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Written on MICA: Fourth of July at Residents’ Beach:

Great job MICA!!! And people complain about the $130 annual pass. Best bargain on Marco.

Written on UPDATE: Chairman Rob Popoff returns home from hospital healthy:

Get well soon buddy...

G West

Written on Eagle i: Lely's Lopez’s writes on soccer success:


Best of luck to you in the future. You, along with other Marco kids have represented Lely and we are proud that you were part of our Optmist soccer program as a ref as well.

Written on Video Update: Marco Island charter high school planned for 2011:


Only way to do that would be a Boston Tea Party...succeed from the Union type of deal!!
Marco could form its on county, say like Paradise County. That way ALL tax dollars would stay here. Lely still would be a school of choice. My wife graduated from Lely and I've had two kids go there as well...both in college doing great. My third child will be a freshman this fall. Mr. Fairbanks is a great guy...

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: Irish ayes - Inaugural Marco St. Pat's parade scores big:

Great community event. With all the BS going on, it's nice to rally as a community.

Written on Open mic with Collier County School District Monday night:

Thanks for the short notice Dr. Thompson! I trust you will field questions regarding Tract K!! Rumor has it since the solar "farm" is NOT going to happen with the public outcry, Dr Thompson has been quoted as saying, "That property will never be given to Marco Island". You don't work for us, the school board does...
They're elected your appointed!! Good luck!!! Can I be on our TV show????????

Written on Sonic booms have Islanders jumping:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Sonic booms have Islanders jumping:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Is Marco Island going to the dogs?:

My wife andd I walked our two dogs around the lake at Mackle this afternoon. That parcel proposed for the dog park is ideal. If the neighbors that back that property bought with a water treatment plant and a City maintence facility building behind them, what's a problem with a dog park!! are correct, there is not enough room for a athletic field there. It would not even enough space for a regulation Little League BB field. Why not filled a portion of the lake on the south and make athletic fields??? They have already fill in the north end. There is still plenty of lake acreage for fishing and the remote control sailboat dudes.

Greg West

Written on Is Marco Island going to the dogs?:


I respect your opinion. I have four kids and two furry four legged friends I call DOGS myself. We have over 220 kids playing Optimist Club soccer on Winterberry NOW with another 200 more ready for Little League this spring. Marco Eagles Football and Cheerleading had over 160 this past fall and Optimist basketball had 150 kids!! We need athletic facilities for our kids and you worry about your dogs!!!! I worry about MY dogs too...but the kids come first.

Greg West

Written on Zach West does the right things:

25 years on Marco...Once again, thank you for the kind words. Both Terry and I are very proud of Zach, along with his three big sisters.

Greg West

Written on Marco man faces multiple felonies after chase ending in Collier:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Election winners: Marco Island Charter Middle School Board:

25 years and 27 year resident...Thank you for the kind words.

Greg West

Written on Marco Sunrise Rotary helps to change a life:

God bless you all!!! This is another example of GREAT people reaching out to those in need. I am so proud to know many of you Rotarians and consider you my friends and ambassadors to our community. Keep up the GREAT work. And by the way, their bus trips to the Dolphins games are AWESOME.

Greg West

Written on Election winners: Marco Island Charter Middle School Board:

No, it is a volunteer position. There are many great people that donate their time to organizations like MICMS, Optimist Club and the YMCA, along with other organizations. We do it for the KIDS!!!!!

Written on Island business reaches agreement with school board over development of Tract K :

Why not install the proposed solar project on top of Charter School and Tommy Barfield. Track K needs to used for open greenspace like athletics and recreation. Four acres of open greenspace on Marco is to valuable to put solar panels on.

Written on Bryan Milk named City of Marco Island Parks and Recreation Director:

Like I said. Smart move Mr. Thompson. After Harrison's embrassing exit (I mean retirement...cough..cough...with a 25K golden parashuet)Thompson made a good decision to keep this hire in house. Let's support Bryan, as he will do an excellent job. From what I hear and read The Optimist Club of Marco put a heavy push to get him promoted to this position. It seems they are doing a good job working with Parks & Rec in developing a decent youth sports program
for this Island with over 200 kids in both the football and basketball programs. I wish my older kids had those organized programs back when.

