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Written on State suspends license of Marco Island doctor jailed since Thanksgiving :

Crap where am I going to get my pills??

Written on Fiala asks Collier commissioners to discuss Tober's contract, wants reviews done :

in response to 2themoon:

Fiala is useless unless you need her a ribbon cutting ceremony or a bake sale- lets vote her out.

Exactly, silly old lady should retire. Dr. Tober has done a great job with EMS and keeping the fire departments in line.

Written on At the pump: Marco Island residents feel the pinch a bit more than some tourists:

"Marco Island service station owners and operators will tell you that delivery costs are higher here, one component of steeper prices. They will also tell you that profits are slim".
What garbage reporting, did anyone ask what those costs for delivery actually are VS Naples and cost VS profit? Plus many of these owners are related at least culturally with the owners on Marco and up in Naples, makes ya wonder about price fixing.

Written on Oliverio arrest ordeal on Marco Island ends in apology from and police demotion:

in response to Mayor_McCheese:

Thanks JGAFF.

I checked and you are correct. There are several legal matters he has been involved with. Not sure if any of that is relevant here, but this newspaper really ought to do a better job of actually investigating and reporting. If it were not for your reporting JGAFF, No one on this thread would have known what sort outstanding citizen he is.

BTW, the pizza is fairly lame for the NYC, but very good for Marco.

Vics Pizza on Collier by Bald Eagle is 100% better!!

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