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Great write up. Great cause. Great people.

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I am definitely not looking for an argument and I love differing opinions but I do see irony here. The Marriot wants to expand and part of the expansion includes more parking places. I have seen several restaurants increase seating capacity (including outdoor)by 30% to 100% over the years...without appreciably increasing their parking capability.
One takes a vast approach...others have taken a half vast approach. Imagine the chaos if people were parking in the swales on Collier.

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in response to Nowhining:

"Marco was developed as a tranquil resort island. It was never intended to be a convention center. Marriott wanting to expand to accommodate conventions does not trump residents’ desires for a tranquil island."

Please get informed. The Marriott is not wanting to build a convention center. The Marriott is asking to expand their current meeting facilities to be able to compete with other HOTELS in the area for large scale meeting business. NOT CONVENTIONS.

Additionally, were you around when Deltona Corporation released their Annual Report in 1964? I QUOTE:

"Rather than being aimed primarily at retirees, it (Marco Island) is designed for a complete range of resort and leisure living - hotels, motels, apartments and extensive areas for homes. The company expects that as the community grows, its business and commercial life will expand too, and younger working families will comprise a sizable part of the population. However, it is expected that most of Marco Island's growth will derive from tourist activities and from the demand for second homes for vacation, weekend and other leisure use."

Growth is inevitable. Change is inevitable.

We should consider ourselves fortunate to live in such a place that attracts so many visitors. If you do not want to live around visitors, maybe an island designed for a "complete range of resort and leisure living" was not a good choice for you.

Dear nowhining...excellent and fair minded and even-tempered post.

Good for you!

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Union organizers hate Wal-Mart. Competing grocers do also.
Good chance there will be video.

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Why do the folks insist that Marriott is building a convention center for trade shows when they continually claim they are merely expanding their meeting space to they can either do more than one meeting at a time or do larger meetings? Why is that? If it is not getting out with all of the meetings they have held then perhaps it is time to Advertise their position on Fox News! This Marriott is a class act and benefits this community. Their business meetings which are mostly self contained pale in comparison to what happens in the residential community in season. This three month frenzy with crowds and congestion is nuts...but nobody complains about that. I don't get it...but it is still my last word on the subject.

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Some pretty pregnant posts from obvious insiders. No matter what side you may be on it does look like trouble now.

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Basically this dialog has been informative. In the end I will bet that when Hunter came to town he did a major assessment of his department and set about an upgrading and it is not and has not gone down well with the rank and file...many of whom may have been too comfortable or had attitudes. Think back on some of the posts of the past few years. Hunter came with high marks, has been clean and outspoken on issues raised by the community. Personnel files may be guarded. New city manager wants to verify why the turnover...what's the problem? I don't have much contact with the police although I have asked for help from time to time and they have been accommodating. I do have eyes however and they seem to be doing a good job.

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August8...great post. Exit interviews are a good thing no matter what job or position.

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Yesterday I rode my bike carefully surveying the present wall from both sides. The wall is well camouflaged by the owners in the cul-de-sacs east of the wall. All but one of the houses are one story buildings. I think any issues, except for that one home could be mitigated by moving the two story parking garage 30 feet west of the present wall and the walling in the east side of the structure same look as the present wall, which would provide protection from headlight distraction and noise.

Just an opinion...not an argument.

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Marriott has to come to terms with these people. I lived in a town with a large corporation that foresaw a need to expand...30 years ago. One by one they started purchasing homes in the neighborhood...some by awarding tenancy for life. I would like to see the Marriott get their expansion (No Trade Shows)but they need to make it right for their neighbors on the east side of the two cents.

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Would it not be better to move the retail operations and parking across the street and keep the boats on the water side? I suppose as long as they are not moving boats on fork lifts across the road it doesn't really hurt any one.

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I think the city should approve the expansion for corporate meetings and meetings like them and specifically exclude Trade Shows.

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I have been given an answer...unconfirmed. No trade shows...corporate meetings. On east side of road, no hotel or conference buildings...a top deck for car parking. I still wish someone that knows and can be held accountable would confirm this. My thinking is that we may be building a case about trade shows on less than current information.

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Are they attracting trade shows or corporate meetings? Bus loads of people or truck loads of stuff?

Seems like a simple question. Anybody know answer?

