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Written on MUG SHOT: Home nurse charged with stealing $9,000 in jewelry from 81-year-old woman:

Bet y'all that Rebecca didn't get the Obama payout that she was looking for. Nor did she get the BP money. Awww, too bad. Enjoy wearing orange...

Written on PHOTOS: SUV crashes into canal near Goodland bridge:

in response to cmonmanreally:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It has been removed because NDN staffers cannot accept the fact that old man Lalonde is a horrible writer...

Written on Actress Leighton Meester tells Jay Leno about her hometown — Marco Island — on 'Tonight Show':

in response to ajm3s:

Seriously? You wish that if anyone makes a comment that runs counter to a sunny disposition they should "crawl under a rock and die a slow death"?

Your comments lead me to believe you may have just crawled from under a rock. It is where us cave dwellers reside in times of discontent, of which I believe you have contributed to as well.

I apologize if was remiss in not officially welcoming you to the fold? Negativity and all.

Careful as the soap box you are standing upon will soon shatter...

Written on Marco Island charter school leases land; still eyes Tract K:

Mackle Park: Denied
YMCA: Denied
New Life Church: Denied
Tract K: Denied
Key Marco Site: Soon to be denied (50+ gopher tortoise bureaus)
Mizz Watt, please give it up. You are fighting a war that you are losing, battle after battle. And, you are the instigator in this war. Who are your prospective educators in your School of Broken Dreams? How secure can these professionals feel with "your leadership"!?! As I have mentioned in past stories, I applaud your efforts, but now I truly question your mental state as you are in complete denial of your inevitable demise. Good luck to your kids when they tip-toe in the halls of Lely High School. Your kids' academic success depends upon you and only you. What you establish at home will lead the path for your children's success or (God forbid like their mother) demise...

Written on Actress Leighton Meester tells Jay Leno about her hometown — Marco Island — on 'Tonight Show':

in response to RayPray:

"feminine hygiene productrs like RayPray"

>>> Guess you didn't like the message.

"doesn't warrant cheap shots like what he found on Wikipedia."

>>> Not a cheap shot. Wiki is free if inconvenient!

>>> What does it warrant? Oblivion?

"your parents' mistakes are irrelevant"

>>> Mistakes? How about pattern of serious criminal behavior?

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on PHOTOS: SUV crashes into canal near Goodland bridge:

...and, it was MIFD who were first to dive into the 60-degree water to determine that no one was inside the vehicle...

Written on PHOTOS: SUV crashes into canal near Goodland bridge:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on MUG SHOT: Illinois man kicks wife in buttocks, police say:

His expression says it all, "uhhh, really, the Bears lost?" "Wait, why am I in jail?". Go back to Illinois you F.I.B.

Written on Marco Island charter school supporters threaten lawsuit over delays:

in response to Tinkers_Damn:

Back Fill Mackle Lake and gain about 20 acres.

Leave the desired walkway.

FYI. The lake is only 11 acres. And, the City will NEVER allow that...

Written on 30 Collier educators recognized with 'Teacher of Distinction' award:

in response to islandeye1#236971:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The answer to your question is, "Yes". Each and every year that Collier County seeks out teachers who go above and beyond the actual scope of their job. Teachers who educate on Marco are regularly monitored for such accolades, as are all of the remaining 2500 or so teachers in the district. The organization that oversees this process takes letters of recommendation, and follows up on them one-by-one. The bottom line is that no one has recommended any of the great teachers on Marco.

Out of respect to you, islandeye1#236971 and more importantly the Marco teachers, I hope that you are not insinuating that there is a conspiracy to keep Marco teachers from becoming eligible for such considerations for the award. So, in the future, if you or any of your colleagues, feel that a Marco teacher is a strong candidate for a Golden Apple Award, simply inquire on the necessary steps to recommend one of the Marco teachers.

If you are posing your question simply to make a "what about Marco" stand, grow up and know the process...

Written on School District nixes Tract K as potential Marco Charter high school site:

To all parents who have made the decision to legally send their children to a high school other than Lely, Congratulations! A parent's responsibility is to look out for the well-being for their children, and if they deem necessary, they will send them to a non-Lely school.

To all Lely-Lovers, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! This is a matter of Have's & Have Not's. You Lely-Lovers are merely jealous of the fact that you cannot afford to send you precious children to a non-Lely school.

