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Written on Deadly delay? Friend questions what could have saved man who died after ambulance wait:

A needless death is due to the question of who was responsable before 9 am when their work shift started and which responder should be sent. This whole affair needs a really close review, repremand those who where involved and solve this issue once and for all.

Written on Burrowing owls family friends:

Thank you for sharing these warm and wonderful pictures. You made my day.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tea time?:

Under Obama's leadership, there is no change left in their in their pockets for people to give.

Written on Labor pains: Marco Island not reporting its work force breakdown, feds not reacting:

As I understand it, when an ad is placed for a specific job, anyone can apply for it. Perhaps, minorities, who do not live on the island, may not want to travel that far as there is no public transportation to Marco from Naples etc. It is unfair to blame the City if the individuals do not have transportation to their work place. Also, it is a person's own choice to apply for a job that is conveinent for them.

Written on Shop Talk: More and more tourists think Marco, Collier are cool:

We need the tourists here. They help to keep our stores, resturants and facilities opened all year for us to enjoy. They spend money on food, lodging, gas, entertainment, beach parking, and on and on. We fulltimers get to enjoy these facilities all year because the tourists help support it all season.

Written on The write stuff: Marco Island Center for the Arts to sponsor writing project:

It is hard enough to get people to agree on what movie to see. How can you get them to agree on plot, characters, locations etc for a book? Sounds interesting but a bit confusing.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Cannot be undone:

Please enlighten me. Why can't the students continue at the Baptist School if it is already available?

Secondly, do not get me wrong about private schools. I do respect a person's choice to send their children to private schools. What I don't like in the continued inferances that the public school in not "good enough" for their children. Yes, of course, everyone including me wants their children to get the very best. My problem is this elitest attitude that we all must agree that their children are superior and therfore can't learn or go to a public school as that is for inferior children. It is true that parents have more control in a private school. I do understand their concerns for the variety of children that they would meet in a public school. However, we cannot and should not put our heads in the sand and protect our children from the rest of the world. This feeling of entitlement, in my opinion, is certainly part of the equation when making choices.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Cannot be undone:

I am apalled at the crase,thoughtless attitude of the MIA group. Bulldose anything and everything that gets in the way of their selfish goal. It seems that no school is good enough for them. Young people learn and grow in a fertile environment that respects all living beings. To plan for the ideal enviornment for them to learn and grow does not exist in the "real" world in which they will have to live. Isolating the students in a homoginized envioenment is only presenting them with false security. What ever my be their future occupation is not determined by the elementary school that they attended. Rather it is determined by how they study and try to succeed in their living enviorment. In our future, we all meet people from very diverse backgrounds, countries, and IQ's. It should our hope and wish that we prepare our children a bit about knowing, respecting, welcoming diversity into our life. When they leave the narrow confines of their imaginagry expectations that makes up the world we live in, they will not be as well preparaed for their future. If you hope and expect your children to be leaders of men and women, they must have knowledge and experiences that will allow your child to be this leader. America grew so great because she was made up of all nationalities, imaagrants from all over the world, with different religions, languages, and customs. Stop trying to keep you children isolated in a monatone world.

Written on How about Marco busting out in flags?:

I, along with many other Marco residents fly the American Flag all year. Please try to do the same. Just putting it up once a year is not the same. Fly your flag proudly all year.

Written on Born to dance – Marco Island Charter Middle School student Breana Wielgos :

Bravo! It is so refreshing to reading such an inspired story full of ambition, hopes, dreams, and positive attitude. With that much ambition and talent, you are well on your way to making your dream come true.

Written on PHOTOS Cat's meow: Crowded Naples Humane Society offers 2-for-1 cat adoptions :

Please open your home to these shelter animals. We have always had adopted pets in our home and they are always very greatful to you. Give them a chance and make your life better at the same time.

Written on PHOTOS: Nest Fest soars with scores of supporters:

Bravo! Finally a story about people doing something positive for Marco rather than complaiing or arguing issues on opposite sides. I truly hope this program "takes flight" and continues to be a means of bringing Marco Residents together in a common cause.

Written on Marco Island City Council schedules Vet’s Park Groundbreaking:

To marco Island Woman: If it were not for American Heros, you children would be speaking another language! Thank God for all the men and women who sactrificed their lives so we could be a free nation. Rest in Peace and thank you for your heroic services. You should always be remembered for what you did and sacrificed for your fellow countrymen.

