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Why not begin having frank discussions with the child now about money management. Explain your concerns and schedule time to teach the child budgeting and saving and investing. We tend to treat money talk like we do sex talk. It should not be embarrassing, just matter of fact.

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The City of Marco Island has enacted codes for building on Marco Island which can be amended by the self-governing mechanisms of democracy through an elected City Council. The City could review and codify the the MICA restrictions. This would update and make more dynamic the building restrictions for Marco Island.

Before there was a City, the mechanism for protecting the quality of life on the Island was spelled out in the deed restrictions. But we have evolved. We have incorporated as a body politic and accepted the responsibility to make decisions about protecting our quality of life through active management and citizen participation.

Is there anything to be gained from keeping the deed restrictions from public control?

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"A well regulated militia"--what does that mean? When you look up the definition of militia it refers to well trained personel who can be called up in an emergency:
1. soldiers who are also civilians: an army of soldiers who are civilians but take military training and can serve full-time during emergencies
2.reserve military force: a reserve army that is not part of the regular armed forces but can be called up in an emergency

And so is really hard to fathom that this can be construed as giving the right to any fool without training to willy-nilly purchase a large cache of guns and ammunition. (Unless you are in some way profiting from the sales of arms).

Why not require all gun purchasers to undergo at the minimum, sufficient training to earn a certificate and to prove their competency to get a license; with an agreement to be called upon during an emergency much as a national guardsman would. And why on this earth does a civilian need military grade weapons in a home with children?

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Sowell, a paid political policy writer who has gotten wealthy selling rightwing propaganda is on a roll attacking progressive policies whether or not he makes any sense. He is not a serious thinker, just a muck raker, creating muck to rake.

The DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is an American legislative proposal first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001, by Dick Durbin (D) and Orrin Hatch (R). It is a bi-partisian issue that is in the best interest of America. We get to keep young people who are educated and promising tax payers and future citizens. This is hardly a Constitutional crisis.

The Dream Act would provide conditional permanent residency to certain illegal residents of good moral character who graduate from U.S. high schools, arrived in the United States as minors, and lived in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment. If they were to complete two years in the military or two years at a four-year institution of higher learning, they would obtain temporary residency for a six-year period. Within the six-year period, they may qualify for permanent residency if they have "acquired a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or [have] completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor's degree or higher degree in the United States" or have "served in the armed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, [have] received an honorable discharge".

It is childish for Sowell to attempt to ridicule President Obama's work requirements for welfare recipients. When the economy is stuck as a result of diliberate inaction on the part of an obstructionist Republican dominated House of Representives and jobs are difficult to come by for many, then encouraging people to increase their job skills is a legitimate endeavor. Sowell, it appears, would rather they starve and beg in the streets as he offers no alternative, but he is not paid to do that, only to ridicule.

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So you do want to burn down the house to get rid of a roach...

Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

You are unreasonable in condemning an entire City Department. You may have a legitimate gripe but you are aiming your flame thrower in too many directions. You are attempting to destroy the only hope you and the others you claim to want to protect have from the kind of unscrupulous contractors you have apparently worked with.

If a building inspector made an error, the City Manager is responsible for ensuring that his or her Director deals with the person. You, if anyone, should be calling for more training and better oversight.

Otherwise you may start to come off as a crazy lady who is willing to destroy a town out of a personal vendetta.

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MsJessen-I reviewed some of the historical documents related to your complaints. You are angry but you are wrong to blame the City Building Department about your troubles. It the contractor did not pull a permit then the City does not know about the work and cannot inspect it. Then it appears the contractor pulled a permit and stated the amount of work to be be done as a minimal repair, which when the City inspected the repair, was approved. The City is not guilt of anything in this case.

"[Ms. Toni Jessen] stated the City of Marco Island did not inspect the property, the permit was not issued in advance of beginning work, and the amount of the permit was incorrect – the job was a full replacement of piping costing approximately $30,000 – not the cited “repair” of $2,500. The Contractor lied and the City of Marco did not protect her by inspecting the work."

Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

MsJessen-It appears that you have made the case for why inspections are incredibly important.

They are to protect the residents from unscrupulous contractors. You have shown the very reason why we need to have highly trained and qualified inspectors.

Your experience does not make the case for dismissing the building department on Marco Island, but to the contrary, argues for more oversight. I do not see how passing the responsibility to the County is going to help our (or your) situation.