And for those Marco residents (aka, Lely-Lovers), stop your jealous ways and reporting to Collier County School District of alleged violations to the Homestead issue. Again, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN KIDS!!! Lely is a great school, but so is Naples High, Barron Collier, Gulf Coast, and the Cream-of-the-Crop... (drum roll, please) COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NAPLES!!!

To all the rats, watch out for the proverbial d-CON Rodent Control. Karma will surely get you in the end...

Written on Patrons tack dollars onto Marco restaurant wall to protest utility fee :

O'kay. Enough is enough on this uber-gay topic. What about all of the other restaurants who have gone through something similar!?! Who's taping money to their doors? 1st, Chef's food is mediocre. 2nd, their location sucks. 3rd, Craig Woodward is as crooked and sleezy as they come. He is the reason why the City is faced with negative, unwarranted press. But, oh that's right, Mr. Woodward is a stereotypical, slimy, conniving, egocentric, d-bag lawyer. Thanks for your part in ruining a part of the paradise in this great community, Craig. Chef's, change your menu so its worth becoming a patron.

Written on School District nixes Tract K as potential Marco Charter high school site:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Klabautermann on a ship, from Buch Zur See, 1885.
A Klabautermann is a water sprite (or nix) who assists sailors and fishermen on the Baltic Sea in their duties. He is a merry and diligent creature, with an expert understanding of most watercraft, and an unsupressable musical talent. He also rescues sailors washed overboard. The name comes from the Low German verb klabastern meaning "rumble" or "make a noise". An etymology deriving the name from the verb kalfatern ("to caulk") has also been suggested.[1]
His image is of a small sailor in yellow with a tobacco pipe and woollen sailor's cap, often wearing a caulking hammer. This likeness is carved and attached to the mast as a symbol of good luck.
Despite the positive attributes, there is one omen associated with his presence: no member of a ship blessed by his presence shall ever set eyes on him. He only ever becomes visible to the crew of a doomed ship.
More recently, the Klabautermann is sometimes described as having more sinister attributes, and blamed for things that go wrong on the ship. This incarnation of the Klabautermann is more demon- or goblin-like, prone to play pranks and, eventually, doom the ship and her crew. This deterioration of image probably stems from sailors, upon returning home, telling stories of their adventures at sea. Since life at sea can be rather dull, all creatures - real, mythical, and in between - eventually became the centre of rather ghastly stories.
Meaning= YOU'RE GAY!!!

Written on Naples man returns from war, chokes sister, Collier deputies say:

Though striking/assaulting a female is quite a spineless act, the poor guy who served his country is likely going through culture shock & may suffer from postpartum depression. Give the guy a break with a psych evaluation to determine his fate.

Written on School District nixes Tract K as potential Marco Charter high school site:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I see that you and Jane Watt are an hour and a half into Happy Hour. That's why your blogs make no sense at all. Have another and MIPD has an excuse to take you to your next residence, a padded room. Put on your chastity belt as you will likely become someone's beeyotch...

Written on School District nixes Tract K as potential Marco Charter high school site:

All seriousness and blabbering aside...

Maybe Mrs. High Society Watt can approach the great people in Goodland for land to build her False School of Broken Dreams, but wait, that's right, Goodlanders have common sense and decency so they will likely ignore any request. My suggestion for Jane "too much time on my hands" Watt to move. Move far, far away. Far away to your fantasy land that you have drawn up in your chemically unbalanced brain.

Written on CHURCH LADY: First Baptist of Marco Island buys radio station and 43-acre Naples property:

in response to freedomofspeech1:

Sounds like a perfect place for the Marco Charter High School!

Agreed, but would the Elitist of the Elitist, Jane Watt, drive that far to get her loser kids to her ground-breaking of an academy? I think not. I know you were sarcastic in your comment & I share your condescending under-tone, but we should all be more upset with the fact that people like Jane Watt have fouled the earth with her off-spring. Now that is something to be concerned about. May God have mercy on our souls if this Academy of Broken Dreams ever becomes a reality. CCPS is likely dangling the proverbial carrot for Bugs Bunny Watt to snatch...

