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Written on Letter to the Editor: Marriott expansion not a done deal:

I have driven Collier past the Marriott many times and lately have tried to envision the effect of a one story parking garage. As pictured, with the setback pictured I do not see that it is a big deal. If I lived on the cul-de-sacs just to the east I would be concerned about additional noise, exhaust, lights etc. I think those folks should be compensated accordingly.

As far as the convention center goes, it indeed will bring trade shows, trucks, traffic and will challenge the infrastructure here. I wish the Marriott well and I think that their presence here had helped immensely in the development and demand for retirement living however this is primarily a residential community blessed with amazing natural beauty.

What will a convention a week do to our community overall? What other changes beyond the Marriott property will have to be made in order to accommodate the increase in traffic and commerce?

I am getting older and may not even be here when the deal gets done but I would hate to even think about a section of Marco Island turning into South Beach Miami.

I would hope that the folks that are responsible spend some time to look hard at the longer term impact...certainly a "what if" decision tree should be laid out as once done, there will be no going back...not looking for an argument...just my two cents...and a little bit of common sense.

Written on Judge denies bond to suspended Marco Island doctor :

Why is this old news originally posted last year being posted as a headline?

Enough already.

Written on U.S. readies rationale for possible Syria strike:

Not that what I think matters but I don't think we know who the white hats are. Is it not possible that one rebelling faction gasses another to suck us in to turning the tide against the ruling class government. It is not clear to me who we are backing. Are we putting extremists in power if we take Assad out?

Aside from being basically against gas or chemicals what interest do we have here? What makes a win here?

The President has already discredited himself many times, but that is a temporary problem...he does not get to run again and getting tangled up in this civil war with extremist on one side and a dictator on the other looks like a lose-lose to me. I would like to see real justification for an attack and know exactly who we are helping...and I am a basic hawk. If the idea is to encourage an attack against Israel to justify a broad attack on Iran...not a good strategy...I think Palin had the solution...let Allah work it out.

Written on Keys gets first female lobster boat captain :

You go girl! The Lobsters don't care!

Written on Soldier convicted of murder for Fort Hood rampage:

in response to WMissow:

Remember the words of our all knowing leader.

This was work place violence!

Firing squad would be too good for Hasan. Save the 72 virgins and keep him in jail, solitary confinement, for the remainder of his pitiful life.

No lottery, therefore, needed.

For once we disagree. Hang him.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Support the Marriott expansion:

In spirit I am with Franchino, a well thought out position on how the Marriott contributes to the community. But inconveniencing the owners without compensating them for their loss is wrong. I once lived in a community with an office building that was surrounded by private housing. No room to grow. They went on a 50 year plan and purchased each house as they became available. This gave them a buffer zone where their business activity effected no one. Also ProfZed had a good interim idea...shuttle the employees...wonder how many spots that would make free. Also it seems to me that while many tennis courts were paved over, there are still some left. I hope they find a way to make this a winner for everyone.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Two no-nos for Marco :

While I would not wish to create a canyon of tall buildings on both sides of Collier I do believe the people that visit the Marriott fall in love with the Island and many come back as buyers for their retirement. I also sense that while it depends on the manager in place, Marriott Marco has been a positive force, actively supporting the Academy is at least one example. Their commitment to an asthetically pleasing entrance is another. They also provide a couple of pretty good restaurants. I think they are good for the community and I would hope there is a way to accommodate their growth and still keep Collier Blvd charming.

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

Why bring gender into the consideration. If they are going to appoint go for quality of person from either gender...not an issue.

Written on Marco Island City Council undoes rejection of Smokehouse Bay Bridge bids:

This wide disparity gives me the jitters.

Any record on these contractors on how past contracts have been completed? Do minor change orders trump up the cost?

Curious am I.

Written on 'Conventional wisdom?' Marco Island Planning Board, public to hear Marriott expansion proposal:

I believe much of the success of Marco Island is due to the type of visitors the Marriot has attracted over the years.

That said, a degradation because of expansion would not be welcome. I hope they can get what they want without increasing density or traffic in a way that would effect residents...aside from that, an open mind have I.

Written on Guest commentary: Marco Golf and Garden responds to MICA:

Trouble is that you are extremely knowledgeable and should know better. Suggest you make a deal for provisional approval. I suggested that you put into escrow enough money to fund a teardown in exchange for a three year permit so that both you and Mica can see how it goes. That saves face for both of you, puts them back in control and allows you to recover some or all of your investment. After all you still own the property and there is a good chance it will have a lot more value 3 years from now than it has now. Not looking for an argument...looking for a compromise to an awkward situation.

You have a great reputation and do a lot of good in the community, neither you or MICA needs this controversy, for damage control use your skills to keep this out of court and out of the paper.

My two cents.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

in response to WMissow:


Thank you for being one of the 'lowly" ones like me!

You have been right on target from the go.

Truth is truth.

I was happy to see MICA lay it out.

Written on Guest Commentary: 'MICA Board of Directors would like you to know the facts':

Selective enforcement will lead to no enforcement. MICA has little choice.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Putting MICA to a test:

Not that it matters but I agree with Klein.

