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Written on Fla. Rep. Dane Eagle arrested on DUI charges:

Just drinking the party tea, 2012 vintage. Cape Coral constituents should expect State Rep. Eagle will man-up like ex Congressman Traedel and move on...

Written on Triple request pays off for Marco Island's Rose Marina with preliminary approval of conditional uses:

"...Anglers Cove has 320 units of illegal nonconforming use, he said...."

Logically, the Collier County Assessor has no basis to assess and collect real estate taxes from Anglers Cove based on residential condominium values.

Recall, the above argument by Woodward's expert comes a few weeks after Woodward argued that the Bald Eagle west side land was 'waterfront' because, to effect, 'Bald Eagle doesn't really exist'.

Is Marco Island really a City with legal standing?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Supports the Marriott expansion:

"...The same bloggers that write all the time. The same thing, over and over..."

Your comment applies to you, and me too.

Written on Marco council approves land code change to allow Rose Marina to build boat storage:

The message sent by the vote: "zoning code is a guideline, fungible, all land is planned development, bring a project, the governing will help you make it work". Project still not approved but one does wonder what it takes to get the resident representatives to simply enforce rules already made by the resident representatives. Question for the City Council. Was this vote independent or legally required by actions of the recently departed planning department employee? What is the Rose Marina compromise?

Written on Sacher's Town Hall talks Marriott, Rose Marina, beach patrols and obnoxious odors:

"...Sacher would not reveal how he would vote on the Marriott’s expansion but will wait until final plans are presented to council. He will weigh his decision on whether the existing ordinance is right for current times and whether change meets the test of the greatest good for the community..."

The greater good of the community is a settled issue.

"...The PUD ordinance is a contract between the Marriott and the community, he said..."

Put an end to the cycle of exceeding the regulations by +33% to compromise 'for the good of the community' at +30%.

Community representatives and Marco Island residents, VOTE NO.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Expansion insight:

WizeOlMarco writes:

"...But if we go back to the Marriott original salvo to sell its expansion proposal...we are NOT a convention center like Orlando or Tampa!

Folks, it not about being negative, its about insisting higher quality from our businesses as it applies to land use, and to stop this incessant need to cram and cram more stuff on the same footprint! If they want more buy more land!..."

Here, here. And, after buying more land/property follow the zoning and land use codes AS THEY EXIST.


Written on Common ground: Planning Board begins quest to find more public parking:

"...How? If space is not available the higher authority has to solve the problem. And space is scarce commodity at Marco Island. Especially at Old Marco Island! Your statement is wrong!..."

My statement may not be wrong. The private business have plenty of options to fix their business problem, inadequate parking...individually or collectively buy/lease adjacent property and create parking, buy their/a strip retail building and replace some of the non-restaurant building space with parking (by partial demolition, take a multi-tenant building and make it a single user building), make an arrangement to secure space from other private owned parking (as example, condo) or move the business to another location that is large enough to support the business scale they seek to operate (the Gino, Gino's food is still good, but yes, they gave up Old Marco's small intimate ambiance). It is not the responsibility of 'the higher authority [government]' to find or make a solution when a business can not make an arrangement to provide their needed parking. Notwithstanding some large condo buildings the Old Marco commercial is a small scale environment...that is what is at stake.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Expansion insight:

"...But if we go back to the Marriott original salvo to sell its expansion proposal...we are NOT a convention center like Orlando or Tampa!

Folks, it not about being negative, its about insisting higher quality from our businesses as it applies to land use, and to stop this incessant need to cram and cram more stuff on the same footprint! If they want more buy more land!..."

Here, here. And, after buying more land/property follow the zoning and land use codes AS THEY EXIST.

Written on Common ground: Planning Board begins quest to find more public parking:

I echo other comments that parking is not a requirement for the City to solve, it is a challenge for private business to fix. As example, in the Old Marco neighborhood there are several commercial properties actively listed for sale. If a local business needs more parking they can make the investment needed to meet their greater business goal. Or, as an italian restraurant decided last year, relocate to another location that has space and parking to support a larger business operation. Public spaces are not for private fiat. Not complicated.

