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Conchsoup - Due to my situation I've compared how and when inspections are done between Marco and Collier County. The two don't come close and as simple as it may be for Marco to fix things they choose not to. Accuracy, honesty, thoroughness, and integrity are too much to ask of these unscrupulous inspectors.

Ms. Jessen, from what is not being told on your part is that "you" never signed a contract with any contractor to do the waste line repairs under the house, and your sister was told from the begining, that until all the cast iron pipe underneath your home was exposed by tunneling underneath the house there maybe and added cost.
The installation of the new pipe was inspected thoroughly and proffesionally.
Most of your problems were due to your lack of building knowledge when you remodeled the home in question under an owner/builder permit later on.
So please, before calling the inspectors "unscrupulous", check to make sure that you have impact windows in that glass house of yours!

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Mr. Jessen,

The Court records show you as the Owner Builder.

So, who exactly, are you blamming for your problems???

Jessen was the owner/builder and now wants to blame others for his ignorance.
Just like the Daytons, who the hell signs a contract with a builder, with a clause that states that you cannot sue the builder for any reason. Then the loudmouth states that she has spent over $330K fixing the problems that her builder caused, and never applied for a city permit to fix these problems!

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Again the Marco Eagle with its team of fair reporting journalists, report nothing but mistruths and for some reason try and ruin the life of another decent person.
Cheryl Ferrera, did you actually go to college and take a journalism class to get this job or did you write for your high school newspaper and that qualified you as a reporter for this rag?
I was never a fan of Mike Vanderjagt, but that was due to being in competition against my NFL team.
I, like others have got to know Mike Vanderjagt through volunteering in various sports programs over the past few years.
I now have a great respect for Mike, he has a great raport with, and is respected by the youths in the various programs that he's involved in. He has helped more kids on this island (even kids not involved in sports)than anyone knows.
The child involved was NEVER strangled!
The child involved has since apologised to Mr. Vanderjagt!
The childs parent has apologised for his sons actions!
The State Att. has said that there is no case.
The MIPD never pressed charges.
Mike, there are alot of people on this island that support you.
Keep your head up!

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Just asking.
What would happen if the 30% of the island now being forced into this STRP just opted for option three and didn't pay right away?
With all the renovations and expansions and the new proposed convention hall and the semi completed timeshare, the Marriott should have paid for half of the new sewerage treatment plant.

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I have no problem mentioning the guilty: Tucker Minozzi, and Arceri. Truth is truth. Why should they remain unnamed while the rest of us suffer due to their selfishness, arrogance, bloated undeserved egos and incompetency? I prefer honesty.

I agree and Brillo is right, but lets take it one step further.
We should name the sewerage treatment plant after these three and throw in Moss,Joel, and some of the present council members because their all full of $h1T!!!!!!

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I would leave Marco Island in a heartbeat if I could sell my house. I love the people on Marco. The government is an outrage. I feel held hostage.

I have been coming to this island since 1965 and purchased my first property in the early 80' and I still love living here.
But, I can't stand what this place has become and I have to agree with you.
The ten cent millionares have ruined this paradise.

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I believe Ms. Litzen is the Personnel Director, among other titles. Is she not instrumental in the reorganization? Or she just a figure head? Please send your votes into the City Manager's Office and let him know.

She is not instrumental in anything!!!!!!
Personnel Director.... What a joke!!!!

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In the years I have dealt with Code Enforcement, I've always regarded Mr. Wardle as a gentleman just doing his job. Those of you who don't think so, were caught in the middle of a man doing his job and some of the ridiculous codes that we have to abide by on this island.
With that said, why was Tony Sans kept on the job when he's been there less than a month, and not sent back to the Parks Dept. where he transferred from?
Why wasn't Rony Joel axed for being incomptent, or is he still being paid from the Buildings Dept. as a consutant and that way he can be kept on the payroll?
Why not clear out some of the dead weight on the second floor of City Hall?
Why not get rid of city mouthpiece Litzen,can't the remaining Dept. heads speak for themselves?
Now that City Hall is looking into stopping employees from taking vehicles home, why are so many driving thier city and utility vehicles and parking them at the lakes at Collier and Rt.41?

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I second.

I disagree. Do you honestly think the citizens of Marco receive the lowest rates possible or the highest efficiencies possble from LCEC?

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AHHHHH!!!! Charles Allen Sr. and Jr. two peas in a pod.
Call Jr. to get your A/C fixed!

