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Written on Letter to the Editor: Watch out for the ‘Lazies’:

Don't think you can ignore the political power of those whose only plan is to be taken care of. They have powerful allies and they outnumber you. They've been receiving stolen goods all their life and are utterly convinced they're entitled to what you have. You've proven yourself unworthy of it by withholding it from them. They, unlike you, celebrate and embrace life. Put more simply, injustice is where your neediness is less than theirs. So hand it over.

Written on 'Will she or won't she' run question following Hillary Clinton:

What was the reply to her infamous question, "What difference does it make at this point?"

What difference does it make?
What difference did it make?
What difference will it make?

You do not have a need to know, don't ask again.

As socialism is America - What difference does it make at this point? (Hillary or someone else.)
Answer: Little to NONE!

IMO Plan Accordingly

Written on Budget time – Marco Island City Council: All-day sessions close in on fiscal year budget :

As your economy worsens plenty of "Gangs" will quickly form. Recuits of all ages live a few short miles north of your island. These members will come to visit. They won't be polite and they have very little to lose.

Welcome them with open arms.

Has MIPD ordered ammo lately?

Written on Marco Island Planning Board: Keep the community on its feet:

Install treadmills and water fountains at the park.
Walk/run as long as desired in an air conditioned building provided by tax payers.
Did someone suggest an indoor pool for dogs and cats or possibly a convertable FEMA camp.

Written on Frustrated residents voice displeasure to Marco Island City Council over Mackle expansion plans:

Fill in the lake and build a FEMA camp. Borrow the funds from JP Morgue and default on the loan.

We'll get to know each other as we share bottled water and a stale doughnut. Director 'Sour Milk' can provide the entertainment.

Written on One bald eagle dead, another rescued on Marco Island:

The story and appearance of a typical, working class, American taxpayer.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Why I don’t attend City Council meetings any more:

Is the contractor holding the paper?

He could sell his financials to the Chicoms. Will they possess the park land when the taxpayers finally cry out, "We won't pay"?

A glance at the public records of many of those who are spending and committing your wealth will clarify allot. Apparently, they've exhausted their own credit and credibility?

Some directors seem to have their sites set on retirement from this city of which tax payers will be Milked to foot his bills.
Check his pension plan and you'll probably realize, like a leech with it's suckers on your jugular, it's your duty to be sucked dry.

These organizers concern themselves with getting a bigger slice of your pie. You will produce the pie, won't you?

Did the P&R director mention back-filling Mackle Lake to create needed acres?

Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

Back-fill the North end of the lake.

Raise taxes, sell bonds, give up, lead social lives and stop resisting.

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: Farmers Market: Fruits, vegetables and traffic jams:

Ample parking requirements for Churches, Parks and Government ignored?

Examples of continuous dangerous parking overflow exists at Mackle Sailboat Club, Dog Dump Park, Winterberry Park, Baptist Church, Jewish Center, Catholic Church etc. Pedestrians are in danger when attending events at locations with insufficient parking.

Marco officials should review the expansions before these problem sites/areas/operations are approved with inadequate parking. Who might be held responsible for allowing these dangerous situations?

Businesses such as restaurants and single family homes are expected to meet legal parking requirements set forth by the city. What Gives?

Written on Seminole Casino sees Marco’s seafood festival as a sure thing:

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Shoot the messenger - Problem solved.


Keep to yourself. You're on your own and your success or failure is something you alone control.

Thanks for the heads up on the ADA.

Written on Marco Island charter school supporters threaten lawsuit over delays:

Back Fill Mackle Lake and gain about 20 acres.

Leave the desired walkway.

Written on School District nixes Tract K as potential Marco Charter high school site:

Back Fill the Marco or Mackle lake(s)...
The city will have plenty of room for a school and Public Works. Build the school at Glon Park.

Written on POLL: High school on Marco Island one step closer to reality:

Fill in Mackle Lake to provide the acreage needed.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board to conduct public survey:

Are we being used by the County as they work on their next ICLEI merit badge?

Written on Marco Council approves linear park trail:

Elected officials and directors that gambled and lost their personal finances are referred to as unlucky?
Recently the US Forest Service began referring to illegal immigrants as Displaced Foreign Travelers.