Written on Marco Island business accused of motorcycle manufacturing, code violation:

"...Your post makes sense to me.
But all others. Give me an answer. 7 years in business! 7 years assembling motor bikes.
And suddenly over night it is a problem.
That is not what I understand.
Please give me an answer. What happened 7 years long?..."

An economic boom, bust and recovery. On Marco Island, lawless anarchy?

Written on Marco Island Councilor Honig holds Town Hall meeting:

"...He tried to calm fears the project would be approved before residents could make their objections known.

“The attorney for Rose Marina has a good reputation. The marina will work with neighbors, and he won’t let this come to a big fight. I don’t believe there will be a giant war, but there will be compromises.”..."

There will be compromise.

Are the zonings rules not clear? They are. Compromise is the art of a deal, but what trade does a marina development offer the residents? Services at the going market rates. Was the marina designed to fit into the existing zoning? Based on the proposal submitted, logic says no. Or, to maximize the economic possibility? Logic says, understandably yes. And now, a possible PUD?

So residents, what do you want in trade? That is the message for the representatives, one who seems already committed to a trade.

Written on Old Marco's controversial trees will be removed:

"...Don't bloggers have the right to post their opinions as long as they don't break the rules of this newspaper? Or now are you being silenced because of MONEY?..."


Written on Old Marco's controversial trees will be removed:

Rather than the Old Marco business owners converting the public street land for their personal gain, they can and should purchase additional land, such as the commercial lot for sale at Palm & Bald Eagle, or when the business out grows their property move the business to another larger location, such as what Gino's Olde Marco Trattoria did last year (now at Bald Eagle and Collier).

Written on Marco Island's interim community affairs director resigns:

"Irvin wrote that he moved to Florida in April 2011 so his wife could obtain her graduate degree in Miami...still own their Washington home and their family is there."

Wow, talk about committment; anyone feeling used by this carpetbagger?

Written on Building for the future: $20,000,000, two-year project, to improve Collier Boulevard gets underway:

"...Bill Trotter, planning board member and former City Council chairman and Metropolitan Planning Organization member, said that in addition to accommodating growth, hurricane evacuation will be enhanced by the road improvements..."

“That’s our biggest hurricane evacuation route. Anything that can be done to facilitate that is important,” he said. “Eventually, we’ll need to expand the road all the way to Marco Island.”

Hurricane evacuations occur in an orderly manner on the existing road. There is no need to enhance 951 for hurricane, the Jolly Bridge solved that pinch point. And, there is no capacity need to widen 951 all the way to Marco Island. Mr. Trotter, this Marco Island resident does not share your Miami-lite vision.

Written on Guest column: MICA chimes in on Marriott expansion:

"MICA’s major concern is the breaking of a covenant with the citizens who signed off on the original PUD in 2001. The original agreement of 2001 was clear and specific that no additional parking or other elevated structures other than tennis courts were permitted on the east side of Collier Boulevard. It also limited the height of the building on the west side to 100 feet."

Thank you MICA.

Written on House Speaker John Boehner bringing tan, tears to Marco Island after buying luxury condo:

Maybe we could all get together with Speaker Boehner at Stan's and talk local politics. Green light for the new bridge?

Written on Marco Island: Decade old site map of Rose Marina changes status of inland lot:

"The 2004 site plan proved the lot was contiguous with the marina’s waterfront property, even though an easement such as the road runs through it, he told the board."

Bald Eagle was platted after 'the lot' was platted? I doubt it. Bald Eagle and 'the lot' would have been platted at the time Marco Island was laid out. Logic would suggest.

Written on Marco Island midtown plaza rezoning application goes to city staff:

What seems overlooked, the storage building ownership is organized as a condominium, approximately 60 different owners control the over 100 individual legal interests. One must assume the goal is for the PUD application to codify the manner in which the property is being used. If correct, other than to meet a PUD standard why drag the adjacent landowners into this fray? Bargain Basket, to fix a parking shortage (despite the PUD allowing a reduction in required parking) by adding angle parking along Bald Eagle in the public right of way...hey Bargain Basket, there is a vacant commercial zoned lot for sale adjacent your north property line. The CVS anchored shopping center, what do they get by collaborating in this scheme? Not sure. PUD projects are usually based on a planned demolition of what exists to make way for a new project. Unless the different parties can explain their motivation and plans for being part of the application the City Council should reject the PUD for not being timely, i.e. not related to a planned project.

