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Written on Marco city leader: Tax for 24/7 walk-in clinic could be in place by Jan. 1 :

No to the tax for this clinic and no to the 24 hour clinic.

Written on Physicians Regional, NCH possible suitors if Marco voters approve 24/7 clinic tax:

Just another tax for Marco Island residents. If you need emergency care, drive a few miles as most of the rest of the country does. Otherwise let the medical providers pay for the right to be on Marco Island

Written on Marcophiles: The Maddie crowd goes to London :

Go Maddie and Go Gators. You are a great represenative of Florida and the USA!

Written on Marco Island cultural leaders announce plans for theater :

The Marco Island Center for the Arts,the Art League has been in financial trouble for years. It is folly to think that Marco Island can support another Arts venue in this economy. Also there is not enough available parking there. People have to park in the Jewish Center across the street and in the County Tax Collectors parking lot next door when there is a reception at the Center for the Arts. Ms Holley should concentrate on making the "Art League" self sustaining as she was hired to do before jumping into another project.

Written on Firestorm: Marco Island City Council chambers packed for spur-of-the-moment meeting on inspections :

Mr.Riviere has been doing things "in the dark" ever since he was rushed in as City Manager by then City Council chairman Recker. He is unqualified and untruthful, but a consumate politician.

Written on Time is running out for FEMA $1 million to restore Marco Island’s south beach:

When Hideaway lets everyone use their beach, then everyone (taxpayers) should help them. Otherwise they need to pay for their high end exclusive living. When all the beach renurishment ends up in Caxambas Pass it ruins boating for the south end of Marco Island. The Corps of Engineers and the Florida EPA will not allow dredging in this area, so the south end of Marco Island is paying in money and also in inability to navigate. Just let Mother Nature take her course and deal with it.

Written on Marco Island’s City Council resolves Bald Eagle Drive lighting controversy:

Let Hideaway Beach pay for their own problems. If they had real beach asccess for all of Marco Island I would be in favor of helping them. I am not in favor of paying for their private beach.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Do what is right:

What part did the unions who DEMANDED higher wages and more benefits play in this senerio???

Written on Building a business: Partners have seen it all in Marco’s construction industry:

They would not even put in a bid on a new home build in 1998. Said they were not interested in building a 1 million plus home in an area in which they didn't want to build. They have been doing a very extensive (expensive) remodel in this area today. Although I think they are good and reputable builders, I did not like they way we were treated, so would not use them today when they need the business

Written on To pay or not to pay: Fireworks become hot topic at Marco Island City Council:

Seawaller- I completly agree with you. The Chamber of Commerce benefits from this the most. All the hotels. resturants and tourist attractions belong to the Chamber of Commerce. The Marco Island residents will live and be happy here whether we have fire works or not. They should not pay for them..either through taxes or donations

Written on Shop Talk: Marco preps for a burst of patriotism:

Why are you two always so negative? If you live in the USA, you need to support our troops who are risking their lives to protect YOU. I am so tired of seeing nothing but trash on these blogs. Are you just old and bored?

Written on Elephants in the room – Republican club holds inaugural meeting on Marco Island:

Janetr5#244212, Yes I do want to keep my tax cuts. I have EARNED them throught hard work, saving and thrift. I do not want to destroy the middle class, as I started at the bottom WORKED through the middle class and do not apologise for now being able to enjoy the efforts of my hard WORK. I want to be able to decide who I help, rather that the government giving away my money to welfare. I help many people individually and I decide this on their willingness to WORK. The United States is becoming a welfare state, and I do not support this position. That is why I will vote Republican. When you give something away for free, it looses it's value. Everyone should WORK for their own benefits.

Written on End of an era: Marco Police Chief Thom Carr resigns, says lawsuits not part of decision:

John in Marco. Because you are an EX-police officer that couldn't make the grade you constantly complain about the Marco Island Police. They are doing a great job, and Thom Carr is and has always been a great asset to Marco Island

Written on Letter to the Editor: City slowly sliding:

I totally agree. The City Manager has decided that a kinder, gentler way is better. The problem is that without consequences, there is no compliance. The enviornment is not on Dr
Rivires' radar.

Written on Two arrested after feud with environmental group turns violent :

How can anyone excuse someone threatening people with a loaded gun?? The Conservancy people were not on her property when she pointed a gun at them. Obviously Ms.Spruit-Grado lost it. Her view of the cutting into the native habitat of Key Marco is not worth someone's life. This is an act of violence that is unreasonable, dangerous and rediculous.

Written on Two arrested after feud with environmental group turns violent :

These people have ruined the landscaping and the sense of community on Key Marco. Now they are pointing a loaded gun at Conservancy personel. When will the City Manager, the City Council and the Code Enforcement Department wake up???

Written on PHOTOS Art League’s 7th Annual Stone Sculpture Exhibit:

This is a terrible article on the wonderful Stone Sculpture Exhibit at the Art League. There is only 1 photo of Stone Sculpture and in it you can't even see the Stone Sculptures. There are 2 photos of other art works that have absolutely nothing to do with Stone Sculpture. Where was the photographer? He obviously was not in the Stone Sculpture area. This was a magnificent display that the Marco News missed completely. At least John Wissocki should have had the unknown photographer take photos of the title subject. Also the Marco News should have at least seen that the photos did not match the headline.

Written on Lawsuit claims Marco Police Chief showed up drunk to scene:

Is this a comment from an ex cop who had a grudge against the MIPD?? What kind of a person would do this smear job??

Written on Marco Island crime numbers increase, police chief warns about prevention:

Great job Marco Island Police Department....especially since you don't have the support of the City Management. thanks

Written on Push is on to restore dying mangrove forest near Marco Island - PHOTOS/POLL:

Great Article and I hope a great solution.