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I think dealing with the home owners that will be most affected was a good move. I have not attended the meetings. Have they declared that the space will be for exhibits? I don't think that has been made clear. I managed a large company where we brought hundreds of employees together for product introductions and to share business plans. These were in large hotel complexes in Florida and Arizona. There were no trucks and no exhibit halls. These meetings required lots of entertainment options, a big auditorium, big feeding capacity and several break out rooms. Also, employees in this type of environment are on display, are trying to make favorable impressions and are usually on best behavior.

This is different than trade shows.

Trade shows would be somewhat risky for a place like Marco Island. That is because exhibitors and customers are not under one authority. Most corporate meetings use chartered busses or cars to move people. They tend to do the recreational planning in groups and tend to keep their people busy enough and on location. That type of meeting would not have a negative impact on our Island and by extending the season could be a major financial gain for our largest employer and let's not forget that there is a room tax that comes back to the community.

Can somebody clear up what type of business they are trying to attract and if it is business meetings, what can be done to prevent it from becoming trade shows in the future?

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I agree we should accommodate the boating community...but no way should we allow transporting boats on a forklift across Bald Eagle...disaster waiting to happen.

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in response to johnrossetti20#270017:

When the wind blows 15mph from northwest seas are 2 to 4 feet with a period of 4 seconds. That is 90 impacts an hour or 7,200 over 8 hour period. The impact of boat traffic in relation to mother nature is insignificant. The benefits of this possible "solution" pale in comparison to the navigational hazard these bouys will cause at night.

I almost gagged as I read the story. Totally agree with johnr. They are totally exposed to the natural elements and boat traffic does not come steadily or with the force. Groins or rip rap the answer. We all built our house upon the sand and sand moves.

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I think we voted when a cruiser caught fire in Caxambas pass and police/fire were impotent because their equipment was not up to the task.

This is a water oriented community.

Nice boat!

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In my experience the most effective executives recruit good people, make sure they understand and buy into the objectives and then they delegate. And then on a predictable schedule do planning sessions to see how they are doing and refine objectives for the next time. Dictators almost always fail because their employees are frozen until the boss either gives an order or approves an action. I thought our former manager was pretty least from the vantage of press reporting.

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

Any possible appearance of conflict of interest or favoritism by government officials should be avoided and I do not believe any city officials are not aware of that. I personally don't see any real damage here but Milk should have known better. Just an opinion. (and pardon the double negative...I should know better)

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One of the things I like about this web site is that occasionally the folks will stay on subject. Also it amazes me on the direction it can take when it and original comedy and I suppose a study in human nature.

Happy New year all.

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I agree with the Gladesmen. Find a way to manage it, not eliminate. Over reach in my humble opinion.

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in response to ajm3s:

Excellent and may I be a bit more pity! Anonymous blogging allows the comment to be appreciated or dismissed on the merits of the comment and NOT necessarily the name or status of the commenter.

And blogging allows for immediate distribution, no editorial board review other than keeping the comments within tolerable and civil constraints expressed in the rules of engagement.

Note: consider the competing local newspaper website, Sun Times which gets essentially no comments. May be related to lack of anonymity?

In my case I do not play on the Sun Times Web for exactly the reason you stated. Your main point...quick and unfiltered...also exactly right on are "pithy" indeed.


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Congress is one thing...a privately owned website is another.

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I have also no accidents with 50 plus years. I have had a ticket or two. 100 MPH on an open highway is no challenge for today's cars and experienced drivers. That said even 70 with less than 4 car lengths separation is insane...and we deal with it almost every day. Mix that with cataracts, dope, booze and cell say nothing or little about judgment...

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There is abuse, even on this site, but most folks should be able to filter the worthless while still getting some awesome commentary from those that are making a healthy contribution. Anonymous blogging is freedom of expression without the end probably not a bad thing. I think the Eagle's approach of occasionally removing nastiness while a form of censorship is understandable and can be is after all their website. Just an opinion.

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So let's offset the gains in safety and fuel economy by encouraging more speed and less efficiency. A 75 mph law will encourage 90. Probably a bad idea.

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Environmentally sensitive Bayfield Bay...oyster beds...hmmm.

