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I think America should adopt the concept behind the new movie "The Purge"

This way these old folks with nothing better to do would learn that trying to tell other people what to do and how to live is not their place. The same could be said for most of .gov I suppose?

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I think the point is...why should I pay for someones cell phone? Who cares who started it. If you can't afford one, you can't have one.

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If you are a cop? You would know that in most cases you can't enter my home without a warrant. Most cops are dumb, so I don't expect you to know that. The people living in that area must have been scared to death having no way to protect themselves on an equal footing thanks to the great state of Mass trampling their second amendment rights. Those gun laws in Mass are working well?

In watching the coverage I was amazed at the hardware the Boston PD had. They appear better equipped than our military boys on the ground in Afghanistan. What are they preparing for? All that hardware and technology and the idiots couldn't find a 19 year old boy. A citizen did. While sequestered in their own home.

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There is alot to be said about the Boston bombings. One thing is for sure. Had I lived there and been sequestered to my home for a day and had my home searched with no warrant. The For Sale sign would have went up the next day.

I understand the police have A job to do. But declaring marshal law and conducting illegal searches isn't one of them. Nor do I need their protection or advice.

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Obumer and his friends are coming for your retirement accounts next. If you believe This... article is saying government is here to protect you or, here to help. I have a bridge to sell you. Cyprus was just the start.

For Klaus... This is a must watch for everyone. This is one of the few people in government with any balls. Pay attention to whats happening in the EuroCommunist nations. It is important!

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Two words: Stockton, California. Watch the BK there and watch who gets the short end of the stick. Government pensions are going to be going the way of the Doo_Doo Bird.

August8: If you are no where near retiring I strongly suggest you don't count on that pension. Our current Government is currently willing to screw our military boys (no more tuition assistance, etc) imagine how they will screw state, city, and county employees.

And NO, I don't believe there is any need for MIPD. Or a dedicated fire dept. Full time EMS? Yep. Look at all the old people here. A volunteer fire dept would be just fine.

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Klaus is correct. There are two lists. One is the USA islands and one is the world islands.

That said, I think Klaus should take his money and himself to the island of Cyprus. Should be a fantastic place tomorrow.

That said, I do owe Klaus a 12 pack. Germany has not left the Euro Broke Zone yet. They will. I was early.

Merkels ace in the hole is to offer the German people a return to the mark prior to the September elections. The people of Germany are getting tired of bailing out the broke Euro zone. Merkel doesn't want to steal the Spaniards, Italians, and French's money too. That's a civil war in the making.

Klaus...Double or nothing? A case if Germany is still in the Euro this time next year? And... You move to the island of Cyprus.

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By the way. Obumer is killing it!! The economy that is. Walmart gives us confirmation.

Walmart is. In my opinion. A bellwether.

BI, is, by the way, a liberal rag. But it has pretty pictures and is easy to read for the semi illiterate.

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I forgot one other point. The 23% of illiterates will be found entering the SSA office that day. And they all voted for Obumer. I guarantee it! Nobody with half a brain watched the SOTU by Obumer and believed that crap. The lies were blatant. The story nothing more than unicorns shi!!ing skittles!

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To Klaus and 1PL,
I will issue a challenge. We go to the SSA office in Naples. We observe for 1 hour. If 51% of the people that enter are under 50 years old, you buy me a 12 pack of the beverage of my choice. If 51% of the people are 50+ I buy a 12 pack of your choice. Note that I'm issuing this challenge at the peak of season here. I know I will win!

Let me know what day you are available.

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we can agree on this..."Republicans are done". What we will never agree on is that government provides better schools, or more efficient business methods. Solyndra comes to mind.

The Republican party is done, toast. The time is now for young conservative politicians to flee the party for the good of the nation and form a Constitution party. Time to throw out the old rotting corpses in DC there for only their own benefit. The constitution got us this far. It can bring us back.

Sadly that won't happen. Obumer and his cronies will just continue to pile more and more debt on our children and grandchildren. Continue taking freedoms from us in the name of "the war on terror" all while the 99% of this country continue to believe that the government is here to help. Nothing could be further from the truth. The FOX news crowd (Republican baby boomers) can't see beyond the Republican party that is now burning to the ground and appears little different from the Obumer party.

