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Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

I believe those of you who think Arceri was involved in this are mistaken. If he was, then his two puppets, Heckle and Jeckle, would have voted with the majority and it would have then been a 6-1 vote.

Also,the $175,000 doesn't compare to the more than quarter million dollars the previous council approved to move a lift station from Joel's backyard to the lot across the street from his property. Thus, increasing the value of it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Open letter to Councilor-elect Larry Magel:

Although I may be in agreement with the first comment above by dc 5799,when I make a comment I always use my name.
Robert Glaub

Written on Letter to the Editor: Single shot voting: It’s legal, but is it ethical:

Mr Issler: For you and those who share your "vision" for Marco's future, I recommend Montgomery Eye Care. They can fix that.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Sadly laughable:

I for one am tired of hearing how sixty-eight plus percent of the people voted in the last election. Let me remind you that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the people on the jury found O.J. Simpson not guilty!! That does't mean they were right.

Written on UPDATE: Marco Council story/blog: City approves tax rate of 1.6518 mils:

Looks like Sal has got the Humanitarian of the Year award locked up.

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