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Credit goes to Fiala and others for their short sightedness for not adequately building enough parking spaces. Evidently they do not hire consultants to assess how many boaters actually use this ramp on weekends.
Why wasn't consideration given to the ten acres of empty land on the corner of Isle of Capri Rd. and 951? The county presently uses it store dirt, and for no other reason. What a perfect place to park vehicles and trailers and maybe even build a little walk over bridge for safety.
This property was once the proposed site for a hotel with water access.

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Wow! Talk about triming the fat!!! Literally!!!!

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Again ajm3s, well said.
Why Howdy Doody was able to constanly violate state statutes, (pertaining to the use of funds derived from the collection of permitting fees) shows how transparent city hall really is.
Speaking of transparency, is Rony Joel's salary really paid for from this department, and if so why is that? Shouldn't his salary be part of the DPW budget?

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AHHHHHHH, Lisa, great coverup story. We all know the truth.
Without embarasing anyone, a person in high places within City Hall made the following comment regarding Mr. Olmstead on Friday after meeting with him.
"Trying to get a decision out of Steve Olmstead, is like trying to nail jello to a wall."
Which brings us to the next person to leave.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Rony Joel's the next to go TOO.

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Do I think I can do a better job than Murphy?
Do I have the experiance? Fifteen years worth!
There are others on this department that would be of better service in this capacity!
Murph? Is that what his friends call him?

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I hate to disagree with you, but, why should I have to pay more just because Mr. Murphy can't run his fire department.
The firemen of this department are very well trained, and are properly equipped and can, and have always done a great service to this community.
The problem is Murphy. Oh yeah and Joel.

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So if I understand this correctly, Murphy and Joel want to spend $600k for a temporary fix?
Thank God that you two weren't selected as intrim managers.
There's already a 3000 gallon water truck that can be used to haul additional water any time you need.
It's the same truck the city uses to water all the median strips. It's perfect! Rural fire departments rely on trucks like this all the time to assist in hauling water to fires, when water supplies are scarce.
"We inherited this from the Deltona Corp." says Joel. HMMMMMMMMM.... are you just finding this out? Was thought given to this when installing all the new sewer system, and possibly upgrading at the same time. Why not incorporate part of the reclaimed water?
"The islands shortcomings have led to low water pressure in the areas of concern".WHAT?
Joel, weren't you just caught playing with, and raising the water pressure in these areas to help generate more money for the utilities?
Murphy, why do we have to hire three people to drive one truck? How about using volunteer firefighters to help offset the manpower situation.
Murphy says, "people expect a higher degree of professional service". Thats right we do!
So with that said, why don't you and Joel QUIT?
It's time to get rid of the three stooges(Olmstead, Joel, Murphy).

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Afraid of the truth......
The comment wasn't directed at Code Enforcement.
Everyone knows that they are not paid overtime to work the weekends, so it's a great time to hire unlicensed contractors, or do work without any permit or inspections.
This has been going on for years.
Check out City Hall and see how many stop work orders are written in a week. Do in part to unlicensed contractors and home owners with no permits.

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"While I have not yet received that written notice, I will be evaluating whether or not a public hearing on this issue will have any public benefit. If this is to be the normal ugly Marco Island public meeting, I am not sure there is a real benefit in doing so." so says Mr. Thompson---
This statement alone shows his contempt for us taxpayers who he actually works for. Remember that while staff works for the City Manager and the City Manager works for City Council, the City Council works for US!
That statement alone is cause for Mr. Thompson to leave.

While I agree with your statement in part, but I disagree with one line.
The City council does not work for us, they work for their own little hidden agendas, and for their own little power hungry friends.
Since the inception of cityhood, there has been one power play after another to run this city, and none of them have the intrest of the city or its taxpayers at heart.

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I do not believe Dr. Recker included this incident in his litany of issues as to why the City Manager is (do I dare say) lacking in managerial skills and transparency.

Let me see, who is in charge..........

Lisa Douglas should issue a public announcement as to who is in charge. Never mind they are still sorting it out within the walls of Glenn Tucker City Hall.


Dr. Recker?
What kind of doctor is he?

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This has got to end! This barge should never have been allowed on any waterway. The barge was listing for over 10 days prior to going down. Who is in charge of over seeing this project from the city. How much is this company going to be fined? Who's paying for the clean up and water testing? Lets make the records of this company public and see if the City is diong its job in protecting our waterways.

