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First and foremost, NEVER disrespect the Marines (Obama lover). This island is small and I promise our paths will cross one day.

The fight was amazing, Rob fought a great fight and raised money for charity. Make no question about it; Rob Popoff and his family are a very respected, well liked and popular family on Marco Island and always have been!! His son is in the military and getting deployed to the Middle East. Rob and the Popoff family is not the problem on Marco isand; the CAVE DWELLERS are (fortunately most have left the island). You are losers in everything you've tried to accomplish (stop the STRP, RECALLING RESPECTED COUNCILORS, trying "fruitlessly to get anti STRP canidates elected; you lost by over 85% of the votes and the list goes on and on)and it drives you crazy that Rob & his family are held in such high regard. I was in Robs corner tonight at the fight and actions speak louder than words. You curmudgeons are the FEW not the majority. You don't get involved in or appreciate civic involvement. Same one or two individuals ten different blog names...just plain cowards.

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He still remains popular and people love him with the exception of a few malcontents on this blog. Signing off,enough worthless bantor that serves no real purpose. See you at the fights!!

And Dr. Paret, you may have a point.

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Be sure to check out Councilor Kiesters comments in the blogs:

Now enough of this seven year old nonsense.

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The Facts

During one of the forums, candidates were requested to stand if they favored stopping the sewer project.

Three candidates stood. Rob Popoff never stood. Popoff was labeled a pro-sewer candidate during the campaign.

Why the surprise at the City Council meeting when Popoff voted "no" on the motions to add the dishonoring of the sewer contracts to the agenda? The motion was to dishonor already-awarded contracts. Popoff never promised to dishonor awarded contracts.

His opponents twisted his campaign statements to suit their agenda. What have these opponents done for our community? They have suddenly appeared on the scene to hurt the reputation of a great city and its leaders.

There is much more to this island than the sewer issue. People voted for Popoff because of his involvement in the community and his background. He was not a single-issue candidate, running on one issue that can be "solved" by a single vote at his first meeting!

Next time someone asks you why good people don't run for public office, remember this incident. Much of the fighting and divisions people complain about on this island are caused by these same people, their mean-spirited letters and comments, and their unveiled hatred for members of the City Council and staff.

Popoff campaigned on bringing decorum and proper parliamentary procedure to the Marco Island City Council deliberations and he did so!! Even Councilman Kiester said Rob was the best Chairman he had an opportunity to work with. Rob is my friend, and a very good friend. His stance has always been to ignore these ridiculous blogs but you people are a disgrace and an embarrassment. Moreover, your facts are not facts!!

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Shameful how happyhorowitz "Anonomously" calls them con artists. Obviously you don't know them. Anonymity on the blogs is accepted until you start throwing insults, then it becomes cowardice.

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No Assault Rifles were used in Newton

And Klaus, you never answer any questions you just ramble.

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Klaus, you have proven your ignorance...history repeats itself and is doing so now. Take away the weapons and leaders become dictators.

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Mr. Klaus, I find it disparaging that you are from Germany and have so much to say about politics and the way things are done in the United States. I fought for this country and fought for our right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. If Germany was so wonderful why are you here? Moreover why are you so arrogant as to feel we really care about your opinion? Your native country has a less than perfect past; with that in mind we have a saying in the United States of America; "If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones."
Your bloated and opinionated blogs are ignorant and culturally inappropriate. In my mind, I didn't fight for people like you; I fought for the freedoms of Americans, not conceited Europeans who feel we should be part of a one world nation or do things the way you did in your country.
Your statistics are erroneous. There is nowhere on the planet where gun control has worked, PERIOD. Have a great time in the USA and never forget, we were the country that saved the world from oppression and fascism brought on by Germany during WWII.

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John, what I meant was people called him many things and "yes” he was an arrogant bully at times but he was not a liar and he did not lie to you or the people of Marco Island. No matter what I say or do you will continue to have your skewed views of individuals on this island. Unfortunately I feel you are hopeless but there are people on this island that know the truth. Politicians will always have people like you bash them and lie about them. You think it makes you strong and courageous but in reality it makes you heartless. Based on some of you blogs over the years I am guessing you are an atheist but I will pray for you. I have seen too many things in my life to know that there is a God and maybe if I pray enough for you you may one day see the light and how wicked you can be.

