

Written on POLL: Marco city council campaign finances revealed:

Magel appears to have what it takes to be on the City Council. Just look at the finance reports of the 4 candidates. Magel is the only one of the 4 who has already spent more than he has received in contributions!
That's enough for me...he won't get my vote!

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