Written on Guest Commentary: We’re not ‘landscaping’ Key Marco:

Once again Key Marco has used Ms. Ward as their scapegoat for doing what they want to do. They are really landscaping. Many native trees(i.e Oaks, palms, Gumbo Limbo) have been cut down or had the limbs trimmed in the Indian Mound and the Native Habitat areas. There are stumps to prove this. Also if they are only trying to rid the properties of exotic vegetation, why have they NOT removed all the Braizilian Perrer trees along the area by the gate that hide the Mangrove die-off?? They also have not removed any of the Australian Pines in the area behind their club house...only because these trees don't suit their purpose to beautify their property. You can give any spin you want, but it is landscaping. These areas are to be left as native habitat and they are violating the natural beauty that Key Marco has always been known for.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Eliminate Marco’s Code Enforcement Board:

Mr. Tsandoulas, Why did you not follow your signature with President,Key Marco Community Association as you have with all your other letters to the editor?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Eliminate Marco’s Code Enforcement Board:

Of course Mr. Tsandoulas would like to disband the Code Board. He and his community were found in violation of city code for their indiscriminate clearing and cutting of a historical Indian Mound. He and Key Marco have caused the City of Marco Island huge legal fees. Now he wants a magistrate that would be appointed by the city manager, who has given him a carte blanc right to clear and cut as he sees fit. Why does Key Marco not have to abide by the code of the rest of Marco Island????

Written on Conservancy may ask council to send Key Marco case back to code board:

Why did not Key Marco sign the Agreement???? Ronto droped the ball on this. It is irrevelant as the buyers of property on Key Marco signed an agreement to protect the Native Habitat.

Written on The Farmer File: The Marco Island City Council comedy club:

You got it,Don. Some City Council Members seem to think that they are in possession of the last word. It would be really nice if they treated residents of the City of Marco Island as if they had a brain. Thanks

Written on Conservancy may ask council to send Key Marco case back to code board:

JohninMarco...I guess that depends on if the City of Marco Island and Dr Riviere continue to violate their own city code and create 2 classes of for Key Marco and one for the rest of Marco Island. Why is Key Marco not heldd to the same permitting and code as the rest of the city???

Written on Conservancy may ask council to send Key Marco case back to code board:

Dr. Riviere states that Key Marco should be able to landscape as it sees fit. We are not talking about landscaping. We are talking about protecting Native habitats as stated in the original settlement agreements. Key Marco is violating these agreements. Key Marco has many areas that they are allowed to landscape.. Native Habitat areas are protected and cannot be "landscaped. Dr Riviere, you are in over your head on this one and if you did not research the previous case you had no business making a decision.

Written on Conservancy sues Key Marco, asks judge to halt landscaping, enforce 1990 conservation easement:

Again this is a case of huge egos. SOME of Key Marco's wealthy residents think they are entitled to do whatever they please. Unfortunately they are on Key Marco Community Association's Board of Directors Other residents know what the restrictions were when they bought their lots and want to preserve the ecological and historical value of Horr's Island. Key Marco has violated the City of Marco Island's code and were found in violation by the Code Enforcement Board. The City Manager decided to overrule the Code Enforcement Board and issued Key Marco a Letter...not a permit. City code stated that a permit MUST be applied for and issued for any cutting and trimming. Since when do we have a different standard for Key Marco and the rest of Marco island. I did not realise that some residents of Marco Island were entitled and that we had two classes of citizens. Go Conservancy. Hope you win and the wealthy people on Key Marco have to pay the bill

Written on Landscaping on Indian burial mound reignites legal battle on Key Marco :

This is still a case of huge egos. Riviere, Tsandoulas and Recker came up with this plan. Key Marco is not held to the same standards as everyone else on Marco Island. They continue to do the wrong things and incur huge legal fees on the citizens of Marco Island . Code Enforcement needs to stop this travesty.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco 'Quiet Hero' No. 2:

Totally agree on Rudy. In fact almost all of the Publix people at the San Marco sdtore are friendly, polite and helpful

Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking fair, honest treatment:

So John Grado, You have suffered code enforcement violations. The simple answer is don't do the crime, don't pay the fine. If I am correct you live on Key Marco which has had many many code violations. It seems to be a way of life out there

Written on Marco Community Bank shut down :

We were one of the original investors in MCB. We decided to do this as we wanted a bank on the south end of Marco Island. Not everyone who invested in MCB was self serving or greedy. We all have suffered from the bank takeover. Please realize that the takeover of MCB is definately a negative for all of Marco Island and do not be so quick to place blame as the everyone in the city will have negative consequences.

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: A Christmas Island Style Salute to Veterans:

It was a very good performance by the Charter Middle School Band and a great tribute to our wonderful veterans. I only wish more people would have been there to honor these wonderful men and women. Thank You both veterans and band

Written on Code case to continue behind closed doors, Marco announces to packed audience:

Why does Key Marco continue to think that they can do whatever they please? Now they have their inhouse councilman trying to cut them a deal. City Council should do what is right and support their Code Enforcement Board. These violations were taken to court by Key Marco. Let them live with the court findings

Written on Key Marco code settlement talks unsettling for some:

Unfortunately Councilman Recker has over stepped his authority. Key Marco has been legally found in violation of the City of Marco Island Code, by the Code Board. If you have an appointed code board, the City has to support them. Key Marco is a very unique habitat and has the 2nd most inportant archeaological site on Marco Island. This site is in danger of eroding due to mismanagement, clearing and cutting by the Key Marco Board of Directors. If we continue to let these sites go unprotected, they will soon become extinct. Can we afford to lose our history and heritage. Please come and voice you opposition to this flagrant disregaurd to our enviornment.

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