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Fossil, Semper Fi, Always Faithful! The difference between you and me is that I do honor the truth, not the newspapers and not hearsay. Tucker was arrogant, no doubt about it but he was not a little man. The little man was the one who dishonored his memory in such a disgraceful manner. I would not defend a man who accuses the dead of being a liar based on a newspaper account written by Ed Bania. Politics on this island have made apparent liars out of every politician. Maybe some are, maybe some aren't but Tucker didn't mix words, anyone that really knew him knows that he always spoke the truth.

He just didn't defend himself because it didn't matter to him what people thought. He did what he thought was right and lived with the consequences. He was a brave man with many friends who loved him. So stop justifying his detractors because they are cowards who would speak ill of the dead, especially a man who did so much for so many. You can believe he was a liar, a crook or whatever you want, I can't change your mind(s) but you're wrong. People who didn't like his politics called him many things - arrogant, yes -bully, at times - liar, never. Big heart, yes. Let Tucker and this thing rest once and for all.

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PBH, you are not in the majority.

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Fossil, I need another cup of coffee you're making me laugh too much. It's really sad that there are people like you in the world, you do not have the ability to see things rationally and you don't know the difference between right and wrong.

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The plaque or sign will be put up on city hall and dignitaries from all over the state will come to show their respect at the dedication ceremony. A couple months after that people will totally forget about it, except for a few blowhards and E. Glenn Tucker City Hall will be here long after the cavedwellers. Glenn must be smiling in his grave right now; I guess he had the last laugh! It's poetic justice!

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Fossil, one more thought since you brought up apologies. Did it ever occur to you that Robert Glaub should apologize to the Tucker Family for his classless and crude allegations? It was a rhetorical question; I’ve read enough of your blogs to know the answer.

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Just spilled my coffee with laughter when I read Fossil lastest. It all comes around to the fact that some of you complain about everything. Your cups are always half-empty, you can complain all you want but one councilors vote means more than all your complaining combined. If any of you bloated, opinionated blowhards have that much of an obsession for politics then run for office. City Councilors get to make decisions for us, that's their job and that's what they're elected to do! If you don't like it, don't vote for them or run for office yourself.

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The emails were not recovered which is why he was fined. There were no emails regarding city business at all meaning his files had been cleasned.

Now, Mr. Putnam and Mr Issler, let's forget this and stick to the facts we have today!

Mr. Putnam, I am voting for Councilor Kiester. I think we at least have that in common.

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Like many islanders, I was so angry when Mr. Kiester destroyed those files. I could just imagine all of the negative emails between the likes of Davies, Foster, Hall and all the other vile malcontents. While Sanchez’ skewed website published all of the other councilors emails, Kiesters were nowhere to be found. Erased, deleted!

He paid his fine, suffered the public humiliation and embarrassment…its long over. Let’s move on already!

This may come as a real surprise to the bloggers but I must say that was during a very ugly time in Marco politics and since then I feel Chuck has redeemed himself as a councilor. Let’s stop the dirty politics before they start; wasn’t the last election dirty enough?

There is no question what Marco Island needs now; we need fiscal conservancy and experience. Get past the STRP, get past the hate and check Chucks voting record, he is consistently fiscally responsible. I am voting to reelect Councilor Chuck Kiester in January.

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marco97, you had your chance to vote for the sewers and you lost. Even when all proof and facts are presented to some people they still don't get it! 62% of the voters voted to continue the STRP. Your candidates lost the election which vindicated the four brave councilors that voted for sewers. As Rob states in the commentary above, there is a real silent majority on this island and they trust our elected officials. Trotter voted for sewers, weathered an attempted recall and was still reelected by a huge margin. Saying that Popoff wouldn't get reelected is absurd; his support base is much larger than Trotters.

In addition, as Councilor Kiester states, Rob has done a great job as a councilor and council chairman. Mr. Kiester, as I've said before on these blogs, you have my vote! You are a genuine man and have proven it once again. Good luck to Rob in his future endeavors and best of luck to you Mr. Kiester.

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Wow, getting petitions signed, that's really contributing (sarcasm). Burger, don't pay attention to this narcisst! You are the ignorant one MarcoJimbo; you litter these blogs with your opinions and tell all the coucilors and candidates how s----- they are. You have an opinion about everything and you're certainly not afraid to share them. Step up and be a man! Try putting yourself on the front lines for once. You hid in a sub while some of us were on the front lines.

