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Written on Concerns arise about unintended consequences of Florida's gaming crackdown:

in response to Marco-Bob:

Politicians must not be able to skim enough money off for themselves.

Your so right. This state does not like anything they can't get their hands into also. It's the worse state I have ever lived in and working my way to get out. If your not here just for the SUN get out.

Written on Naples officer faces DUI charge, placed on administrative leave :

Gee I wonder if they put him thru the ringer like they do everyone else.Classes every week drug screening take his driving privlages away for a year...

Written on Collier deputy fired for deactivating dashboard camera, deceiving investigators :

Boy these police in Fl can not be trusted..everyday they are commiting more crimes then anyone else. Deperate times and under paid people make for a tragic world.

Written on Man sues Sheriff's Office; claims he was falsely arrested and endured gay taunts :

Sue the butts off the Lee County Sheriff's they all think they are above the law. The problem is they don't go after real crime just milk the people for funds...traffic tickets DUI's anything that's easy money for the state.
Hope you win..

Written on POLL: Applying for welfare? You may have to take a drug test:

It's not only children who are poor in this horrible police state. It's no wonder everyone is moving out. There are no jobs and if there is one they give it to a 17 year old or an foreigner for a few bucks. They want the best service but no one wants to pay for it. These rich republicans are all the same. They only care for their own kind. You want the drug tests you pay for it. If the people could pay for drug tests they could buy food for those bucks. What the heck is wrong with you people? You are chasing everyone away from Florida

Written on Drunken Naples bicyclist lands in jail, police say:

What is wrong with the State of Fl. The guy was celebrating New Years alone on a bike. Give me a break! It's all about the money in this State. A DUI for riding your bike drunk..who are you kidding.

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