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Eddi, you mean to tell me some half baked covenant from 50 years ago is still the law of the land? Huh.."FOR IT IS WRITTEN!"
Time to move on eddi, MICA credibility has whithered in the last few years...time to put it to vote.

Absolutley correct! MICA is wahed up. Why heck do we pay acode enforncement dept with the city?
Seems like MICA is a special interest group that gets to pick and choose its enforcement at will depending on who doing it and where.

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Those kids are true heros! The town should celebrate them

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Looks like Hoenig is atrue marco syndicate type..less transparency the better,,..Glenn tucker would be proud

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der Deutsch spricht die Wahrheit
Good job Klaus!
Just proves all politics are local.... Ya know me agreeing with Klaus...

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Agreed! Monte Lazarus is all thats BAD about Marco. True hate mongerer . Note to council and staff.. Leave this clown in your rearview mirror if you want to bring Marco in a new positive direction!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Gentlemen , my work is done here.
Like my buddy , KlausStoertebeker said " God bless America!"

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Germany try to blow up the world in WWI and WWII..America blow up Germany in WWI and WWII
Any questions??

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Sgt. Shultz i didnt realize that it was 11 am, your blood alcohol level must be much higher than .10 its probably .19 or .20. You probably cant even read these posts , so let me tell you something in your own language:
"America uberlegan ist deutschland"
"Ich mag zu schnaps es macht mich hart trinken"

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Tuff guy Santa Klaus is back.. Blood alcohol level over .10 he comes out swinging like the true girly girl, wussy liberal he is. USA destroyed Germany in 2 world wars . Klauchen put down the bottle and admit, Germany is a 2nd rate nation to America...thats why you live here and not in the Faderland.
Klaussy sober up son...

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Sgt. shultz you maybe one of the funniest bloggers ever!!
Where do you come up with stuff?? Funny, funny stuff...ya..funny..
Marcobiker dont give up posting! Hang in there..Klausstudderbaker is an above average blogger who really can ' zing' you when you least expect it.. Hes gotten all of us..but we carry do the same...good luck..

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..u better watch out, u better not cry, u better not pout im telling u why..Santa Klaus is blogging drunk again.
Hes drinking his schnapps hes drinking it twice
Hes going pass after he posts his blogs tonight
Santa Klaus is blogging drunk again...
Merry Christmas to all!

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To RayPray & blogsmog:





26, theyll just change their aliases, although Sgt. Shultz changed his last year from Klautauberman to klausstuedderbaker and noone was fooled.
You guys ignore them if you want, i live to bury clowns like this.

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Crater Face AKA 2themoon....

Both you and your buddy 26 are Bullies.

One just needs to read your past posts to know you both have no spine! You sit behind your computer keyboard hiding your identity calling others names.

You continue to bully those who do not share your right wing radical ideas.

You have grown old and bitter as your ideas have. You both lack the guts to say those things to any one's face. Your a small person who with each passing post, you shows how out of step you are.

Your handle alone 2themoon is what Gleason used when threatening his wife on the Honeymooners. Are you threatening Me? Are you that sick?

People would like to share ideas here in this form, however your no better than those Nazi storm troopers you support by suppressing a persons right to freedom of speech.

You feel it's your duty calling others names to intimidate them to be silent because they don't agree with your ideology.

Now your Republican friends in Washington are driving the clown car and are ready to run this economy over the cliff to get their own way. That type of behavior is anti-American!

It makes no difference weather it be gun control or the economy it's the unwillingness to compromise. That's what running this county into the toilet. That's why you need your guns.

Your type of American is pushing this county to the brink and needs to be armed. In the big picture YOUR the one that hates this government and the president of the United States. You have said as much in past posts.

As I have said in previous posts, the Republicans will get blamed when the nations credit rating gets down graded.

You will NEVER win another national election as long as you live unless you and your party learn to compromise.

So in closing I'm sorry you both lost the election, but it's over guys, you lost! What part of "over" don't you get or understand?

It's people like you who are the problem. Do you have friends? I don't know how anyone could put up with your "my way or the highway ideas", that's not it works.

Your spouse must be a saint or you have money, just waiting for you to drop dead. Your sick and need help!

God Bless America! And Merry Christmas!

Moon...greatest name ever given, "1lost Parasite" BRAVO! I do like Sgt.Shultz for Klaus though...
Moon, you are dealing with a couple of first class bafoons here, true anti-American socialist at their best.
Their passionate hate they spew on each of their posts for this country is dispicible. And you are correct they may be one in the same, Sgt. Shultz throws out some looney left diatribe and within an hour or two here comes mr. "Non original thought" himself 1lostParasite to pile on the hate...Clowns... 1st class clowns...