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I agree Chuck, if someone has enough gall to attack you or any of the other councilors they should have enough guts to back it up!! At least you're putting yourself out there. Over the years I have disagreed with you on many issues but I am supporting you in this election as I feel you now represent all islanders, not just a small vocal minority. Guys like Putnam and Issler are very much alike. They are on different sides of the issue but are like irritating flys, always giving their unsolicited opinions on the blogs. Just ignore them; they are just self-important, know it all insects!

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Are you kidding me August? These guys, our city councilors, take a lot of abuse. I can't imagine a more thankless job. In the past I have been the source of such abuse, especially aimed at councilman Kiester but in the end I will vote for him. Unlike us bloggers he has the courage to put up with the attacks and keep serving our city which is much more than I can say for the people that post blogs (me included).

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I stand by that post but the difference is John I don't cry like a pitiful baby when someone fights back. You are a vile and vicious fighter, perhaps you learned that from serving in Vietnam. If you are going to fight on these blogs don't expect to get away with a different set of standards then those you attack.

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John, as an outsider reading these blogs I can only say that you insult, demean and attack people on the blogs all the time but when someone questions you in any way you get insulted. Grow up old man! Toughen up or don't play this game!

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Why answer Putnam?? Nothing anyone can say would be acceptable in his mind. Russ, you disappoint me with this one, Putnam is not worthy of your time or the councils time.

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As long as Keith Dameron is involved with the Art League they won't get a dime from me!

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I don't mind a little friendly debate, just read your own blogs.

jwputnam, you wrote:

"Dr. Sanchez is not only a very intelligent educator, but also a Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam."

Then you say:

"Dr. Sanchez was in the United States Marine Corp in the Vietnam Era. FACT. I am unsure if he actually was inland. His comment to me in an email was that he had "served in the United States Marine Corps during the vietnam era"."

Make up your mind Mr. Putnam. You do seem to embellish an awful lot in these blogs.

As for Mr. Sanchez suing the EPA I really don't give a hoot. If there was wrong doing in any way I encourage him, and support him in his efforts.

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Wow, jwputnam is coo coo for coconuts...

Written on UPDATE/BLOG: Marco City Council approves property tax rate increase:

The only childish one is you Putnam!!

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Fossil, what in the world are you talking about? Rob has always been strong in his convictions, he try's to please both sides-and that is his only fault. He has been a lighting rod for three years for being the swing vote on the STRP and not wavering, even under a lot of pressure. I think you will be surprised at how efficiently he will run the meetings. I served on the MICMS board with him when he was chair of that board and he ran the meetings professionally.

I know his Mother and agree with you on that note; he should listen to her, she is a fine lady.

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The meetings have not been run well. Forget politics all together and look at who will run the meetings effciently. My vote goes to either Popoff, Forcht or Gibson. They will not tolerate BS from the dias or the public. Popoff & Forcht have been there the longest, Gibson is still wet behind the ears and didn't run the LCEL takeover meetings well at all. These meetings are a joke and need to be run with a heavy gavel. Give the people and the council a chance for input and move these meetings along!

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I spent 22 years in the US Marine Corp and think you have all gotten off topic. Besides, just being a Marine doesn't mean you're above the basic laws of ethics and moral standards; we are held to a higher level! The point is that this young man is proud of his school. Congratulations to Alex Popoff, he is a fine young man who articulated his thoughts like an adult; something the individuals on this blog have failed to do! Marine or not, I think Marconian does deserve a proper bottom kicking.

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I don't believe the city hid anything; I think 27 year resident hit the nail on the head. I think McMullan fabricated an email address close to the city's server and then got the report from the testing company and sent himself the report. He is a devious man who only wants to make the city look bad at any cost. Just consider his background before you believe what he says.

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Tuckers service to this island has put him in a serious financial situation. He owes back taxes, his practice has dried up and rumor has it he may have to sell his retirement home in Everglades City. So for all you conspiracy theorists out there Glenn has done nothing but served this community faithfully for 12 years and it has cost him a lot! All for ignorant, self-serving, selfish people who don't appreciate a moment of it! And he did it all for $6000 a year.

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I worked with Hennings at the DEA and support him as a fellow officer, fellow Marine and the new Marco Island Police Chief!

Best of Luck Kevin.


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Hector "SOUR GRAPES" Columbo, the only winning team you ever player for was the US Air Force.

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Barrack Obama won't salute the flag yet he may be our new Commander in Chief.