Written on Marco Island Marriott holds second town hall; talks redevelopment:

in response to marco826:

I for one have no objection to the expansion by the Marriott. The hysteria on this blog is silly at best. One writer predicted a fleet of Tractor Trailers riding down Collier like its Interstate 75. Medwedeff said would be more like three to four. I trust him and think he's a straight guy. People! Tractor trailers are not new to Marco. Company's like Sysco Foods service many Restaurants on Marco in Tractor trailers. I recently had a delivery by JB Hunt and Furniture Stores Deliver daily all over Marco. Stop the crying and making up stories. Marriott is the biggest contributor to Marco. Their plans will help the local economy tremendously. Whether people like it or not, Marco Island is a Resort town. You can't have it both ways.

According to original developer Mackle Brothers, Marco Island was a resort town 'for the resident homeowners', not for casual tourists or for rewrite history to suit your business vision. The local economy needs to reflect the resident homeowners' vision.

Written on Trey Radel resigns; Gov. Rick Scott to call special election:

In January the House Ethics Committee launched a Congressional investigation of the Radel matter — an effort that ends with the resignation. The untold story, from Radel's own words in court (November 2013), prior to the arrest, Radel meet and socialized with others. Who may they be, who do they represent?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott – on the proposal and the trucks:

in response to tikihut2206:

you are the first post I agree with..I have been saying the same thing..glad someone agrees with me!!!!

Except, there will be more trucks; perhaps not more trucks at one time but more days with trucks and therefore more trucks over a given period of time. The point of the expansion is increased business activity which means more events, i.e. trucks hauling stuff in support of the events. I bet the trucks will drive on and turn from-to Collier Boulevard.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott – on the proposal and the trucks:

"...Marriott has done for more charities and this Island than all of you combined. This includes lowering, or keeping low, our City and County Taxes. Marriott can do this project, without City permission,..."

Mr. Issler, since you have personalized this issue by casting your views upon the residents of Marco Island, please share with everyone the name of the family business, so we residents can shed light on your views, so resident shoppers can make informed choices about where they spend their MARCO ISLAND dollars.

Written on On The Hook: Sheepshead holiday:

Chum, that's really sporting.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board expresses angst over language in marina code amendments:

Approve a change to the code language to match what is planned? No. If warranted, grant a one time variance for a one time this case, for the water side land the requested height variance is for reconstruction of an existing building previously approved by grant of a height variance. Concerned about how it affects the other similarly zoned about concern for the overall community, i.e. the land use plan. Hold the boat and reverse that 7-0 vote.

Written on Smoother waters ahead: New rescue boat arrives on Marco Island:

Hopefully, the boat is never needed.

Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

...what does the city manager do...

Page 49 of the MI 2013 adopted budget...

"To be responsible to City Council for administration of all City affairs by providing sound policy recommendations, leadership and management of all department activities, and to strive for excellence in the provision of City services at a reasonable cost with an organization committed to good customer service for the citizens we serve."

Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

Not clandestine meetings. The Rose Marina expansion requires height variance (10-feet above allowed 50-feet), zoning change (commercial parking in residential zoned area) and use variance (C-5 marina use in C-4 zone). Inclined to 'no' on height and zoning changes, OK with C-5 in C-4. Full disclosure, I sometimes buy bait shrimp at Rose Marina.

Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

Candidates forget, voters duped?

Marco Eagle October 4, 2012 at 1:01 p.m. "Are you in favor of eliminating the three percent spending cap?" on city expenditures, asked McCann, eliciting eight "no's" almost as fast as the microphone could be passed from one to the next.

Marco Eagle October 4, 2012 at 1:01 p.m. Some responses generated laughter or applause from the audience, generally in favor of cutting spending, although there was general agreement on funding the Fourth of July fireworks. Even there, a number of candidates spoke up for the split between city funds and private contributions, and Sacher said he would prefer to see the merchants who benefit from increased business pay for the display.

