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Written on Letter to the Editor: Future of Marco is now:

In regards to Mr. Bob Olson, I see this as a boom to the citizens of Marco Island. It is the visitors and part time residents that help to keep our stores and facilities open all year for us full timers.

Written on Road alert: Lanes reduced on Collier Boulevard beginning Tuesday:

Why do they do it at the height of Christmas. Could it not been delayed until after New Year?

Written on Two-vehicle accident slows traffic in front of Marco Island Marriott:

Cars do have the right of way over pedestrians. It is easier and safer if the pedestrians stop look both ways before they cross the road. Do not assume that trucks, cars, and even bikes, will either see you or stop to let you cross. You are the one in control of safely crossing the street no matter who has the right of way.

Written on Guest Commentary: MIPD Chief Don Hunter – A response to concerns regarding our department:

Thank you for your services. I agree 100 percent with Genuine. You said it all! It seems to me that some people do not appreciate what they have until they need it.

Written on Obama to Congress: No negotiations to reopen govt :

He is the worst president in my lifetime and that includes Jimmy Carter!

Written on Animal rescuers try to help pets that need each other:

This is absolutely true. For many years we have adopted cats in pairs of brothers. This has been the best decision when adopting pets. If they come from the same litter, so much the better. The a animals are content in their new home because they have a friend and companion for life. They are never alone in a strange home. This make life so much better for both pets and owners.

Written on Child near lightning strike being evaluated at hospital :

All of Marco's resorts automatically should warn all visitors to please stay inside during a lighting storm. I know that is only common sense, but many visitors from far away places may not be aware of the lightning's power here on Marco.

Written on Marco mini-golf course gets reprieve as judge lifts portion of order:

The Mini Golf Course is lovely and not offensive in any way. It's location is also not offensive near restaurants, and shopping center. It is a win-win situation for all: the golf course, the restaurants, and shopping centers on the Island. It is mean sprited to tear it down. Also other businesses will benefit from any influx of visitors to the Island

Written on Letter to the Editor: To fight and argue over deed restrictions and legal protocol is ridiculous:

The rulings made by MICA are no longer relevant. The gardens and trees were a bonus to the property along with miniature golf park. The ruling of Mica is out of date to the current city that Marco has become. From all I have and the picture I saw of the property now is an asset and improvement. We cannot continue to build more houses without giving the prospective buyers and current residents a good reason to invest their money in a home here on the Island. The naysayers of this remind me of those who buy a property somewhere and then want to close the gate behind them. Please reconsider what a positive addition to attract visitors to Marco where they will spend money for restaurants, drug stores, supermarkets, clothing stores, souvenirs, gas stations, gift shops, and so on. The local residents will also gain by the income of revenue to keep the island pristine

Written on Marco miniature golf course shut down, owners vow appeal:

A miniature golf course is an asset for Marco. As mentioned above, these visitors and locals as well need and like to eat out after a family or friend event such a miniature golf. This is a "win,win" situation for locals, visitors, restaurants, and other merchants throughout Marco Island. Howcome Mica doesn't see or want to see the benefits for Marco Island?

Written on Letter to the editor: Thank you to the citizens of Marco Island :

Thank you beforehand for all of the things you hope to accomplish. The community is now in your hands. Let us all come together for the betterment of our fine community. Those of us who chose to live here did so with positive expectations.

Written on Hideaway Beach renourishment approved – for now :

Coconut Island was a small, barrier island covered with trees. Even though they were "not native" trees as some complained, they held the soil and island in place. I remember Hidaway Beach tenents viciously complained that their view was compromised and ordered that the trees be removed. That was unconscionable. Not only did the trees hold the island in place, it was a refuge for birds. Also, as a barrier island, it helped to keep Hideway's beach from eroding from the wind and serf. This is now your problem and you should pay for any replenishment. We, the taxpayers should not be charged for your arrogant mistake!

Written on Countdown to debate: Romney ups criticism of Obama's second-term plans:

To 26YearsonMARCO

Right On! You have written the most honest account of Obama I have seen so far. You are most observent writer in this column to dateand more observent than most of the editors in our newspapers.

Written on FACT CHECK: Missteps by Obama, Romney in first presidential debate :

Bravo to Romney. Oboma could not even come close to him. Panola60 was right on. Four more years of Obaham will be disastrous to this country.