Semper Fi

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Fred, you can't think of any possible scenario by which you could agree that the best way to finance a new or enlarged bridge to Marco might be through tolls. Well think again, what if it's the only way? What if we have no choice? As usual, we citizens have no say in this matter and niether does our city! It is not up to us, it is up the the FDOT in Tallahassee. If you want to complain start there.

Written on Letter to the editor: Open letter to our City Council:

What did the cynics do in their lives that makes them such experts on every topic and why do they feel so self-important to think anyone actually cares about their opinions? It is always the same names that jump at the chance to attack our city officials. They are all so predictable.

I am in no way convinced that the council actually wants to take over the utilities. I believe what they are doing is merely getting LCEC to pay attention. Just talking about a study on rates has gotten LCEC all excited. Good for the council. They are doing what we (the majority) elected them to do!

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I know how you feel Russ; Kiester couldn't have a bowel movement without Godfrey Davies' approval.

blackwidow you may be correct about Waldack but Gibson is clearly his own man.

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Barrack Osama Obama (bin Laden), The downfall of the United States of America. I want a Commander in Chief that salutes the flag or puts his/her hand on their heart during the National Anthem. I want a Commander in Chief that loves our National Anthem and flag, not one that despises what it stands for.

Obama may very-well be the anti-Christ. He is the most liberal (socialist) politician alive; he makes Kennedy look conservative. Its ashamed Hillary is no longer in the race. The Dems made a huge mistake by not giving her the nomination.

Barrack is like a drug to young voters and Hollywood loudmouths. God help us!

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Foster you are so pitiful. You keep attacking Monte Lazarus who is a humble Yale Law Grad and retired Executive VP of American Airlines. I would put Lazarus against you any day of the week in a mental battle of the minds. If your IQ was above 130 I would be amazed.

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Sal is a retired 70 (something)year old man. He was a NY police officer for over 30 years. His statement was made after Councilor Popoff and his family were threatened in writing. Good Ole Sal simply said, "if they come after me that's OK, I have a gun and a license to carry it."

Once again, the spinmasters turn this into something it's not. Sal was not at a council meeting; he was interviewed in the privacy of his own home and made a statment that he will protect his family and his home.

Give that information to Erickson or Foster and they turn it into a threat. What is truly amazing is that they totally neglect to mention or acknowledge all of the personal threats and property damage done to Popoff, Minozzi, Trotter and Tucker. What they concentrate on is Popoffs demand for civility and somehow they turn that into a negative.

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Homeowner, you sound a lot like gernblanstone! You countine to intentionally mis-spell Mr. Beauforts name and avoid the issue of Kiester breaking the law. Your blogs show nothing more than a shallow mind with contempt for good people like Ray Beaufort as well as the majority of voters on Marco Island.

As for me being a Marine, you name the time and place and I will meet you to discuss this in gentlemen, of course.

Written on Collier judge finds Marco council member guilty of records violation:

Seems to me that Mr. Beaufort was on the winning side. Perhaps the real nut case is you gernblanstone.

Beaufort is an honest straight forward guy who removed himself from the anti-city cave dwellers ranks; he was more interested in facts than fiction.

I'll say it again...don't mess with my beloved Marine Corps. I know that gernblanstone is not a Marine because he has no integrity. Marines know Honor, Dignity and Respect.

gernblanstone, lets face it, your campaign was a SNAFU from the get go. Your candidates based everything on lies not facts. The voters of Marco Island know the difference.

Why not show some real integrity and question Kiesters motives and maximum sentence instead of throwing bombs at Beaufort?

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Forget about Old Sal and worry about yourself Godfrey!! You have to be the most unpopular person on this Island right now.

Old Sal is a Marine that fought for this country. He is also a retired New York City Police Officer. He is more of a man than you will ever be.

There are several of us Marines on the Island that don't appreciate you picking on one of our own. It must have taken so much courage for you to threaten Old Sal at the council meeting. Does your buddy Joe Batte know you have been threatening Old Marines? As a Marine I bet he wouldn't appreciate this either; Semper Fi means "always faithful" and we are always faithful to one of our own!

But for you, what's one more lost friendship, you've got a lot of those' Kelber, Tucker, DisCuillo and many more. You're friends until you disagree.

Just give up before you lose again.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

heebeed, complete nonsense, stop it! Trotter is one of the staunchest supporters in controlling density. Act like an adult and take your whooping with some dignity. Stop all of these lies!

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:


What's going to happen with all of the leftover 2 x 4's that they used for the signs?