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My observation is that we have a good local police and they are not everywhere at the same time because they don't need to be. You can also see them frequently policing speeding as folk careen down the Jolly Bridge and again partially down the road between San Marco and the Marriott as well as winterberry and east San Marco...strategic locations in my opinion. Also, if you ever call the police the response is within minutes. I think we are pretty lucky actually.

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I am trying not to over react but Florida Blue sent a notice that my wife's policy would remain in effect until mid 2014. We have been paying 8,000 a year for a wellness policy with a fairly high deductible and a copay on the wellness visits. I found a similar program on the website for 12,000 a year. Ouch!

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Neglect is insidious and if that is the case the people should make sure the new one is carefully maintained...glad to see however there is growing support for a community center to serve us into the is a different Island than 25 years ago...and in many ways better...make that in most ways better.

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Ajm3 question on "why so big...and why so big compared to metro areas"...pregnant question.

And other observation that there is no going back...equally.

I don't blame them for being spooked by this.

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Pre retirement I was responsible to present marketing and publishing plans to about two hundred people and perhaps 50 corporate support. These were corporate meetings in pretty big hotels in touristy areas in Arizona and Florida. We kept our group on location and we scheduled them tightly. The Marriott may have been out of our budget but would have been perfect. While I still lean toward a referendum I think the Marriott needs to more clearly define what they are seeking in terms of clients. If it is trade shows, or political conventions that is one thing but they now attract, it seems to me, some good sized meetings of corporations that have reputations.

If their mission was to be able to attract larger corporation's to their venue, or maybe two at the same time, is one thing. Turning it into a trade show circus like Las Vegas or Chicago...where everybody does their own thing would not be good for us folks.

You would think the NFL gathering would be higher profile but they have come here several times and you never even know they are on the island...and security to keep non participant away from that group obviously is increased.

I have been reading all of the blogs...but it seems hard to get the whole truth. If this goes to a referendum then all will see that the residents get full information and some serious commitments to maintain Marco's Charm...or it won't pass. If however Marriott's target is clearly defined and there are safeguards against changing that definition, they might have a shot. I support the referendum but am trying to keep an open mind. The posting on this subject has stayed fairly sophisticated...some good leadership by knowledgeable people...I am not looking for an argument...just putting it out there. Would not want to be unfair to what is a quality corporate citizen, also an opinion based on observation.

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in response to ajm3s:

Is this about hurting someone? If we had agreements and ordinances that addressed hurt we could eliminate a significant amount of the codes and ordinances. Setbacks, height restrictions do not hurt folks, but they contribute to the overall character of a community.

I challenge your statement that the Marriott listened to the major objections.

I STRONGLY recommend you listen to the August presentation by the Marriott brought before the Planning Board. Pay close attention to the recommendations of the board and pay really close attention to the comments and recommendations brought before the board by citizens, of which some are quite eye opening..and provided solutions to meeting the Marriott's expansion while adhering to the PUD agreement.

After this sales presentation at the Marriott NOT a single recommendation was incorporated, just a reduction in overhead parking (which is still not allowed) and granting some parking areas for public use as a token of gaining public support.

In essence, an offer to provide 28 public parking spaces, if the Marriott can get out of the PUD contract of 2001...with a loading dock consisting of 6 stalls that I have yet to understand how the trailer will access from Collier. I guess backing in is the only means? Note: next time you see a facility with 6 loading docks, I believe you will be in an industrial park or commercial site with a major big box store, i.e. Cosco.

Folks, please pay attention, the only way the Marriott will comply with the terms of the PUD will be from the outcry of residents. It is the only group that can challenge their plans and ask that they meet the conditions set a mere 12 years ago. The need has not changed, only the means to address the need. It was well defined in 2001 and is still current today.

It is about truth and commitment to a community in which the 800 pound gorilla can rattle its cage and say I want more! And a business community that says it needs a bone.

Welcome to the Marco Island Circus...the animals are entering the arena and the show is about to start.

This post and the one about flying into Miami carry a lot of wisdom.

I now think the referendum path is best.

Excellent posting for the most part.

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Sounds like they listened to the major objections and came back with a reasoned modified plan. Other than needing to change some rules from yesterday's needs...who does this hurt?

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Just a perspective...not looking for an argument.

