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Written on MUG SHOT: Illinois man kicks wife in buttocks, police say:

Get a life there buddy!

Written on Whatever happened to? The shakeup at Marco Island City Hall POLL:

in response to RayPray:

From the official City Web site bio of our City Manager:

"Dr. Riviere majored in Economics at the University of Washington, obtained an MBA from American Graduate University and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Pacific Western University."

From this it is unclear exactly how many credits DOCTOR Reviere actually took at the University of Washington.

Sounds like he didn't graduate.

Then where exactly did the BS or BA degree come from?

American Graduate University is an online degree mill dispensing credentials to anyone with a check.

So much for the MBA.

Here is Wikipedia on Pacific Western U.:

"Pacific Western University, also called American PacWest International University and registered with the business name Pacific West University (Hawaii) was an unaccredited institution based in Hawaii that was closed in 2006 following a lawsuit filed by the State of Hawaii a year earlier.

Pacific Western University (Hawaii) was incorporated in Hawaii in 1988. According to the State of Hawaii, it enrolled fewer than 25 state residents, but used several websites (including,, and to enroll distance education students from other places.

In 2005, the State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection brought a lawsuit against the institution, alleging that it misrepresented itself to prospective students and committed several other violations of state law.

On May 9, 2006, a state court ruled in favor of the state agency, ordering Pacific Western to cease operation and assessing a civil penalty of $500,000."

Hence the dubious PhD!

While Florida seems to be a powerful magnet for individuals boasting factitious academic credentials, could it be that our esteemed City Council has selected a person to mange our island -- with a most generous package of salary & benefits -- possessed legitimately of little more than a High School diploma?

Obviously you don't care for the man. However, he did nothing wrong. Pacific Western University made themselves out to be more desirable than they in fact are. That's a very common practice regardless if it's a school, business, or just an individual. Stating that Dr. Riviere's education level is no higher than high school is quite disrespectful don't you think?

Written on Bristol Palin strikes back at Keith Olbermann:

She sure didn't get her mom's genes. It's too bad she's so heavy at that age. She was such a stiff dancer too. Not sure why she kept getting the votes.

Written on Two charged with beating, robbing disabled man in parking lot:

Why is it that I'm never around when punks like these two idiots do this kind of stuff?

Written on Christmas comes early with Arturo’s tree lighting on Marco Island:

Nice tree but too early!!!!!!!

Written on Love hurts: Man accused of slicing ex-girlfriend's new beau with beer bottle:

What's with the hot temper all the time? Relax! Life is too blasted short to get that bent out of shape over a woman who didn't want you anymore anyway.

Written on MUG SHOT: Kissimmee woman charged with prostitution in East Naples:

She's smokin hot. Don't ususally see her quality getting busted around here. It's usually the fat,old,toothless, drugged out type. She sure has a naughty/sinister look about her though, doesn't she?

Written on Teen charged with raping underage runaway:

Hang him high!

Written on Rick Scott's past brush with Medicare fraud happened too long ago to be an issue in his campaign for:

Scott admits he didn't know the fraud was happening. How is he supposed to manage a whole state if he couldn't manage a business?

Written on Foreign buyers see big opportunity in housing bust :

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The most important thing to do in November is to vote for the right people. Who cares what party they belong to. Members of both parties have been lying to all of us for years. Time for all of them to live up to the promises they make to their contituents.

Written on Federal lawsuit filed against Marco police claiming excessive force during arrest:

What a surprise, a panel of jerks letting one of their own s---heads off the hook after demonstrating hideous, inhumane behavior. When is Marco going to get a decent police force. Can't we go back to having the County Sheriffs? Not much better but it's a start.

Written on VIDEO: Marco homes built too far from fire hydrants:

Let me guess, they are going to raise the water fees again too.

Written on MUG SHOTS: Two women face prostitution charges in Collier County :

Why anyone would pay either of these women is beyond me!

Written on North Naples man charged with sexually assaulting juvenile:

Since it doesn't seem like the girl was raped, what is wrong with BOTH of them? What the hell is she doing with a 27 year old and what the hell is he doing with a 12-15 year old?

Written on Wrong turn: Woman arrested after parking in handicapped spot:

A joke? This lazy woman took the spot that someone who is really handicapped might have needed. We all know there are never enough of those spots to begin with.

Written on VIDEO: Man arrested for animal cruelty for beating dog:

I agree. It would be my pleasure to give him the same injuries that he gave that poor dog. There is a reason why a pet will go to the bathroom where they aren't supposed to. All you have to do is spend a little time figuring out why. If you can't, ask your vet. Beating the animal isn't going to solve anything.

