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Written on Could Connecticut school shooting be impetus for change in gun-control laws?:

So, it appears that to some of the individuals on this thread that the Government is the enemy. Am I the enemy? Is he? Is she?
We are all the Government.It is not some far off city behind walls. Its all of us. We all give up some freedom to live in a civil society and when one of us picks up a gun to impose an individual will upon the society as a whole, it is the obligation of the whole to protect itself from that which threatens it. Is it better to arm everyone and essentially turn our society into a militaristic camp where our dialog is puncuated with the barrel of a gun? Or do we recognise the increasing danger of these mass attacks, adjust a few laws, and ask that a few of us give up a very small amount of personal freedom for the safety of us all?

Written on Gun store owners report spike in sales after Conn. killings :

The solution to nutjobs and guns is..... more guns??? More guns equal more liberty. Right? When is the last time you felt comfortable enough to speak your mind at a public meeting with some jerk standing there openly packing a weapon? Thats not my idea of liberty!

Written on Letter to the Editor: The President’s tax plan:

in response to Sparky100:

Casetermom, I hope you enjoy everyones tax increase, I know Obama will. I hope if you use any S.S. or entitlements you enjoy your reductions, I know Obama will. If you have any connection to our military, I hope you enjoy their deduction, I know Obama will. All because people like you want/ no need the successful people who made this country great to carry the slackers in this country whose need is to NOT work for it. In regards to gun control, criminals and nut jobs don’t care about laws.

Hey Spark, For every slacker in this country there are 1000 people like myself that are gainfuly employed and loving what we do. I could care less about slackers. Not even on my radar. I'll take the tax increase in the spirit of taking one for the team. I did'nt vote for war but I'm a citizen and as so its my job to help pay for it. Yes, Obama will enjoy these improvements. I want him to. I voted for him to do just that.

Written on Exploiting a terrible tradegy (Council for Constitutional Principles):

So, in the world according to Tom, we would arm the populace, lock averything up, that needs protection, from the outside and install metal detectors at the entries. So where,"exactly", is all the "liberty" in that idea? I propose that the real "dictator" in that plan is you, Tom.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The President’s tax plan:

Dear Mr. President, I think the best course for the "fiscal cliff" is to "let er rip!". We don't need to wait any longer to pay for the last two wars. The economy will be just fine, the wealthy will regain their fair share of the tax burden and we can move on to more meaningful business like gun control. Thanks.

Written on Use or misuse of words (Council for Constitutional Principles):

Tom, "What the Republicans should say" is that fianancing two wars and the worst recession since the great depression, with Bush tax cuts, is about the worst idea thats come along since the patently false notion that tax cuts create jobs. But, because the Republican party has been bought and sold by the ultra wealthy in this country, the message we are hearing is the only reform the GOP is willing to consider is the closing of tax loopholes. Next year. Really!
Talk about a Russian horse race joke!!!!

Written on Anatomy of an Election; and the Future of the U.S.A.! (Steve DeFillippo\u2019s Point of View):

Wow, Steve, sounds like you really thought that out. On the other hand, I don't believe it. The conservative caucus in this country has been bought and paid for by the likes of Koch, Addelson et al. They would have you believe that the enviro movement is running roughshod over the country and Medicare/Social Security are some sort of handout and are insolvent. Baloney! I worked for 40 years contributing to those "handouts". I want to live in a community that won't be washed away by the next Sandy.
Don't believe it? Watch who the Republicans try to protect in the coming negotiations over the next few weeks.

Written on GM is back (Council for Constitutional Principles):

NOT!!! Here's the real deal.
General Motors' first loans came in mid-December of 2008, when Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson stepped in to rescue GM and Chrysler.

On June 1, 2009, GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. As part of the restructuring, the U.S. government agreed to provide the company up to $30.1 billion more. In exchange, the U.S. received a 60.8 percent stake in the company when it emerged from bankruptcy protection about a month later. The remainder of GM’s equity stake was divided between the Canada and Ontario governments (11.7 percent), the UAW retiree trust (17.5 percent), and bondholders and other creditors (10 percent). On Nov. 16, 2010, General Motors began to sell its shares on the stock exchange

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