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Written on Body found off Goodland Bridge identified as 49-year-old local man:

bradley will be remembered as a decent guy! they will probably play "free bird" for him at his wake---but i wonder if alcohol was involved?

Written on Marco Island city sign at foot of Jolley Bridge destroyed in crash, flag pole dented :

maybe the driver was Patricia Libby--- the sign looked like a smart car to her....

Written on Marco mom faces DUI charge after crash in school parking lot :

snookered at eight in the!! was there anything left of the smart car

Written on U.S. kills Osama bin Laden decade after 9/11 attacks:

Bin Laden swims with the fishes

Written on Marco Island teen calls 911 claiming police harassment during traffic stop:

what a wonderfull time to be alive a no nothing kid gets arrested for some pot and 60-70 people have something to say about it wow!

Written on 60-year-old man accused of having gun, threatening people at Marco Island restaurant:

A 1.4 mil condo? -----if he needs help house sitting while he does his time! I will volunteer

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