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Written on Marco Island teen calls 911 claiming police harassment during traffic stop:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I certainly don't condone his behavior but why does he need "drug" counseling? Was he cited for DUI? Would you say that someone with a six-pack in the car needs alcohol counseling? I think he needs a good dose of slum therapy more than anything. How would you feel if you happened to be daydreaming a bit and then were pulled over and cited for "following too close".

Written on Days of sweet apartment deals are gone :

Smells like NAR propaganda.

Written on After almost being crushed by a pickup truck, a man kicks in the passenger side door in a road rage:

in response to Ned269:

That idiot is really lucky to drive away from this. Florida is a Concealed Carry state.

Your statement could be construed as a threat. The driver of the pickup was not in imminent danger and therefore would have no right to brandish. Grow up.

Written on Four men arrested in truck creeping along I-75 face theft charges; all list occupation as 'criminal' on arrest reports:

in response to RayPray:

These young men trying to go on with their lives (not speeding, wearing their seat belts) were obviously targeted by racist racially profiling cops and should be released immediately with our profuse apologies.

Just smugly ignore all the other violations and your "logic" is peerless.

Written on FGCU student government seeks to impeach 5 of its members amid pot smoking allegations:

Unchecked jealousy can lead to ill-conceived actions. Live and let live. End prohibition now.

Written on PHOTOS Prime expectations: Outlet mall on Collier Boulevard expects boost from new owners:

The American shopping mall is dead! I only frequent stand-alone stores with imaginative inventories or shop online. I know I will find something different than what the masses already have and I will most likely receive much, much better service.

Written on VIDEO: Three teens face drug charges after two were taken to hospital from Estero High :

The drug in question is not an amphetamine. It is a tranquilizer.

Written on Abortion opponents plan 40 days of demonstrations outside Collier's Planned Parenthood:

What a passive/aggressive, self-serving, promotional plug this piece is. A plan is not news.
Roe vs. Wade will never be repealed. Get over it and put your energy into helping, not scorning.

Written on 'Operation Reindeer' nets more than $100K in pot in Collier:

I'd wager there are twenty to forty more of these places within a five-mile radius. A drop in the bucket.
An expensive bust for so little.

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