Written on Federal lawsuit filed against Marco police claiming excessive force during arrest:

in response to GFonda:

Stef is my neighbor and one could not be a better one. I do think that because we apparently do not have facilities on the island to hold and process individuals involved in these types of incidents, that it is risky to have one police officer transport multiple actively belligerent individuals to Naples without backup; or at least put them in a "paddy wagon" where they are caged in a separate compartment. Perhaps such a vehicle is available from the Sheriff's department in which case the Sheriff should be called in to do the transport to the Sheriff's facility in Naples. From what I remember of the incident from the original press reports, Stef handled the situation as best as could be expected under the circumstances. I am a big supporteer of our local police officers who do a fine job. I am curious if the young men were in fact convicted of something - maybe underage drinking, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, etc. thoughts exactly! You don't have to be a neighbor of Stef's to realize this either. After all, what part of exonerated do the anti-City/anti-MIPD don't understand!?! The d-bag plaintiff that has filed with the Feds is clearly looking for a pay out. Good luck with that... because, FDLE has EXONERATED this police officer who has more police experience than most know. Thank you GFONDA for your thoughts and support of Stef. Stef is the victim here.

Written on Amigo’s to close, new deli to open:

Great, another eatery on Marco that will likely serve crappy food with nasty service.

Written on PHOTOS: It’s a new day at the Marco Y:

Brand new day, same crappy service and programs. Oust the CEO and hand over the keys to the City.

Written on YMCA ready to unveil their new look:

New look, same old crappy programs that Marco families bite their tongues over. Be gone with Mr. Love's (George) wife as CEO and the Marco Y will flourish, thrive, and actually begin to experience success.

Written on Mike Minozzi, former Marco Island council member, dies after cancer battle:

Mr. Minozzi will be forever in our thoughts and prayers as he has been one of the area's greatest leaders! Thank you for all that you have done, Mike.

Written on Marco Island police chief files motion to dismiss harrassment lawsuit:

Sure, Island Drug has operated for years, but ask yourself, "why would anyone travel from the East coast of Florida to fill a prescription?" BECAUSE ISLAND DRUG DOES NOT KEEP RECORDS LIKE A REAL PHARMACY!!! Real pharmacies are registered/monitored by the DEA to prevent illegal prescriptions and drug addicts from abusing (no pun intended) the system. Under Island Drug's current procedure, a single person could fill the same prescription multiple times, under different names! You tell me there isn't a problem. Get off your anti-MIPD soap box, because it has nothing to do with MIPD, rather Island Drug's non-chalant, good 'ol boy filing system. And, that's Island Drug's problem, not MIPD's alleged "harassing". If MIPD were to ignore this, you might as well allow the hourly rate hotels operate.

Written on Marco Marriott’s expansion plan not popular with neighbors :

Mr. Olsen, like other neighbors in that part of the island, should have expected that corporate America would take over. Mr. Olsen you are a d-bag!

Written on Fast and furious: Motorcycle ride to relieve stress ends with two men jailed:

On behalf of other bikers, thanks a lot (note sarcasm). Thanks to d-bags like you, bikers (Harley, sport, etc.) are shed in a bad light. When non-bikers (most people on the roads) read stories like this, all bikers are at risk due to the constant bad taste you have left in their mouths. Stay in Miami where you belong.

Written on Q&A | Marco Island Academy: Charter high school plans moving forward :

in response to 4marcoisland:

This is the most exciting project Marco Island has seen in years!!!! I am so impressed by the people who are working on the project-many of whom are educators. The level of talent of volunteers is unbelievable. There are over 200 people helping now. Finally Marco will offer a choice for complete public educational facilities on the island. A community serves people of all ages. There are plenty of activities for the adult community and young children up to the 8th grade. However, there aren't any activities for high school students. This will soon change. The school will start with 9 and 10 the first year, then 9, 10 , and 11 the second year, and 9,10,11,12 the third year. I can't wait for my children to attend this school! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I completely respect your enthusiasm, but question how incredibly disillusioned you are as well. Has anyone considered consulting with the Planning Board? The City's Planning Board will ultimately have a "say in the matter" if not exclusivity in rezoning this property. So, go right ahead and spend thousands on architectural renderings (you have to start somewhere...) to build up false hope in your followers.