If you are in high school or college and reading this, this is your future. A minimum of $50k in student loans, a 50% chance of finding employment, falling incomes, rising interest rates, rising energy prices (gas, electric bills), higher health care cost, higher food cost, no social security, no medicare, no employer pension plan. The real fun begins for you when the realization that social programs need to be cut like disability ins, food stamps, and unemployment. That coupled with a reduction in state, city and county government, police, ems, and fire services should make for interesting times.

But...23% of the nation is illiterate so who cares? Survivor is on!

Written on Golden Gate man charged with attempted murder, sexual assault in home attack:

Hurry Obumer! Take away all the peoples knives! That knife tried to kill.

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Klaus says....But - for you we need a new weapon law. Collect al 45er!

Why? So you and the other thugs, law breaking, rapist, criminals can carry out crimes with NO fear? This is America! It is a right given us by our creator to protect ourselves. Not given by our government, not taken by our government. "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Read it until it sinks in. Or, take a swim!

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
Robert A. Heinlein

Written on Connecticut man dies after being pulled from Marco Island lake:

Drain the lake! Make it a petting zoo for all the old folks. Couple goats, a lama, maybe a small elephant or two? A lake is no place for these folks to be playing with a toy boat unsupervised.

30 minute response time? There's an armed intruder in my home. It's 1am. What do I grab first? The phone? Or my .45?

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in response to mrz333:

Stop with the bible already! It's not the 'bible' of billions of people on this planet! Why don't we just bring back the Crusades? Then - I'll be sitting in front of my house behind my 'Ma Deuce' atop my surplus M1A1 tank waiting for the real bible toting 2nd ammendment 'crazies'! Be true to the history of the 2nd ammendment and bear your single shot musket as a member of a well organized militia! Then, as loaves and fishes, your musket balls will multiply into 30 round magazines.

Single shot muskets were the best technology at that time.

Now we have better. I don't recall any mention of technology in the second amendment

Written on Letter to the Editor: Toughen laws; don’t take away Constitutional rights:

Klaus, something to think about...You live in a country that was founded by a few weapons wielding men against many arrogant Europeans. Today it is the greatest nation on the earth.

The world may be global? But that is not without consequences.

If Germany won't take you back, there is always France. Maybe?

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in response to 1Paradiselost:

Fact! Currently the program is solvent until 2033. Some of you have been sold a pack of lies by the right wing tea party.

If you think there's a problem, It's simple.... Change the Social Security max cap from $106,800 to $250,000, DUH!

Then the problem is solved... FOREVER!

Below is the current math.

Great source for your facts. would never mislead the public?

Google is your friend. Look at how SS is currently funded. The "lock box" has been raided.

I do agree with you. Raise the cap. Or cut the program. The elephant in the room (per Bernanke himself) is medicare.

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This: One reason why ‘We the People’ are facing the current fiscal cliff crisis is because “we” have failed to protect our financial interest by allowing the government to give entitlements.

There is no more social security. It is now a pay-go system. The money was stolen/spent by the fools you people elected to Washington over the past 30 years. Now you fools say you paid in and should be able to collect. Sorry but you can only spend the same dollar once. It has already been spent. Now you have none. The boom generation chose that road with their voting choice.

I hope the youth of this country one day stand up and tell Washington they won't pay. They did not consent to being $54,000 dollars (each persons share of the debt and rapidly climbing) in debt to the federal government before they even finish high school or are even born. The youth face much higher taxes to the extent that they will be debt slaves (pay the majority of their income to taxes) for the majority of their lives. History tells us this won't end well.

Why should future generations be faced with having to wait longer to collect? Collect reduced amounts? Maybe means tested to see if there is a need? While being expected to pay in just as you did? Raise the age, means test, reduce the benefit...NOW!

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I guess the DC rats can agree to get some things done. Like agreeing they need to monitor their citizens.


Written on Obama cuts vacation short as 'fiscal cliff' looms:

The fiscal cliff is just a dog and pony show for the people. No deal will be reached because a deal means real cuts in spending and tax hikes. None of the rats in DC want to be responsible for either. Re-election is all they care about.

The truth is...a "DEAL" was reached last time we raised the debt ceiling. The rats on both sides of the aisle crafted and agreed to the deal. Now the deal is about to cause prudent cuts to the budget and some people will lose. The rats don't want to be responsible for that either. The Fiscal Cliff is just a show for the morons in this country so they can't figure out who to blame. The rats in DC need to have a conversation with the people of this country to explain that either the people are willing to pay for all that DC provides or some things are going to go away. It's that simple. In a weeks time millions of people are about to lose their unemployment benefits. There is an article in this paper claiming "meals on wheels" will cease to exist in Collier county if we go over the cliff (none sense) due to federal cuts. I thought that was a charity? Cuts are coming and the fun is just getting started.