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This is just ignorance. The inspectors are protecting the residents.

For Riviere to use some kind of accusatory tone about contractors and builders being in cahoots (Riviere said. "It worries me that inspectors and builders are so buddy-buddy.") shows a level of disconnect that is alarming.

Quality builders need and respect building codes. They know it is in their best interest to have regulations because it is in the best interest of their clients. Fly-by-night builders under bid them and provide inferior quality work that is often dangerous (e.g. when the electrical is improperly installed). They get away with it when there is insufficient oversight.

The residents of Marco Island are about to be left out in the wild west of shoddy contractors without adequate enforcement capabilities.

Riviere is doing the residents a vast disservice. He has overstayed his welcome and since he is in the process of cutting off Islanders noses to spite their faces he needs to be replaced before he causes more mayhem.

PS to Johnnymarco-
The County will make out well because Marco only collects the permit fees-it will hand them over to the county and now as the recovery is underway in construction...they City coffers will also suffer.


How about:
1. Protect the homeowner from abusive property insurance gouging practices. In fact, there is no need to have for-profit homeowners insurance at all. Set up a non-for-profit board to manage the system. We need insurance rate relief!

2. Restrict the use of fertilizers which are overused and killing our waterways. We came here to live with nature not to destroy it. We need more education and instruction regarding efficient watering systems and organic methods of feeding our landscapes as well as introducing local ordinances increasing the maximum percentage used for lawns.

3. Class Size is critical to maximizing children's abilities to learn. We need year round schools. If teachers worked year round they would earn more and the children would lose less ground during the summer off months. Parents are working year round anyway.

4. Pay more for quality teachers with advanced degrees so they are competitive with industry salaries. Cut wasteful administration and invest in science and technology programs within the schools. We have to stimulate our kids and develop the skills we need to lead our country in the world.

5. School vouchers are a dumb idea besides having been declared unconstitutional in the State of Florida. If you really want to help children succeed in schools, give businesses tax breaks to sponsor tutors and equip science labs and promote high quality after school programs based on stimulating creativity and problem solving. Every child taken out of a public school with a voucher deprives the public school of funding.

6. We have legislation regarding illegal workers, enforce the laws we have by cracking down on the business owners who are breaking the law.

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Actually, concentrating the density in an area like the Veteran's Park on Elkham Circle makes a lot of sense. People are much more likely to walk to restaurants and shops in the business district and to use the local services there.

Modern urban planning encourages condensed areas of higher density because they are far more efficient and compatible with a sustainable approach reducing pollutants and creating healthier habits like walking and riding bicycles.

Marco Island should support the concept of collecting the density into the proposed area.

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Like your friends and neighbors at the parade showing their pride in their country, just bring an American flag to wave.

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Compliance is voluntary for paying your income taxes, just as is going the speed limit. There are laws and consequences for not following them but the responsibility is up to the individual to comply. The term 'voluntary' is the correct term applied to such a system.

Many countries make mandatory deductions from pay for their citizens. This is known as mandatory or compulsory compliance. While we have withholding tax mechanisms here in the US, it is up to the individual to compute the accuracy at the end of the year.

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Putnam- Atlas already shrugged. Atlas cast off the responsibility for the public sector long ago when he realized he could buy off enough legislators in power to prevent any regulation of industry. Witness how BP expects the taxpayers to clean up its mess and never even had a functional plan for dealing with the inevitable failure and calamitous contamination of our ecosystem. Even now they are more interested in capturing the gushing oil spewing into the gulf than in stopping the damage from the flow.

The "looters" are the giant unregulated financial industry risking our retirement savings in crap shoots and betting against us and extracting billions of dollars from our hard earned funds to line their arrogant pockets.

The looters are the insurance industry where the top executives receive obscenely large bonuses not for providing needed services but for applying tricks of the trade to keep from providing services in order to maximize profits.

The looters are oil companies and Halliburton working behind the scenes to get Bush/Cheney elected and attempting to control the access to the extensive Iraqi oil fields by invading the country on a ruse, overthrowing the legitimate government and attempting to install provisions in the Iraqi constitution giving private US companies rights to their oil.

The looters are all the corporations and industries too numerous to list (but such as the tobacco and large agricultural farming industry) suckling on taxpayer subsidies and leaving the American workers to pay for the infrastructure of roads and police and armies and all the schooling of the future workers while they open offices on foreign soils skipping out on their tax obligations and forgetting about our American workers as they ship their call centers and data processing overseas.

