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Written on Bryan Milk chastises Marco councilmen, asks for investigation to 'clear name':

If you are truly interested in the facts, rather than erroneous gossip, then watch the link below. Many feel that Patricca & Sacher are violating the Charter and I have to agree. Forward to where Milk, Popoff and Small speak and when the city attorney reminded the council about their interaction with staff at the end of the meeting!

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Regarding gays you forgot your own kind, dentists Ray!! I have talked to several friends and none have heard of any gay bars on Marco; coincidence that you know of gay bars on Marco Island, Ray? Longtime dentist, longtime resident coming out of the closet. In secret, you must love the polka dots Mr. Ehlen painted on the side of his house for you.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Rob was always a pro-sewer candidate and I suspect he would love to get in the ring with any of you vile cave dwellers. Sewers were inevitable with or without Rob. Now, stop hijacking this blog, some of the young fighters and their families are reading this article and blogs so once again, please have some dignity and respect.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

You people are disgusting!! This is a charity event to benefit troubled youth and you people make it political. Still crying about sewers - pitiful.

Buy a ticket if you want to see Popoff get hit and talk to him directly instead of through a charity event blog!

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

Two of the nicest guys I know but I wouldn't get in the ring with either one of them!

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

Never did like Magel!! He's so condescending and arrogant. He spent way too much time trying to micromanage city employees which is a violation of the charter. City employees must be thrilled. Good Riddance Larry.

Written on Marco Island City Council vetoes city manager pay raise, agrees to $500,000 grant from BP:

We need a professional city manager. We should also look into Larry Magel's City Charter violations. He is in city hall every day. Some say he is running the city.

I agree with Russ Columbo, this review process was an embarrassment!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Toughen laws; don’t take away Constitutional rights:

Speaking or KlauseStoertebeker, answer these questions:

Are you an American citizen?
Why do you take such an interest in our politics?
And, if the rest of the world does things better, why are you here?

I agree with my Marine buddy Semper, you are just an arrogant blowhard. Mind your own business and keep your uneducated opinions to yourself; you haven't earned the right to judge the USA!!

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in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

By the way Klaus, if you hate it so much here why don't you just leave like Piers Morgan, another arrogant European...Get out, leave, go home! We really don't want you here, you're not welcome.

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KlausStoertebeker is a Solcialist and should know better as his country of origin had a fanatical fascist government. How did that work out for the world Klaus?

You are just a sheep like the rest of the Obama supporters...blind followers drinking the Jim Jones koolaid.

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Hascle, you forgot Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fienstien, Maxine Waters and the island idiot, our Fascist friend, Klaus.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Guns do kill:

Couldn't disagree with you more Mr. Lazarus.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Gun control or just control:

Wayne, this is a rare instant where I agree with you. Obama is a Solcialist and just wants control. Klaus should know better as his country of origin had a fanatical fascist government. How did that work out Klaus?

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Spoken like a true German Klaus...after reading all your posts I have come to the conclusion why you like Obama and his fascist government so much; it reminds you of your childhood motherland!!

Written on President Barack Obama speaks during an election night party, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, in Chicago. O:

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president."

Written on Marco Island swiftly names an interim city manager:

Great choice, even if it was done behind closed doors or with intermediaries, both Sunshine violations. Good luck Jim!!

Council, you're off to a rocky start. No one questions the firing of the city manger but we all question how it was done. Where was your transparency?

Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

Magel brags constantly about his strong financial skills yet he votes to fire the city manager at a cost of $175k and then do a search for a new manager at a cost of $50k. What a hypocrite. At least I can say I didn’t vote for him, Ted Forcht should be sitting in that council seat.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Serious breaches in procedure at council meeting:

Why does the paper even print LTE's from people who don't live here. Foster is just a trouble maker who doesn't even live here.

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

Marcoflea, no offense but I have read your blog three times and have no idea what your point is.

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August, better yet, put your name on the ballot!

Written on POLL: Council raises, smaller, but back on the table :

They get paid $6,000 per year, they deserve a raise whether you agree with them or not. Why do you think only three are running for office in the next election? No one in their right mind would take the abuse they take for $6,000 a year.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Please tell me why:

More Putnam BS

happyonmarco says it all, Run for office or shut up!