I do wish the disillusioned well as you will need a great deal of luck. Now consider this, the Y has stepped on so many toes and spit on so many faces, watch out for the lighting bolts (guilt by association). There is nothing "Christian" about the YMCA's (Marco Island branch) business practices. Their CEO can barely manage the small operations of quite possibly the smallest Y in the state, let alone share her campus with a charter school. Maybe if current MICMS principal is ousted, Mr. Love could be the principal of this disillusioned, school-of-dreams. This is why the Greater Naples YMCA parted ways with the Marco branch for inappropriate activities and practices. Miss Watt... I commend your efforts, but question how fit do you really see a future relationship with the Y could be!?! Beware of your desire to partner with the Devil.

Guessing that after the City said, "ummm, no thank you", you ran out of options and sought out those at the Y. I am not clairvoyant; however, it does not seem feasible to have an elite high school on Marco. I'm also guessing that you view yourself as an elitest, because if you may recall, MICMS started in portable class rooms. Yes, that is right, Marco Island children were actually educated in portable trailers. After years of hard work and dedication, they now have a beautiful campus that they can barely afford to keep up and maintain. My point is that you need to be realistic, not outlandishly optimistic. No matter how savvy your grant writer may be, our economy is still uncertain and unstable. Dr. Thompson will likely laugh and snicker at your very presence in his office so please do not anticipate in getting up your hopes. He has greater issues to consider. Do what the smart, Marco residents do, buy a residence in Naples, and send your child to high school other than Lely. By the way, great students and athletes from Lely graduate and do wonderful things

After all, it is really that bad to have your child go to Lely (Community School of Naples or St. John Neumann)? The inability to expose your children to social interaction and diversity will increase how dysfunctional your home is.

Good Luck and consider being realistic...

Written on VIDEO: Woman killed, man critically injured after car turns in front of their motorcycle:

...and because this so-called great state of Florida that we reside in, or visit, has such a large tax base from the elderly, NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO ROUTINELY CHECK THE ELDERLY BEFORE MORE MOTORISTS (INCLUDING MOTORCYCLES) are injured or killed. Absolutely tragic. Prayers and thoughts go out to these two and all who have been victim to accidents like this. Ones like this that could have been entirely avoided if this 79, yes 79, year old woman. Yes, I'm bitter and agitated by this and other stories like it.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Council struck out:

Agree! Not only did they strike out, they are now playing an entirely different game in which they have created the rules.

Written on Looking for a summer camp? Adventure awaits:

Hmmm? 50 kids per week times 10 weeks does equal nearly 596 kids. Kids and families on Marco are fed up with mediocre programs and camps offered by the Y. Prime example is the Optimist Club of Marco Island. The founds of the OCMI were not pleased with the so-called athletics offered for their children so they created their own Club. Congrats on your success! I suggest that Miss Love and the MICMS Principal terminate their relationship/conflict-of-interest and refocus on the community.

Written on Guest Commentary: Embattled City Manager Steve Thompson says 'let’s get the answers right':

Mr. Thompson, thank you for what you have contributed. It is inevitable that Mr. Moss, Mr. Joel, & Quality Enterprises (maybe council at the time, too) will see their day in front of a judge. Best of luck to you and yours as Marco further deteriorates itself.

Written on Live blog: Marco City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

in response to MarcoAvenger:

If you read these comments you will think that majority of Marco agrees with this decision. However only the vocal minority will come here to pat each other on their backs and try to make themselves feel big. In the end the decision that was made tonight will hurt Marco in the long run. I think we will have a hard time finding anyone willing to take this job.

By the way the supporters of this decision should learn how to behave in a public meeting. The couple sitting behind me was very rude and obnoxious. They need to learn how to listen to both sides of the argument. It is bad when someone half your age has to set an example of how to behave in public. I would be extremely embarrassed if you were my parents.

Thank you! Thank you for stating the obvious to the minority, yet vocal, who insist on ranting and raving without hearing both sides. You, MarcoAvenger, nailed Marco Island's perception on the head: nothing but hot-headed, angry, disgruntled, pathetic, closed-minded geriatrics who find pleasure in acting-a-fool.

Written on Do you agree with Marco’s decision to fire Steve Thompson?:

We have to understand that there are deep-rooted reasons for the latest revelations of Mr. Thompson. But, ask yourself, "Why?". Why is he being held responsible for Quality Enterprises/Rony Joel/Bill Moss violations with EPA? That is exactly the point here! If Mr. Thompson does not appeal this (which he should), best of luck to him, because Marco Island doesn't deserve a great leader like he has been all along.

