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Written on Jim Jourdan of Lee County Electric Coop places the final touch, the star for the top of the Christma:

Thank you, Italian American Club, and all its volunteers for putting up this beautiful tree and for having community spirit at this time of giving! You're wonderful people!

Written on YMCA ready to unveil their new look:


Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

Not every child on Marco is wealthy with wealthy parents. The majority actually aren't. They won't be driving Mercedes and BMWs they will be driving what they would be driving now, which are Mazdas, Toyotas, etc.

Written on Letter to the Editor: We are losing our freedom of speech:

in response to u2cane:

Klab, if you think Obama is doing a good job then you really are drunk most of the time.

Bubba the love sponge calls it the wussification of America. He might be a shock jock and a little off on some things, but he is right on this. Censorship and escaping from a government that controlled what the people did is why our founding fathers left Europe. The only things the government should provide for us are freedom through defending this country from foreign and domestic threats, provide us with the proper infrastructure (roads, parks, waterlines, etc.), and provide us with consumer protections. Other than that, we are supposed to be a free market economy where hard work gets you ahead, not welfare and socialistic principals. We do not pay taxes to allow illegal citizens of another country leach of of us (while their country uses force to remove illegal citizens while raping illegal women and making illegals bribe them to stay according to amnesty international), we do not pay taxes so all our money goes to help other countries while we rack up debt. We do not pay taxes to a government that apologizes for things that we don't need to be apologizing for (see illegal citizens statment from above). We used to have a statement, don't tread on me, and we have become wussies and let liberal thinking nut cases tread on us. We need to stop that and stand up for our freedoms. People also need to loosen up and stop taking dumb comments to heart, if something I say offends you too bad, suck it up, be a man and move on with your life.

Give him time. Hes already doing more then Bush ever did. Most of you people on here are racist republican nuts. Whether you like it or not he is our president and you need to deal with it. Stop putting him down. Yes you might not always agree with everything he does, I dont either, but that doesn't mean he isn't trying and doesn't deserve any credit. Stop judging him and look at things from his perspective.

Written on Guest Commentary: Applying reason to the high school initiative:

in response to freedomofspeech1:

The bottom line is that there simply is not enough students to support 2 high schools in this area. Lely, whether you accept it or not is the ZONED school for Marco Island. The governing body(CCPS)has designated it as such. They have even gone to the extent recently to rezone areas of Naples to increase Lely's numbers.
They have gone to the extent to crack down on an individuals opportunity to go to any other school than Lely if you reside in the Lely zone(which is MARCO).
The Marco Charter which is the Lely feeder school from Marco recently graduated 112 students. The principal confirmed that 95% of them will be doing the "right thing" by going to LELY. Lets be realistic, in a best case scenario, the Marco High School could attract half or about 60 students. Multiply that by 4 grades and you are looking at a 240 student high school. That school could not possibly offer the curruculum and extra curricular activities and sports as a full fledged high school.
By doing so, they not only hurt the bona fide school which is Lely, but they put out a product that eventually will not be attractive at all.
The organizers of this school better not build a structure because this concept will simply not have enough support to survive. This is equivalent to the City of Marco and the YMCA fighting for a limited amount of children and neither of them being successful.
Regardless, Lely will survive. I cant say the same for this new school.
As has been said many times....if the organizers of this school and the parents of those that send their kids to other schools put their energy into LELY, we would have the best school in Collier County without a doubt. Since they dont, all we can do is continue to show the world how great Lely really is!

I would like to make the point that some parents might think that a high school on the island is a better choice for their child. One school isn't the right school for every child. The parent might feel sending their child to a school where half the students do NOT speak english isn't an environment their child can succeed well in.
Some students might not want to be involved in extracurriculars (sports, band, etc.) and will want to focus on all their academics which means a school on the island might be good for them and a much easier commute.
I am not supporing the school on Marco or against it. It should be the childs choice and they should go to the place they will be able to do well in. All these "Lely Lovers" need to stop putting other people and schools down and just focus on their school.

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