They could donate the wood to the YMCA, the Charter School or the Historical Society.

Written on News analysis: The STRP and Marco’s environment:

- - -

Why should I spend thousands of dollars on hooking up to a central sewer system?

If your septic system has not had regular inspections and maintenance, it will probably fail. Replacement fees range from $8,000 to $12,000. These fees can double or triple if you need to replace your drainfield or remove the old system and replace it with a performance-based system.

- - -

My septic system works fine; why should I hook up to a central sewer?

A septic tank works by letting solids sink to the bottom of a large tank and it lets foam and detergents float to the top. Water is released from somewhere in the middle. It goes from there into a series of pipes with holes in them to allow the water through. Water gets further treated by the sand in the drainfield.

Current requirements for septic systems are for two feet of unsaturated soil between the bottom of the drainfield and the groundwater. However, in systems installed prior to 1983, the requirements ranged from only six to 12 inches of separation from the groundwater. Therefore, there is concern septic systems are polluting the groundwater, which eventually discharges into the canals.

- - -

Should we be concerned the Marco sewer system will fail during hurricanes or heavy rains?

No. Sewer systems like Marco’s separate stormwater and wastewater and are much less likely to have bad spill events even in heavy weather than systems with combined flows. Problems can be quickly addressed and cleaned up.

- - -

If the septic tanks are polluting the canals, where is the evidence?

Unfortunately, septic tanks are not the only source of bacteria polluting the canals. Fecal coliform bacteria are generated by a number of animals, as well as humans. In addition, nitrogen comes from not only septic tanks, but also from stormwater runoff. Elevated levels of both of these have been documented in Marco canals.

- - -

JOAN COLFER, M.D. is the director of the Collier County Health Department. JON IGLEHART is the district director of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. CLARENCE TEARS is the director of Big Cypress Basin.

Written on News analysis: The STRP and Marco’s environment:

How can septic system discharges affect fish populations?

Discharge from septic systems can increase nutrient levels in water. These nutrients are fertilizer for algae bloom outbreaks. When those blooms die off, they use up all the oxygen available for fish, causing fish die-offs. These nutrients are also tied to hazardous algae blooms like red tide. Red tide has been responsible for fish and manatee kills as well as human respiratory ailments.

- - -

Where does the water go after it gets treated at the wastewater treatment plant?

Water gets treated to a very high standard and monitored on a real-time basis. Water that is safe to use for public irrigation gets put into reuse. Water that fails testing gets re-treated. Replacing septic systems could supply over 250 million gallons per year of reuse water to Marco Island. The South Florida Water Management District has strengthened watering restrictions. Areas with reuse water have recently been allowed to continue irrigation where others have not.

Why would I want to pay monthly fees for central sewer when using my septic tank is free?

Your septic tank is not free; it should be inspected and pumped every three years. Fees for pumpouts and inspections range from $250 to over $500.

Written on News analysis: The STRP and Marco’s environment:

Health, water officials share facts about Marco sewer program
Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Marco Island Septic Tank Replacement Program questions and answers:

What are the advantages of a centralized sewer system over individual septic tanks?

There are several advantages:

-- A central system provides controlled and monitored disposal of human waste.

-- Advanced wastewater treatment systems are monitored 24 hours a day, problems with them can be quickly addressed and remedied.

-- Instead of thousands of individual systems with the potential for numerous problems, there would be one central system to manage and monitor.

-- The advanced wastewater treatment facility will be able to provide reuse water as an alternative water supply and reduce the city of Marco Island’s potable water demand by 12 percent.

-- Advanced wastewater systems treat effluent to a much higher level than septic tanks do.

-- Central wastewater systems have certified operators who can make adjustments to the treatment process.

- - -

Have government agencies supported the Marco Island Septic Tank Replacement Program?

Yes. The Health Department has always supported the effort to put public sewers on the Island in place of individually maintained septic systems. The state has also provided funding for this project through a revolving credit line. The program has been supported by the South Florida Water Management District/Big Cypress Basin and Basin Board with a $6 million commitment over a five-year period.

- - -

Does the Septic Tank Replacement Program have an impact on Marco Island’s canals and waterways?

Yes, many of Marco Island’s canal networks are located directly adjacent to residential areas with septic systems. Discharge of nutrients, detergents, pharmaceuticals and potentially even fecal bacteria into the groundwater is a concern for water quality and the environment, as well as public health.