Written on Bryan Milk named City of Marco Island Parks and Recreation Director:

Smart move Mr. Thompson. There was no doubt that the community, for the most part (accept the YMCA), was pulling for Bryan. We look forward to working with him and his dedicated staff as we move forward in providing outstanding programs and improved facilities for our community.

Written on Marco's Parks and Recreation Director Dana Souza resigns:

What a joke this city government is. And all Collier County does is suck all of of your tax dollars. I say dissolve the City of Marco, and make the Island a state county. This would reduce taxes and provide better services to all. Why not!! We have the schools, a police and fire/EMS department, and water utility. Continue having LCEC as our electric provider and contract out jail services to the Collier County Sheriffs Dept. who we pay millions of dollars a year to with or no service.

Written on Early sign-up slated for new basketball league:

The Optimist soccer and baseball will not share time. Again, before you post you should get your facts straight! Soccer will follow basketball in January with baseball to begin in late March. NO CONFLICT AT ALL....

Written on Early sign-up slated for new basketball league:

We are still waiting response from the Charter School for use of OUR facility. This is a PUBLIC school subsidized by OUR tax dollars, along with the many volunteers and donators of OUR Island. Lely HS is available to the program if Charter elects to turn its back. How sad...Shame on you MICMS if you turn YOUR backs on YOUR kids.

Written on Marco council approves small mixed use development, multiple water facility upgrades:

Nice grammar blackwidow! "Wasn't we" ??? You from the Bayou like the Diaper Doctor??

Written on Thousands welcome Ave Maria oratory into Roman Catholic Church:

Will Ave Maria play a home and home against Notre Dame in 2045?? They can play the game at Palmetto Ridge High School. Maybe Dominos will cater

Written on Souza named Marco interim manager:

Well done!! All positive posts. Time to forward in a positive direction. Let's get this community back together.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

I love it that "Butchy Boy" says he is going to stay active in city politics. Memo to "Butchy Boy" GO AWAY...pick up your toys and go home. Then have Guidry check your prostate. He may even find your head in there.

Written on Grave faces dot anti-sewer gathering as Marco results roll in:

You boys need to get out of Marco NOW! Butchy Boy says he'll still be a voice on THE ROCK...Butchy Boy, it's time for you to pick up your toys and go home.

Written on Elections complaint lodged against Celebrate Marco:

Kumbaya my Lord...Kumbaya...Kumbaya my Lord...

All you people are OUT of control.


Written on Attend MICA’S City Council candidate’s forum Jan. 8:

silence of the grey hairs would be better

Written on Judge dismisses CARES complaint:

Once again the COMMUNISTS AGAINST RESPONSIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS lose. You boys pick up your toys and go home now.

Written on Man who stole another’s identification to get job gets jail:


Written on Marco police briefs:

Well said...we have enough BS going around on the ROCK with all the political crap. Get these perverts off NOW>>>>>>How about all the illegal aliens too......

Written on DiSciullo opts out of re-election bid:


THANK YOU for your hard work, dedication and loyalty to the citizens of Marco. Best of luck as you step back fulltime, for now, into the private sector. How dare any person challenge your integrity and character.

Greg West

Written on Victim reported taking pills before alleged assault on Marco:

This guy should have his testes removed.

Written on Weekend boil water notice lifted:

If you need a purification system you can use during a boil water notice, check out and look for PUREFECTA it's the only certified drinking water purification system for the removal and bacteria and virus.

Written on Beware: The witches whirlwind tour might land in your area:

Hey Joeynonuts,

did your mom find your playboy?

Written on Second person arrested following Marco house party:

DNA testing has determined both the dogs DNA on the condoms. Now that's what a call "doggie style"

Written on Hosts of Wall Street Wrap Up begin a new season early to discuss markets’ recent volatility:

You guys need a life. Howard's a great guy with a great family and sucessful. You morons are just jealous. You need to move out of your mom's basement soon!

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