Marco Eagle October 10, 2012 at 2:36 p.m. Marco Island Property Owners' President Larry Sacher spoke out for lower government spending. He mentioned over and over the dire economic condition of the country, until even he said, "I'm starting to sound like a broken record."

Written on Marathon's Hernstadt will be Marco Island's new city manager:

Rose Marina management and ownership meeting various Island organizations states they are aware of the rumored sale; are not selling, are making a long term investment.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight regarding the manager candidates:

With Roger Hernstadt (city manager, Marathon) an original candidate (paragraph 3 Letter to Editor) the concern over his privacy, his identity known, seems a sunshine law partly cloudy protocol...well intended, poorly executed.

Written on Marco Island City Council loses second city manager search firm:

Perhaps, Slavin resigned because the City has told Slavin that the City has agreed to hire undisclosed person 'candidate x', for which Slavin will not get paid.

Written on The case for space: Marco Marriott details expansion proposal to public:

And, all speak as though the hotel property bricks and mortar will always be a Marriott operation and Mass Mutual ownership .... everything and everybody has its price. The value of 'community committment' depends on ....

Written on The case for space: Marco Marriott details expansion proposal to public:

Though not now, as the project plans advance will Marco Island Civic Association (MICA) have a role toward enforcing the existing Marriott PUD agreement?

Written on The case for space: Marco Marriott details expansion proposal to public:

in response to captnjimbo:

Sounds like they listened to the major objections and came back with a reasoned modified plan. Other than needing to change some rules from yesterday's needs...who does this hurt?

Problem, the modification is being measured relative to a proposal that exceeds and thereby violates the agreed PUD. Thus, it is a false benchmark measure to rate the proposal a 'reasoned modified plan'. Rather than using a corporate slight of hand Marriott should admit the contradiction by filing the project based on a direct modification of the existing PUD; up front, out in the open. And, persons measuring the project should do so based on fact.

Written on Guest Commentary: Lack of management, oversight, and due diligence:

A September 9 Guest Commentary posted as a headline story November 24?

Written on Church Lady: Thanksgivukkah, a feast of religious freedom:

in response to johnnycakes:

Well this is fascinating. I feel unburdened. I'm NOT the only atheist on Marco Island!!! I may, however, be the only former editor of a national news organization on the Island who takes great exception to the Marco Eagle publishing religious drivel and labeling it "News."

Here, Here. Your also not the only reader to notice Marco Eagle publishing drivel.

Written on Radel pleads guilty to cocaine charge, takes leave :

The legal documents can be found within story on this Wall Street Journal web site.

Written on Congressman Trey Radel.:

Legal documents for Congressman Radel's case are found

Written on Congressman Trey Radel.:

Congressman Radel is the US Congress Representative for Marco Island. Based on this media's missing coverage of Marco Island's Congressman Radel's drug use, one has to conclude Marco Eagle is not a legitimate news source. Shame to the Marco Eagle news organization.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco City Council Meeting Fireworks:

in response to tikihut2206:

I do not live full time on Marco but I pay taxes..I am very interested in how exactly the politics work on the Island..I know it is Republican (I am a Democrat)..there is no Mayor or a Council..can some one just explain to me how everything works..just would like to judgements just want knowledge..thank you

Marco Island has an informative web site:

City Clerk voting information (2012) (State of Florida election rules; must be a Florida resident):

City form of government explained by the City Charter:

Marco Island Civic Association known as MICA is an organization resulting from the original developer Deltona Corporation, is a non-profit responsible for enforcing Deed Restrictions. Reviewing your deed language may help. For an example of MICA’s role, review the development of a mini golf course business during the last 18 months (search newspapers). MICA coordinates access to Resident Beach and sponsors events and issues considered relevant to Marco Island residents and property owners (recent presentation by head of Naples Community Hospital re Affordable Care Act was very interesting and on the MICA web site by video):

In addition to Naples Daily News affiliate Marco News, local newspapers include excellent current and historic Island news and information:

Coastal Breeze


Written on Two-vehicle accident slows traffic in front of Marco Island Marriott:

On one hand we want less government and urban influence, on the other we demand someone immediately get out to that public road to cut back that vegetation and why you’re at it instill some new about, drivers slow down, breath the fresh sea air, see the trees for the leaves. This incident is not a call for public action; except for police-towing-legal-auto-contractor-landscaping-newspaper services.