But that is a divergence from the redevelopment in our local community. Where is there going to be a tax increase as a result of reinvesting the very small proportion of our public funds already collected and sent to the county? Or do you prefer the County use it instead to subsidize yet another private enterprise in Jackson Laboratories to bail out the Collier company’s failed real estate deal in Ave Maria?

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It really is almost as hard to imagine why a community redevelopment program would be a wedge issue as it is to stumble through the logic of your letter.

You do manage to try hard to create a wedge but one has to ask, why? Why not try to use your very fertile creativity to envision a pedestrian friendly vibrant community center with pocket parks and inviting shady areas perhaps with focal points for gathering families and their visitors?

Why do you want to try to divide the community between the businesses and the residents? This is a destructive and overused vehicle used only for wedging issues. The vast majority of small business owners live on the Island and many have raised their children here. The interests of the community as a whole include those who live and work here as well as those with businesses here.

Maybe the redevelopment of the Marco Island center of town is about connecting Veteran’s Park with Town Center and the Esplanade with a pedestrian boulevard or maybe it is about whatever the citizens can dream about to make Marco Island an even more remarkable village for people of all ages to come together and enjoy our special piece of paradise.

Let’s give it a chance. Let’s develop a master plan for our center of town and then decide if we want to proceed by a decision of our democratically elected representatives on the City Council.

Written on OBAMACARE – THE TROJAN HORSE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMY? (No More Doubletalk by Victor Rios):

Just thought you might like to know there is no such organization as the one you list above called United Nations International Health Organization. And the numbers you attribute to them are made up.

You may actually be pleased and you will definitely be surprised by how many benefits there will be once the bill is passed.

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Where are the comments posted yesterday in response to this blog? There were many critical responses and now they are missing. Something seems fishy here.

In particular, I asked whether Willoughby had actually read the position his new hero Ryan has for eliminating the US debt. Ryan wants to privatize Medicare and Social Security. He proposes giving our seniors vouchers to purchase health care services and rationing the services available.

Instead of just trashing the currently debated health care reform measure before Congress Willoughby should be honestly presenting the platform details he supports for us to review and debate. Especially if he truly believes they have merit. I suspect he knows full well the public will throw the tea bags out in the trash when they learn the truth of his real motives and so he continues to hide behind trash talking and innuendo.

Written on The Composition Of The Tea Party Movement (Freedom Tea Party):

Mr. Willoughby-Please go to the websites of the groups you mention and review what groups and principals they are founded upon. I hope you will be surprised to see this statement: "The actual silver and gold will be held: (i) in a State vault controlled by the Militia, and (ii) in the hands of Militiamen (the private holding of silver and gold will be as important as the private possession of arms)." from and article entitled Tea Parties Need Teeth

I googled Patriots for Freedom Foundation and the first listing is for "One Nation Under God" which included links to their supporters including the Committee for Safety from which the quote above was copied.

The principals for these groups are politically radical and include overthrowing the Federal Reserve and the Department of Homeland Security, reverting to the gold standard, forming militias, and being Christian evangelicals led by a founder in Columbia.

We may have problems in this country which need addressing by thoughtful open discussions but beware the snake oil salesmen exploiting the fears of gullible people. Do you really want to be casting your lot with them?

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Investment in the infrastructure and aesthetics of the community that will only enhance the value of the properties here and the appreciation of those living here and still bored grumpy old men complain. You can enhance the quality of life here by not complaining so much. Try it, try complimenting the good and you might even feel better yourself.

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Let's look at the players to discern the motives.
Faye hates the founders of the solar panel project. They have been adversaries throughout the sewer debate and have been arm wrestling for power on the Island for years. Before that she was fighting against some of the old guard who wanted to incorporate Marco Island. Now she will do anything in her power to sow dissent against anything they propose even a solar panel project.

This is not about the merits of the solar idea. It is a power struggle pure and simple being played out on track K. Faye is up to her old tricks of trying to divide the Islanders again, this time by teaming up with "Professor" Mario who teaches Microsoft office skills in Miami-Dade.

Mario home teaches his daughter and this ploy to start a high school on Marco is following a failed attempt to start a Christian high school here.