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Obama makes Santa Klaus feel like he once did, back way back before the American GIs and the Russian soldliers chased the Nazis out of Berlin like rats. Yes those were special days for Santa Klaus, socialism reigned supreme throught europe and Klausy had a stiffy, the masses entranced by the supreme leader, das Fuhrer! ...ahh the those warm fuzzy days are back.

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I get ill just looking at a picture on monte lazarus.

Written on Election 2012: Newcomers take down incumbents in Marco Council race:

AMEN!!!! Marco has been saved! The crumbling of the syndicate has begun. Marco homeowners and condo owners can now take their island back! I have waited a long time for this night.
Congrats Marco!

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Great recognition of our Veterans! Thank you Veterans for your service and thank you Malenda for reminding us!

Dead on! Takes atrue socialist like klaus studdbaker to belittle anything to do with American pride...Klaus..America kicked ur a&$ in WW 1 and WW II you are an inferior war machine.. thank God! genocide dont cut it in America the greatest nation on earth.

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Marcobiker...go bang your head against the wall as hard as you can 3 times...congrats, you just made more progress than you ever have arguing with the dumpfoff sgt. Shultz aka ..klaubterstudetbaker

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Cudos to John Putnam for telling it like it is, Lazarus and his gang of cronies think that Marco is their little playground and they make all the rules. Vote for Petriccia, Hoenecker and Sarcher and tell Lazurus and the Marco mafia to go away!

Written on Marco Island City Council: Council Chair Larry Magel takes pointed comments on condo letter :

Magel has learned well from his mentor, john aceri, back in '08 aceri turned the condo owner against the homeowners to get his slate of candidates elected. These condo associations are becoming a vile political tool used by the syndicate to hold onto to power...why... Because the condo dweller is promised better util rates than the homeowner...oh by the way how did that promise from aceri do for you? Condo dweller util rates have skyrocketed in the last 3 years. Congrats condo dweller you earned it.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

2themoon i dont know if you realize it but Klauterberman actually combined 2 of your posts together to make it look like you were rambling on and on. Klautebermann please if your going to cheat on this blogsite try not to be so obvious.

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Nancy Ritchie is still working for the city? Wow they got rid of rony joel after they used him up to put in the STRP, why is Ritchie still here? ... Miss " marco waters are polluted" wtf. Hows her conscience treating her these days?

Right on moon! Her testimony was instrumental in getting Aceris STRP project approved.

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So what ,,, foreclosure smoreclosure...marco has a beautiful broken $100, 000,000.00 water treatment plant, we also have $140,000,000.00
Central sewer system..we dont have money problems here on marco..we also pay for 2 police depts and 2 fire depts, we got plenty of dough We're all fine here.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Chris was a foreign service officer in the Middle East bureau when I was a State Department intern. I looked up to him for his love of the region and his belief that US foreign policy could make the lives of ordinary people better. I was proud to see his career progress and I am sad, but not surprised, to hear that he died living out what he truly believed in and that he put the safety of his colleagues first. I hope that people pause to consider his service and kind spirit in between the political commenting.

God bless this American diplomat for his work for our country,he didnt have to die this way. But from everything ive read he was very instrumental in helping these savages get their freedom from Kadafi.....what have we learned?

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Taking of an embassy is an act of war. Their should be 2 carrier fleets on the way to gulf. These animals respect power and only power. Carter was a complete pus&& y and the Iranian revolution knew it, now we have another Carter in office...what do you think these revolutionist are thinking?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Klaus, sie nicht unterrichten Sie in das Vaterland sarcasim?
I gotta tell ya, you lost me on the brain removal part.
Although i do believe if anyone could get asbestos in the brain it would be Issler. Asbestos imbeds itself in the lining of the warm air filled hollow organ...

Written on Guest Commentary: In response to John Arceri - You are right, I'm not a 'good candidate' ; I'm an excellent candidate! :

If you own property on Marco ( that includes you condo owner) and you dont vote for need to go with Ed Issler to the doctor and have the asbestos removed from your brain.

Written on Romney makes his case: 'Need jobs, lots of jobs' :

We need klausstuederbaker to find a job so we can get his drunken ramblings off ths blogsite, he made no sense when he was klautabermann and he makes no sense now.
Col. Klink would be ashamed of his favorite Sgt. carrying on aimlessly like he does.

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No, America won another European American hating socialist, who realizes their life in America is far superior than their life in Europe and despises the U.S. for it.