Written on Marco Island man in battle over need for service dog in no-pet condominium :

I csnnot believe that the residents would ever complain about a service dog. Howself selfish could they be? Do they not understand the imortance and need for having a trained service dog? Are these selfcentered folks unaware of the need and acomplishments of a service dog used for the blind, the inferm and even for our soldiers in the battlefiels? How could they actually deny a person of such a wonderful helper and compainion? Instead of their selfcenteredness, they should offer their time and services indcluding asking the gentleman if could help perhaps by walking his dog. If someone has special needs we shoul offer our services and try to help them rather than have them removed from their home.

Written on 6-month-old Florida girl dies after being left in car for many hours:

How can a parent "forget" his child is still in the car?

Written on Collier, Lee students score near state average on FCAT reading and math tests :

I would hardly be pleased at passing near "but" just below" the average scores. With all the resources available for evaluating and teaching to mixed academic students is not always easy. There has to be a better approach to and higher expatations from your students. All cannot expect A's & B's but the average of c's and d's is not good. Your coment "near the state" average indicates that half were below the average of C. Not good.

Written on Death of bald eagle on Marco Island ‘like losing a child,’ sanctuary founder says:

Instead of sending his body to the Indians, could we not send his body to a taxidermist and have him forever on display for all to see and remember?

Written on Mighty python: Local forest rangers catch 15-foot snake :

Give me a break! They complained that killing the python was inhumane. They are an invasive danger to our SW Florida habitats. If the python ate your pet, child, or even you, should we all turn the other way and say that it is inhuman to try to rid or kill these invasive predators?

Written on Injured dolphin Seymour captured, treated by rescue crew:

I sense the possibility of another Dolphin hero story with movie to follow.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Over the bridge:

Typical of what small minded people would say.
Close the bridge or doors after they arrived. It is because we have a reputation for our beaches,our town's aminities that keep people coming and keeping facilities for all of to enjoy all summer. Also, our tourist destination statis offers many jobs to many people who otherwise would have to travel out of town to earn a living or not even able to live here. Some folks are very myopic, self centered and think only of them selves. "Shut down the bridge now that I am here!"

Written on Letter to the Editor: Wall visit a success:

Thank you for the privlige of of bring this most awesome display for all to see and remember. The thousands of names on the walls of those who gave their life for us to be free is daunting. Rest in Peace. To the families who lost family members many God Bless you and the loved one that you lost.

Written on Lost cat found more than 2,000 miles from Collier County home :

This story truly is a "Christmas Miracle." We have had both dogs and cats our whole lives. Our cats are our "children" now that our family is grown and moved away. What a great story and certainly the best present you could get. How did he get to CO.? Was he driven there? Could he have walked the distance? Anyway, he has been returned and I'm sure this will certainly be a Joyous and Merry Christmas. ps,Did he remember you and his former home?

Written on Marco and the Memorial: Traveling Vietnam Wall’s visit coincides with Pearl Harbor Day:

Thanks to all the many hard working people who helped put this memorial tribute to the men and women who served or died in the Vietnam War. My the heros' families and friends and all who see the wall, remember them in their prayers and give thanks for their sacrafice.

Written on ‘Market’ returns: Big Cypress plans for a new, more successful second life:

Thank You! It is about time someone with foresight has enough confidense to re-invent this very exciting and interesting shopping center. We can,t wait to see the needed changes that you make! This is a place for visitors as well as locals to patroninze!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island’s future! Really?:

captnjimbo does make sense. Visitors, guests and fultime residents use and support the facilities. If Marco Island, as a city, looks and acts out of date, residents and visitors alike will begin to look elsewhere to shop and support. We have a very rare and unique place to live or visit. We must be forward thinking of the future to keep residents and visitors alike interested in what we, on Marco Island, have to offer. This is beneficial to all residents and visitors alike.

Written on Vietnam ‘Wall that Heals’ coming to Marco:

Huh? Am I confused that we are NOT to honor our men in Vietnam by "Our forward thinking Commmander in Chief, Obama?" Obama is an abomination to Americans who are on either side of the the politics of this country.

Written on A Halloween story: Skeletons discovered under the Marco River:

Thanks. It was fun to read something clever and funny in the newspaper for a change.

Booooo! Happy Holloween!!

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