If Faye Biles really wants to help the local kids she would do well to bring FGCU to Lely High School which could really benefit from the input. I speak as a parent now: Lely offers incredible opportunities to Marco's children. Hundreds have gone on to excellent universities and military academies often with wonderful scholarships. The advanced placement program there has truly served our local pupils well. The extracurricular activities like the marching band and sports and the debate team could not be matched in a small satellite high school.

Faye's politics of division and her never-ending struggle for power and influence and relevance are alive and well. But her motives are suspect.

The solar panel plan should be weighed on its merits, not by the distractions of a screwy team of odd bedfellows stirring up controversy.

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It is very difficult to read about people who are so good and beloved abandoned to the charity of others. Those who read these NDN posts often know that I frequently try to rally support for universal healthcare. I hope Disco Dave will excuse me for taking up space from his many admirers who will leave their kind words here, but there is a very powerful message that his experience should convey.

We are a nation of people who care about each other and so we cannot leave the availability of health care access in the hands of those whose only motive is profit i.e. private insurance companies. This is not about the free market and how competition is good for business. Competition is good when the goals are maximizing the best health care practices and covering the most people, but in the free market world, competition ends up being how can we maximize profit by cutting people who have pre-existing conditions, and those who might have expensive needs, and how can we skimp on providing services etc. And yet, premiums continue to rise at a pace many times the increase in wages.

Consider an alternative: All income receiving adults (except retirees) pay, on a sliding scale, into a nationalized system that is in effect the bridge between Medicare and Medicaid. The premiums would be less per person than the current costs because as a non-profit, there are no advertising expenses, no corporate jets, no huge lobbying expenses, no golden parachutes, no incentive fees to middlemen and so on.

We need to have a universal healthcare program so people like Disco Dave and many of our other friends and their children will not be left without healthcare insurance.

I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

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fossil not withstanding- I'm ready to bet that more than 50% of the property owners with seawalls would vote for a seawall insurance program.

Written on Letter to the editor: Add value:

Let it go Russ. The battle is over. Your war has been lost. Throwing eggs now reflects more about your poor character in the face of defeat than anything else.

Time for bygones to be bygones.

Written on Satisfaction, disappointment — and ultimately — hope abound in days after Marco election:

The election results show overwhelmingly that more than anything Marco Islanders reject the contentious behavior of those who were constantly bringing lawsuits against our City and who could not disengage from vicious personal attacks on our City Council members and City management with whom they disagreed.

It is apparent that some of them such as Mr. Colombo have only contempt for those who disagree with him. It is disappointing that Dr. Biles continues to foment dissent by refusing to acquiesce with a decisive majority decision.

It will be interesting to watch their behavior in future council meetings. It will be interesting to see whether or not the anti-STRP and MITA folks will get the message from the voters that their obnoxious behavior is what distanced them from the majority as well as a clear understanding that the STRP is desirable.

Written on Elections complaint lodged against Celebrate Marco:

Hawk-it is a fantasy that you and others who are facing having sewers but refuse to accept responsibility for paying for them actually think the rest of island is going to subsidize you. The slate of anti-sewer candidates are one issue candidates and the vast majority of the island is already on sewers. People on sewers already are supportive of the STRP and see the desparate measures you and the angry few are still trying to foist upon the rest of us. You are the one who will lose yet again in your already long string of loses.

We are looking to put the likes of you and the negative candidates in our past!

I accept responibility for paying for the STRP in my neighborhood.

Written on Marco councilman vows to fight charges:

Most islanders see the outrageous antics of the anti-STRP crowd as disruptive and counterproductive. They are REALLY tired of your constant haranguing. They have known the councilmen and women for many years and have worked with them on countless civic organizations. They voted for them already and know them to be honest and hardworking and trust their judgment. In fact most citizens are benefiting from the changes not only from the beautification of the island but also for the environmentally sound decision to complete the sewer project. They have respect for the decisions made by the council and have noted that the upgrades increase the value of their property.

What they hear and see of you is annoying, incessant whining and crankiness. You are berating them for their election decisions and your criticisms fly in the face of what they see before them. The Island has never looked more beautiful. They see you ran off a well respected city manager who was grabbed up by a neighboring city. Naples would never have hired Mr. Moss if he were guilty of half the awful things you accuse of him of. You have no longevity here. You have no history here. You are Johnny-come-latelys (except for poor Mrs. Biles who most of us know and just shake our heads about).

