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Written on Physicians Regional and CEO Scott Campbell recognized as the final 2013 Spirit of Marco Island award winner:

Also, I have a huge very long list of allergies & that didn't matter when meal choices were made for me.

The dietician came in to chat, but was not trained in renal failure diets, but even if she was, there was no food choices to make. I was given a menu & more or less told not to count on what the menu states, as it was being changed. If I couldn't eat the turkey salad, then I could have sliced turkey on white bread. Twice someone came in & took my trays without asking or even noticing nothing had been touched, so you are left with NO food.

I left that hospital light headed, blood pressure elevated, no food & a need to find an open pharmacy on Sunday afternoon.

Now, my blood pressure was elevated because my nurse the night before decided I didn't need my BP pill because my BP was not over 150 the moment she decided to take it. I was never told I needed to take my BP before taking my meds. This was new to me. I didn't get the BP pill.

The doctor (Dr Marsh) gives me a speech about me coming in with a BP problem, which was not the case at all. I came in with dehydration & an irregular heart beat (atrial fib) both closely related, but he was trying to narrow it down to one symptom & one complaint, which it wasn't & really couldn't be, because they affect each other. He screamed at me like a Banshee trying to get rid of me thinking they cured one of the problems, so time for me to go home. He is in need of an anger management course very soon! They didn't even do a good patch up job.

The worse part is the chronic lying. Don't they think they will be found out? A few years ago I was a patient in ICU & having a rough time. They did not have the correct dose of one of my immunosuppressants, so the nurse took out his scissors & cut the 1 MG capsule in half & dumped it in a plastic cup & told me to swallow the jagged edged cut up capsule with just a few grains of powder on the side of the cup. I refused.

I filed a complaint about that episode & would you believe the entire staff was changed? The CEO left & head nurse left & lots of fake memos circulated.

Sooner or later someone there is going to slip up a bit more than just last week. Maybe they'll start using some lie detector tests & find out who the thieves are. I am also telling my insurance not to pay for drugs I was supposed to get but didn't. I think a drug test could answer that easily enough.

Come on people out there. I know you have had the same type of problems & you know they will continue unless someone starts telling the truth. Is the food service really that bad. Sliced pork roast which couldn't be cut with a chain saw?? Roast chicken breast hard as a rock? People on special diets with absolutely nothing appropriate to eat? Cream of wheat cooked to resemble water soup?

Written on Physicians Regional and CEO Scott Campbell recognized as the final 2013 Spirit of Marco Island award winner:

At least 4 times during that week, I asked that my tests results be FAXed to my transplant office doctors in Cleveland. I had a VQ scan, legs scans, heart echo, chest Xray, EKGs, numerous labs, etc. I signed the forms for release & was told 4 different times these were sent. Imagine my SURPRISE when I was told this afternoon that no such results were sent to the Cleveland Clinic at any time in the past week. I was an inpatient from 4/8 thru 4/14. No food or meds after noon. Sent home on 2 new meds with no supervision. It is next to impossible to stay awake.

I don't know how any of those liars can keep a straight face. I will be pursuing another Medicare complaint regarding the lack of care & the lack of consideration for my best health. Insurance will not pay to have those tests duplicated & they refuse to send the results. I'm beginning to wonder if any real tests were done. Maybe they just fake them to get paid & not actually put the results to work.

Written on Physicians Regional and CEO Scott Campbell recognized as the final 2013 Spirit of Marco Island award winner:

I just came out of another lengthy stay at this hospital where the service is the pits! I was not given my normal medications & forget having any type of decent actually edible meal.

I have a very lengthy list of complaints. I suggest someone had better do some investigating there pretty darn quick before they kill someone.

I went in with atrial fibrillation, which was so bad, it sapped every bit of my strength to even walk or breathe. My cardiologist was aware & wanted me admitted, but when I arrived at the ER, I was put on the back burner. I don't LOOK ill. I sat there freezing while other ill people wandered all around me. I am a double organ transplant patient & my immune system is purposely suppressed, so I don't reject & die. I felt terribly sorry for the young gal who vomited & others who were waiting in the horribly understaffed area, but I needed to be isolated. I alerted the gal at the desk as to my status & that I should not be around anyone I could catch anything from. She couldn't have cared less & obviously had no training as to what to do in the situation. Fine. Had I been able to move about on my own, I would have left & called an ambulance to take me to Ft Myers. I didn't have the strength.

Once inside & a delightful doctor who understood the problem took over, it improved a bit, but there were no spaces, no beds, no aisles, no closets open. We are all freezing. One of the doctors picked my bra up off the floor for me. At the time, I did not realize I would have my sweater jacket stolen from me once moved from ER to the floor. Someone knows where my jacket is & I am sure it went with the laundry somewhere & should have been returned to me, as it had my last name marked on the tag at the neck. Amazingly, no one has admitted to seeing the white jacket sweater with the embroidered colored flowers on the pockets & the colored beads on the zippered front.

I was too ill to eat & nauseated waiting for treatment, so hadn't eaten anything in more than a day. Once in a room, I asked if there was anything I could have to eat. Heavens "no!" because the kitchen closes at supper time & it was after 10 PM. Mental note to self: DO NOT GO TO ER after supper. NO FOOD exists in the entire hospital from 6:30 PM to 8 AM.

Next day there are tests & more tests & no food. By this time I am nauseated from no food at all in a couple of days to rapid heart beat which makes you nauseated.

Many little errors here & there can be over looked, but rude nurses, who act as if you are a 2 year old, who miraculously has survived living all alone for 6 years, fighting cancers, heart problems, intestinal problems & specialty diets, renal failure, specialty drugs, frequent labs, daily infusions, & tending a port, con artists, U S Mail thieves, but can't handle a simple menu choice.

Written on Coyle’s business and property interests in Oregon become campaign fodder:

Do we want a fly away commissioner who doesn't even know what he just gave $28,000,000. of our money to or if it is is a good idea? His own Productivity Committee recommended against it & gave very valid reasons.

He has missed too many meetings & should have his pay docked, just like any other job holder would.

He's NOT SURE, but obviously doesn't listen to ANYONE.

What makes him think the people here can adjust to paying 10-13% HIGHER taxes this year? How many people got a raise? Certainly no retired people did. What about the ones losing their homes? This decision is just idiotic! Unemployment is at an all time high.

He lied about the meeting on July 17th more than once, made fools of all of us who spoke & waited 5 hours to have their say. No wonder not one commissioner asked a question or responded in any way to the speakers. It was a done deal 3 months earlier. It is the height of irresponsibility. Henning was certainly shot down quickly.

Doesn't anyone out there know how we can fight this? This has been a total waste of our time--all of us.

He is also lying about wanting to help businesses here. I'd like to know exactly what he did to try to save the last 4 businesses which shut down here in the past 2 weeks. What help was offered them?

Business owners, please speak up. Let us know what help you were offered before shutting your doors.

Dethrone King Coyle!

Vote for Kirkpatrick! She will nurse the county back to fiscal health!

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