Austerity is a word I predicted would become commonly used in 2013 in America. So far I'm correct. I expect it to become even more common over the next 2 years.

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>>> Only some abysmal idiot could think there was any similarity between Hitler and the Great OBAMA.

Similarities in his actions. Not person.

>>> Our great Helmsman would not have lasted 5 minutes in Das Reich.

I think he might surprise you.

>>> Who the Great OBAMA most resembles today is that senselessly smug Grande Ecole idiot François Hollande....

There are no similarities here. Obama is grabbing power. Removing people in key roles. France is irrelevant. They are and always will be socialist.

>>> How about European history?

That wasn't the point.

>>> Really? Thrusting the Cherokee from the swamps of Georgia to the future oil fields of Oklahoma?

That is different from loading people in box cars and removing them from their homes. How?

This conversation is pointless if you can't see the big picture due to your lack of being able to think for yourself. Go back to watching CNN or FOX or what ever you do. They will think for you.

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Go back to Europe Klaus. It's getting better there.

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I'm just pointing out the similarities.

Yes Hitler did some terrible things. Read some American history. Our past is not much better. Maybe worse? Trail of Tears comes to mind.

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You are right Klaus,
Morals and code of conduct are old school military traits.

This is just the administration starting to remove the people who "know too much" as they consolidate power. A little paranoid? Expect more of this.

Hitler did the same with people around him as he consolidated power.

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Written on Election 2012: Eight duke it out for four Marco Island City Council seats :

Some of you speak of "education" like it is the holy grail of understanding and executing on the running of Marco Island.

Obama, and nearly all of the rats in charge of the country in DC have ivy league educations. How's that working out for us?

Some common sense and real world experience would do wonders for city, state, and federal government at this point.

Too late for that?

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This place is full of dumb a----!...Klaus?

You can't make this s$!t up!

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in response to EastCoastFloridaPerson:

Romney's record stands for itself. Romney can balance a budget,Romney is a leader,Romney saved the Olympics in 2002 with no salary,Romney has given 30 % of his income to charity,Romney has selflessly helped many people in his community (with out talking about it) ,Romney has worked with Democrats and Republicans in fix the problems of mass. Lets not put your head in the sand. These are the facts.

You've ingested too much red cool aid and Klaus has ingested too much blue cool aid.

Anti 1st amendment (supports NDAA, Patriot act)
Anti 2nd amendment (banned "assult" weapons in Mass
Supports Obama care (call it Romney care if you like)
Supports health care mandate
Supports access to contraceptives for women paid for with tax dollars
Supports government funded abortion (contraceptives)
Will repeal tax deductions (raise taxes) on the top 5%

Reagan is rolling in his grave!

He fixed problems in Mass by implementing Obama care. His state today has the highest per student loan debt leaving college. He fixed the olympics by lobbying congress for money. There is no way to create jobs unless you bring back all the jobs that have been offshored over the past 20 years. Romney won't do that, Obama had his chance. He supports keeping troops in the middle East (must keep deficit spending or GDP goes negative) past 2014. He's nothing more than Obama with an R behind his name, and that R wasn't there a few years ago! Look at the facts and stop voting with your emotions! Who's head is in the sand?

Klaus and Co. will be perfectly happy either way this election ends. Either way though, there's a train wreck coming. There will be no one to blame but ourselves. Much like the Greeks have no one to blame but them selves for voting with their emotions and ideologies rather than looking at facts.

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You miss the point. We've been on the wrong track for a while now. Obama nor Romney is going to steer the ship from the ice berg. Both will keep the throttles pinned towards the iceberg.

I'm not a tea-party supporter, not a Dem, no longer a Rep. I will support America. The Constitution. Declaration of Independence.

I won't vote for crony capitalism, a candidate that believes the constitution is irrelevant, or corruption. That leaves little for me to vote for currently in America. Or any other country for that matter.

It's unfortunate so many are so dumb not to see that Obama and Romney are basically the same thing. I hope Romney wins for the sheer reason of being able to say..."I told you so" many, many, times the next few years.

Written on Marco Council approves seeking bids for $8 million bridges project; moves ahead on fire boat :

A $400,000 fire boat to rescue morons that shouldn't be riding a jet ski to begin with. If you crash a jet ski there is no way more than a couple of your brain cells actually work.