You have always threatened that the next battle you will win, but you have always lost. Every single time you have lost. You lost repeatedly on appeals and even when you went to the Florida Supreme Court. You always say the next battle is your big one and you will take over control. But you lose every time. You lost the recall battle. You lost all the lawsuits you brought against the city for how they made the decision on the STRP.

Some people are just slow to grasp reality and like a stubborn child having a particularly long tantrum think they are actually going to convince the adults to respond differently.

Written on Marco councilman vows to fight charges:

"Environmental supporters of CARES"? Who are you kidding bb? The CARES contingent was about refusing to have to pay for the sewers not about any high minded environmental sentiment. The swales were designed to collect rain runoff and before there were conduits the rain water filtered through the ground and migrated back to the canals through the area where septic tanks are located. There is nothing environmentally sound about this system.

As the tides raise the level of water in the canals the level of water is also raised in the ground water under our homes around the septic systems. Septic systems’ contents leech into the surrounding ground and are under water when the tides are high. This is not environmentally appropriate. While the action of tides carries the contents out to sea the evidence left behind in the nutrient rich canals clouds our water in algae. While it is suggested that fertilizer runoff contributes to this problem too, that does not discount the effects of tides on the underground septic tanks.

An attempt to recall the councilors supporting the septic tank replacement program was purely brought about by residents not wanting to pay for the sewer system. They could have had an argument that the price was too steep but the council went to great lengths to provide alternative payment methods including one that avoids payment at all until the property is sold. The cost is high. I know, I have to pay it too. But the democratically elected council made the decision in the best interests of the whole island.

To support the single issue candidates you suggest based solely on their promises to overturn the septic tank replacement program is detrimental to the financial well being of the island. It is detrimental to the environmental well being of the island and it is detrimental to the long term governing of the island since we have other concerns than just this issue. Finally I suggest voting for anyone but those candidates because they have shown how angry and mean spirited they are when in front of the council. They are argumentative and belligerent and generally very unpleasant to watch. I do not want to have a city run by these candidates.

Written on The war at home:

Liam-You did a brilliant story of this man and his life. I hope you keep writing. You deserve an award and to be encouraged. You are the best story teller at the NDN.

Written on Fired superintendent makes good on promise to sue school district:

Piano~I think a case can be made about the collusion of the three board members out of the sunshine by the actions of Thompson and by the actions of the board there and the event chronology in Rockford as reported in the press there. Additionally, to date, to my knowledge, the board members have not had to respond under oath. There are severe penalties for perjuring oneself.

We are about to write a new chapter in the history of Sunshine Law violations and what the spirit of the law is if it turns out that Mr. Abbott and Mrs. McShea orchestrated the Thompson take-over. We will also learn a lot more about the character strengths and flaws of those board members involved.

It was quite a show to watch Mr. Abbott coaching his wife Linda as she vacillated about her vote. On TV in front of everyone transfixed to the school board meeting July 31, we saw him at the microphone laying out the structure of his point of view about why his wife needed to vote to fire Baker. He sat in the front row and it appeared he was positioning himself there as a force to leverage her vote.

Linda Abbott lost any credibility she may have had. It became painfully apparent that she was doing his bidding. It will not be surprising to those of us who watched that demonstration to hear that ultimately Charlie Abbott was an architect along with Mrs. McShea in coordinating this coup.

Mr. Baker was railroaded out of his office. He has the right to have a full and fair hearing of the events that lead up to his firing. The public has an equal interest. If he wants to return to his job that should be his option if it is found that he was wrongly fired.

Written on Letter: Sewer scenario:

"Humidity in the air hastens tarnish .... Salt corrodes and pits silver"
(Therefore one can surmise my experience with quickly tarnishing silver can be attributed to the salt laden humid air found in SWFL in the summertime).
For goodness sake Ed, for someone who claims so much knowledge of chemistry, you seem bemusingly ignorant of some very basic information.

BTW-I am on septic and have been watching with great interest the unfolding story of the STRP. I am not thrilled to have to pay for this, but I do not agree with the myriad mis-statements of the above. I will not be paying for the updating to the treatment plant, only for the part that is estimated for increasing the capacity. The past sewer users are paying for the update. I have to say Ed et al that you know this is fact as well. You are very aware of the mis-statements above and show your bias when you don't correct them. Is that because you have an axe to grind and you're just plan mad at the CM because he has defeated you everytime you tried to claim this was an illegal project? This is beyond tiresome and you are only fooling yourselves.