Written on Marco Island pharmacy files harassment lawsuit against city and police chief:

We need a new police force period. Much smaller too. There is no need for so many officers on this rock where nothing happens. Nothing. It's just one story after another over the years and it's not only infuriating but embarrassing. To Seasix I have to say that you really need to wake up. It's great to support your local police, but not this group. They really are horrible. Also, you should be more worried about all of the alcoholics on the island driving around endangering all of us. There are way more of them than drug users. Should we interfere with those who sell alcohol like the cops are interfering with these pharmacy owners? They don't create addicts and influence what these addicts do once they get their drugs any more than a liquor store owner does with someone who buys a bottle from them.

Written on Marco Island woman accused of jumping front of car, child neglect:

Hopefully she gets the help she very desperately needs!!! Why she had that baby is beyond me!

Most of the people I have spoken to about local cops or county sheriff say they wish we could go back to having a sheriff. Actually they usually also say they wish Marco had never become a city. I wasn't here yet so unfortunately I couldn't vote and won't bash either side. I'm sure the local bar and restaurant owners feel the same way. Maybe the island wouldn't be asleep by 9PM.

Written on Marco leaders prepare to battle oil spill :

Shadow is right about the bailes of hay. Get lots of it! The oil sticks right to the hay and then you just scoop up the hay with the oil with beach cleaning equipment and dump it into a large truck. Why BP isn't entertaining any ideas from the private sector is beyond me. The hay idea works. Look at Kevin Costner's machine. It works. Creat a bunch of larger ones and start using them. Even in Louisiana they are basically sucking the oil off the water with makeshift vacuums. Whatever it takes, just do it.

Written on Federal grant may encourage Marco Island to spend more on new bridge:

I agree with Seawaller. It is such an insignificant bridge which allows traffic over basically, a canal. Just build a simple, no frills bridge!

Written on Woman reported topless in East Naples community pool :

That is very clever blogsmog!

Are we still such a Puritan nation? All women have breasts and they should be able to expose them if they want without guys gawking like a school kid or worrying about some old uptight people commenting or worse calling the police. Really? The police. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Written on Marco Island man Tasered three times while trying to prevent wife's medical treatment, police say:

There are plenty like him who comment frquently on here who have to go and turn someones opinion/comment into a very ugly exchange of words.

Written on CITIZEN ON THE STREET: What signs are you looking for that demonstrate this economy is improving?:

I can't believe that someone actually said that she doesn't see an improvement in the economy because the price of cigareetes hasn't come down. Are you for real?!!! If you aren't doing so well because of the economy (which is getting better by the day) why are you smoking something that will kill you and costs you about $50.00 per week. Put that money in your pocket and you'll be doing better!

Written on None:

#5 - Nothing like a 48 year old prostitute who looks like she's 65!

Written on Duck hunt: City trapping park’s lakeside birds:

Well I'm not surprised that the city has gone and screwed up again! They remove ducks for no decent reason yet when my sister in law called about an alligator in Marco Lake a few years ago, she was told there was nothing the city could do. I suppose she wasn't a prominent enough figure on this island otherwise there would have been a trapper there the following day.

Written on Update: Missing woman found dead in car pulled from Marco canal:

What a shame. The poor woman lived to be 90 years old and ended her life in that way, it's very sad. Her friends never should have let her drive home in those conditions. At her age, she shouldn't be driving at night even if it wasn't raining, and probably shouldn't have been driving period.

Written on POLL: Bill Trotter named MPO chairman; FDOT seeks alternative Marco bridge railing design:

Come on people, really?
Sure it's nice to have a beautiul view while you're going over a bridge AS LONG AS YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE IT! Nobody has any business looking off to the side while they are driving over a bridge. If you want to see the view from the bridge get out of your car and look from the fishing and pedestrian areas.

Written on None:

Hello Pocahantas!

Written on None:

#1's last name is VanWinkle. Any relationship to Rip Van Winkle? It looks like she woke up after sleeping for 20 years and now she has a fro.

Which one looks more like a woman #1 or #14?

#8 is todays hottie

Written on Former President George W. Bush, his brother, Jeb, coming to Naples to give lecture:

Hey Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are coming! Maybe I should say Dumb and Dumber are coming!
I can just see Naples drooling. The wealthy and careless being spoken to by two of their own.

Written on None:

#1 - How long do you think it's been since he did any sort of grooming?
#4 - John Malcovich
#6 - What happened to his nose?
#13 - I don't even know where to begin!
#21 - Another squid head with that brainless look on his face
#26 - This cutie is the hottie

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