Written on For the Love of Cats named to list of top-rated nonprofit organizations:

"Meow", "Meow" means thank you for helping us find "forever homes"

Written on PHOTOS: Afterglow Gala celebrates art festival’s success:

Thank you to the Art League for celebrating the many categories of art. We here on Marco are very lucky to have so many people involved with the many varied categories of art. This event brought in many visitors to our island who used our many facilities from restaurants to hotels. This event gave their audience a glimps of the talent that resides here on Marco. Thank you all for your continued support and your interest in all categories of Art. A grand event enjoyed by many. I hope that this is just the start of an annual tradition.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Arts Afire anxiety:

What a wonderful way to show-off the many talents of Marco residents. This program showed the city, the visitors,the many people in Collier County the varied talents of the peoople we have that live amongst us on this little island. Bravo to all who particiapated in this grand and well planned event. What can they do next year?

Written on School board lowers number of credits needed to for incoming freshmen graduate:

The "dumbing down" of America starts here. All students should be required to take the same number of courses eventhough they are not the same subject. Nowadays, you almost all need a 2yr, four yr. or extra trade classes to get a job. You are doing a great injustice to your students by not preparing them for work in the real world. I do not care if your job is a handy man, an office worker, a bus driver, a teacher, etc. You must all have to know how to write and speak in English in this country no matter what state you live in. You must be able to communicate with your client if you are working on his car, painting his house, passing out prespriptions and on and on.

Written on Guest Commentary: The arts; who cares?:

Please support Marco's "Arts Afire. There is something featured for everybody. Come see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Written on NBC2 fires longtime TV news anchorman Craig Wolf:

My family are loyal NBC listeners. For years we have watch this channel for news and especially enjoyed Craig Wolfe, Kelly Burns and Robert Van Winkle. I can not imagin why Craig was relieved of his position with NBC News. I truly hope it wasn't because the station wants "younger and hipper" reporters with whom they can identify with more easily. News is a serious subject and must be presented in a mature and respectful manner. Craig Wolfe has those qualities. If he goes to another local station so will we.

Written on Robb & Stucky files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

Who are you arrogant tastless peole? Robb and Stucky sells fine furniture not unlike many other stores. If you do not like their prices, you can get some of the same manufactures at fruniture outlets in the Carolinas. Don't poo poo what they have just because don't have it or know what to do with it if you did. I am really sorry to read all the negitivity no matter what the subject from the same old tired names of discontent.

Written on MIA is ‘MIA’ no more – Marco Island Academy lays out plans for coming school year:

Fossil, you have a very narrow view of the benefits of a sports program. The sole purpose of one is not to prepare students for careers in professional sports. Sports teaches students more than the "rules of the game". First of all we all need some exersice in our lives. It helps with heart rates, body development. Track, tennis, golf etc. are life long activities that can be played all of our lives.
More importantly, when your child gets out into the REAL world in their chosen professions, you do and will come in contact with people from every race, familiy backgrounds, IQ level, salary levels and on and on. You do not live or grow up in a homogenized world. We are a nation and world made up of many backgrounds and mixtures who do and must be involved with each other in school, work, recreation, neighborhood and so on. Preparing your children for a successful life means preparing them to live in the real world wherever they go.
If you are cooncerned about your child being in a school of mixed backgrounds, think a minute. How many of your family came to America on the Mayflower? Each one of us has some degree of a culture mixture and it seems that this makes the most interesting people, life styles and foods.
How many of you go out for Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Polish, Greek, Cuban and so on.

Written on PHOTOS: Two eaglets, born to nesting bald eagles, live at Tract K:

It seems to me that some of you people have no sense of pride for what the eagle represents. This magistic bird is the symbol of America, "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. " We Americans should be the symbol of freedom for these majestic birds and honor their choice of habitat as they represent ours.

Written on What’s in a name? Contest to name land, commercial district; create memorial:

How about the town center be named The Village of Marco Island or Marco Island village, or Marco Island Center. You do not need any pseudoyms. Simply stated this area is the center fo Marco Island. Marco Center is just fine.

Written on Schilling having a sale, not going bankrupt:

I went to their jewerly store to seriously buy something. However I do know enough that the percents taken off were from the list price or more and you could get similar things for less money elsewhere. No one seriousily believes in list price minus and small discount. I've been envolved in jewlery and retail upscale clothing for a long time and know a scheme when I see it.

Written on Marco Island's Red Rooster opens bright and early every day:

I love the Red Rooster. When ever I visit my son in VA in the Reston area, we always go to Red Rooster. Welcome to Marco Island.