Written on Fired superintendent makes good on promise to sue school district:

cindiwithani ~ So what you are confirming then is that the three majority board members did conspire to oust Baker and even went so far as to seek outside counsel before the airing of the report in the public view...which is the first time, supposedly, that they were able to talk among themselves about the report and Baker's role in it.

These three board members are crooked and have attempted in their fumbling feeble vindictive and manipulative ways to overthrow a sitting and contracted superintendent. Our respect for the law has to reign in this case though it will cost us because without the law there is only chaos like we have just seen.

There is a right way (legal) and a wrong way (illegal) to serve the public. If found guilty of violating the Sunshine Law (especially in light of the damage caused Mr. Baker) the three amigos should also be ousted.

There is plenty of evidence that they conspired to hire Thompson before Baker was placed in front the firing squad.

BTW The courts may debate whether he committed a firing offense and based on the kind of testimony from the report's authors, they will not find that he is guilty of one.

Interesting that Charlie Abbott, Linda Abbott's husband, is a co-conspirator in this. Is he a ring leader? Why? Anyone know what his role is in this? Or his history?

Written on Letter: Sewer scenario:

Joe-It is unbelievable the number of ways people upset about the STRP can find to bash the city admin.

South Collier Blvd. looks fantastic, was on budget and on time. There is no reason to expect any less from the current North Collier project. The Island will look better than ever in a few months, and the roads will drain properly now.

The contractors are using the vacant park space as a staging area because the city is able to reap savings from providing an on island location; Simple, efficient and effective. Just what we'd hope for from a professional city manager and staff.

I don't see any evidence that the work on Barfield is harmful to citizens. One person wrote that her silver had tarnished when she returned from being away. My silver tarnishes too in little time from the salt water air.

The complaints are part of the 'get rid of the STRP at any cost and take no survivors' mentality. The STRP is here. Every court battle; every personal attack on a councilman; every personal attack on the city manager has ended in a net loss for the attackers. It is dumbfounding how bullheaded and wrong some people persist on being....I'm sure these words will have no effect but I feel better.

Written on Letter: Sewer scenario:

No, Davies is merely out for Davies and he is shortsighted.

Written on Letter: Sewer scenario:

hawk-haven't you been paying attention? Godfrey Davies (and his wife) are the Real Estate sales people. I merely own my own home and hope the equity doesn't fall anymore than it has. Your constant harping on trumped up charges against the city only damage the value of our properties. The asbestos was never dangerous as it was imbedded in concrete and the monitors placed to measure the levels of it never measured anything dangerous. The EPA has confirmed there was never any danger and yet you persist in perpetuating a myth in order to continue to bash the city administration in an attempt to discredit them in order to undermine the STRP program.

You (and Davies and Hall and Batte and Neylon and Putnum et al) fail to acknowledge the greater damage you create to the market value of our homes by continuing to present Marco Island as a disaster zone with poisonous gases killing people.

Davies will never be able to sell his properties at this rate. Your efforts have probably done more to decrease the value of his properties than the STRP. The STRP is $20k or so, but the negative spin with the scare tactics have probably cost him much much more in decreased market value.

Written on Letter: Sewer scenario:

As I suspected, a curmudgeon. Distracting attention from criticism of Davies selfish concerns; and you would have the Islanders bail him out of his self-inflicted woes rather support a kiddie water park. And you think you guys can get elected....

Written on Letter: Sewer scenario:

Putnam, you are a curmudgeon. You attack the children’s park? We have families on the Island or have you missed the schools here? Hundreds of volunteers cooperated and donated earnest and hard work to build the structure which our children and grandchildren enjoy.

The water company purchase was a brainchild of a friend of yours, Faye Biles. You are rewriting history and bending it to meet your distorted needs.

A teen center would have been a wonderful community addition but I understand it has been cut out of the budget due to revenue cuts.

I think you are wrong about the 4 lane toll bridge too, which is not to say we should neglect the Jolley Bridge. We need to make sure it is safe and can withstand a hurricane.

