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Written on Many members of the audience show concern over need for the Community Redevelopment Area of Marco's:

First speaker is Chris Curle, who is STILL hoping to be considered a professional media reporter after a, what, fifty-year career of trying ? For God's sake, she's speaking into a recorder, not a microphone.

On an Island FILLED with self-important wannabe's, Farmer and Curle are the King and Queen.

Written on Island couple share memorable moments with actor Fess Parker :

Dinner with Fess Parker ?

FESS PARKER ?!?!?!?!?!?!

W O W !!!!!!!!!!!

The only way to POSSIBLY have topped that would have been to have lunched the next day with Bob Denver !!!!

Good times, good times..........

( N. B. the clever connection of Marco Island to Gilligan's )

Written on Marco council takes next step on (community-coined) ‘CRAP’:

Love it. Even the natives refer to Marco as C-R-A-P. Love it, love it, love it.

Written on Architect for rapper Eminem, says Marco, Collier construction on the rebound :

Two questions for the expert architect:

1 ) Where is THE perfect, actual center of Marco Island? The place where the N to S and E to W axes meet at the EXACT middle ?

2) If I were at that point, how far down into the very core of the earth would I have to drill to cause the Island to spring a leak sufficient enough to cause it to sink back to the watery grave of Hell from which it came ?

Written on PHOTOS/VIDEO: Marco Island Seafood Fest this weekend:

Just be sure to bring cash !

You know how those Marco waiters are with credit cards !

Written on Mild-mannered Kocourek, super star in AFL:

"In the starting lineup for today’s AFL champion San Diego Chargers, Dave Kocourek, 83, tight end.

In today’s lineup for the champion Oakland Raiders, Dave Kocourek, 88, tight end."

Huh ?

"Far from what teammates or opponents said about him when he played professional football. First for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 1959, the Los Angeles Chargers in 1960, which became the San Diego Chargers. He played five seasons with the Chargers, one year with the Miami Dolphins and two with the Raiders."

Huh ??

---- Look, I realize this is human interest and not news reporting in the truest sense of the word, but this is one of the poorest written articles I've ever read.

Does anyone at this paper know the simplest rules of grammar and sentence structure ? Are there Copy Editors utilized, or do the "reporters" simply run amok ?

Written on Economy stomps Marco Wine Seller out of business :

That's a real shame. I know Jim Bono and he's s nice and decent guy.

As such, he never belonged on Misfit Island in the first place.

Sink Marco, sink. Sink back to the watery grave from whence you came.

Written on Will doctor’s practice survive latest headlines? :

Didn't this wack job also appear on a TV talk show ( i.e. Springer or Povich ) in a diaper ?
Who the heck would trust him for medical needs?

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