Written on Marco council members put city manager in the hot seat over EPA’s asbestos investigation :

Nice job, Marco Eagle! Focus on the negative, as usual. Not but a few weeks ago, you were reporting on a great event at the very site where asbestos rests while residents and visitors alike were consuming mass quantities of seafood! You, the Eagle, do nothing but raise the blood pressure of the educated elderly and stir up the pot. Your "reporters" report crap (not knowing the facts). And, furthermore, your "editor(s)" don't even edit and get the facts. Mr. Scripps is truly rolling his grave for the way you are representing his company. Shame on you.

Written on Marco council members put city manager in the hot seat over EPA’s asbestos investigation :

in response to multi_million_heir:

If my memory is correct, an employee was named employee of the month and given a few perks at the end of the project for completing it on time and under budget. Attaboy!

Yes indeed, well said! The very same City department (along with Mr. Harrison/Mr. Moss "transferred funds" to have reports show how "under budget they were". Bogus-country!

Written on Marco council members put city manager in the hot seat over EPA’s asbestos investigation :

in response to Brillo:

Directing the blame away from who was responsible for this to happen in the first place is not going to get to the bottom of this issue. Thompson was not the city manager at the time of this "mis-management issue". Who was he taking orders from? A rolling Thompson gathers no Moss.

Well stated, Brillo! Moss, Joel, Quality Enterprises, and most importantly CITY COUNCIL (at the time) are entirely responsible. Get off Thompson's back bee-yotches!

Written on Poll: Marco City Council considers charging a fee at Canine Cove :

From March 10, 2010:

"NAPLES — A Naples advisory board said this week it supports plans to build an off-leash dog park on city property.

The city’s community services advisory board on Tuesday threw its support behind all aspects of a private group’s plans for an off-leash dog park, including a proposed user fee.

The park – dubbed Central Bark by its creators – is tentatively scheduled to be built on the city’s campus on Riverside Circle. The park will include space for small and large dogs, sidewalks, fences and water fountains.

The two-phase project comes with a projected cost of more than $205,000, and the group behind the park hopes to raise as much in private funding for the park as possible.

While the group plans to fund-raise to help construct the park, the plan includes an annual fee, which would go toward operating and maintenance costs.

The group is proposing a $120-a-year user fee, said Naples attorney Will Dempsey, one of the community members behind the park.

Central Bark would be the only park in Collier County to charge a user fee. Rover Run at Veterans Community Park in North Naples is free, while Canine Cove at Mackle Park on Marco Island accepts donations to maintain the park.

While the board supported Dempsey’s proposal, board member Rosyln Katz said she was slightly concerned about the user fee and registration process.

“There’s something to me that’s wrong about having to register to go to a dog park,” Katz said. “To me it doesn’t go with the dog park. There’s something more welcoming about a dog park than having to be registered, and licensed and signing agreements in advance.”

Dogs would receive tags – much like their county registration tags – in order to use the park. Dempsey said one of the reasons behind requiring registration would be to protect the city from liability.

The registration process would ensure all of the dogs had the necessary shots and paper work required by the group.

The board’s support means the park is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The park proposal will be discussed sometime in April by the city’s planning advisory board, and if approved will go before Naples City Council sometime late this spring."

See, Marco, yet another reason on how you do not handle things properly. Hind sight is never 20/20 for you, rather try to keep up with Naples. Keep your corrupt "paradise" and Naples will enjoy reality.

Written on Marco Art League executive director resigns:

Chris, you will be sorely missed! Your compassion for the arts is obvious, but your zest for life and the community will last in our minds forever. Thank you for the great things that you have done for the area. Best of luck to you and Charlie (you Happy Couple, you:). Love y'all.