Nobody from the city is in charge!
There are no city fines!
If there was someone in charge from the city, this company would never have been or should ever be issued a permit, based on past performances or dare I say sinkings.
And the best part is that the owner of the company was on and may still be on the waterways committe!!!!!!!

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Trotter, are you freakin' serious?
Murphy or Bliss.
If your'e trying to make people laugh, why didn't you also include Olmstead and Joel? How about ASSeri?
You should be headlining on stage at Capt. Briens on the weekends!

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No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig...
It's still a pig..
Precision Seawall= Zap Marine
Different name = same pile of junk in the water.

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Gibson's right. There should be no boundries! According to Thompson, one of the three signs of a blighted area (that should be considered for CRA) is a consignment shop.
The corner of S. Barfield and San Marco should now be included in the boundries for CRAP.
Hey Stevie boy, does the Dollar store count?
Hey, I got a better idea. What a way to be able to take over Goodland.

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Mr. Thompson,I like the way you can throw a jab at a business or property owner, without mentioning them.
"The third choice is one that communities fear the most is that the property owner lets the property deteriorate, leaves the stores vacant, and then leases to a consignment shop for less rent".
Are you refering to the property owner at 110 S. Barfield.

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You , yourself, after talking to Steve Olmstead, must realize that you were going to have a fight on your hands.
Steve Olmstead, as the head of Community Developemnet, runs all his departments with an iron fist, and every code is followed to the letter of the law. And this is why he brought in Chief Murphy, to help with having this decision by the planning board, ruled in his favor.
Okay,okay!!! I'm just being funny!!!!!
Lets get serious!

You Mr. Marchand, evidently got on the wrong side of someone on the code board who didn't like the way your new home turned out and they pulled one of Howdy Doody's strings to harrass you.
First, they had Brian (aka "the AX-man) Milk harrass you, and when he bailed and went to the Parks Department, and when you wouldn't back down, they came up with the safety idea. Thats when they told Howdy Doody's sidekick Clarabelle (Murphy) to toot his little horn in the name of safety.

After looking into the dock thing, well you had a new seawall installed and that had to be fixed.

The shed on the other hand is debateable,it was a pre-existing structure and didn't have to be removed.

It's a shame, that people with common sense like, Vince Magee and Marv Needles do not run for council.

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AHHHH, the code board, made up of arrogant little ten cent millionares, who have in the past, illegally performed work on the own houses,offices and buildings without permits and inspections (Tariq) and have put up illegal structures on their docks (Peepee Granda). Just ask some of the code enforcement officers and some of the city inspectors.
I stand corrected in another article that I commented on, about the pythons, the two that got away are Ayasun and Granda!!!!!!!!!

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That"s no python! That's Steve Olmstead!!!
And the two that got away, are Murphy and Joel!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHA, now thats funny!!!!!

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Just perfect!
Why do citizens, builders and or developers have to fund the arts program, just to benefit a few.
I want a statue of a Gecco placed in front of an insurance company, a giant Firestone tire on Bald Eagle, a donkey placed in front of City Hall,(or would that be donkeys)and there is more!
WOW!! Thinking this stuff up is so easy a CAVEMAN can do it!
I got a better idea, we should charge a tax to be used to buy trees, so we can replace all the ones being cut down in Mackle Park.

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We live near the water where gurneys are out of the question and backboards are used. I'm a fan of MIFR (yes we do exist), but there are indeed shell driveways and parking lots all over the island. So where is the line drawn?

So where is the line drawn?
In the sand or is that the "shell"!!!!
This has become a personal vendetta on the part of Steve Olmstead. He is also being coached by a few on the code board who have their own agendas.
First he used Brian Milk. Brian put his reputation out on a limb ( that would be the limb of a royal poinciana tree)to rule against the Marchands.
Now Howdy Doody (Olmstead) is using the Fier Chief as an excuse not to allow a shell driveway.
This should have been resolved 2 years ago, but because of the small minded views of some of our city officials and that of the certian few who pull their strings we are constantly forced to put up with this petty bullshi+.
Lets look into far more interesting things, like, hmmmmm, lets say, I got it , the misusing of appropriated funds by Howdy Doody and Moss for other projects.
Try looking up Florida State Statute 553.80 ss. 7
collecting fees for permits shall be used solely in enforcing Florida Building Code. Not for funding sewer projects or the reconstruction of Collier Blvd. Could this be a crimminal offense?
How about Mr. Thompson violating Florida State Statute 553.79 ss. 2 issuing permits to restaurants without the proper review of the building dept. and the fire dept.
I apologize for goin on and on, but, as you can see this driveway thing is just a "SHELL" game so that you don't see what's really going on.