It is completely deceptive to blame any city administrator or council people for the home values going up or down. The inflated rates had more to do with the speculative ventures of people like Davies feeding the mania. In the end he took a risk. Interesting how you find no fault with Davies’ behavior. He is the one who is short-sighted. He should have seen that he could get stuck with having to pay property taxes on properties that may not sell when the bubble finally bursts. And he is going to be stuck with paying mortgages that are now valued less than the properties on which they are held. And he may have leveraged some homes to buy others with the inflated equity at the time.

But why should the rest of us be held accountable for his decisions? Those of us who live here full time are paying a reasonable amount for property tax and protecting the retired folks on fixed income by the homestead plan.

Davies is disgruntled because now he has to also pay for sewers on the properties he is stuck with. That was a risk he took and apparently failed to appreciate the full extent of. There is no ‘easy’ money. So now he is willing to bash the entire political structure of Marco Island in order to try to get out of the sewer deal.

He got himself into this mess. It is not our responsibility to get him out of it. You sound like you would trade in the children’s water park to bail out Davies….Your priorities do not mesh with the majority’s.

Written on Minozzi defends July 16 council meeting:

Your reactions are vacuous. You have not made one statement of any documented wrong doing. We are a nation of laws not of men. We are a nation with a representative form of government which means we do not live in a direct democracy. The difference is we have the power to elect those who will represent us in the decisions that need to be made. We elected the council who appointed the city manager. They made a decision that was tested in the courts for legality.

We are the worse for your actions. You have cost the citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and lost benfits on our bonds. By attempting to postpone the program you are attempting to add to the costs yet again. Only harm has come from your endeavors to date.

You have no power to change any of what has already happened. So instead you act like poor losers and sling mud and attempt to assassinate the political personalities involved. You are acting like you live in a third world country that makes decisions with mob mentality and is trying to overthrow the government based on the use of force and coercion based on innuendo and false accusations. You actions are primitive, show complete misunderstanding of democratic principles, and worse show your complete lack of character.

You have NO evidence of wrong doing. The attempts to discredit the city council with a recall were thrown out of court as being completely without merit.

So you resort to the last refuge of scoundrels – bad mouthing. Pathetic.

I asked you nicely to reconsider the devastating effects of the mean spiritedness of your public remarks because they are contemptible. I put my comments here so you know that there is at least one person on Marco Island reading this blather that is on to you and sees you for the sad excuses of men you really are.

Your actions have cost the citizens plenty. Hundreds of thousands in legal fees defending against your lawsuits; costs for the delays in securing the bonds; and more costs are likely if you are successful in delaying the STRP program. Enough already.

Written on Minozzi defends July 16 council meeting:

Here's the problem, even if you were right about everything, the courts have not ruled in your favor. We are a land of laws and you seem to be trying to make it a land of 'if I don't like the laws-I will yell and belittle and carry on anyway because I am mad and not able to accept this loss'; Which does nothing positive.

In a democracy, the guy you want for president may lose. You have to get over it and get with the program and play on the team. Our country works because we have agreed to play by the rules.

The world is not fair. But you already know that. You are probably better off than the vast majority of people in Florida, the USA and the world. To carry on about injustice over this program is really a problem of scale. You have too much negative energy going into this issue and these few public people. In the scheme of things this is nothing.

Some of your Marco neighbors have sons in Iraq on the front lines. Some are dealing with diseases and life threatening illness. Some have children trying to raise families without affordable health insurance in distant states. Some are worrying about their parents in end of life circumstances. We need each other to be calm and rational and compassionate.

The point is, you seem bent on destroying this man's life as you have tried to destroy the lives of other public servants here, Mr. Moss among them. That is not the American way.

I have to pay for a sewer. That's just the way it is now. This plan didn't go exactly the way I had hoped, nor did it go exactly the way anyone hoped. But here it is. We can move forward and try to heal and try to be better informed about decisions affecting our lives and so on. But no good can come from our beating each other to death.

It may be that some of you made some good friends during this experience. Go grab a beer together and talk about fishing or golf. Or go see what needs to be built at your church. Or join the softball team at Mackle.

I promise you, the world will not fall off its axis in the meantime.

Written on Minozzi defends July 16 council meeting:

How are our lives going to change with hate and revenge? The sewers were not Mr. Minozzi’s idea. There were years of discussion that preceded the STRP. Most of the city council and the city management are all going to have to pay for replacing their septic tanks too. The CARES lawsuits were filed in an attempt to find fault with the method of decision making and they were unsuccessful at every turn through the highest courts in the state. Are you above the law?