Financially responsible citizens might mistake "bad luck" as incompetence and illegal immigrants as criminals.
Taxpayers bail out the institutions that dealt with these Liberal luckless failures.
The community would be incompetent if they ignored the 'luck factor' of city officials and directors.
Future council candidates might be questioned to find out in advance if they are lucky, just feel lucky, have ever been lucky or smoked a Lucky.

Those that can't control their economic fortunes shouldn't control much else.

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: 5,000 show up to Marco Island's Spring Jubilee:

My kid's Jubilee Egg smelled like dog urine.

You can only fool all the people some of the time because they eventually do catch on.

Written on Marco sells $58 million in bonds in one day:

Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.

Don't turn away the investors. Borrow all the cash they'll lend us and spend it quickly before the dollar loses value.

It is remarkable that the City of Marco Island placed a 58 million dollar mortgage on local property owners "in just one day".

Everybody's bets are covered except the tax payers. Non-resident/no-vote property taxpayers are extremely impressed.

Let's pass our debts on to the next generation. This can only go on till the credit music stops. The game of pass the parcel (debt paper) actually hands the bill to innocent taxpayers.

Read my lips, "More New Taxes"

Written on Guest Commentary: All about Amendment D:


I was hoping someone will correct me but it appears they're unable.

If those amendments pass it will confirm this city is inhabited by sheeple. They'll cry when the cost of living goes through the roof and they'll look to government for a rescue. The Gov will respond with "You pay more now and be better off in the future".

Expect many more taxes & fees of any type in 2010. Someone must pay. The sheeple will pay and now this amendment asks them to give away their right to even be asked. A quarter million is pocket change to our council. They don't want to be bothered with chump change expenditures.

The amendment description appears there is no limit when, in fact, approval of the amendment will increase the limit by 250k$. The council wants a retroactive pay raise and a departing gift for incompetent councilors.

If the rats are jumping ship - the council salary is probably just fine. Encouraging career politicians with a pay increase doesn't make sense.
Don't fall for it sheeple.

Written on Guest Commentary: All about Amendment D:

What are the current City Manager's limitations on expenditures?

"The charter currently requires the city manager to keep the council fully advised as to the financial condition of the city."

Amendment D appears to give the City Manager access to funds in quarter million dollar increments as a convenience. Presently and without this amendment the council is to be kept fully advised?

And the council needs an increase in compensation?

Amendment C - Council Member Compensation Increase

Amendment C provides the council with increased and retroactive compensation while amendment D requests that the council not be inconvenienced with quarter million dollar increment expenditure fluctuations.

Do council members volunteer to serve the public or is a council seat a job from which they profit to pay their mortgages? If so, then it's obvious why Roboff and Wayne won't run again.

Why is it called compensation? Aren't Council members compensated 100% for their expenditures? This looks like a retroactive salary increase.

SS recipients received no C.O.L.A. this year.

Written on Attorney General gives vote of confidence on Marco spending cap amendment :


My neighbor to the South is a property taxpayer but she's a non-resident and can not vote.

My neighbor to the North, a non-tax paying annual renter, is able to vote.

What's wrong?

Written on Attorney General gives vote of confidence on Marco spending cap amendment :

Dear Marco Tax Payer,

Leave cash, check book, keys and credit cards on the table near the door when EWE(sheep) depart for the summer.

Thank you
Mickey Maoist

What have our retirees missed by having a spending cap in place over the last ten years?

Our government is bankrupt.
The Island is a perpetual construction site.
Officials and Councilmen have placed themselves in the financial toilet with possible bankruptcy and foreclosures.
Imagine the consequences of removing anything that could interfer with the spending of someone else's money.

Read my lips, "MORE NEW TAXES"

Restrict the blood supply to these irresponsible political parasites.

Written on Park improvements, naming rights on city agenda:

Spend cash and drive into debt as deep as possible now. Pay back with cheap inflated dollars in the future (if at all).
Marco City has access to plenty of funds. If the expenditures aren't made soon the costs will sky rocket and very few improvements will result. When property taxes actually reflect fair market values the funds will dry up and the mil. rate will be increased considerably to maintain the city.

Amend the charter and spend like there's no tomorrow.

Saul Alinsky

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