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in response to EastCoastFloridaPerson:

Oh,you are so right,I am super familiar with that area of the country....that debate was set up with a super liberal like you said,she gave Obama extra time at one point,didn't cut him off.Cut off Romney many times. And don't believe for a second,that those 80 people in the audience were undecided. Did you hear all their last names? Those are all died in the wool liberals who are never going to vote for Romney.That was the biggest charade I've ever seen.

Romney should have felt "right at home" in that audience. If you know anything about Romney's past? You know he's pretty liberal. After last night I'm not sure he's any less liberal than Obama?

I know, I know! Anyone but Obama!

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Obama vs Obama.
Anyone that watched the debate had to have come away with that conclusion. Romney had lots of big ideas with NO plan to execute said idea. Obama was his usual self.

The issues:
The Obama admin is at this moment trying to commit US troops to Afghanistan beyond 2014. Romney wants to up the ante.

Romney and Obama want to ban assult rifles.

Romney will remove tax loopholes for the top 5%. Really? So will Obama!

Romney wants women to have access to contraceptives. So does Obama!

Romney is okay with a womens right to choose. So is Obama!

We all know Romney supports the patriot act and NDAA, etc. A violation of the constitution. So does Obama!

Romney has publicly stated that he supports the health care mandate. He designed Obama care. He will never repeal it. Maybe change it some? But never repeal it. Obama again?

The energy discussion, like the make college affordable discussion went nowhere. Like health care both parties refuse to deal with the structural underlying issues.

If Romney wins it will be more of the same. Crony capitalism. The money will just go to different people. The only difference is the new puppet will have an R in front of his name.

Romney blew it with conservative leaning independents last night.

David Stockman from the Reagan admin explains how Romney will create jobs. Or not? Well worth the read.

Written on Election 2012: What to expect when Biden, Ryan face off in VP debate :

Class warfare will be old hat soon! Generational warfare is coming!

Everyone under 55 better take notice! The Obama plan is unsustainable. The R&R plan will change everything for us. We will be required to support the current plan in place for everyone over 55 that may live to be 85. But we will have to wait longer and be prepared to collect less when we reach retirement! Less of the money we paid in to the system that is supporting the boom generation.

The system is broken. Common sense is gone. Let us under 55 opt out and plan for our own futures. The government will just turn our futures into the USPS. Broke!

It is time to seriously do away with medicare and medicaid along with Rx coverage. Free market price discovery will fix this all.

Let me guess? Republicans, supposed free market supporters, don't like that idea? I wonder why not?

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Rigs on the West Coast of Florida, and on the East Coast of Florida, along with California's coast is what it will take to bring energy independence to America. Not to mention Alaska and many other places where people don't want them. You can't have your cake and eat it to. Offshore rigs up and down the coast of Florida would be great for jobs and real estate in the state. Sadly, here and in everywhere else, the people will cry, "not in my back yard" and nothing will ever happen. The politicians will argue over it pretending to care.

The health care system is just broken. Price fixing is legal for the Rx drug companies here. The health insurance industry doesn't want the market opened across state lines. They will lose control if that happens. There are different prices for the same prodedures at the same medical facilities. Cost is based on if you have insurance, if you have medicare, if you pay cash, etc. The system will collapse soon being run like this. That will be the best thing that can happen to it. Take away medicare and medicaid. Return insurance back to it's original intent of only being needed for catastrophic incidents. Let the people determine what they need, how often, and what they are willing to pay for it. Prices will plunge in healthcare overnight.

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The $60 Trillion in unfunded liabilities is on the low end. It is likely closer to $100 Trillion. Bush is not responsible for all of it. It has been 30 years in the making. Obama has likely added more to the off balance sheet liabilities than any other president in our history. He will change nothing! Obama is the "Greatest" joke ever played on the American people!

Prediction: Biden steers the SS Obama into another iceberg tonight! Possibly breaching the hull further.

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in response to EastCoastFloridaPerson:

Well,you are wrong about nothing being done and no problems will be solved.What will be done,is the 4,000 new business regulations that Obama has recently added to the books,to strangle new business,and are ready to be inacted will be stopped. The clean coal plants that Obama is shutting down,one by one,helping to cause our fuel costs to be higher,(and causing more unemployment)will not be shut down. America will start on a track to be energy independent. The printing presses,that are printing money,and causing devaluation of our dollar,will be stopped. This printing of money is also causing the terrible inflation prices you have seen,and will continue to see god forbid,if the big "O" stays in. And I could go on and on.....