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Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

jwputnam writes: "LAST WORD!!! LAST WORD!!! nah nah na nah nah!

Very mature John, how old are you?

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

John, have you ever considered that you are wrong about your choices? Have you considered for a moment that you're the guy that the majority laughs at? Read your ridiculous blogs and have some quiet time John. Do some soul searching and perhaps you will see the light. John, you are way out of line. I know you and you are better than this!!

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

At least one councilor is in foreclosure and I sincerely feel bad for his unfortunate circumstances.

There is one other councilor in public records for foreclosure and it is not his personal residence. The foreclosure is under Key Marco Investor Group, LLC. There are six partners listed in this LLC.

Times are tough John, people are having financial troubles, in this market it is entirely understandable. What is not understandable is that you seem to be relishing in others misfortune.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

Fossil, Nice try but I don't consider you anywhere near being equal to me!! Let's face it, we all know that you're Byrone Erickson and you don't even live on Marco anymore. What a miserable life you must have to have to sit at your computer and type blogs about a community that threw you out with the rest of the dirty bath water. You are pitiful Byrone...still defending anyother one of your lost causes. Have you EVER won an arguement or fight on Marco? Guidry has a long history of being inappropriate with some of his younger patients!! DO you have a daughter?? What if she complained about him propositioning her? As I said before...You are an Idiot!!

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

Fossil, you are a complete idiot!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: City leaders - Stop spending!:

Fossil, a.k.a.Byrone's not your community; you don't live here you loser! You must have such a miserable existance to continue to have to blog in a community where you don't even live.

As for this ridiculous LTE above, it's so presumptuous and arrogant. If she knew anything about what it takes to keep a city going she wouldn't make such s----- statements. The minute the council stops city services of any kind she will be the first one to complain.

Written on Guest Commentary: Getting the facts straight on electric issues:

John, really... I agree that McMullan is a slimeball; everyone knows that but please stop with the LCEC crap. Enough is enough, let it go, please!

Written on INTERACTIVE: Island high school movement forges on in face of state, school district opposition :

Although many of you think you points and concerncs are valid, they are'nt at all in fact. The problem is that an eagle is on track k and will most likely be there for a minimum of 5 more years because even if it leaves at this very moment the law states you must wait 5years before removing the nest. You all believe you have really good points and are looking out for your kids but honestly you are wasting you time. Unless your child is still in elementary school they will ever be a freshman at the 'dream school' you all keep talking about. And regardless of the eagle, why fix what was never broken. Not just lely but all the schools in naples are more than worthy of you kids.

Written on Marco City Manager review may segue to review of city charter :

Reckless Recker. He has turned to the dark side. One can only wonder why...

Written on Marco council unanimously approves tax relief:

It’s obvious you were not at the meeting Monday night 25yearsonmarco, and at best, you just skimmed the article. If you read the article above in its entirety you would know that Councilor Popoff did ask for a zero tax increase and it’s not an 11% increase. You should definitely re-read the article?? Popoff mentioned all of the points you made and more. Perhaps it’s your sole intent, like Fossil, to find fault even when someone is acting with your best interest in mind? It sure looks like you are misinformed and misaligned. Get the facts before you write such nonsense!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Please wait for the facts:

Wayne, don't hold your breath, these people are dense. Just know that you received over 3000 more votes than neylon so the majority of us the island support you and the other councilors. I know its a thankless job but thank you for your dedication.

The CAP is a good thing so stop the nonsense about the CAP, PLEASE.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Increases will be enormous:

You people are so out of touch with reality.

Written on MITA prepares for final Marco budget review:

As a previous “active” member of MITA (there are very few active members) I can testify that there is no way MITA has 700 members! They may have 700 people on their mailing list but they DO NOT have 700 members. Fay is notorious for embellishing the membership. MITA is not responsible for the fire assessment being voted down either; they don't have that much clout.

As for Ken Honnecker, he is the epitome of the boy that cried wolf. He talks at every council meeting about minutia. He really needs to get a life; life is too short and he’s too young to be such a moaner. It’s no wonder no one listens to him. Even Councilors Kiester and Forcht, the champions of MITA and the naysayers voted for the tax increase. The city obviously needs the money to operate, I know it sounds cold but if you can't afford to live here and you don't like it, MOVE!