The builder knew the rules. I still think a provisional approval, perhaps with an escrow account to fund removal and a 3-5 year revocation option is an idea worth pursuing. It puts Mica in control, enables owner to recover some investment and gives residents some time to evaluate.

Written on Letter to the Editor: To fight and argue over deed restrictions and legal protocol is ridiculous:

I just read the letter from MICA on the issue. Wmissow did not miss on this. Kramer will either work out a deal or this location gets scrapped and scraped. Too bad, but it is what it is and long term thinkers will appreciate the wisdom of Deltona and if MICA budges they are not meeting their obligation. Read their letter if you can get it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Remove MICA from Marco Island:

Those that can not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it. (George Santayana)

Written on Letter to the Editor: Remove MICA from Marco Island:

Mica performs a great service to us. They may have been behind the curve on this...could have protested before approval.

Want to see what elimination of Mica would do to our paradise? Go to Ft Myers beach or South Beach Miami.

As for the parking lots...look what unrestricted parking on Swallow brought us.

I would not judge Mica on one misstep and believe they must go forth with this action or be guilty of selective enforcement which would erode their authority for the long term.

Perhaps they should have the courts rule in their favor, then give a conditional approval for a fixed period of time and review periodically and renew or revoke at their discretion.

Written on Marco Island miniature golf course closed; judge orders its removal:

I get the message and if Mica does not use their authority consistently the will lose their authority.

That said, why did they not get this injunction prior to the construction...there was plenty in the news as the application process was in the works. Was Mica asleep?

Written on Cracking down: Marco Island Code Enforcement Board signals new 'get tough' attitude:

One more thing while they are at it. I went on a mission to photograph nature on Marco. It was difficult to find scenes that were free of one traffic sign or seems only a few years ago that we were focused on natural beauty...but we have had sign creep. Place is starting to look like Cape Coral. That is our city's doing...not individuals.

Written on Letter to the Editor: My position on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge:

I think 951 used to be a State highway but most signs now say "county 951" I think.

Written on Letter to the Editor: My position on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge:

What a healthy discussion...informative, polite.


Written on Man hunting for pythons finds mysterious jewelry:

Either way this is a good guy.

Written on Letter to the Editor: My position on the Smokehouse Bay Bridge:

I think Honig is reason for urgency if financing will improve for us in a few years. Remember the 12 million work of art proposed a few years ago...way over designed. Remember the Winterberry bridge replaced about 4 years of the contractors told me they tore down a perfectly good bridge to build a prettier one, a few inches more clearance.

Our debt is a result of a spending binge when prices and taxes were sky high and it looked like the prosperity would never end...true, Marco has a better infrastructure, but it is too early to tell if we will ever return to that and Honig's conservative approach should be considered. Not looking for a fight...just stating an opinion...and Eagle...thanks for the spell check feature.

Written on Unhappy Estates residents drill Texas company about oil-gas drilling plan:

Perhaps if the people that may be affected received a royalty they would be up to the risk.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Sad note:

Thank you for writing the note...we missed the obit. This guy was stunningly agile and talented...never heard that exact style of piano work before or since and he loved to interact with his audiences. Irreplaceable.

Written on East Naples mobile home park owners, like many, feel pinch from Citizens insurance :

Not fat and not a cat...but Citizen's is working huge increases on every one...changing the mitigations, increasing the prices...many fat cats are going self insured.

Written on Guest column: Island real estate offers a great time to buy:

Genuine...not here to argue with you...yours is a point of view. On the other hand, I follow the market pretty closely and while this information is not new to me, it should be of interest, at least to people that own here, and people who think Marco may be in their future. Overall helpful thinks I.

Written on Marco Island City Manager Jim Riviere retiring :

Can we not remember the turmoil and out of control spending that took place before this guy took over?

I give him high marks for stabilizing our city government.

(Also Eagle...I love the spell check! Nice.)

Written on Marco Island Academy dedicates new campus:

"One Watt"

Very clever. I was in attendance and this writer pegged it...a rewarding experience, it was.

Written on Storage wars, parking battle leave Marco Island Planning Board in center of scrum:

Both of these restaurants are favorites but both expanded their seating without regard to parking. I don't blame residents for not approving of swale parking...even though I have done it. Buy adjoining property and make a parking lot.

Hey...anybody notice the spell check feature? Good!

Written on Fiddler's Creek suits become latest in libel, slander cases involving bloggers:

Usually a kook is quickly recognized by peers. He must have really gotten under their skin.

Written on Letter to the Editor: We need more traffic enforcement:

We are in peak season...deep breaths, things will calm in a few days.

Written on Group: Dolphin, turtle deaths a sign Gulf still sick:

Hmmm! A 3 year old picture of a bird, and no mention of a tough bout of Red Tide which takes its toll on these animals.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Preventing an uprising:

If your heart stops there is a machine that will restart it while you are waiting for an ambulance. A matter of life and death in many instances, especially if the ambulance and hospital are not next door...just like if a policemen is not next door.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Preventing an uprising:

Not that I disagree with Mr. Putnam...I do agree, but the only reason I have a gun is self defense. While I feel wonderfully safe on Marco Island I have been in situations where I had no police nearby and where folks might be tempted to take advantage...has nothing to do with government...but you make your point.