Written on THE MAIN EVENT: Locals to step into the ring, along with international boxers:

This blog should have stopped after 45 posts.

Written on Obama’s Administration vs Marco Island City Council:

How does one justify religious doctrine with private insurance based health care system? Turning a cheek?

Written on Mini-golf course reopens after settlement with MICA :

"So let me understand what you're saying here WMissow - you don't think elected representatives should be allowed to "Make up their own rules." I read that to mean "Make laws." e.g. Bylaws. Hmmmm - thought that pretty much defined what democracy is. We, the people, elect them, the legislators. They make laws on our behalf. We require them to enforce them on our behalf."

Yes, in republic democracy elected reps do get to make up their own rules though the rules have no force until agreed to by the overall body politic, i.e. the rules have to be approved by vote. And, sometimes the rules are not approved. Nor can the 'rules process' be made up to suit the moment. This golf course matter demonstrates the importance of 'the rule of law'. I was surpised to read Attorney Kramer is one of the owners...not sure I ever crossed that fact in earlier blogs, which puzzled over why Kramer was involved since he one time represented MICA's view. I look forward to beating my step- and grand- kids at the course, at which time I will shout 'Thank you MICA' for defending the deed covenants.

Written on Obama’s Administration vs Marco Island City Council:

Obama had a promise of ‘change’; City Council promised the same.

President Obama with Congress approval has made changes – though you may not like the changes, a Republic Democracy works via elections, not one party fiat.

Obama refuses to even discuss spending cuts; council does likewise.

President Obama refused to discuss or negotiate with Congress based on the threat of a government shutdown…recall previous offer to cut social security cost of living adjustment or the fact that the annual budget deficit has dropped for 3 years in a row or the decline in employment at government offices across all levels of government.

Obama continually borrows and raises taxes; council follows suit.

Upon taking office President Obama demanded all debts created in the previous administration be accounted in the budget, Congress refuses to submit an annual budget; President proposes and Congress approves funding and taxes.

White House mandates Obamacare; council mandates new Smokehouse Bridge.

President Obama proposed, Congress approved, the Supreme Court found constitutional and voters re-elected President Obama to a 2nd term. As above, a Republic Democracy works via elections, not one party fiat. Under the US Constitution The Affordable Care Act has been confirmed, and likewise can be altered.

Tell Marriott no; and demolish illegal golf course!

I agree, follow the rule of law. Now, apply the same standard to President Obama and Congress.

Written on Marco Island Charter Middle student wins statewide essay contest, four-year tuition:

Congratulations, an outstanding achievement!

Written on Guest Commentary: MIPD Chief Don Hunter – A response to concerns regarding our department:

If we all were perfect beings we would need no policing; we are not. For those that do not like the operating costs of human technology, perhaps non-human technology - intersection cameras for red light runners and stop sign rollers, auto speed guns to issue tickets for speed violations by the uninformed or unwilling, in-motion scales for the overweight haulers, id badge readers for the fish removers, swale parkers and sand encroachers...of course we like this even less, it removes the human interaction at the moment of the crime, the chance to wink or talk yourself out of a factual moment. Given the alternatives MIPD may not be too bad, though they could be more efficient such as using horses to patrol high density tourist sites in the season...oops, shouldn't open that bag of manure again.

Written on New interim city manager: Marco Island City Council chooses finance director Polanco for temp job:

in response to 26yearsonmarco:

Why can't we just appoint Polanco the permanent city manager, and promote another existing City employee to assist him????

Unknown if Polanco wants the City Manager position (news story said he was going to talk with his family). No 'assistant' needed...the City employees, Board Members and residents are the assistants.

Written on Rubio, Radel, Nelson weigh in on call for Congressional approval before Syria action:

Unlike past Presidents B Clinton and GW Bush, President Obama like President HW Bush (1991 Gulf War) follows the Constitution protocol and submits for Congressional approval. That's to be respected.