Want to bet on all that? Romney himself can't repeal every piece of anti business legislation. Clean coal is an oxymoron. No such thing. Not that I care, I just think the name is amusing. Yes the technology is better and the emissions from burning coal are better. We'll see what happens with them. I hope your right. I seriously doubt there will ever be a day when I'm fishing oil rigs off Marco Island. I hope so. But I doubt it.

The printing presses will never stop. Every developed nation in the world is printing. It is a global race to debase their nations currency. America has at least $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities. There is no way to stop the deficit spending now with out serious cuts to medicare and defense along with social programs. Add to that, the not in labor force number is increasing. That means less revenue against rising costs.

For example. Healthcare costs are rising at 9%+ every year in America. At that rate in less than 10 years health care will consume more than the entire $2.5 trillion the federal government takes in. Explain how you'll pay for that without running deficits? Here's the best part. Neither party will address the root of the health care problem! Rising costs! That are of their making by granting special privileges to the healthcare industry! Do some research on the industry and you will find monopolistic practices everywhere. There is no free market price discovery in healthcare. Nobody in DC will even discuss it! Campaign donations are more important!

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As I just said. Be careful what you wish for.
Does Romney not understand that if the rebels take down the Assad regime minutes later the rebels will begin to fight against each other? There are 3 different tribes in Syria that hate each other. Their hatred for Assad has them cooperating for the moment. Should the rebels win in Syria that will destabilize the region even more. It will draw in other nations to help one tribe fight the other. It's time to leave that area of the world. Let them kill each other.

Written on US officials: We didn't link Libya attack to video :

Klaus and the other liberals might know it was a lie and cover up? They will never admit it! Klaus, this is exactly what I meant by most people have no critical thinking skills (especially liberals) because they would never ask the question. What if the government is BS'ing me? This crap happens on both sides of the isle all the time. It's all about elections. Spin everything they can for votes in their direction. It's time people take notice and question everything. The answers you find may disturb you.

It looks to me like the SS Obama is heading for an ice berg at full throttle! While that will make all the Reps happy, that happiness may be short lived. There was a biography on Obama and Romney on PBS'S Frontline last night. It did a good job being party neutral (not perfect, but good) and it is a must watch imo. Romney was a registered independent prior to being a Governor. He believes in the health care mandate for everyone. He was anti gun. It's hard to pin down where he really stands on some issues. I did not know that Mormons consider America the promise land of sorts. The US constitution as major part of their religion. Romney believe charities should step up to help the poor, and the sick, not Government. Whether it be Obama or Romney government programs are going away. I realize the battle call is "anyone but Obama" from the right! Be careful what you wish for.

Written on U.S. jobless rate falls to 7.8 percent — a 44-month low:

Klaus has no critical thinking ability. Like most people in the world. They never question. Just believe what they are told to believe or what they have been conditioned to believe.

It won't matter who wins. No questions will be asked. No problems will be solved. We will just continue down the path were on. Jack Welch asked a question. The media didn't like it. Even if Jacks guy is elected Jack still wont be happy because nothing will change. The data will continue to be fudged as it has been for years now. I do give Jack credit for saying it publicly though. I hope more people like Jack start to ask questions. Maybe it will lead more Americans (and people of other nations) to ask questions and seek their own answers instead of relying on CNN, FOX, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc for opinions instead of answers.

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in response to GorchFock:

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The Mid-East is burning because of Obamas policies. Who has kept us in Afghanistan? Why are we going no where in Afghanistan? Obama won't listen to top military personal telling him this is going no where. If Obama is so smart why can't he learn from the failed attempt by the UK and Russia to control Afghanistan. Why are Americans being killed there every week? Obama deserves an "F" in forign policy.

"U6" unemployment remains above 14%. Another F for Obama.

A record 47 million people on food stamps. Another F for Obamas Domestic policy.

Loss of the AAA rating happened on Obamas watch. Due to and additional $5 trillion in debt and the inability of his administration to form a budget. Another F on monetary policy for Obama.

Obama is a complete failure. Obamacare will balloon the deficit even more. Neither party is willing to do whats necessary to fix health care in America. I can't support either Romney or Obama but, I can see that Obama has been the biggest failure in my lifetime as my president. The US has somewhere between $60 trillion and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities depending on whose numbers you use. Neither party will even speak of that nor will they address the issue until it's too late.