PS> I also own a defibulator...same rationale.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Sad welcome?:

We just visited Siesta Key...nice beach like Marco Island...but a circus!

Buses from Sarasota hotels, 20 minutes to cross the road, Sheriff patrols on horseback.

No wonder folks rate our life and island so high...continues to validate our wisdom and good fortune for buying a little piece of this paradise.

Written on Marco Island Academy moves into new home:

in response to MrBreeze:

I had a chance to see the new school over the weekend. It looks good for the location and should work very well.

I would not agree the same thing would have been acceptable on tract K as was commented the building was to be brick and mortar not modular. So all work out well the sight and buildings seem perfect to me.

Mr. Breeze I totally agree...I also drove out there, got out of the car and walked around, looked in the doorways into the classrooms. I think it is a charming set up. I also think getting to go outside between classes will be good.

The outdoor dining area is going to be a little bright...will need some another fundraiser perhaps.

I like it.

Written on Marco Island Academy moves into new home:

You guys should exchange phone numbers.

Written on Should dogs be allowed on Collier County beaches?:

If the question was..."should there be designated areas of doggy beaches" would the response be different?

Written on Marco Island City Council vetoes city manager pay raise, agrees to $500,000 grant from BP:

from my perspective Reviere hasdone a fine we not remember the Moss gang. Seems like the city works, some projects were slowed down to matchup with the reduced revenue based on assessed values, headcount and fluff reduced and not a lot of high profile contraversy generated by our city manager. There may be a kick-a-- mentality by the new council men, and in the end, if they want this guy out they will persevere but this is our guy, we know him, he has been pretty consistant, the city is working...what is not to like? Not looking for an aurgument...just an opinion based on observation and news coverage.

Written on Marco Island Planning Board reviews live-aboard vessels, delays moving ahead with midtown public forums:

Wife and I had a 42' trawler for years...would spend 5 months on the water, Lake Michigan,Lake Huron, North Channel, Georgian Bay...devided our time between slips and anchorages...always felt welcome, many times locals would come out to the boat to check it out and say hello. For someone traversing the Gulf Coast the bay off the Esplanade, even though it takes a while to get there is a perfect stop. The depth is perfect for an anchor at about 15 feet...takes about fifty feet of rode, it is protected from all sides, there is entertainment on Thursday night, several great restaurants, even Winn Dixie has a dock for boater provisions. Most people that are traveling like this have good means, running a boat like most I've seen is not cheap and bringing a few bucks to the local economy is part of the joy. Marco is a lovely water oriented boater's paradise and in my experience many villages like Marco welcome the traveling is the ones that never move, that blight the waterways that you want to be able to move along, and I think we have the means to do that.

Written on Earthquake-like shakes felt Sunday morning in Collier County:

Clearly sonic booms...two of them about 5 seconds apart...earthquake?...give me a break.

Written on Clearing, brush burning raise concerns as East Naples developments take shape:

Ahhh...the smell of a changing economy. The look of Jobs returning to the area.

Good breeze today...smoke will be gone.

Ho Hum...another day in paradise.

Minto...thanks for coming to the party.

Written on After 45 years of serving the community, Marco Eagle puts icing on the (cup)cake:

Quite a milestone...well done.

25 years ago I had it mailed to me every week...Lots of competition these days but still a local Icon.

Thank you Eagle.

Written on Marco Island's south beach project preconstruction plans complete, work to start in March:

Two things come to mind. Why not provide a beach area where people can run their dogs?

Second...where does one think all of the sand that has piled up on the northern end of the beach has come from? When I first came here the Gulf was against the sea wall next to the pools at South Seas, now it is a two block walk to the edge of the water and what was a pretty cool area at tigertail has filled in. At residents beach it looks to be about a block from the walkway to the water line,a long haul for beach chairs and umbrellas, and during the same shifting sand at least two Islands have all but disapeared on the southend of Marco and Kice Island has been cut in half.

Certainly more breakwater will slow the tidal current but further changes in the understructure off Marco Island seems to be unpredictable...could the sand that has piled up be moved back to he south end??? Kind of like a redistrubution of wealth.

Written on Careful, controlled growth: Marco Island Academy campus set to open March 18:

Still a great story of vision and determination.

Written on Marco civic group sues to block miniature golf course approved by city officials :

Give me a break. I did not want this but wait until it is almost done before filing??!

Written on Dig this: Community comes together to connect Clam Pass :

What a story...DEP will be enraged with the vigilantes that took things into their own hands.

Maybe common sense will prevail and the professionals can finish the project so it lasts.

Written on Plea deal means Marco Island doctor spends holidays behind bars :

Some time ago the Eagle reported that the "patient" was an ex lover.

2 the moon makes an interesting point, but I don't think it is the Eagle that's after him...but it appears somebody is...

His personal behavior has been unacceptable and it might appear that he was in defiance of the restraining order...but it also appears that he and his wife have made a deal and he was helping...there is definitely a disconnect here but technically by having contact, no matter who initiated it, he defied his restraining order. Bad cirumstances. I hope he gets this behind him.