Written on Committee pushing latest idea for Marco Island Tract K, an eagle sanctuary POLL:

Those of you who want to put up a concrete building namely a school are only selfish, self absorbed and very very self centered. It is a wonder of nature to have these eagles return year after year. Yes, I know that they are only birds to some of you because you have no understanding of nature and life in the wild. These eagles are intellegent enough to come to this tiny island and this particular tree year after year. They have chosen this spot to be their breeding grounds and all you care about putting up a brick or cement school. Find another spot. This spot is already taken

Written on PHOTOS: Twinkletown, nearly 1,800 homes, business decorate for annual contest:

Christmas Night we had the priviliage of driving around Marco to see the light displays including the winners. It was so uplifting and a fitting end to dinner with friends or family. Why are some of you people so negative. Those who decorated their homes spent hours and money to share with you their Joy of Christmas. Thank You! We loved the ride around Marco and enjoyed the beauty of your homes.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board to conduct public survey:

Globle Warming is nothing more than a phrase thought up by Al Gore. If you studied years in the past you will see that it cycles and changes throughout the years. It is not warming it is alternating. Thanks Al for the confusion.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Vote out council members who support tax increases, unnecessary spending:

Well said Judy Sacher! Now is the time to be frugal with the city's funds as we are to be frugal in our own homes.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Some views and questions on the Charter School proposal:

Our first concern should be our future students. Lely is larger and can accomadate our students. A larger more diversified school can fill the needs of a larger school population by offering more courses both for the academic student, the business student and and the trade student. This is not possible in a small community school where diversity is limited. Marco students and off island students each benefit by the studies that are offered to them. If you want a private academy, then I'm sure there are private schools from which you could choose for your own needs

Written on Adoptable pets: Aug. 22, 2010:

We adopted two adorable and loving kittens two years ago. They are so loving and special and bring much joy into our lives. Please consider giving a home to a loving cat or dog.

Written on Bald eagles on Marco key to species’ recovery:

There should be no controversy. The school could be built over near Mackle Park where there was land for it. The lot that is in question is not only an eagle sanctuary, but is too small to build a school with all its needs. I do not live near the sanctuary, but I cannot understand why there is any controversity about leaving this an eagle refuge with perhaps a walking path to see native plants, birds, butterflies etc.

Written on Mike Minozzi, former Marco Island council member, dies after cancer battle:

I would like to send my condolences to the Minozzi Family. Mr. Minozzi was certainly a very active man here on Marco. I would however like to add that the bridge will always and should always be named the Judge Jolly Bridge. I am sure that there are other considerations or ways to honor Mr Minozzi.

Written on Letter to the Editor: What’s happening with Tract K?:

Track k is not situated as a place to build a school. It is would be much better to offer it to the community as a beautiful respite for locals and visitors who come to see the eagles. The traffic it would create would interfere with the residential area. Another idea could be a botanical walking garden stocked with many beautiful native trees and gardens Such a park would be beneficial for visitors and locals alike. It could be a learning center for all.

Written on Marriott pursues expansion on Marco Island:

It would be good for everyone if the Marriot would donate space for beach parking at a minimum charge for Marco visitor parking.

Written on For couple, visit to Marco had a nice ring to it!:

Congratulations and God Speed to Capt. Snook.

Written on Teacher bill passes, awaits Gov. Crist's signature:

This is an outragous development in the field of education. As many of you already know, students are already placed into a specific class because of grades or SAT'S. You are not comparing apples to apples here at all. Children in advanced classes such as Math and English arelikely earn A's & B's anyway. Students, where English is not their first language, may not do as well as others at first. Should the teacher be punished because of the student's handicap in the classroom? I think not. It is not fair to any employee anywhere, not just teachers, to be judged soley by the progress of their employment taking into account the amount of study and work that had to go into the subject in order to learn and receive a decent score. We are not talking about slackers here. Some students do start off with a language barrier and have to overcome that inorder to excel in math, science, and most of all reading, spelling and grammar skills to achieve higher grades. To penalize a teacher because he may not have the brightest and most literate students in his or her class is blantantly unfair and certainly not an equal playing field. If this were to be the rule, what teachers would be willing to work soley with students who are not at the top of the scale?

Written on Poll: Marco City Council considers charging a fee at Canine Cove :

Another stunning suggestion by the powers that be. First of all I do not have a dog. Some people complained that they did not like dogs to have the run of the park. They suggested that there be a "special" dog friendly area for people to walk and run their pets. Now that we have this dog friendly area, they now want to charge people for usage. This is absurd! More and more Marco is getting to be a very unfriendly place for residents and visitors alike. It is great that people who have dogs have a dog friendly place to run their pets. I have never seen a dog park where people were charged admission it is absurd. Mackle Park is a public park for all to use and enjoy. What is next? Charging families to pay for their children using the basketball courts?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Return the ducks:

I have lived here long enough to see that if something gets in the way of certain groups who disapprove,it is removed. Ducks are an attraction that draw many visitors as well as residents to Mackle Park. It is the same mentality that destroyed Coconut Island. The rational was that the trees that grew and held down the sand were Austraian Pines and not native plants. Many residents as well as visitors would bring their run abouts there to picnic, fish, swim and enjoy being on the water. Once the trees were removed, the island, made of sand,quiclky disappeard being washed away because there was nothing left to hold the sand together.
Now it is the ducks that are disturbing some people who in their wisdom believe that the ducks should be eliminated. This is another sorry example of over reaction and over zealous managment of other peoples' enjoyment.