Klause talks about the wars W started. That was one. I'm almost certain Obama will involve us in another war before the election. Syria or Iran? Take your pick. This will surely happen if Obamas poll numbers continue to drop.

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Klaus, You can do what ever you want with your vagina! Just like every single woman in America can now, and will be able to in the future.

Your pill can be found at the nearest asylum!

Written on Joe Biden tells rally in Fort Myers that GOP left trillion-dollar debt when Obama took office:

By the way Klaus,
I would much rather send my child to one of the "Mini" schools in Iowa than one of the liberal marxist cesspool schools your great leader Obama and his wife came from. Not to mention most (99%) of the corrupt scum in DC.

Written on Joe Biden tells rally in Fort Myers that GOP left trillion-dollar debt when Obama took office:

I'm happy to see you did some research. Thanks for the copy & paste from wikipedia. The main point was it separated commercial and investment banking. Doing away with it opened the door to commercial banks to speculate. Speculate they did. They got it wrong. Thanks to the American tax payer and the repeal of mark to market accounting most are all still in business.

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Klaus, are you sure you aren't Obama himself? You, like him, want to blame everything on Bush. Will it still be Bushs fault if four years from now we are worse off than we are now?

Q: Who repealed Glass-stegal?
A: Bill Clinton! Say it again....Bill Clinton

Alan Greenspan was the second step leading to the housing debacle. Barney Frank and Reid were next forcing the banks to lend to anyone who could fog a mirror. Your s----- friends (and most Americans) that borrowed against their homes believing that the value would only go up to buy s----- stuff were also to blame.

2,000 Americans are dead because of Afghanistan. Obama refuses to pull us out of there. He said he would. He lied. He also said a few days ago we won't be pulling out of Afghanistan. $16 Trillion and rapidly climbing thanks to Obama.

You liberals seem to have a serious problem with the truth. Why?

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in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Glass-stegal has nothing to do with the budget. Repealing it opened the doors for deposit based banks to trade risky assets. Think "mortgages"! This was the first step to blowing the housing bubble. Glass-stegal was enacted after the great depression to make sure the banks couldn't blow up the economy again. We have short memories. Stop blaming Bush.

Obama has created $5 Trillion in debt in 3 1/2 years. He will own the largest amount of unemployment, largest amount of Food stamp recipients, etc, in our history if he is elected. Contrary to what many believe, Romney can't fix it. It's too late now. The only way to fix it is to make some very unpopular choices. Those choices won't be made by DC or the people. They will be made for us by the markets. I hope Obama wins. He will be the last Dem ever elected.

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Look up Galss-stegal, look when it was implemented, look at WHY it was implemented. Then come back here and tell me that by Clinton repealing it, it didn't open the door for the housing boom to begin. Greenspan helped by lowering rates. Bush near the end of his term saw the problem being created. It was too late and nobody would listen.

Great president Obama could not solve his way out of a paper bag.

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The system will be crushed under either the current system, or Obama care if the costs are not contained due to government intervention in health care. Free markets should define what drugs should cost or what certain procedures should cost. Not government!

The fact is that know one in DC will address the cost of health care or the anti free market practices that go on in the industry. Campaign donations would dry up from the health care industry. Campaign donations are all that matter in DC today.

Obama is a disaster of a president. I don't believe Romney will be much better. If I were the republican party I would sit this election out. Cuts will be made to the budget. Let the Dems own their problems they created.

Clinton paved the way for the housing boom bust by removing Glass-Stegal allowing banks to invest in risky financial products like mortgages. Greenspan and Bush pushed for everyone to own a home. Frank and Reid helped push by making it impossible for banks to deny anyone a loan. The consumers bought it hook-line-and-sinker. Believing that home prices would only go up. It's almost like it was planned?

The same thing is now being done in the equity markets. Give the people another year or two and they will believe equity prices only go up. Barring a war or economic disaster in a developed country. Think Europe, or Japan. Bernanke creates a few zeros on the Fed balance sheet, buys $40 billion a month in mortgage bonds (who knows what else) from the banks. Banks turn Bernanke zeros into cash and buy equities, ETF's, etc, and do their required buying (primary dealer banks) of treasuries. The Fed then buys the treasuries from the banks giving the banks more money to invest, I meant gamble. What could go wrong?

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How about public hangings?