Written on Union, bus driver sue Collier School Board members:

Calabrese is gone (probably for good due to health problems), Abbott will not be reelected as she lost in the primaries and Donovan will soon be gone (there is no way he will be reelected) so why bother? Sounds like the bus driver is probably from Marco Island and a member of the litigious CARES organization or a friend of Roger Hall, Ed Foster and Butch Neylon.

This is a s----- waste of taxpayers money and court time. The teachers union is at the heart of this. Dennis Thompson's contract will be bought out anyway after the election. The teachers always seem to be crying, "why me."

Written on Marco’s venerable Steak and Lobster house gets a new home:

hourigan, now that your blogs have had ZERO impact on our fine city council you feel the need to start attacking honest, hard-working business owners. Get a life you sorry loser!!

Best of luck Tara.

Written on Letter to the Editor: From roses to rabbits:

The problem with dc5799 and Fossil (probably the same person) is that they are out of touch with reality. McMullans past is valid news. You people actually believe what he says and the garbage printed on Sanchez' marco blog site. Like McMullan, Sanchez is a twisted individual and if you think for a minute his website is factual then you have some major issues. McMullan represents only a few people, spreads misinformation and misrepresents the facts to aid his agenda. In the end the truth always comes out, the bad guys are revealed and peace continues on Marco Island.

Written on Letter to the editor: Another outrage:

You know Ed, Kiester is no different than the rest of the very loud and obnoxious vocal minoroty...they still don't get it!! Kiester is not the voice of Marco Island like he and Columbo like to beieve he is. Kiester is just an obstructionist that has a hundred or so followers. He is a disgrace. Like you said before, Tucker has done more than all the Halls, Kiester and Columbos combined. WHEN WILL THEY COME TO GRIPS WITH REALITY? THEY LOST BY A LANDSLIDE IN THE ELECTION YET THEY STILL ACT LIKE THEY ARE THE MAJORITY. IT'S GETTING REALLY OLD!!!!!!!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Attacked:

CRYBABY, someone took Hectors ball.

Written on Marco councilor Kiester, residents sound off on top city issues:

Columbo, you and Kiester are a joke!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Attacked:

Mr. Columbo, some people don't always turn the other cheek. You often strike first and cry like a baby when people fight back! It's time to be a little objective, the world doesn't revolve around you.

Written on Marco begins sorting 220 applications for Marco Island police chief:

We need a chief who will actually do policework! I would love to see a young energentic promotion from within.

Written on Marco Island City Council meeting starts at 3:30 Monday:

Hawke, just like your criminal buddy Kiester, who should be impeached, you are a true obstructionist, pain in the kiester!

Written on Letter to the editor: Nothing to fear but fear itself?:

Hawke1, you are once again not being honest. The fellow you are talking about is Sal Scarinno and this happened when he was interviewed, in his home, on the news. No one has ever come up to the podium and said they were armed; the chief would arrest them. Guns are not allowed in the council chambers. Why must you lie so much??

Written on Collier judge finds Marco council member guilty of records violation:

The only decent think for Mr. Kiester to do at this point is resign. After supporting the efforts of the recall and other divisive issues on the island he has distanced himself from the citizens he is supposed to represent!

Written on Letter to the editor: Luck and aid:

Byrone, can you ever be wrong? Can you ever just admit that the sky is blue, you are not part of the silent majority and you chose the wrong side to support? Many of us would at least respect your honesty and ability to accept reality.

However you may have interpreted Mr. Colombo's unfortunate analogy of Nazi Germany and his childish animosity, the tenor of his Letter to the editor is precisely what so many of us voted against. He purposely insults the majority of voters on Marco Island simply because he disagrees with them. Just because Mr. Colombo showed his true colors, as ugly as they may be, doesn’t mean you need to follow him like a lost sheep.

I have read many of your posts in the past and you said many times that the silent majority will speak…well we have spoken via a landslide mandate for the Russ Columbo’s of Marco Island to take their contentious, vile and litigious personas elsewhere. The Kool-Aid that Foster, Davies, Colombo, Biles, Neylon, Hall, et al have been serving is poison and the voters refused to drink it!