We have been abused with the pitchfork wielding mentality of barbarians for over a year now. Everyone should take a deep breath, step away from the Bania hyped stories, and find something else more worthy of all this energy.

This is not to say to ignore the city council meetings. But it is to say to be thoughtful instead of reactionary and explosive and personal. Stick to the issues. Present your point of view directly but without the emotional element.

The nest of hornets has been stirred and for the sake of our hometown we need to let them settle down.

Unless, perhaps, this is your way of alienating good citizens so you can control the conversation. Most of us don’t want to talk to you. Your level of pack mentality, foaming mouth attacks on individuals is extreme and way out of line. It demonstrates the emptiness your ideas or maybe just detracts, but in either case, serves no one and harms many.

Written on Minozzi defends July 16 council meeting:

I am ashamed of the vitriol of my fellow Marco Islanders displayed here in print for the entire world to see. Your meanness and vicious personal attacks on a public servant have reached a new low by denigrating a man’s church and his personal beliefs.

If you have a disagreement with Mr. Minozzi—see if you can discuss it in a thoughtful and dignified manner. You bring dishonor to your neighbors and to our precious island when you steep our lives in your hate.

It is indefensible that the STRP resisters cannot believe they lost every court battle. You need to accept your defeat like men and stop this blood feud. The sewers are scheduled. Life goes on.

Written on Neylon third to announce City Council candidacy:

Section 5.01. Electors.
Any person who is a resident of the city, who has qualified as an elector of this state, and who registers as prescribed by law, shall be an elector of the city.
(Ord. No. 02-20, § 1, 6-17-2002, referendum 9-10-2002)
State law references: Qualifications of electors, F.S. §§ 97.041, 166.032; permanent single registration system, F.S. § 97.105.

The article mentions he is "also throwing his hat in the ring" does not necessarily mean he has qualified as an elector. Bania is the personal PR rep for the anti-STRP would not be surprising if he jumped the gun here.

Written on Neylon third to announce City Council candidacy:

Neylon is not homesteaded here. This is not his primary residence it appears. How can be represent Marco Islanders?

Written on Moss earns coveted credentials renewal:

Well done Bill. Obiviously you have achieved this recognition for your outstanding professionalism.

You can almost measure how important this is by how much breast beating it invokes by the CAVE dwellers.

The vast majority of the Island is certainly proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Written on MICA: Results from the annual membership survey released:

If you want families here, there need to be jobs for the parents and there needs to be affordable housing. With the business bashing going on there is a negative incentive for any mom and pop to even try to have a go here. Mixed use had the potential for providing affordable housing with appropriate oversight. Density has become one of those issues that might actually have some room for discussion in this context.

Written on POP tries again for election referendum:

Spoken with the highest level of thinking CAVE is capable of. No wonder they have such poor performance in the courts.

Written on POP tries again for election referendum:

This has NO chance of passing into law. It is bad policy. Not that that has ever stopped the fringe groups. This is just more pathetic posturing by the CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everthing).

Things must be really slow at the Eagle. Hall and Russ back to back...

Sigh. I thought we might get to take a breather from this madness for a few months.

Written on POP tries again for election referendum:

Life on Marco will get better in spite of POP, CARES et al. These folks have been like grating fingernails across an old fashioned blackboard. And the revival of a bad idea only continues the agony.

Written on More asbestos found on Marco:

Wait a minute---the responses here are completely predictable and completely out of line with the news report and obviously part of the continued dramatics of the anti-STRP gang. Pipe pieces were found on the surface and near the perimeter of the site...sounds to me like someone is still out to frame the city management and didn't want to leave any footprints in the sand. BTW--the asbestos in the pipe is not harmful as you posters above well know. We are on to you and your histrionics. And you should be ashamed of yourselves for coddling up to such dishonesty. Your lack of integrity does more harm to Marco Islanders than any of the ‘asbestos’ pipe.

Written on State supreme court ruling backs Marco’s septic replacement project:

And the Marco Eagle Editors are afraid to run this most significant political story on the front page. We knew there was a bias.

Written on Charges dropped against nine Lely seniors involved in senior prank:

Naples Daily News-please replace the mug shots with graduation photos. It is beginning to seem mean spirited on your part to continue running these images. I'm sure the students' parents will be happy to get you copies of their graduation photos.