Written on Do you think shell and gravel driveways can be unsafe?:

Hmmmmmmm?!? Let's get this straight... The year is 2010 (considering the City of Marco Island has been incorporated since what, August 28, 1997!?! Why is this an issue now? What's next Chief Murphy, concerns over the thickness of bahia grass? C'mon on, isn't one of your employees receiving an award somewhere on the island?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

Justification! Is a high school necessary? Probably not. Kids already go to a poor performing school as it is. Do you honestly believe that keeping the students on the island will have any greater academic impact for them than that of Lely, Gulf Coast, or any other public high school? Not likely since it all boils down to the core values in which a family establishes for these students.
Next, Marco Island Charter Middle School has its own fair share of issues. A high school's identity is not based on issues, rather values and preparing our young minds for the next phase in their lives.
Bottom line, WHO IS GOING TO FUND THIS? Unless you have a darn good grant writer (or philanthropists willing to flip the bills, oops they're already trying that with MICMS), focus on fixing what is already in place, not trying to reinvent the wheel. That is what the Optimist Club of M.I. has tried to do (since the YMCA's alleged inability to offer good quality athletics for youth). Marco Island, you find yourself chasing your tail once again. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones'. MARCO ISLAND WILL NEVER BE NAPLES! Start grasping your children's minds rather than sheltering them.

Written on Charter Middle School board candidates make their cases:

Collier County School System is just waiting out the inevitable failure that is in the future of MICMS. This school has the habit of: treating the kids (and parents alike) as if they are the redheaded step-child, sweeping could-be high-profile issues under the rug (Reinders' sexting case, alleged molestation case with two Latino boys, habitual bullying and more). Once CCPS grabs the reigns to this joke of a school, look for quality changes that will benefit what really counts, your kids. Wake up, Marco! When you allow individuals who can barely organize youth sports( without fighting over every little thing) for the community, you are depriving your kids' educators of quality leadership.

Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

in response to suntan:

Parks are for the people with dogs so they can enjoy the outdoors with their cute pets. Keep the kids inside in front of the TV, they don't need to intrude on the pet walkers..

suntan, you are so incredibly the epitome of a geriatric freak or a single, never been married loser ("Put the kids in front of the TV"). The park is for the community, which includes kids. It was a cross country meet for kids in the community in which the dog walker did not have any compassion nor courtesy to move off the pathway when 150 runners approach. This is a situation where the owner of the dog panicked (and should now be found to face charges)! It is people like you who deter kids and families from coming to the park. You and your negative attitude towards kids. I advise people like you to STAY AWAY from any areas where kids are since their happiness and laughter may be wouldn't want to enjoy life...

Written on Marco community leaders recognized at Christmas Island Style Gala :

Gay Rod! You are the greatest!

Written on Marco Island YMCA honors local sports personalities :

All no-names! Where was Michael Vick?!?

Written on Scripps Southwest Florida Group eliminating 34 positions, about 10 percent of its workforce:

It is about time a corporate giant like Scripps "cuts the fat" and eliminates the jobs of middle management. Mr. Scripps would be pleased knowing that those let go can no longer disrupt and promote a hostile environment.

Written on Marco's Parks and Recreation Director Dana Souza resigns:

Hmmmmm?!? Mr. Moss resigns for a fear anti-sewer council-candidates may be voted in. Then, Mr. Shoemaker does a poor job & "has a bike accident"!?! Then, Mr. Souza does exactly what is asked of him, his job, and while serving as interim City Manager he uncovers accounting practices that would make Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom smile!?! Yet again, Marco Island finds itself in an uncomfortable situation. The people of this great city need to stand up & say enough is enough. Stop electing clowns to serve on city council. This is not about Dana Souza's resignation; rather, it is about the corrupt business practices discovered at city hall's finance department, along with Rony Joel. Dana, you have done nothing but great things for Marco! Best of luck! We'll miss your leadership & dedication. Watch out Mr. Thompson, the target is on your back. You have failed yet again at your third straight city manager gig. Council, please do your homework before you select a puppeteer to orchestrate your madness. Also, the day that this story was released to the public (via internet), Marco Cable's Internet service was out. Did Mr. Thompson pull the the plug so the City was w/o Internet; in the interest that the accounting team could scramble like Watergate?!? Marco, be a City that your community is proud of.

Written on Olympics: Marco Island’s Mercedes Farhat, competing for Libya, falls short in prelims, enjoys experience:

There is nothing "wrong" with this picture! She simply has Libyan in her blood (father). Check your facts before you make indirect shots at a girl who has achieved more than you. Congratulations, Mercedes, a majority of your fellow SWFLA residents are proud of you.

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