Written on POLL: Current City Council alleviates harm to Marco businesses before new council is seated :

Just a passing thought for Mr.Thompson.

Why do I as a home owner have to pay a fee for a permit to replace my sidewalk on my own personal property, and have to wait over two days to have it approved? Misc. permit= $62.50
Why do I have to pay a fee to have a permit for a garage sale?
But, a restaurant owner, has to apply for a permit, and pay NO fee!! No fee just to help them with their monitary gain.
Is this not a violation of state stautes on collecting a fee for issuance of a permit?

Are you not in violation of state liquor laws when you allow the restaurant owners to set up tables on the exterior of their premises and dispense alcohol? Especially when they use common areas that are not clearly defined by walls, fences or other types of barriers that delineate their rented properties.

Mr Thompson, did Howdy Doody drop the ball again?
How about reducing ALL the permit fees in half to see if that will help with stirring the local economy of this island.

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If you have any non-restricted water outlets such as sprinklers or older shower heads that are not low flow you will see just how high the pressure is.

60 to 65 lbs. pressure is more than enough and most water plants run out at that. High pressure in lawn sprinklers will really run your bill up.

Bigdog1970 What if any did the city do about the high bill? I bet they say that it is an "isolated" incident.

Again, make the little guy pay. But wait, we are the "vocal minority". How s----- of me to forget that.

MrBreeze. I was really surprised by the utilities response to such a high water bill.
They sent out there top meter reader and it was decicded that there is no problem with the meter and that there's a problem in the house. Of coarse this is the second time they have said this, the first time was when the high Dec. bill arrived and the second time is when the lower bill arrived.
DELTAROME, if you really looked into this as you say, you would have found out that in the case of a conflagration of any kind, water pressure can be increased so that the fire department can adequately do thier job of fighting a fire.
This is done in every city and town across the country that have first rate water departments.

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Robbie boy, if you're not suspicious of raising revenues then how do you explain this?
Sept. '09 water bill:$165.21
Oct. '09 water bill: $158.27
Novenber '09 water bill: $167.23
Dec. '09 water bill: $401.93 (No one at home for 1 week)
Jan.'10 water bill: $161.48
No leaks, no extra watering or changing of times or zones on sprinklers, did not do anything different for water use.
Past history on water bills for the same months, useage is the same as '08 with the exception of Dec.'09
So WTF? How is this possible?
Thompson is a lying S.O.B. and his refusal to talk about this subject anymore proves that he and his cronies got caught red handed and the best way to end this discussion is to just stop talking about it!

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What's more important?
Finding out the truth about increasing water pressure, and ripping off the citizens of Marco?
Naming a building after someone.
Maybe they are both related!!!!!!

Written on BLOG: Marco City Council:

Thank you Raymond Ladurini for years of protection as a fire fighter and as an American serviceman. I salute you sir, and hope you stay safe in Iraq.
Could we or I be so bold as to ask a favor of you while you are in Iraq?
Could you watch and see how emergencies are handled, such as with the use of gurneys, in the sand.
Now with that information, report back to Chief Murphy, so that he can figure a way to handle an emergency on a hard packed shell driveway.
HMMMMMMM, he might even figure how to get his head out the sand, Oooppp's maybe it's not in the sand.

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City Hall should be name after Steve Olmstead, AKA Howdy Doody, because just like him, we the taxpayers of Marco are being conrolled like puppets by the City Council and others, like ASSeri to name a few.

Written on Water service interruption anticipated Monday on Marco:

in response to ajm3s:

We are proud supporters of the TeaParty movement and encourage others to review their positions. My concern is that there will be no water to make tea in Marco. Bear in mind, increasing pressure to provide for higher demand (meet minimum pressure requirements) may lead to higher frequency of line failures if pressure lines are compromized. LOL

Hey, now thats funny!!!!!!!
I wonder if the Four Horsemen ( Rony Joel, Bart Bradshaw, Jeff Potite, and an unknown fourth, the ones that concocted a story when questioned by Thompson and then were suspended for a day, when he found out what they were up to), will show up for the party?