Once upon a time Marco had a city council and a city manager that decided to rebuild the infrastructure of Marco Island, including forcing every home to install a connection to a sewer system that many thought was frivolous. And why not? The housing values were sky high...taxes rising to record levels causing a near mutiny by the public, most of whom had graduated to fixed income or living off of their savings. Then introduce a housing value collapse and a national recession and you can easily understand why the expansionist attitude got shut down.

We now have an amazing transition going on. While still a retirement influence younger people are moving here...many following their parents. Businesses are starting thrive again, indeed it looks like there is a great future for Marco Island and SW Florida. While stopping the spending was a good idea several years ago I believe the time has come to fix some problems that were put on hold and for good reason. Like the writer of this letter, Jermanok, I think we should all take a measured and fresh look at this project and help provide a place to play for the families we need, not just for the present...but also for the future.

I also now support a larger and newer and functional facility.

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in response to Momface:


It would be common sense, as you said, for those on bikes to yield, whenever they can. Not to, could mean serious harm to them or someone else.

What is the big deal not to have some respect for others who may be using the same thoroughfare as you are? respect if you can get it...but if not I will still yield to pedestrians.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Who should yield? :

Back on subject...I am an avid bike rider at 71 years of age. While I always yield to pedestrians and their doggies if they have them, I prefer to ride the sidewalks. Like it or not there are a lot of people that drive whose reflexes are not as sharp, whose vision might not be as it once was even with the bike lanes there is an element of danger. I have found that most walkers will yield but if they don't, I stop. If there is no traffic I can go on the street and return to the shared use sidewalks. This is call common courtesy and common sense.

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Not bad thinking but I lived in a town where a bridge opened every 20 minutes on the main drag. Trust me residents and visitors of Marco Island would not tolerate the traffic back ups that will occur in season.

Written on Guest Commentary: Hidden agenda on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge?:

in response to lauralbi1:

Mr. Harris: If you follow the bridge epic, you would know that raising the bridge is not possible due to slope limitations and the effect this would have on adjoining lots. I think AJM3 has clarified your error as there is no way that this bridge could have a 98 plus rating.
I know at one time there was talk of having a walkway from Veteran's Park to the Esplanade. This is actually in the Master Plan. But I guess that was dropped also due to cost and politics.
The bridge needs to be replaced. But it does not have to be a super structure. Every time I drive under the bridge, I fear for my life. It is beyond repair, in my Civil Engineering background.
Ed Issler

After reading this post I took a boat ride to Winn Dixie and went under this bridge. I am not an engineer but I can see a disaster waiting to happen. The foundation is crumbling, rebar's are exposed, it looks like concrete is sloughing off. I don't think we need a monument or piece of art like was proposed but that foundation certainly needs some repair.

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I see another problem there. If I am in my van and stop, people will walk in front of me and right into traffic without looking...problem is strangers to the area may not know and cannot see people in front of my car. Then there are also pedestrians that feel entitled and walk into crosswalk before the cars have truly scary at times.

Written on Hilton waiter honored for saving a guest's life:

Anybody that eats and talks at the same time is vulnerable and action is needed in seconds.

Hats off to this guy...right guy, right place, right time.

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I know many residents think of Marco Island as a retirement village. However the demographics are changing. We have restaurants, teachers, technicians, first responders, doctors, lawyers, servers, cooks, plumbers, electricians, builders, auto mechanics, marine mechanics, executives, sales reps, real estate experts, hotel managers, preachers, goes on and on. Even people that used to need to be at headquarters up north now live on Marco and travel. I believe we have a thousand kids in the three major schools here.

Even though I am one of the "old-timers" Marco has the needs of a small sized city and while many residents head north for 8 months, many only have one home and it is on beautiful Marco Island. This is not your grandfather's Island exclusively anymore. Not looking for an argument...just an observation.

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As I have looked at the plans the setback from Collier looks more than adequate. The people that will be affected live in the cul de sacs on the other side of the wall. It would seem to me that they should have a major role in the process...would a check for 100K each be adequate compensation?

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We own three of the five books...has a studio in Key West. Produces photo's in large format geecle' (sp) His work is stunning...also expensive.

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in response to RayPray:

"I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it..."

Funny, you are.

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I was told that the Marriott has downsized their plans dramatically, but have seen no news reports to collaborate.