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Written on Marcophiles: Focus on the Family's Jim Daly will speak on Marco :

An article about someone who had some difficulties in his life and now is sharing his positive ways is bitterly hated, despised and ridiculed by some posters.
What compels some to be so spiteful and full of vile?
Must be that they are spiteful and full of vile.

Written on Marcophiles: Protecting, but sometimes pestering the eagles of Tract K:

in response to titanbite:


Doesn't that sound a bit close to pedophiles?

Sorry,but,it doesn't sound very good at all.

How about going with something like,"Islandnotes",or,perhaps,"Marconews",at least it doesn't sound like you're calling Marco Island a sexual predator,come on!

You are misinformed. The word pedophile is a misnomer and is misused by the PC linguists. What you are implying is pederast. Look it up.

The suffix phile means friend or beloved as in: audiophile, anglophile and francophile. Marcophile is a great name for those who love Marco Island.

Written on The Marcophile: Marco tiptoeing toward civility?:

Are you a uniter or still a personal divider?
Insulting the messenger because you don't like the message is foolish & narrow minded.
For you, it all boils down to the fact that it's gonna cost you $$'s to have sewers because the state of FL has decided to upgrade its costal residential areas.
Not a bad concept really. It's about time.
If Rome had sewers 2,000 years ago, Marco Island has some catch up to do!

Written on The Farmer File: Getting at the truth on Marco:

happy34145, why shoot the messenger?
Your so petty.
You stink and so does your septic tank.

Written on The Marcophile: The lowdown on lowlife mortgage fraud:

The federal government has also hired retired FBI agents to look into mortgage fraud.
An informative web site on recent mortgage fraud is:

Written on Letter: Simply put: too much spending:

Some people see the glass half empty...all the time.
It's so sad.

Written on The Marcophile: Good conduct mettle:

Chis, you're right. There is an old saying that "You can catch more flies with honey". Some people don't understand it because it requires being tactful. If you have the scorched earth attitude which uses the primal less developed part of the brain, its much easier. It's kind of lazy thinking. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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