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Listen to argument that safety is in peril as a result of allowing shell driveways on this island. I ask if you are being served by a fire/rescue professional or a political individual.

This is simply unacceptable. There are two factors that are managed by fire/emergency management:
1. Providing the proper equipment to the scene
2. Providing properly trained personnel in sufficient numbers to address the need

If any of these is lacking, safety is compromised. Only on Marco Island are we going to alter the enviroment of private property to compensate for not meeting the needs.

Go to time 01:24:00 to listen. I love transparency.

Basically Sir, this can only be summed up one way.
Fire Chief Murphy has NO confidence in his department.
I Sir, feel that the fire department is properly trained to respond to, and handle any situation.
So, what is needed is a vote of NO CONFIDENCE for the chief by his department.

Written on Under pressure: Is Marco's utility increasing water pressure to increase income?:

Hey ajm3s, why should I have to purchase a pressure regulating valve? The city water department should install one when they install the meter.
And I hate to say this, for once I agree with Assyun. With my sprinklers (6 zones for 45 min. each zone)only on for one day a week, confirmation by a plummer that I have no leaks under or in the home, and with the water department employees standing there scratching thier heads it was confirmed that we had no leaks. Clueless Lang could not explain why my water bill was $150.00 higher.
Is this another scam by Thompson and his puppets?

Written on Reports of out-of-state election contributions misleading, readers say :

in response to ezeee:

Lets be honest Mr. Green, the purpose of the information the Eagle provides is to create controversy where none should exist.

Mr. Green, your readers are smarter than that!!
That's why EZEEE"s statement is 100% correct.

Written on Planning Board: Rolling gurneys on shell remains a concern :

As I stated before, no other surrounding communities, have a problem with shell driveways as far as emergancy access.
So does that mean that Chief Murphy's department is not properly trained!
Or does it mean that Chief Murphy is being influenced by Howd Doody (Steve Olmstead), Tariq "alibaba Hussian" Assyun, Jose "Pepe" Granda and ASSeri.
I hope the latter. For our safety's sake.
Oh Yeah, hey Murphy there is no driveway at 50 or 60 feet above sea level, the highest point on Marco is Indian Hill and you can drive right to very top!
Don't believe everything that Howdy Doody tells you.

Written on Planning Board: Safety issues of shell driveways to be reviewed :

Fire Chief Murphy:
Basically what your saying is that your department is improperly trained to be able to handle this situation.
While all other departments in the area do not seem to have a problem.
The Sannibel Chief has been dealing with this for years and has not had one problem.
What happens in the Golden Gate Estates area with 100' long dirt driveways? Nothing!
Are you not taught to adapt to every situation when you receive a call?
A slope of 5% or greater on the grade? What? Is that based on uphill or downhill when the gurney is loaded or unloaded? What difference does that make.
So I ask you again. Are your men not properly trained to handle the situation?

Written on Big catch a big problem for Marco man charged with illegal snook netting:

in response to ratsnake:

gj bogdog. criticize leo but not the perp.

The perp, as you say is guilty!
I am not criticizing leo.
My question still stands, are Marco cops not properly trained?
It's just like the Fire Chief, he states that the department is not properly trained, because they can't wheel thier gurney over a shelled driveway! Doesn't seem tobe a problem for other fire departments in the state.

Written on Letter To The Editor: Pick up after your pet:

in response to sharkfloss:

Maybe we should make available poop pick up signs at City Hall for homeowners to use when they have inconsiderate neighbors.

You hit the nail on the head.

Written on Big catch a big problem for Marco man charged with illegal snook netting:

Why was the Collier County Sheriffs office called, why not the Marco Is. Police Dept.?
Don't they have a trained marine division?
Or just the boat.

Written on Former city leader Harry Cowin succumbs to illness:

R.I.P. Mr. Cowin.
You were a true gentleman, and one of the best assets this city ever had.
Your name should be on the community room, you deserve it more than others!
You will be missed.

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

in response to cantbelieveu:

bigdog...they can't use tucker...he died...hello?

That's my point!! HELLO!!!!!

Written on VIDEO: Police escort Marco resident away after he verbally bashes deceased councilman:

Mr. Foster:
Don't use Tucker,Rhodes or Neale!!!
You'll need a real lawyer.