Written on Marco woman accused of obtaining illegal prescriptions, selling from home:

OMG! Sgt. Shultz maybe over in London telling people he's an American!!

Written on City of Marco pays $100,000 settlement to former cop who claims he was fired in retaliation :

Klink! You will take my sister Gertrude to the dance tonite.
General Bueagarter I do not want to take your sister Gertrude to the dance tonite!
Klink! Perhaps you would like to dance in the Russian front?
General Bueagarter I would LOVE to take your sister Gertrude to the dance tonight!

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Why did they build the units so close to the water in the first place? Buyer beware!

I sure hope that we do not wind up paying for this stupidity, but I would bet that we will in one way or another.

Agreed on Fiala. She is a major tax and spend Rhino!!

JW , these syndicate types think cause you live on Marco you should be willing to pay for THEIR vision of what Marco should be. Vote out Fiala!

Written on All Collier, Lee registered voters have decisions to make in Aug. 14 primary :

A vote for Fiala is a vote for the Marco mafia

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Keith Dameron; the only guy that uses "me, myself and I" more than Obama.

2themoon u are making me lmao!!
Wasnt this an article about the council or what not.. Dameron as always turns his endless commentaries to these useless rags to make himself 'look like the man' on Marco...soooo lame.

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Hey Marco homeowner time for your annual colonoscopy.

Written on Water system violation notices in the mail – Monitoring lapse necessitates notification of Marco water consumers :

My dog was having major digestive and intestinal problems last couple years. I figured since I filtered the Marco tap water and gave it to him it was ok....WRONG! 6 mos. ago I started giving him bottled water and he is like new dog! Even filtered the Marco water supply is dangerous. Please give your pets bottled water and not filtered Marco junk.

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Poor Sgt. Shultz suggesting removal that all who offend hoo..Klaubtbermann let me hear you do a little Col. Klink impersonation...pleeeeease...

Written on Court upholds health care mandate:

in response to August8:

Klaus must be from France or the planet Stupidor where Polsi is the Govenor.

Liberty and freedom took a long walk today toward the end of the pier, very, very sad.My gut tells me and other real American's that Obama just handed President Romney the keys to the White House !!!!!!!

August pay no attention to our little American hater formally known as 'Klaubterman' This guy is still in disbelief that America demolished Germany in WWI and WWII. Instead of Klaus Studderbakker, he's known around these parts as 'Seargent Shultz'..."Coloniel Hogan is that delicious struddel that I smell??? I SEE NUTHING!!....

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in response to Mayor_McCheese:

I don't have kids at either school, but I don't see why there are people who are so militantly against this school? If you don't like it, don't send your kids there. Its not costing you anything. Why is it a bad thing to have schools on Marco Island? Give it time. These people seem to have put a lot of effort and their own money (or their own fund raising efforts) into this. It seems to me they should be applauded not vilified. Even if you don't have kids attending it, if nothing else, it will help to increase property values on the Island.

just another assault by the syndicate on the marco homeowner, putting a school on marco directly interferes with their grandios vision of miami west here on marco.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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I came from a family and culture that fought the cronies in my home city... it pains me to no end to see these 40 or 50 cronies run rough shot over this beautiful city and no one does a dam& thing about it. People take back your city!!

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The problem is that the single family home owners are apathetic and do not vote or even seem to be aware of the problem. That is how we wind up with councilman (3 on current council and 4 in recent past) who are bankrupt and in foreclosure putting you and me in debt for $400,000,000. But they are quite sure that we don't notice as they are all running for re-election....even the one total buffoon who used to plagiarize in this paper and was once accused of sexual harassment in the City offices.

And that is the best we have....hand picked by John Arceri and Monte Lazarus.

Home owners outnumber condo dwellers by a significant number. Wake up Marco.

John, a run for council should be in your future. We need your unwavering integrity and guts to wretch this island back from the syndicate.

p.s. Take Mario with you when you go down to city hall to register.

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Nancy, tell me why there are no more fish in the lake at Mackle park and why they put that big drain pipe from the RO plant that empty's into the lake. And why they closed the outlet from the lake to the canal. What happened to the ducks at the park, dogs chase them away maybe.

Marco97 you are way too observant for this island... prepare for your name to be dragged thru the mud.(see stand operating procedure for the Marco Syndicate)

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Good for Mrs. Wyatt! Finally someone who actually does something productive for the island wins one of these awards.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Let’s now junk our ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ public governance policy:

I need his insane, rambling sophomoric posts to give me the humor I need to get through my mundane life.