Written on VIDEO&PHOTOS/Marco bridge: Jolley family endorses bridge expansion; asks that name remain:

getreal239, Thanks for the corrections. We have lived here 10 years and all those years it was known by me to be the Jolley bridge. I most certainly agree with you that it must stay Marco Bridge, aka Jolley Bridge and that should be the only consideration for the name to continue.

Written on VIDEO&PHOTOS/Marco bridge: Jolley family endorses bridge expansion; asks that name remain:

The name of the bridge is the Jolly Bridge and must stay. It has been known by this name since it beginning. Vistors,tourists, and residents have and still refer to the bridge as the Jolly Bridge. Everyone coming and going to Marco knows it and most people like the sound of it. It has become a "landmark". Jolly Bridge and Marco Island go hand in hand. Please do not tamper with a perfect combination no matter whose name you prefer.

Written on Park improvements, naming rights on city agenda:

In these years of finanical austerity, it is unbelivable that the Council sees fit to go ahead to spend, spend, spend money on unnecessary projects throughout Mackle Park, bike trails, bridges and the like. Money, money, money where is it going to come from? The next concern seems to be about going around our city and bestowing names on every buiding, bridge, fence and fire hydrant.
It is time to sit back and take a deep breath and come back to reality. The residents' money and patients can only stretch so far. Marco is home to many retirees as well as young families with children. These people can only stretch their money so far. It is outrageous that you would waste time and money on adding paths, gardens,ponds in Mackle park, bridges and on and on. These new expendatures not olny have to be created, they must be maintained. Perhaps the need for all these projects is so that Marco will have enough new additions to include everybody,s name on something!

Written on Letter to the editor: Great idea, wrong location:

I do not even have a dog, but dogs need a place where they can run and play. Mackle Park was a great place to take a pet. Those who live in condos especially need this. You as a person have the freedom to run or walk anywhere you want. Learn to share some open space.

Written on Lawsuit over the release of public records unearthing asbestos concerns in Marco:

Bravo Mr. Foster, I could not have said this better myself.

Written on Behind closed doors, part II: Anchoring case enters the sunshine:

In regard to OldManMarco he cannot be further wrong if he tried. What happened behind closed doors that effected any citizens and their problems concerns justice for all. It is no matter what procedures were violated,it is still a violation of laws that are there for the protection of ALL of our citizens. Breaking the Sunshine law or any other laws effects all the citzens. Some residents must believe that only their concerns are important. We are an island surrounded by water. It is insane to believe that people with boats, both big and small, should be exempt for due process under the law. Once our laws are altered to fit someone's particular concern at the expense of the rest of the citizens of the same community, all laws and codes are violated. Chaos, payoffs, and backroom deals will be the rule, not justice for all .

Written on Marco Island loses appeal in boat anchoring case:

Here we go again! Has anyone notice any problems since the last legal argument. There are almost no boats anchored anywhere or any time. The boats that have anchored we here short term. They either waited for weather, visited friends or went shopping. Shopping, sight seeing, car rentals, fueling up, restaurants, and visiting friends all generate money into the city coffers. I think it simply pride or embarassment that some of the same people are trying to make this a bg issus again. The only winners in this situation are the lawyers. The City losses money, the local business lose money. There is and have been NO Problems. Please stop spending our taxpayer money on this nonsense.

Written on New sidewalk signs help clear the way:

Why do we have to buy new signs. Why can't the sign company use the existing signs and just paint over them and save the money?

Written on Need for athletic fields brings Tract K back in play:

Track K should be developed as a haven for spots activities for the youth of our city. Having a dedicated purpose helps to keep the youth involved with wholesome activities. It could also be a sports park for all citizens old and young. The idea of a botanical garden has merit and should be researched thoroughly. The idea of a solar windmil park is ridiculus. The amount of energy produced would be insignicant to the amount needed. An athletic park or botanical garden seems the best ways to go.

Written on 2 Marco youngsters forgo birthday presents; ask for cash donations to benefit Humane Society:

What a wonderful story. You girls should be very proud of yourselves. Happy Birthday!

Written on Crime, overcrowding concern neighbors of short-term rental properties on Marco:

Marco is a resort destination. Many people here depend on visitors money for their survivial. The problem is not short term renters. The problem is the offenses that some renters commit. These individual offenses should be treated separately one at a time. Lets not throw out all renters and the money that they spend here for the few offenders. Everyone on this island depends on the tourist dollars for one thing or other. Use common sense. Fine the owners who rent to repeat offenders.